Older Siblings

BY : Wind_Princess_Chan_
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I spent most of my childhood and teen years having my older brother tell me what to do and I understand and I get it. But seriously I am not as weak as he thinks I am. Okay, so he does rescue me from my battles and fights to protect me like an older sibling would. I just wish he would let me make my own choices too.

As I sit here and ponder on the matter more. I remember what Fox Saint said about her older brother who is just as protective of her as Ikki is of me, and Kanon san said the same thing about his own twin brother Saga san,

"It is an older siblings job to protect the younger with everything they got because no one else will."


I just want Ikki to see me as his equal not only as his duty. So how do I change his mind and easing up a little? Why is this so difficult I am not asking him to leave me completely alone.


"Hey kid, what are you thinking so hard about?" Kanon chimed into my thoughts. I didn't hear him come up and sit beside me.

I smiled sadly and just shrugged.

Kanon grinned knowingly,

"It's your brother isn't it and you're trying to get him ease up on you a bit. I can tell you from my own experience, it will never happen, but they do it out love not duty like you are thinking. Imagine, how hard it is for them to watch us stumble or get hurt and try not to rip the other person apart for doing us harm. It hurts them to see us hurt."

I look thoughtful for a minute and a smile of new understanding came to me.

"Just like how it hurts us when they get hurt right?" I asked looking at Kanon.

Kanon san only nodded.

Later that night, I came up behind Ikki who was sitting and reading his book and I hugged him around his neck smiling and crooned,

"Thank you for everything you do for me Nii-san. I greatly appreciate it."

I saw the look of surprise in the mirror across us and the slow smile of love spread across my brother's face.

I knew he understood just as I understood finally.

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