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I do not own Saint Seiya
Saga's P.O.V.
By: Empress Maki

I cannot believe I got stuck with Milo. I wish I got stuck with Mu or Aiolia, but The Grand Pope Shion felt I could learn something from Milo and Milo could learn something from me. All I knew was I am going to have my handful with Milo.

It all started when Milo, Mu, and Aiolia went into town to get a few things for Athena. Everyone knows there's a local witch in the town, and you never insult her or be unkind to her, or you will pay dearly for it. Milo being the idiot that we all know that he's not didn't heed the Pope's or Athena's warning.

My understanding is Milo had insulted Ariana who reverses the aging process thus rendering all three Gold Saints as four-year-old boys again. Oh Athena, help us.

Aiolos, Shaka, and I walked into the meeting hall looked upon the scene before us. The little lion and The little scorpion were having a staring contest for a root beer lollipop while the little ram is crying for his mama. The Grand Pope Shion was trying to comfort Mu while Master Dohko kept a close watch on the little lion and the little scorpion.

Oh yes, Ariana had indeed turned them into four-year-old boys. It could have been far worst.

I remember the time when Death Mask and Aphrodite had insulted her. Ariana nearly blew them, but she reigned in her temper. Moreover, turned Death Mask into a woman and Aphrodite into the ugliest creature in the world that would even frighten Medusa. The two had learned their lesson.

The Grand Pope ordered Aiolos, Shaka and myself to look after the young ones until Ariana decides to forgive Milo. We looked at the boys then back at The Grand Pope. I had gotten stuck with Milo. I swear my luck sucks.

I argued with Shaka to relent Mu to me, but he refused to do so. Damn Buddha.

" Why do I get stuck with the loud-mouthed oaf. Wouldn't Camus be a choice for Milo?"

The Pope smiles knowingly.

"I am not a loud mouth oaf besides you are a big dummy head, and you smell like a wet donkey," Milo yells angrily.

I nearly strangle the brat for the insult. I did, however, flick Milo's lip and said sternly,

"The name's Saga and what I say goes. Understand?"

Milo nodded his head without any argument.

It has been three weeks; I am at my wit's end with the kid. I was ready to kill Milo when it struck me. Milo is bored. I read to him or played ball with him. I took him down to the beach with Mu and Aiolia. I even helped Milo prank the others even The Grand Pope and Athena.

I was learning to have fun and from Milo of all people. I am also learning tolerance for my comrades in arms for who they are not for how much power they have.

A flash of blinding light flooded the House of Gemini forcing me to cover Milo protectively. The light recedes. I could see Ariana with Athena smiling at me.

"Saga, as intelligent as you may be but you are idiotic? "said Ariana.

Milo huffed angrily, but I shook my head at him. I'm somewhat shocked. I smiled despite myself.

"This is my lesson to be tolerant of my comrades for who they are not for their power and I had to learn to have fun which I had to learn from Milo, the king of pranks and sometimes the biggest pain in the ass."

Ariana snaps her fingers and lo, Milo and the others were back to being adults again.

"You also need to forgive yourself, my friend. No one is perfect." Milo said smiling.

I laughed freely, and it felt good.

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