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I am sitting in Gemini watching my twin and the others cracking jokes and surprisingly getting along. My attention is elsewhere, however. I keep thinking of the past and all of the wrong I have done to everyone here. The others may have forgiven me, but I cannot help to think if I truly deserve it or not.

Moreover, here I am sitting here surrounded by my friends and sometimes my enemies. We all have our sense of justice. When the dice are thrown, we do come together and kick ass. I think that in itself is a miracle.

I am grateful to them. I would never admit it, though. I thank Seiya and the Bronze Saints, and I am especially grateful to Athena for giving us all a second chance. Now I can and will make amends for the wrong I have done to everyone here.

I did not notice Kanon had been waving his hand in front of my face for ten minutes or that he had pressed his forehead against mine with a concerned look on his face.

"Hey brother, are you okay?"

I look into my brother's eyes which were identical to my own, and I smiled softly.

"I am fine, Kanon," I murmured.

"Are you sure because you spaced out for a while, so we all got worried that your dark side was waking up again!" Kanon said with a hint of concern and worry in his voice.

I looked past my twin, and I saw what he said is true. The others were watching me with looks of concern written on their faces even Death Mask. I smiled softly.

I pulled my twin into a bear hug, and I looked at the others smiling softly.

" I am fine everyone. I promise.

Aiolos and the others looked unconvinced.

"Then why did you space out like that?" Aphrodite asked coming closer to me looking worried.

I smiled after releasing Kanon from the bear hug, and I turned my attention to the others.

" I was just thinking about the past and how we finally came together for Athena's sake," I explained to the others.

"And how I feel so free and more alive than I had in years," I added softly.

Kanon smiles.

I smile broadly at them laughing freely. The others soon were smiling and laughing with me.

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