Drunken Saints and The Wily Fox

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It's three in the morning when I woke up annoyed hearing my cell phone buzzing like crazy and I pressed the green icon button to answer my phone and I had heard my master's voice on the other side.

"Yasmine, I and the other gold saints had lost our way back to Sanctuary. We're in a field of violets and daisies and we're kind of hoping that'll you would take pity on us and find us." Death Mask whispers.


"I'll come find you and the others. I'll go wake up The Pope and Old Master to come along with me since trainees aren't allowed outside of Sanctuary without their masters and without The Pope's permission." I said and hung my phone.

I threw on my sweatpants and a jacket. I then my trek up to The Seventh House of Athena. I'm fairly certain I'd find both Old Master, I mean Dohko and Pope Shion. On my way there, I thought of a thousand ways to make my master's life miserable if I am interrupting the two older men.

I politely knocked on the living quarter's door and waited politely for one of them to answer. My phone started to ring and I sighed. I was about to answer when the door was opened by Dohko. I blushed deeply when I saw that Master Dohko was only wearing a towel while Pope Shion was laying on the couch partially covered. Dohko only smiles politely as I was looking at my phone while trying not to look at him directly. Dohko only waited patiently as I got over my awkwardness. Gimme, a break ok I was only eighteen.


I bowed politely and rambled,

"I was hoping you and Pope Shion would accompany me to retrieve my idiot master and the other idiots who are all drunk and lost in a field of violets and daisies. I would go myself but the law. I'm sorry for interrupting you both. I'll go by myself."

Blushes darkly.

I was about to walk away when I heard Pope Shion comment quietly,

"Dohko, we can't let Yasmine go by herself because I am quite certain that if she did, Yasmine just might take advantage of their drunken state and beat them up for what she had just interrupted."

Dohko caught my arm gently and whispered softly,

"We'll be coming with you, just give us a few minutes."

I nodded and kept my back facing the door. I am so going to roast them alive for this because now I will never get that image the two most powerful saints like this out of my head.

"Yasmine, we can go now." Pope Shion called as he and Dohko led the way out of through other houses and out of Sanctuary. I used google maps to pinpoint my idiot master's phone and it took about half hour to find them.

Scorpio Milo and Cancer Death Mask were having a yelling match and were about to come to blows, but I stepped between them and I swept Milo's feet right from under him as I reach up and smack my Master upside his head and grabbed his ear and dragged him toward home. The other gold saints just looked at each other and followed me back.

Dohko and Shion dropped their chins to their chests at the sight of the young one schooling her master and the shock faces of the others especially the look Milo had when he hit the ground... priceless.

I made my master sleep on the couch and I went back to bed dreaming of a certain Buddha incarnate.

The next morning, I spent it taunting and teasing my master until he hauled himself off of the couch and chased me. I, of course, began to sing to taunt him more. I hid in Aphrodite's garden knowing full my master wouldn't dare harm the garden.

I watched as my master finally gave up waiting for me and went into Pisces. I jumped up on the roof and saw Master Dohko and Pope Shion were escorting Lady Athena up to the Citadel.


Duty calls and I can't prank my master and the others like I wanted to. This is the part I disliked the most. I jumped off the roof of Pisces and knocked on the door. Aphrodite answered and I let him know that Lady Athena is in Sanctuary so it would be a good idea for him and my master to drink some coffee and take some Advil just in case. I used telepathy to let the others of this. I ran up to Cancer to fetch something clean for my master and I took a quick shower.

I was about to leave when Master Dohko showed up smiling. I blushed darkly and looked at my feet with intense focus.

"Oh my, still shy I see, but there's no need to be shy, Yasmine. I promise I won't bite. Pope Shion would like to speak with you." Dohko said in a teasing voice.

I just nodded and looked at the clothes in my hands. I teleported them to Pisces with a note and ran the long trek up to The Citadel of the Pope.

I was escorted to Pope Shion's office and I entered the office to find Lady Athena waiting a long with Pope Shion. I bowed graciously to Lady Athena and Pope Shion.

"Yasmine, thank you for bringing the guys home last night and I know you want to prank them. But could you just let it go please." Lady Athena cooed sweetly.

"Damn, she knows me too well. Well of course she does. Lady Athena witnessed first-hand just what I am capable of doing when I am provoked. But this is just for fun." I thought to myself.

I just nodded and smiled sweetly at Lady Athena.

"Yasmine, I know you had either booby-trapped the Houses or had already - Pope Shion was cut off by the blood-curdling screams of my name and it was all The Gold Saints.

I didn't even make it out into the hall because they were all there. Pope Shion, Master Dohko, and Lady Athena facepalms while I teleported out of there singing,

"Roses are Red

Violets aren't Blue

Poor, poor goldies

Got pranked by the wily fox

ha, ha, ha, ha, you'll never catch me"

And the chase was on for an entire month.

-The End.

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