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Disclaimer: I do not own Assassination Classroom, or any of its characters. AC is owned by Shounen Jump and Yusei Matsui. I only own my SI/OC. I make no profit off of this work.

Trigger Warnings for future content; Self-loathing, self-harm, depictions of gore, suicide mentions and attempts, self confidence issues and some nice hurt comfort and TLC along with other X rated issues.

Huge inspiration from both iSherbika and biceps on ao3 for giving me the strength to write this. Go check out their fanfics, 'Teacher's Petting' and 'baby it's the way you've got me' respectively on ao3 to see much better works than this. The more I write, the more I feel I am plagiarising their amazing works; I don't mean to, sorry. PM me if you guys are concerned. Go read their stuff if you want quality readerxkoro content. This is just the setup chapter. Also trigger warnings for squeamish and sensitive ppl; I admit I am projecting/etc here. And yes, I understand someone with this mental state probably would not be employed as a teacher but just lemme have it, kay? Sorry. Long ch because of rambling authors note.

"What?" You sputter, a look of disbelief crossing your features as you stare at the two men in front of you. Only one of them was familiar to you; the short, red hair of Principal Asano greeting you from behind his ornate desk furnished with his various accomplishments. Trophies and all sorts of baubles decorated the room, reminding you of your place, making your stomach squirm with anxiety. In all your four years of teaching at this high school, you had only been called into the principal's office a few times. The atmosphere was oppressive, choking you and making it hard for you to speak, hence the strained tone your voice had taken.

"I understand this is going to be a change from your usual semester, but..." You could feel the principals eyes on you, causing you to avoid making straight eye contact with the man, looking at him over your glasses; his appearance less intimidating as a bunch of colored blurs than defined shapes, lest you lose your nerve.

"Unless you wish to seek employment elsewhere, you will abide by these terms." He finished, causing you to exhale deeply. From what the principal and the other, well dressed man had told you, a new teacher was going to be helping out with Class E. They weren't any ordinary teacher however, your eyes moving to the wanted poster in your hands. They didn't even look remotely human, with a round face, huge grin and odd looking tentacles protruding out of their odd robe. Were they some sort of alien, you wondered? The man next to the principal, Karasuma, you remember him telling you a short while ago, only glares at you. You swallow heavily, looking at the odd pair before attempting to speak one more time.

"T-this...thing wants to teach at our school? Isn't it some kind of dangerous entity?" You ask, the two men nodding as the officer only crossed his arms over each other with a long sigh.

"Yes, that's correct. We intend to let them, seeing as it is our best opportunity to kill them. If they are teaching here, they can stay in one place and be easier to target. Besides, they've already agreed to a contract; they will not cause harm to come to any of the students." You notice that he only mentioned the students, making you wonder what exactly they meant. Were you fair game, then?

"...Why the kids though? Why do you have to involve them? I guess I understand, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth; turning high schoolers into professional killers..." You mutter, a frown spreading across your face. This time it was the principal who spoke up, an odd smirk on his face.

"They are the End Class, the lowest of the low. It's not like they have many other options; this would be a good opportunity for them, don't you think?"

No, not really. You think, though you could only give a small nod at the principal's words. You didn't want to confront him here, in his own domain, despite the voice in your head saying you should tell him to screw off.

"Okay, sir...and what about me? I don't see why I need to be here, if that...thing is taking my place..." You dejectedly comment, the principal and Karasuma only glancing to one another before the former spoke up.

"Even though that...creature is a supposed super being, this will be their first teaching assignment. They personally asked that you be kept on board, seeing as you have more experience, and help them out with their duties. Do whatever you like as far as teaching goes; your End Class will still be at the bottom of the barrel, unlike two years ago. I will not see a repeat of that incident..." He mutters the last sentence under his breath, you yourself only barely able to catch it with your superior hearing. One thing suprised you however; that the creature had

argued on your behalf. It probably has some ulterior motive. You remind yourself, understanding that this thing had the power to blow up most of the moon. Why would they want you around? Still, the thought was a comforting one, causing an odd flush to come over your cheeks as your glasses slid down your nose. You quickly covered your face with the wanted poster, embarrassment causing you to want to hide. The two men paid it no mind however, the military man called Karasuma only walking up to you with a hard stare as he offered his hand.

"I am Tadaomi Karasuma, an officer at the ministry of defense. You can call me Karasuma, the class physical education teacher, however. Those kids are going to need harsh training if they want to kill that guy in a year. Remember, no one outside of this room is to know about our arrangements. I look forward to working with you, starting tomorrow." You take his hand, finally gathering the courage to look him in the eye as the red tinge on your cheeks began to disappear.

"Nice to meet ya, Tadao—erm—Karasuma-san. I will see you tomorrow, along with our new teacher as well. If I may be excused..." You let go of his hand, offering a deep bow before you turn to leave, your heart beating rapidly in your chest. Just what the hell had you gotten into? This year was going to be interesting...

You just wearily slam the door shut, your mind reeling with all of the information you had just learned. So much for this being an ordinary school year...Ah, so what? I've got this! Yeah, and this years kids don't seem too bad either. Just means I have to push myself a bit harder than before, that's all! You mentally chide yourself, an odd pulse of positive energy spreading through your body. This year wouldn't be so bad; think of the positives! With Karasuma and that octopus helping out with the teaching, it put less of a strain on your shoulders. But, an annoying voice in the back of your head quipped, what if the children like them better? What can you, a simple school teacher, offer them that the military man and space alien couldn't do a thousand times better? You feel your positive energy start to drop as the voice continues to taunt you, it's sound sickeningly sweet and sarcastic. Just go back to America; no one wants a foreign fool to teach them. You aren't smart enough, not capable enough, not whole—

"Oh shut up! Christ, who asked you?" You lash out to no one in particular, switching back to your native tongue in your rage as you threw your duffel bag with school materials on the counter. You just shake your head, trying to dismiss the negative thoughts running through your mind. Your stomach rumbles, causing you to scour your fridge in search of food. Maybe eating something would make you feel better, you muse, as you reheat the container of food and begin to eat. The food had no real flavor, not tasting like anything in particular, only dampening your spirits further as you cleaned up the mess.

"I should probably review the lesson materials for the week." You remind yourself, shuffling through the contents of your bag and flipping through the pages. Checking that everything was set for tomorrow, you head for your bedroom, undressing out of your formal school attire and into a nice shirt and shirts. It was just easier for you to sleep in than regular pjs, and it's not like anyone was going to berate you for your choice of sleepwear. You're still plain and ugly, no matter how you dress yourself up, you sack of fat. The voice taunts again, it's truths causing a steering ache to flash across your chest. You can feel your eyes start to burn, blinking back tears as you snuggle yourself into the warm covers. Still...I want to do what I can to help those kids. You think, attempting to ignore the trails of tears flowing down your cheeks, waiting for the oblivion of sleep to finally take you...

"...Hmmm?" You wearily look up at the dilapidated building, your breath coming out in harsh, heavy pants. Fucking mountain never gets any easier...You think, once again taunted by the doubts in your head. It'd probably be easier if you weren't such a fat fuck; stop eating so many pastries for breakfast and maybe you might lose the pounds. Not that it would help any, you pathetic pile of trash...You can only lean on your cane for support, wrapping your hands around the tiny handle before you easily snap it back into its portable state and put it into your backpack. You didn't need it here after all; knowing the hallways and passages of it by heart from your previous years teaching here. It is effortless for you to follow the path to the main classroom, your brain already telling your feet where to go like it was second nature. Thankfully it was only seven thirty in the morning; a full hour before the day officially began. You didn't mind, preferring to be early rather than late to events, wanting to use this time to get things settled. Plopping your bag on the large desk in front of you, you quickly examine the classroom, which is dusty and dirty from being mainly unoccupied during the summer. You let out a small sigh, leaving the room to find the supply closet, hoping to clean up the place a bit before either the children or the new teachers arrive. Thankfully, no one had messed with the cleaning implements you had brought in the other day, your stride filled with purpose as you once again entered the main room. At least you could get this done now and then hopefully move onto the other rooms later...

"You missed a spot."

"Thanks. Wait, huh?" You nearly squeak out, turning your ears towards the unfamiliar voice. You start to stand up, holding onto the wall to steady yourself, turning around as you faced the owner of said voice. A large, looming figure was seated at the large desk in the front of the classroom, their form slightly blurry because of their distance. You swore you could maybe see a tinge of pink in their round face, but you dismissed it as your sight playing tricks on you. Not the first time you thought you saw something that wasn't there. You easily walk toward them, their round head and large grin coming steadily into focus the closer you moved. They really were like the photo, tentacles and all, though the real thing was much taller and intimidating in real life. You could feel their eyes scan you apprasingly, making you feel nervous as butterflies flutter around in your stomach. What was their deal, exactly? You open your mouth to speak, yet nothing comes out, the insides of your mouth dry from nerves. Never was good with this kinda thing...You mentally chastise yourself, rubbing the back of your neck with your hand.

"So...You the guy that's taking my job?" You ask, not really sure what else to say and wanting to get to the heart of the matter. The figure only lets out a small chortle, the odd high pitched sound making your heart race. It was unlike any laugh you had heard before, but that wasn't a bad thing...What was odd to you was how their face slowly went from pure yellow to a couple horizontal green stripes, their beady eyes seeming to narrow as they spoke.

"Nyuhuhuh, is that what you think? Ah, my dear..." They paused, the area where their cheeks were lighting up with an odd, pink glow. So did you imagine that before, or not? They only offer one of their odd tentacles in greeting, you carefully eyeing the weird, bulbous appendage before you feel their odd feelers wrap around your extended hand. It was slightly sticky, yet soft, similar to one of those rubber slime balls in texture, and it was surprisingly warm.

"Sorry, I'm [Name]. And who do I have the pleasure of working with for the next year?" You joke, a small smile plastering your face as you resorted to one of your emergency tactics; humor. They only gave you a lopsided smile, something akin to sadness passing along their eyes before they returned to their regular neutral expression.

"Me? Hmmm...I supppse I do not have a name, per say. Call me whatever you will, I suppose." They answer, making a frown cross your face for a moment while you took in that information. They didn't have a name? How sad...Apparently, your concern did not go unnoticed the by odd figure, whose face started to change to a light pink hue, their usual yellow pallor being overtaken from the center and spreading outwards. You feel the odd two pronged tentacle start to cup your chin, leaning your head upwards to look into those eyes. They were pretty tall compared to you, your four foot frame barely reaching their chest. You could see warmth in them, the onyx orbs seeming to glow as happiness radiated from the creature's face.

"...You are a kind person, aren't you?" You hear them say, causing your own face to heat up with embarrassment. You weren't used to receiving compliments, you breath caught in your throat. You swallow sharply, going back to another one of your emergency tactics to use in awkward social situations.

"No, me? I'm not...You're mistaken." You mutter, unable to turn your head away because of the hand holding your chin. You see their eyes flicker to the right for a second, then once again focus on you as another chuckle erupts out of their mouth.

"Hahaha, no need to be modest, [Name]-san. Despite my...off putting appearance, I consider myself a good judge of character. Trust me." You feel your face only heat up further at their remark, the blush on your cheeks more prominent. The sound of a door opening causes the two of you to nervously squeal, both of you jumping back a couple inches, their tentacle quickly returning to their side as if nothing had happened. Their pink hue was still clear on their face though, and their cheeks were a deeper crimson. You just ignored the burning on your cheeks and the nasuea in your stomach, turning away from the figure before the sound of a cough made you turn your head that way.

"...So it seems you have met each other, at least. Good." Karasuma comments, his eyes looking from you to the large octopus a couple times before settling on the classroom...

The first day of teaching went much easier than you expected, considering the large changes to your already established schedule. The kids seemed nice enough, if not a little rowdy when they learned of the new staff and the assassination bounty on their head. The three of you began to settle into a routine as the days went by, you mainly covering English, along with a few other choice subjects, the octopus readily teaching Math and Science as well as Home Economics, which surprised you a little. You soon became used to the regular assassination attempts during homeroom, often having to duck or doge out of the way of bullets. You knew they weren't going to hurt you, but the impact still stung, and you didn't need welts on your body. What surprised you the most was the being's immense speed, moving at such a rate that your eyes often had trouble keeping up. No wonder they had a hard time trying to kill theme. Still, they were able to effectively teach despite the distractions, the kids slowly warming up to the octopus, aside from the usual troublemakers. Karasuma only taught Physical Education, using the overgrown lawn in the back of the building to do so, otherwise busy attending to his own work. You didn't really bother him, aside from the occasional question or request to join in on the sessions. You could use the exercise, you figured, and what better way to do it? It didn't take up any of your teaching time, seeing as the majority of classes afterward were taught by the octopus, as everyone began calling the large being. They certainly didn't mind, often accepting the moniker for what it was, embracing it even. After a while, the creature even revealed that it was supposedly male, going by the notes Nagisa Shiota often took and your own observations while you were in the staff room. Apparently they—rather he—had quite the collection of naughty magazines, Oakjima helping you nab a couple to possibly use as blackmail. The kid was a bit of a pervert, the boy often being caught trying to get into the girls bathroom and do other things of that nature, but he had his uses.

Call it your insecurity or paranoia, but you couldn't help but feel as if you were being watched during some of those sessions, the sweat often clinging to your body at the end of particularly difficult classes, the gym clothes you left out in the shed for this purpose often sharing the same fate. What kind of person would find you attractive anway? You're imagining things, you little fool. Still, the voices continued to chastise you, you doing your best to ignore them while you worked. At night, in the quiet of the darkness however, they came about in full force, nothing else to distract your mind from their incessant nagging. This often lead to lost hours of sleep, your body waking up tired. So this pattern continued for the rest of the week, and later into the next, before a surprising incident shook the classroom. It all happened after lunch...

An odd acrid tinge invaded your nostrils as a blue haired head passed you in the back of the classroom, Nagisa for some reason walking over to Terasaka's desk; the gruff boy only giving him a small huff before you heard something small drop into his much smaller hands. You were confused, the slight twinge of hope in your heart breaking. You had hoped maybe, just maybe one of students would have come to you for help, even if you were technically not on teaching duty this period. You wanted to be helpful, be useful to the kids in any small way; something that this damn octopus was taking away from you. If they wouldn't even rely on you to ask your help for a single question, what good were you as a teacher? You felt like you were being watched, an odd chill coming over your spine even though no one was looking your way, making you wonder if your paranoia was getting the better of you. Even Nagisa had begun to once again walk towards the octopus standing at the front of the desk. The smell coming from the round object was quite unfamiliar to you, though you had a bad feeling in your gut. Call it teacher's intuition, and you just then noticed Terasaka giving a smirk to one of his friends, the sinking feeling only growing worse. You admit you weren't too sure of what you saw, knowing that your sight wasn't the best at times; the features of his face did start to blur together because of the distance between your seat and his head.

I don't like this...Even if it is to try and assassinate that thing that has taken over my job. I'm worried...You think, scuffling your chair against the hardwood floor as you attempted to get up. A couple of the students, Hirano in particular, look at you with raised eyebrows and perplexed expressions, only making your self doubt about the situation grow. You had no real reservations about having the alien teacher killed; part of you even wanted him to be gone, starting to dislike the attention he received that was usually yours alone. It was the only thing you had going for you currently, and this octopus bastard was slowly taking it away from you. You couldn't stand it; the feelings of uselessness every morning when you woke up, the constant weariness of being watched and compared when the two of you were together. And this has only been two weeks since he started the position; how could you expect to last a whole year with this smug bastard? So you ignored the sinking feeling in your gut, walking a couple steps toward the odd pair, reaching out and putting one hand on the small child's shoulder, faking a smile that you clearly didn't feel as you spoke.

"Nag—Shiota-kun, are you sure you don't need my help? You can rely on me, you know..." You mutter weakly, ignoring the flush that suddenly came over your cheeks. You felt a little lost, standing in the middle of the rows of chairs, the small child offering you a smile in return.

"Oh...[Name]-Sensei. No, it's not that. I just thought that maybe...you needed a break." His words were meant to be kind, but they sting you like a knife. Nagisa was an observant boy, often taking notes on the octopus and his odd habits or changes of color, so this kind of thing wasn't surprising for him. Of course he'd know you were tired, and you felt horrible that one of your students was able to see past your strong facade. You were supposed to take care of them, not the other way around! He was right; you had been having a little trouble sleeping the past couple nights, much like when you heeard the octopus was taking over your job, turning and tossing in your sheets from anxiety until the wee hours of the morning. You just attempt to shrug it off, nodding as you watched the blue haired boy walk up to the large octopus.

"Sensei, I finished the assignment..." He says, handing over the book to the much taller teacher. You blink in confusion for a moment, watching as some round thing shuffled in the child's hands as he offered up the workbook. That horrible feeling from before intensified; causing you to take a couple steps closer as you hear the octopus hum in delight.

"Ah, good job Shiota-kun! Now let me see..." He mutters, taking the small workbook in his odd, two pronged hands. His beady eyes lock with yours for a fraction of a second, your own brows widening as you watch the small child lunge towards the towering figure. You dash forward with lightning speed, surprising even yourself, adrenaline coursing through you as you hear the grenade make an odd pop. What is that kid thinking!? You roughly grab him, pulling the blue haired boy by the shirt collar as the smell of gunpowder enters your nose, the grenade already out of his hand before you could move any further. You understood that the rubber bullets used to attack the creature were mainly harmless to humans, but that didn't mean the gunpowder inside the tiny ball wouldn't harm the boy. You put yourself in between the boy and the flying grenade, wrapping yourself protectively around him so you would be caught by most of the explosion.

You can feel the heat and pressure of the explosion against your back, the light burning your eyelids even though they were closed. You just clutched onto the boy tighter, waiting for the extreme pain of being blown to bits to finally register in your brain. At least it wasn't a bad way to go, you figured, saving one of your students. You feel an odd sensation through the slight pain of being burned, your form falling to the floor with a loud thump, causing you to open your eyes slightly. The room was only a blur to your eyes, a mix of colors that didn't resemble any particular shapes, your glasses having fallen off your face and onto the floor in the confusion. You could easily make out the blue tint of Nagisa's hair, his face close enough for you to make out the details as you scrutinized him. He was scared, the look in his eyes one of fear though he seemed completely unharmed by the blast. Good. Good. At least you were able to do that much, but how? You gently separate yourself from the boy, attempting to stand, your body aching as you stood upright, feeling that odd substance stick to you the more you moved around. It was filmy, sort of sticky and had a soft texture, quite unlike anything you've felt before. You easily pulled most of it off of you, throwing it to the side before you examined the classroom to see if anything changed. You couldn't tell, everything a swimming blur that made your head start to ache, the loss of your glasses hindering you significantly. Terasaka's loud yell made you move your head in his direction, the boy only a messy blob of moving colors as he stood up from his desk.

"Dammit! How could that not have worked?" He shouts out, apparently pointing a finger in your direction. You feel anger settling in your gut, a red hot feeling that only intensified as you looked at the small boy on the ground. He seemed fine, but that wasn't the point; what if you hadn't noticed what was going on? What if you hadn't made it in time? What if whatever it was hadn't shielded you two from the blast? You gingerly bend down to pick up your glasses, noticing that they were intact thankfully, though a bit worse for wear as you slide them on the bridge of your nose. The world becomes much more clear instantaneously, blurs of color turning into recognizable shapes and even people, though details such as their exact forms and facial expressions were lost to you.

You can still feel the slight pain of the burns against your back, your clothes slightly dusty and torn due to your recklessness and falling on the floor. Thankfully they were only ripped in places, and not enough to show anything inappropriate; maybe just a touch of skin here and there. At least it was only a simple shirt and jacket with pants combo, nothing too expensive that you couldn't replace. You sighed, turning toward where the large creature had been, wanting to see the damage done. Your heart nearly stopped at what you saw, or rather, what you felt. You weren't a violent person, but you had your own moments of anger, such as now. That was nothing compared to the rage the octopus emanates across the small classroom, causing even Terasaka to blanch in terror. His usual grin was gone, as was his familiar yellow hue, replaced by a black sheen as veins throbbed against his forehead, his large row of teeth seemingly larger and sharper than before. Your heart beat rapidly in your chest, cold fear washing over you as you watched him easily drop from the corner of the ceiling, his menacing gaze focused on the blond-brunette. A knot began to settle in your stomach, anxiety making your face pale a bit as the ache in your head only grew in intensity; you never were good with confrontations, and that was mainly with humans. This was his true form; the creature who was able to obilterate the moon, and would do so to the Earth in a year if he was not stopped.

"Terasaka-kun, what in the world were you thinking!?" His voice was no longer friendly and high pitched, it was a deep growl that reverberated throughout his being and held no room for compromise. You felt your stomach drop at hearing it, yet something in you also responded to that odd tenure, your heart skipping a beat, quickly moving to stand between the enraged teacher and the boy. You knew it would do no good; he could easily overpower you, but you still wanted to try. You were also angry at Terasaka for his reckless stunt, but by no means did you want to hurt the boy, as you assumed the looming creature ahead of you did. Said teen was currently wearing an expression of clear terror, his voice shaking as he began to speak.

"What? That was a legitimate assassination attempt! You can't be pissed at me for that!" The figure only took a couple steps forward, the large black slits that were now his eyes focusing on you for a fraction of a second. You quickly spread out your arms in a futile gesture, understanding that he could easily overpower you in half a second if he so desired. Still, that didn't mean you could do nothing. You could feel the chill of terror spread through you, as well as another sensation you couldn't identify in the heat of the moment, as his eyes seemed to stare through you. You only bit the inside of your mouth to keep the neutral expression on your face, determined to try and keep up a strong front, even though you could feel your legs shaking slightly. The octopus only left the room, surprising you and the students as the window slammed open, the rush of wind tousling your already uneven hair. Hearing struggling footsteps, you turn your head slightly to see that Nagisa has finally risen from the floor, his expression one of shock but none the worse for wear. This caused the bundle of nerves in your stomach to calm slightly, though you were still anxious as to what the odd teacher might do.

Said teacher only returned a scant few seconds later, numerous nameplates scattering into a confused mess onto the hardwood floor. You counted them, easily able to notice that they were the names of the children. Every single one was there, and you supposed yours would have been as well if you had a more permanent residence than the small apartment you occupied.

"I may not be able to kill you, but any of your family members are fair game. Do anything like that again and I promise you..." He let the threat linger, his voice echoing in the silent classroom, no one wanting to confront him on the matter. He was right, after all; his contract said he was not allowed to hurt the students, but you assumed their family, and even possibly any of other teachers, would be fair game. Thankfully, the door to the classroom banged open then, a familiar pair of narrowed hazel eyes and slicked back short hair causing you to let out a sigh of relief.

"What's happening here?" A low voice rumbles out, Karasuma easily commanding the attention of everyone in the room. Take it from the guy who was an officer in the military of defense, he had an air about him that demanded you pay attention to him. Even the octopus was focused on him, his pallor changing back to its bright yellow form as his eyes shrunk into their familiar tiny ovals.

"Ah, Karasuma-Sensei...I was just reprimanding the students, is all. They need to learn how to conduct proper assassinations if they even want a chance at taking me down, nyuhuhuhu." The octopus responds, his head gradually changing from its usual yellow to a combination of odd green and yellow stripes. You just stare, understanding that this is the color he takes when he is mocking someone. At least, that is going by the notes you copied from Nagisa and kept in your bag at all times. You weren't an assassin, but it was probably best to know more about this strange creature, seeing as you were going to be working alongside him for the rest of the school year. Having an idea of his moods and thought process was probably a smart thing, especially now after his little outburst. You weren't really afraid of him before, but now, now you did feel a chill seep up your spine as you felt his gaze on you. Almost immediately, you felt the odd warmth of what were his fingers on your face, his expression now crestfallen as he moved around you.

"Oh dear...[Name]-Sensei!" He chirped out, his voice once again it's usual high pitched squeal, though you noted a twinge of sadness in his tone. You certainly didn't understand why; you were more or less fine, aside from the feeling of odd aches and pains across your body. It was really nothing anyone else had to worry about, you'd take care of it later. You opened your mouth to say as much, wanting to put him and the couple other children giving you worried looks at ease.

"I'm fine, really! Don't wor—" You felt your body lurch forward suddenly, everything swimming in front of your eyes and becoming double. You only can feel pain behind your eyelids, the feeling of your body colliding with something firm and soft being the last thing you noticed before you lose consciousness.

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