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Chapter One: Rosemary
I do not own Saint Seiya
Shun's P.O.V.
By: Empress Maki

9:32 a.m. Star Children Academy~ Child Home

If Ikki could dump Hell or Mount Fuji on my head at this very moment. I knew he would. I blackmailed my brother into coming with us today. In hopes, my brother would heal and be a little more sociable instead of always being by himself all the time.

Ikki being Ikki hung back in the shadows like he usually does until I notice Ikki watching one little girl who's always by herself. The little girl is nine-year-old, Rosemary Clare Cross or as Seiya had nicknamed her Mini-Shun much to my horror.

Rosemary has spinach green hair and gorgeous sapphire blue eyes instead of blue-green eyes like my own. Rosemary lost her parents in a car accident. The poor girl has not uttered a word since then. The grief and shock robbed her of her voice. So Rosemary just stays by herself.

Ikki walks over to the little girl kneels down beside her to my surprise and made a few hand gestures which Rosemary responses back to my brother in the same way. I watch my brother and Rosemary communicate using sign language. I'm in awe and a bit jealous of my brother. My brother laughs at whatever Rosemary had signed to him.

Ikki stood up and held his hand out to Rosemary who took it smiling. I watch as Ikki brings Rosemary in front of us. Rosemary began to sign to us with Ikki translating for us. Rosemary pins Seiya with a death glare as she signs to him. Ikki smiles softly at Rosemary as he turns to Seiya smirking. I could tell my brother's trying not to laugh.

"Seiya, Rosemary says if you call her "Mini-Shun" one more time, she will Mini Shun you all right."

We all started laughing harder when Rosemary raised her tiny fists at Seiya.

Rosemary glares as she signs to Seiya again. Ikki only smiles at Rosemary as Ikki looks at Seiya once again.

"Seiya, Rosemary says you must be blind or something because she's not a boy or is it that you're stupid and can't tell the difference."

The statement has us all laughing even harder while Seiya is glaring at us.

Rosemary is smirking mischievously at Seiya like she is daring Seiya to call her "Mini-Shun again.

I wonder what would happen if he does.

Seiya walks over to Rosemary, who openly glares at him. Seiya kneels down beside Rosemary and hugs her gently.

"I'm sorry Rosemary; it's just you look so much like Shun when we were younger. I couldn't help myself; Seiya said, "and I can tell the difference between a boy or a girl. I'm not stupid or blind either."

Rosemary gives Seiya a doubtful sigh but signs nothing further to my brother.

Ikki then looked over at the kids and told them that Rosemary wants to hang out with them and even play soccer, she will teach them to sign. The boys liked the idea and pulled Rosemary into a game of soccer.

Ikki smiles fondly watching Rosemary play soccer with the boys.

At sunset, we left the academy. Ikki promises Rosemary he would come by again. Obviously, I'm surprised Ikki promised Rosemary he would visit her. If I did not know any better, Rosemary has wormed her way into my brother's heart in such a short time. I know they both need each other. Thank you, Rosemary!

I wonder if my brother has noticed yet?

Week after week, we all watched as Ikki would visit with Rosemary each morning and Ikki would always come back to the manor smiling. We all noticed the changes in my brother. Ikki's smiles more, he laughs more, and he is more talkative than usual.

I think Ikki has not seen just how much he has changed since meeting Rosemary. I won't tell Ikki though. I'll let him figure that out for himself.

8:44 Am~ July 30th~Rosemary's tenth birthday

It's Rosemary's tenth birthday, and Ikki brought her a gift. We're all surprised he'd brought the gift. Ikki never does this kind of thing for anyone even me. And I'm his brother.

We headed to the Academy when we heard Eiri shout loudly,

"No Rosemary, come back it is not safe. Let the ball go."

The next thing, I knew Rosemary's tossed to me and Ikki's hit by a pick-up truck. For the first time in weeks since her parent's death, Rosemary shrieks and the sound is deafening to my ears.

Rosemary struggles against me for a ten-year-old girl; she's strong. Rosemary twists around and kicks my shin pretty hard making me yelp slightly in pain thus letting her go. Rosemary races over to Ikki crying loudly.

"Don't leave me Brother Ikki or I will be all alone again," Rosemary said harshly.

Ikki opened his eyes as he wipes her tears away and kisses her cheek gently.

"I am not going anywhere, my Green Bug (Ikki's nickname for Rosemary). Now be a good girl and stay with Shun. Shun will look after you while I go to the hospital to check my injuries okay." Ikki crooned.

Rosemary nods her head and kisses Ikki's cheek.

Rosemary ran over to me and held my hand as Ikki's being loaded into the ambulance to go to the hospital. Rosemary and I would visit every day before Ikki's released from the hospital on his sixteenth birthday.

6:45 Pm~ Ikki's hero/birthday party~ August 15th

Miho and the kids threw a hero/birthday party for Ikki. Everyone is here except for the one person that matters most to my brother. It's evident how Rosemary healed Ikki's heart, soul and spirit and Ikki's healed Rose's, heart. I was right, they both needed each other. I now have a little sister who is as precious to me as Ikki. Yea, she wormed her way into my heart too.

Suddenly a clear voice rang out; It's Rosemary. I watched as she sings (A/N: Reader-insert song of choice)to Ikki who is in tears. We're all in tears. Rosemary ends the song with a gracious curtsey to my brother.

Rose whispers to Ikki,

" Happy Birthday Big brother and thank you. I'm not lonely anymore. You've healed my heart."

Ikki pulls Rose into a tight hug.

"I should be the one thanking you. Green bug, you've saved me and healed my heart and soul." Ikki whispers softly to Rosemary.

I could not restrain myself anymore as I walked over to them and hugged them both and whisper softly,

"I love you both and thank you so much, Rose, for healing Ikki."

Rosemary kisses my cheek while everyone congratulates us.

The three of us laughed happily and hugged each other.

To Be Continued!

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