Succubus Fever

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The doors to the bus closed before driving off back into the hillside tunnel, leaving the single male student deserted on the outskirts of the dense decrepit forest. “He could have at least dropped me off close enough to see the school gates. It looks like I might get lost if I space out for even a second.” he sighed before dusting off his green school blazer and brown pants before making his way down the dirt road.

Tsukune Aono was fairly average at most things. A plain, forgettable face, average athletic strength, passable grades… Well, that’s what he thought at least. Out of all the other idiots he had as classmates, he was the only one to fail his entrance exams. It was only by some ‘unforeseen luck’ that his father had picked up a complete application form for a school that was willing to except anyone when it fell out of some drunkard he had been following while drunk.

“Why school calls itself Youkai Academy? A pun name like that makes it sounds straight from manga.” He was (hopefully) halfway through the forest, looking down as he walked. “If that’s some indication of how my life is going to be like here, the first person I meet while either be my rival, a cute girl I marry, someone who introduces me to a world revolving some bizarre way of fighting, or some combination of the three… I hope it’s the second one.” Scratching the back of his head, he looked back up along the path. “But what are the chances of that actually happen-”

Right in front of him was a female student with silver hair running down her back like silk face down on the ground laying next to a tipped over bike.

“Shit!” Hopping over the bike, he crouched down next to her head. “A-are you alright?” When she didn’t say anything, he nudged her should. “Hey?!” Still not getting any noticeable response, he grabbed her by the shoulders and flipped her facing up. “Are you… you…”

*Boing! Bong!*


This girl was GORGIOUS!!!!!!!

Her neck, waist, and legs were long and slender, had skin that was flawless, an elegant face, and curves in all the right places. Turning her over had caused her legs to shift to where one was  resting upward bent at the knee, resulting in her skirt getting flipped upward to expose her pink panties that failed to cover her twerkworthy ass. And her chest, her breasts, her tits were the largest he’d seen. Their shape were clearly defined despite being confined by her shirt and jacket. The top few buttons were undone, either because they came undone from the fall or because their sheer size prevented them in the first place, showing off cleavage deep enough to bury his hand in. D? DD? F? G? Could they possibly be H-cup?! J maybe?!

And that mouth. Her lips looked so moist, tongue so soft, her throat practically begging to him to cram his growing erection down without any-

“Wait! Why in the hell am I getting hard? WHY the fuck am I thinking of this shit?!” He rapidly shook his head. What the hell was wrong with him? This girl needs help and all his thoughts go to forcing himself on her?! Virgin or not, that is NOT the thing he should be focused on right now, no matter how this slut probably- “WHY IS MY MIND DOING THIS?! THE FIRST THING I SHOULD BE DOING IS HELPING HER TO WAKE UP! SEE IF THERE IS ANYWAY I CAN TAKE HER TO THE INFIRMERY! FINDING THE SCHOOL SO I CAN FIND THE DAMN INFIRMERY! I-! I…”

While she’s still not responding to the ear piercing yelling he’s doing, her steady breathing was still enough to cause her chest to heave in jiggles that were enough to draw his attention back to her body in time for her propped up leg to fall to the side, as if spread open for his enjoyment.

He gulped, reaching for his zipper. “W-well… I’m not going to be able to think clearly until I can get my blood flowing back to the right head… and if she wakes up, I’ll be able to thank her then, and if not, I’ll still know more about how serious this is…” Not believing the things he’s telling himself, that doesn’t stop him from getting on his knees so he’s directly over her head, pull out his painfully throbbing member out of his pant, and let it slap down on her face when he lets it go.

Now, while Tsukune was average at most things, this was something he was truly gifted at. When flaccid, it easily reached the length and girth of what typical ‘large’ members reached while hard, and when erect, it was a genuine knee-knocker. Partnered up with a pair of fruit sized jewels, he could release copious amounts of thick spunk in one release and had a seemingly endless amount of stamina when it came to going additional rounds.

Slapping it a few time against her cheeks, he lined himself with his tip resting on her lips, getting her to give it an unknowing kiss before he had her swallow it. Giving a few practice thrusts, he dove his head into her mouth. Fuck! This was heaven! He could bust his nut then and there it was so good! After some time to calm himself, some of it spend shifting the tip along the inside of her cheeks and across her tongue, he realigned themselves so he’d go smoothly (as possible) down her esophagus. With one hand secured on her head and the other gripping her throat, he began thrusting for real.


First try, only part of the head had gone down.


Second try, the whole head and the beginning of shaft. Damn, this throat was snug.


Third try, the head and an inch. It was progress, but this girl… her body… what it was doing to Tsukune’s mind…

He couldn’t wait.


In the first of many brutal thrusts, he crammed his entire length down her throat. Her lips pressing against the base, his sack slapping her face, her neck bulging from his girth.

“Glgk!” “Glgk!” “Glgk!” “Glgk!” “Glgk!” “Glgk!” “Glgk!” “Glgk!”

Her tits were sent quaking up and down, practically fighting to tear out of her clothes. Further down, her pussy was staining her panties, showing off her arousal while its scent turned him on further. It was so intoxicating it seemed as though it was emanating from her whole body, seeming to replace the smell of her building sweat that made it look as though she had been rubbed down with massage oil.

“Oh! H-hah!” This was all too much for him to handle. Since this was his first time doing something so debaucheries with a girl, he had no experience at hold off his release during sex, and this girl’s body seemed like it was born for the sole purpose for it. “Fuck!” Bracing her face to the base of his crotch, he let loose and force feed her his cum.

The sound of his thick load sloshing inside her came across clear as day. The first rope alone overfilled her stomach that, when the second shot came, it churned together back up her throat and out the corners of her mouth. By the third burst she was clearly choking, her body spasming as cum was not shooting out her nose. At that point, Tsukune’s mind had lost focus on how many more burst came after, nor did her take concern on drowning the poor girl with his spunk, even when the amount being forced back out cascaded down her upside-down face to surround it in a growing puddle. The only thing his bliss filled mind could keep track of was the stain on her pants getting drenched in her own squirting release.

“Glgk!” “Glgk!” “Glgk!” “Glgk!”

Taking a moment to recover after the last of his ejaculation, he found it finally time to retract his cock from her throat, immediately followed by her coughing several mouthfuls of his cum. Grabbing a fistful of her hair, he wiped it around his dick to clean off the leftover jizz. Zipping his pants back up, he stood up, taking a few deep breaths. “Well… my mind’s clear… and I still have no idea what to do.

A second later, a gasp of air left the girl as she sat up and immediately got to her feet. With her back to him, Tsukune could still see her bring her hands to her face, followed by the sound of wet clumps. Turning around, he gazed eye to eye (just above her hand cupped together holding the jizz that was on her face) with the beauty, whose pair a hypnotic violet that managed to burn both a sense of wrath towards him and the desire to continue where he left off. WHAT THE HELL, DICK?!

“H-H-H-HANG ON!” He was panicking now. Hands waving in front of him, walking backwards slowly, and trembling like a leaf. “I KNOW WHAT I DID WAS WRONG! I NEVER MENT TO DO ANY OF THAT! I-!”

*Gulp!* *Gulp!* *Gulp!*

Tilting her head back, she brought her hands up to her mouth and let his cum slide down her tongue. When it was all chugged down, she collected the hair he had cleaned himself off with and sucked the jizz off it before looking back at him. “It’s a good thing you came when I did. I don’t what would have happened otherwise.” Picking up her bike off the ground, she hopped on and rode along past him. “Perhaps we’ll see each other at school.”

“Did she just… thanked me?”


“Okay! Take the seat second from the window in the back row, please!”

“R-right.” Well, normal enough so far. Tsukune had managed to reach the school and find his classroom rather easily. Walking down the aisle, the first seat he came across in the back row belonged to a definite thug, larger than average, greased back hair, and an unsettling stare. “Guh!” He immediately sidestepped away from him past an empty desk that thankfully separated him and his own desk. ‘Please let the person I do sit next to be more pleasant!’

Looking to the right, he was fortunate to find the person to be another world-class beauty. While this one wasn’t wearing the tight black sock and green jacket too small for her massive chest or have long silver hair flowing down her back, this one was sport baggy white socks up to her knee, a pale sweater vest that hugged her equally gifted assets, and a purple headband keeping her shorter blue hair up. A while her eyes were looking away from him out the window, they were the same hypnotic violet that was starting to make him throb all over again.

Snapping back to reality, he sat down in time for the teacher to begin the introduction.

“Now, as I’m sure you all already know, this school is exclusively for monsters!”

… ‘Wait, what?’

“The purpose of this school is to help you to blend into human society, and as such, remember that you need to both maintain you human appearances at all times and never reveal what nature of monster you are.”

‘Is this for real?! It can’t be, right?!’

“I say we just devour those weaklings. All except the slutty broad that is, those could be kept around for breeding” Looking over, Tsukune saw the comment come from the thug, and what was worse, his tongue lashed out like a whip.

“Let’s see...” The teacher looked down at the seating chart. “Saizou, since all the students and faculty here are monsters, finding any humans here will be impossible, though if one were to show up, that would mean its death sentence.”


Before he could freak-out any further, the door slid open. “My apologies for being late, I had toclean myself up a bit this morning when I arrived here.”

“Ah, you must be Moka Akashiya!” Entering the room, the eyes of every male student were fix on the girl as she walked in, the same girl he facefucked this morning.

“What a babe!”

“Look at that ass!”

“Look at those tits!”

Standing there with no reaction to the attention she was getting, she waited patiently for the teacher to speak. “Just go ahead and take that last seat in the back.”

She then proceeded down the aisle. Unlike him, she remained perfectly calm, only stopping prematurely due to Saizou sticking his leg out, blocking her from reaching her desk. “Forget the chair. The only place your ass should be on my dick or on the floor in front of it.” He proclaimed it loud enough for the entire class to hear.

“Saizou! While Moka might be a succubus, you shouldn’t go-” Moka snapped her face to the teacher, scaring her with a burning stare. “Oops! Sorry! It slipped out!”

This news riled the boys beyond belief.

“She’s a succubus?! The ultimate sex demon?!”

“No wonder she’s so hot!”

“That means any of us has a shot at her!”

“More like all of us can take several shot on and in her!”

“She’ll probably let us grope her chest and spank her ass any time we want!”

“I can’t wait to have her give me a blowjob!”

“I can’t decide if I want to suck those tits first or go straight to tittyfucking them!”

“She’ll actually be sad if we fucked her pussy wearing a condom instead of creampieing her!”

“And give double tap a shot up her ass!”

“Do you think we can take her into the men’s room to fuck!?”

“That’s probably where she plans to go for her lunch!”

This time, Moka actually showed signs of being irritated with her eyebrow twitching. She eventually sat down between Tsukune and Saizou as class started back up.

“Right, so first up-”


One of the students sitting in the row ahead of them sneezed, and in the next second, several… tail?... branches?... spike?... Whatever they were, they were meshed together thick enough to cut them off all sight from the rest of the class as they spread straight out against the walls on the sides, floor, and ceiling. “Sorry. This happens sometimes and they won’t recede for a few hours. I’m actually kinda stuck in place here too.” came the muffed sounds of who they were guessing was the one at fault.

“I suppose it can’t be help.” the teacher said, sounding rather faint for the four students in the back. “FOR THE TIME BEING, JUST TRY TO LISTEN AS HARD AS YOU CAN BACK THERE. IF YOU NEED ANYTHING, EITHER SPEAK UP OR USE THE BACK DOOR TO COME AROUND TO ASK, KAY?”

Tsukene, forgetting to fear for his life for the time being, was confused at the teacher’s decision. He looked over to Moka to see if she was as confused as he was. While she seemed unfazed by this, he able to look in time to see a serpent-like tongue sneakily hover below her gaze around her neck before it constricted.


“Looks like I won’t have to wait for class to end.” Saizou spoke up, eyeing Moka’s vulnerable state. “The only sounds that are going to make it out of your mouth for now are going be moans only I will be able to hear.” It seemed as though he was so focused on her he failed to notice the other two on the row. Extending his tongue, he used the top portion to slowly like one, then dragging it over to the next cheek in faster laps. The only thing Moka could do at this moment was grit her teeth and clenches her hands. “For the time being, we’ll have to settle for a thorough tasting! Now then…” Taking his tongue away from her cheeks, he wiggles it playfully inches away from her mouth. “I think we might as well get our first kiss out of the way, don’t you.”

All she does is glare at him until she feels his tongue tighten done around her neck a few times. Taking the hint, she closes her eyes, leans forward, and places her lips against his tongue in a submissive kiss. This only lasts a couple of seconds before his tongue pulls back and slaps her across the face.

“C’mon! You’re a succubus, aint’cha? Kiss like a proper whore does!” Cringing a bit, she eventually sticks her own tongue out of her mouth, at first rubbing the tip against his, followed by the two lapping against one another, and twirling together as his sneaks into her mouth. “Yeah, d’at a girl.” He told her, taking the opportunity to dive down her throat.

“Glgk!” “Glgk!” “Glgk!” “Glgk!”

She thought of biting down, but her jaw had lost all strength. She could only let his drool slide down into her stomach.

Pulling out abruptly, making her cough a mix of their own saliva, his tongue went straight down, sinking into her cleavage, causing her breasts to jiggle erratically as it shook around in there. When the jiggling stopped, the front was pushed forward until he tore off not just the buttons of her jacket and shirt, but also snap the strap holding the cups of her bra together. Those massive tits now laid bare in the open for not only Saizou to admire, but also Tsukune, who was too paralyzed by fear to speak up, and the blue haired girl, still going unnoticed by them. His tongue now pointing towards her breasts, he lathered the two orbs until they were in a perfectly covered glisten, then teasing each pink nipple with light to heavy licks. Pulling back once again, he used his tongue like a whip. Moka groaned, trying to keep her mouth shut as he lashed at her breasts from every side, especially when he stuck her sensitive nipples. Gasping for air once he stopped his attacks, her breath was cut off at the sudden feel of his tongue now wrapping around the base of each breast with two loops. While the bottom two squeezed, the remaining two focused on the breasts as a whole with one running its length from her underboob to her collar bone and back down repeatedly, and the other coiling up to her nipple in a series of pumps.

Extending his tongue further down her body, it soon traveled under her desk. Her leg now seeming to spasm off the ground, his tongue pull out once more, dragging her soaking pair of panties down her legs. After getting tossed to the floor next to him, Tsukune was shocked. Not at the fact they were drenched, his earlier encounter with her had already done that to her, but at the fact he could tell these panties were a different pair. Meaning, after changing into a dry pair, that the actions Saizou was performing on her aroused her to this extent.

Traveling back between her legs and wrapping around her right thigh, the tip of his tongue greeted her wet pussy with a long, equally wet lick. Moka bit her lower lip as he continued to lick her slit up and down until one lick crossed into inside her folds, rubbing up against every crevice until it tapped against her cervix. “Aah!” She finally moaned! As soon as she realized her mistake, Saizou had caught on at proceeded to repeatedly ram his tongue against the entrance to her womb. “Auhg! Auhg! Auhg! Auhg! Auhg!” He was breaking her defenses down, literally. With each strike against her cervix, her resolved faltered while her opening was losing the strength to keep him out. And then, he broke through to her womb!

“Aaaaaauh!” From beneath her desk, spurts of her climax fell to the floor. He finally made her cum. Now within her deepest parts, he filled her completely with his tongue crammed in to force her lips and walls open, stretching her cervix wide, and rolling all around inside her womb. Her eyes wide, tongue hanging out, Moka was left in a hopeless condition. ‘This bastard!... gripping down on neck in a full noose…’ “Ah!” Another squirt rained onto the floor. ‘…groping my breasts so roughly…’ “Ah” Another squirt, eyes rolling back. ‘… such a grip on my thigh~…’ “Aauh!” And another, her tongue falling to the corner of her mouth. ‘… ~and fucking my cunt all at once~!’ “Aaah! Aaaauh! AAAAUUHHHH!” She caved in to the pleasure. The sum of his assault on her body was forcing her to orgasms. Her juices showed down her legs, seat, and floor over and over again.

Without a clock in the back of the room, none of the four had any understanding of how long this went on. That was until the bell rang, signaling the break from class.

Saizou retracted his tongue in a blur from her womb, cervix, cunt, thigh, breasts, and neck in one go. Moka was left in a panting daze in her chair. With her eyes glossed over in euphoria, his drool had remain across her face, neck, exposed tits that rose and fell in here ragged breaths, pussy, and her legs with plenty seeping into her shirt and knee socks. “Damn, you sure taste good! Now, let’s head someplace away from everyone else so that don’t interrupt us while I finally fu-”

“SAIZOU! I NEED TO HAVE A WORD WITH YOU FOR A SEC! CAN YOU PLEASE COME AROUND TO THE FRONT?” Ms. Nekonome called out from where she was, oblivious as the rest of the class about what he had done.

“Shit!” He snarled and he rushed through the door.

Once he was gone, Tsukune could finally find the strength to move. Right when he was about to step out of his seat, Moka had miraculously got back to her feet as she grabbed him by the arm and dragged him out of the room. “Wha-?!”

“Come with me, human.” Was all she told him as they left.

Neither of them noticed the look on the blue haired girl’s face.

XXX-Edge of the school-XXX

Sitting done on one of the benches, Tsukune was having a mini panic attack while Moka was using one of the water fountains to wash off the last of Saizou’s spit on her breasts. Drying herself off with her jacket, she made her way over to him, setting down next to him. “I have a proposition for you.

That caught him off guard. “A what?”

“First off, I’m sure you’re well aware that as a human, you’re highly likely to die if you get discovered.” she said it with zero empathy in her voice. “I myself am not that better off. Ever since I became a succubus, I’ve been facing trouble keeping my strength up.”

This information had him interested. “Wait? You mean you used to be human?!”

She shot him a look that spoke volume of how stupid he sounded. “It figures a human wouldn’t know about how these things work.” Letting out a sigh, she began to explain. “Succubi, as well as incubi, are first born as what is known as a changling. During our adolescence, we learn to feed on attention and honest love. It’s not until we’ve physically matured enough that we transition into our gender equivalent counterparts that from then on feed off of sex and lust.” She paused, grasping one of her exposed breasts and gave it a quick squeeze. “I’ve been apprehensive at the thought of feeding of by the basic method and that I had my hunger under control, but as you can remember from this morning, all I’ve managed to do is leave myself in a dire situation.” She sighed again. “If only I was a vampire instead, I’d have enough strength to fend off any attacker with one kick at the meager cost of blood.”

“A-hahaha.” Tsukune laughed nervously.

“So, here’s my proposition: you trust me to keep you safe from danger, and in return, I get to feed off your lust.” She looked him the eye. “I should be able to trust you.”

He blushed. “B-because you-u see that I’m a good person?”

“Hmph. It’s because you’re weak.” That broke his self esteem. “As you noticed from this morning and in the classroom, whether it’s a human, monster, or even an animal, the mere presence of a succubus insights the same desire to make her a slave to sex. And if I’m not at full power, like with Saizou, I’ll end up losing the fight. But against a human, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to overpower me, no matter how depraved your mind ends up getting.”

“Ah… that makes sense.” Tsukune forced a smile. Looking over her, his eyes drifted to her lips, bare massive chest, and her skirt. “So, would that mean I…”

“Sex, vaginal and anal, are off the table.” She rejected him before he could even finish his sentence. “I have no interest in losing my virginity, nor risk getting impregnated by my human food supply.”

‘Wait, she’s a virgin?!’

“That said…” She hooked her leg over him and sat face to face on his lap. “Using my mouth like you did before, as well as whatever you might want from my bodies surface, is all fair use.” Looking him in the eye, she opened her mouth with her tongue hanging out, her saliva running off it down into her cleavage. “What do you say?” she moaned in a sultry tone.

But before he could give his answer, a tongue had wrapped around her neck, pulling Moka off him and through the air before slamming onto the wall.

“Where the hell did you think you were going?!” Saizou yelled as he held her against the building. “You’re my bitch now! You only do what I tell you to do and think what I tell you think!’ His body started to transform, growing larger, growing spike and claws, his skin turning to leather. Moka could only flail her legs as she tried to loosen his grip around her neck.

Off to the side, Tsukune’s presence had once again been overlooked as he saw what was happening. ‘This is bad. This is reeaal bad!’ His eyes darted around frantically. ‘What do I do? What do I do?! This guys is strong enough to attack with just his tongue, I need… that!’ he thought as he found a trash can.

Tightening his grip, brought her closer to him. “Stupid bitches like need to be punished hard to-”Trash was sent flying between their faces, resulting in portions of it landing on his tongue. “GGGGUUUWAAAAHHHHH!!! THAT’S DISCUSTING!!!”

In his agonizing situation, he instinctively let go of Moka. Once the ground, she grabbed Tsukune and led them into the forest. “Thanks, but I don’t think that will hold him off for too long.”

“Can’t you use your succubus powers to fight him off?!” Tsukune asked frantically.

Looking from over her shoulder back to him she asked. “Can you cum for me at this time?”

“What?!” he shouted, followed by cover his mouth at the thought of them being found. “And crazy as my boner has been popping up today, it’s currently acting appropriately at the thought of imamate death!”

Contemplating for a moment, she dragged him off once again, deeper into the woods. “This way!”

While they were running for their lives, Tsukune had to ask. “Don’t you have enough energy to fight back?! Didn’t you get enough from this morning and during class to get you in shape?!”

“What I got from you only brought me back to regular health because of my lake of feeding, and the fact Saizou was the one who did it means my abilities won’t work on him for the time being.”

“What do you mean?!”

“A succubus has to act prior to feeding off a target, otherwise the energy we take in from them clouds our own from identifying it. If I had decided to attack you after what you did this morning, I wouldn’t have been able to harm at all.”

“So what, that means we can’t stop him?!”

“Not yet. Since we don’t have time for his imprint on me to fade, I’ll need to overshadow it with a different essence.” Making it out of the trees, they had reached a dirt road. “We’re here.”

Looking around, Tsukune where they were. “The place I found you?”

“Good, it still hasn’t faded away yet.” Looking down, he saw Moka kneel down in the spot he had previously fucked her face, knowing this by the sight of the cum puddle that had been left as a result.

“What good is this supposed to do?”

“As much as I hate the idea, if I can’t get any fresh nourishment, I’ll have to settle what was left over.” Bending down on her hand, tucking her hair behind her, her head was now directly above the puddle.

“But what you-”

Hesitantly sticking out her tongue, she dipped it into the puddle of old cum off the dirt, cringing from the task before taking into her mouth, letting it set there, and swallowing  it in an audible gulp. She proceeded to lap up mouthful after mouthful of the cooled spunk, lowering her head down and raising her pantyless ass up. The more she swallowed, the more her pussy began to leak her own juices. Such a lewd sight before him was enough for Tsukune’s gifted member to wake back up. Getting behind her and fishing out his slong, he threw all reason an decency out the window as he rammed himself into her cunt in powerful thrust, piercing her cervix and bashing the wall of her womb effortlessly.

“AAAAAaaah!” Eyes shooting open her body spasmed and her juices came spraying out in an instant orgasm. “Y-you-u! I-I-I said n-no se-HEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Ramming into her again with the same amount of strength, forcing orgasm after orgasm out of the girl. Her cunt was constantly gushing as her massive tits swayed erratically until Tsukune pushed his hand down her back, smearing both her breasts and face into the filth puddle.

Just like before, Tsukune’s lack of experience left him quick to blow. “I’m CUMMING!”

Even with her tongue lolling out of her mouth that was still smeared in the puddle, he could still make out Moka’s words. “No! D-on’t! N-Not in-side! Not inside!!!”  But there was no going back now. Keeping himself as deep as possible, he shot out his load directly inside her womb. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH!” Torrents of burning hot jizz was occupying her womb. Due to some combination his girth sealing her entrance and her succubus nature, the gallons of cum going into her was forcing her stomach to swell, ripping an even powerful chain of orgasms through her body until she was made to look overdue to give birth to twins with her face locked in a fucked stupid smile on the ground. Even after he pulled out, only a small portion of his cum managed to trickle out of her cunt.

“What did you do to my claim?”

“Gah!” Turning around Tsukune found out Saizou had finally caught up to them.

“Every single one of you is pissing me off!”

“Hmph, hmph hmph!” Getting off the ground, Moka was back up and laughing. The bulge of her stomach rapidly deflated back to its original tone shape, followed by bat wings and a spaded black tail sprouting out of her. Turning around, she continued to laugh with her eye closed. “You certainly are a stubborn one. If you wish to have me to this extent, then by all means…” Her eyes snapped out open, the violet color glowing like the moon in the night sky. “KNOW YOUR PLACE!”

Blinded by a flash of light, Saizou looked to see the daylight had faded in a dense pink fog. What’s more, all of his clothes were gone from is body, his transformed, wart and smegma covered cock dangling freely in the air. “The hell?!”

A second later, out from the fog, Moka, equally naked, was crawling on her hands and knees with her tongue panting like a bitch in heat. “Master~! Please treat me good~!” Reaching him, she raised to rest on her knees while her hand rested on his as she tried and failed to reach his dick with her tongue. “What do you want you cumdump wife to do first for you, Master~? Do you want to feed me you smegma~? Do you want to bathe me in your cum~? Or~, do you want to knock~, me~, up~?” She punctuated each word with another lick attempt.

“Why is he just standing there?” Tsukune asked as he stood next to Moka and they looked at Saizouu’s unmoving body.

“A succubus’ greatest weapons are hypnosis and illusions. Right now, his mind is trapped into believing he’s living out all of the perverse fantasies he wanted of me. Until he burns it out of his system, his real world self will be harmless.” Running a hand under her skirt, her gazed shifted to Tsukune. “Now, about what I said was okay and what wasn’t…”

XXX-Boy’s Dorm-XXX

Tsukune laid in his bed, exhausted beyond belief. It was his first day of school and he was nearly killed by a real life monster. What’s worse, chances are this was going to be a day to day thing for him. Well, at least there was one silver lining.

“It’s a good thing you got one of this dorm’s rooms with its own bath, I’d hate to imagine what would happen if I had to use the communal one here.” Moka muttered as her towel clad figure emerged from the bath to the bed. “You’re not anything under there, right? It’ll only get in the way of any feed we might end up doing during the night.”

“R-right!” Tsukune stammered. “Are you positive you being a succubus makes it okay for you to be my roommate here?”

Instead of answering his question, she picked up the bed sheet, let her towel fall from her body, grabbed his dick, and place a loving kiss his tip. “Just worry about keeping to the terms of our agreement.”

“Yeah.” Seeing her lay face down beside him, he reached a hand down, spanking her ass hard. When she raised her upper body in response, he tugged on her nearest breast with his free hand and bit down on it, causing another moan to leave her mouth. “Fine by me.”

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