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I don't own Saint Seiya
By: Empress Maki

It is a quiet, cloudy July morning in Sanctuary, as the Gemini twins Saga and Kanon were doing chores along with Saga's pupil Twilight. The twins and Twilight were listening to the latest gossip from the ever wise Pisces Aphrodite. The Twins would politely listen while Twilight would just roll her eyes at the outlandish gossip. A few times Twilight has to stop and stare at Aphrodite-like, an idiot. Kanon snickers each of those few times.

Aphrodite loves having an audience whenever he can get someone to hear what he has to say. Aphrodite's best friend Death Mask would either listen until he could escape from Aphrodite's clutches or ignore Aphrodite altogether. The Gold and Silver Saints would head in the other direction whenever they see or smell the rose-scented Pisces Saint coming. The Bronze Saints would draw straws of who would sit and listen to the outlandish gossip. As it turns out, the Andromeda Saint would opt to keep the Pisces Saint company. The trainees like Twilight had no choice since they are in the company of their Masters.

"Did you know Aldebaran is afraid of squirrels?" Aphrodite said delightfully.

Twilight glares coldly at Aphrodite but continues to fold the laundry while Saga and Kanon burst out laughing seeing the look on Twilight's face. The young trainee had taken a liking to the Taurus Saint because he can speak Portuguese although it is slightly different. Kanon made fun of Aldebaran once because of his size and his accent. Twilight stood up for her friend and glared at Kanon coldly. Kanon apologized to Aldebaran. Twilight would not speak to Kanon for two months until Kanon invited Aldebaran for dinner. Twilight had forgiven Kanon the next morning.

"What?" Aphrodite said incredulously looking at the glaring girl.

Twilight looks up from folding one of Kanon's shirts still glaring and looks over at her Master.

Saga stops laughing long enough to give the blind girl his permission,

"Go, ahead Twilight,"

Twilight then turns back to Aphrodite opening her milky white, sightless eyes and said haughtily, "Aldebaran is not afraid of squirrels. He was trying to avoid stepping on them because they were running around his feet and running up his body. You would know this if you were closer to see Mu and Shaka just trying to shush them away instead of making assumptions as such. If you have nothing better to do, then make outlandish gossip then kindly do it elsewhere because we are busy."

Aphrodite's baby blue eyes widen in shock and anger.

"Well, I never." Aphrodite screeched in anger.

Twilight just shrugged her shoulders and said calmly, "Apparently not because you are still here even Death Mask can take a hint when I tell him to leave in a vague way."

Aphrodite face turns bright pink and leaves in an angry huff.

The twins burst out laughing while Twilight continues folding the clothes.

"Twilight, if you keep sticking up for the big guy the way you do. The next rumor will be that you are crushing on Aldebaran," said Saga smiling kindly at his pupil knowing the answer.

"Only fools listen to assumptions and rumors made by idiots," said Twilight quietly.

Kanon burst out laughing.

"Twilight, I believe no one has ever spoken like that to Aphrodite before ever. For a blind kid of sixteen, you sure brave." Kanon said still laughing.

Twilight gave Kanon a half smirk and turns to Saga with an apologetic expression,

"Master Saga, I am sorry for being rude to your guest, but he was getting on my last nerve, so you or Kanon were not going to throw him out. I did it for you both. " Twilight said smiling brilliantly.

Saga looks over at Twilight for a few seconds and burst out laughing with Kanon and Twilight soon following.

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