The Perfect Maid of Gremory

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The underworld is a vast place but was often seen deserted due to the war.The continous wars between the three factions and the civil war made its population even less and scarce.

At the end of the civil war,the new maou defeated the old one as they ascend the thrones.An interesting turn of event was that Sirzechs gremory now known as sirzechs lucifer took a wife.

Her name is Grayfia Lucifuge,the second heir to the lucifuge clan aside from her brother.She fell in love with sirzechs and betrayed to their side.After the war they married happily as grayfia act as both the wife of lucifer as well as the maid of gremory household (a side note is that sirzechs has a maid fetish).

Everything was supposed to be good.


Even though sirzechs was married to grayfia,the people didnot allowed it.Because she slaughtered hundreds of their friends and families.They cant simply accept her because she helped them once.Sirzechs warned them to never even come close to his wife.Being afraid the devils approached their only choice.

Zekram Bael.

The oldest living devil who has more influence than anyone.With the help of him,they came across a conclusion.

Using grayfia to release their sexual releases.Many of them were excited at the thought of humiliating grayfia in every way possible so they agreed quickly.

A  meeting with grayfia and zekrom without sirzechs knowing.

After everything is explained,zekrom was slightly nervous because of the complications but were surprised as grayfia said "Ok i will do it".

Zekrom were surprised at this,he didnt expected to go this easily.Seeing his confusion,grayfia explained as "Iam not an idiot like my husband.I know that there is a faction opposing my husband in his decision to take me as his wife.I dont blame them.We are devils so it is no wonder to ask for such a compensation.As a maid of gremory,it is my duty to protect my family even i have to sell myself to these devils".

Since sirzechs must not know about this,he created a contract.Anyone who want to use grayfia has to sign in the contract as it bounds the soul.The conditions are :

-There must be no attempts of making her pregnant and a breeding stock.

-No one must talk about their meeting outside the room or to an other person.

-Grayfia must not be severely injured or killed.

-Except for the time of pregnancy with sirzechs.She will live all her life as a secret prostitute for the remaining pillars.

Grayfia agreed with the conditions as she signed it.The contract must be signed by others also.The violation of the contract will lead to their soul destroyed and their family sold as slaves.Zekrom was adamant about the fact that they wanted to keep it a secret.


The true life of Grayfia Lucifuge,the maid of gremory household begins today.



Hi guys.How is the new story.

I know that everyone must have so many ideas to add to this story.I will consider the ideas from reviews.

Grayfia will act as a high end prostitute behind sirzechs back.It can be willing or non willing.She can be forced via contracy or she can fuck them due to her own liking.

Examples like beasts.

I will try my best to update the chapters again.My next updates will be Revenge of incubus and Sex god.


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