Learning to 'See'

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An: Bit of a rough start here, Sorry. Will get better later as ideas develop. Reviews do help. "..." at ending paragraphs indicates a scene transition. Seemed like the ship was in trouble~

"Yes...that's what I heard. Please, , we need to figure out how to get you out of there. You'll die otherwise!" The short haired woman pleaded, her hands pushing futilely against the glass that separated the two of them. He only gave her a small smile, his coal black eyes seemingly sad as they took in her frowning face.

"...It's okay...Don't hurt yourself for my sake; I'm nothing more than a murderer..." His voice was calm and soft as he said this, making her heart ache all the more. She had spent much of her nights this past year talking to this supposedly dangerous man; the so called assassin, The God of Death. Yet, she was not afraid of him, despite knowing he was strong enough to kill her. If he was truly as evil as his fiancée claimed; then why hadn't he used her to escape and dispose of her yet? Unlike Yanagisawa, who found every attempt to hurt and belittle her while they were together.

She didn't know...Aguri only knew that she wanted to help this poor man who had been forced into his cruel lifestyle; who knew nothing else aside from his world of violence and killing. She had to do something, but what? What could a simple junior high teacher like her do in a scenario like this? She wasn't too sure, but Aguri knew she couldn't leave the man to his impending death. She ran toward the security monitor, peering into it and seeing that it was indeed turned off, like it usually was at this time. A sound like glass being scratched made her look over to the man's cell, tiny lines being made in the divider.

The so called Reaper walked out of his cell through a circular hole in the glass, his bare feet plodding softly against the laboratory's floor. He blinked, his face an emotionless mask for a moment as the tiny white threads retracted back into his short, black hair. He turned to her, and all the teacher could do was stare at him in awe.

"You...escaped? Then go! If you use your new abilities, then you have a better chance of escaping..." She says, the man shaking his head as he slowly walks toward her. She could feel an odd warmth coming from this man, one that held no malicious intent whatsoever.

"No...I've already thought of doing so; it would require me to hurt many people and put them in harms way...I don't want to kill anyone anymore...At least, I want to try living a peaceful life from here on out." The Reaper states, the woman only looking at him in wonder. He takes one of her small hands and covers it with his own.

"I...I want to try...living a normal life. One I couldn't live before...For as long as I can...First, we should get out of here, however. I doubt it will be long before they come to capture me again. Not like they could...But I'd rather you not suffer because of my actions, Aguri-san." He states with confidence, walking up to the door that lead out of the chambers. He only had to summon the tiny tentacles again as they began working in disengaging the lock, swirling around his head in a frenzy of sorts. Aguri was curious and worried; should he be using his power so soon, so recklessly? She couldn't even voice her concerns; he was walking out the door, the threads seemingly larger than they were before. Was she imagining things? She wasn't sure, but she knew she was not going to leave him alone while he was like this. They would escape together...

"So...You have made it this far, even without mortally wounding the soldiers sent after you. You truly are a splendid guinea pig..." A mocking voice makes the the pair stop moving, the sound slightly scratchy over the intercom. It was all too familiar to Aguri; it wa her fiancé and the leader of this experiment. He was probably furious at how the Reaper had managed to escape. Said man only stares in the direction of the sound, his face beading with sweat and his breathing heavy, Aguri watching the small security monitor that told her fiancé of their exact location. He was probably tired from trying to use his power defensively; all the soldiers and scientists they encounter he had knocked unconscious or put them to sleep, despite the former mainly trying to kill him. Normal bullets didn't seem to work on him, as the pair soon found out, his tendrils easily anticipating the path of the attacks and reacting accordingly. Still, that didn't mean they wouldn't work on Aguri; the man using much of his speed and battle prowess to make sure she wasn't hit by any stray bullets. They were mostly exhausted from running and it seemed Yanagisawa knew it.

"We just want to leave here in peace, Yanagisawa-san! Please just let him go!" She pleaded, clutching her hands to her chest in a desperate attempt to appeal to what good nature her fiancé had left. The laughter at the other end of the speaker only made her heart wrench in two. This man didn't care for anything aside from himself, did he?

"Tch...Stupid woman! That man is a murderer; an assassin wanted all over the world. Plus, he is now the only successful human test subject in regards to antimatter production. If you think I'm going to let him get away because of your stupid and foolish to appeal to human empathy, then you are a true fool!" The scientist Yanagisawa screams out from the loudspeaker, his voice distorted by the device from his rage fueled tirade. The man next to her recoils in pain, dropping to his knees as he feels the changes start to happen. She saw a light out of the corner of her eye, the shine seeming to point at her male companion. He was still writhing in pain; his body convulsing and shaking as his skin popped and bubbled with sickening noises. She dropped down next to him, holding his convulsing form in her arms as she heard an odd mechanical whirr behind them both. He screamed out in pain as his back jolted, the sound of flesh tearing and ripping causing her to stare at him in fear. She wasn't scared of him; she was scared for him, not understanding what was happening to him. Long, wide tendrils began to shoot out of his back, blood dripping down the appendages and painting the black floor crimson. The last thing she saw was his red eyes staring at her sadly, one of the odd tendrils wrapping itself around her protectively...

She felt an oddly familiar warmth, like this had happened before. And yet, she had no true recollection of the events prior to this moment. It had all happened so suddenly, so fast...the teacher didn't understand: all she remembered was the sounds of the building crumbling around her, his hand interlocked with hers, the two of them running through the compound as they were being chased by soldiers, the sound of gunfire ringing in her ears and tainting her nose. She had been hurriedly escaping with the man she had grown to adore. The man they had turned into the ultimate life form, who was already the world's ultimate assassin before that. A flash of an image is burned into her brain for a second; that of her own body, pierced by a beam of searing hot light, her own blood painting the dim floor of the laboratory.

Aguri realized she wasn't hurt at all; that was just an image, like a bad dream from which she had woken up. The human hands that were holding her were quite warm, tightly embracing her as if they did not want to let go. She didn't want them to, almost afraid of opening her eyes and confirming the reality of her situation. She did, however, because she needed to be sure. Sure that she had reached him, her eyes frantically blinking open to meet his coal black irises. They had an odd kindness to them; one that she had seen so many times, though that was no more then a flicker back then. Back when he was still a prisoner in that cell. Yellow and black surrounded the edge of the woman's peripheral vision, yellow squiggles and the black of the laboratory floor. A sharp exhale of breath caught her attention then, causing her to focus once more on the still vaguely human face that was staring down at her.

"...I made...it in time..." He mutters, his voice soft and yet oddly distorted, as if he had trouble speaking. She wouldn't be surprised if he did; his whole body was convulsing horribly, the remains of his prisoner garb lying near him in tatters, his once pale skin turning an odd, sickly yellow before her very eyes. Well, from what she dared herself to look at anyway. It was embarrassing for her; to be so close to someone like this. Not even with her fiancé, a man who Aguri never really got along with, had she been this physically close to while he was unclothed. Honestly it was her first time seeing a man in this state at all. She didn't consider herself very prudish, she was human after all, and had her own wants as far as that was concerned. The odd acrid smell of something burning caused her to momentarily lose that train of thought, her eyes noticing that one of the many tentacles enveloping the man seemed shorter than the rest. She can only look up into the eyes of the man who held her, his usual black eyes turning an odd red. He had a slightly pained look on his face, though she could not tell if that was because of the transformation he was undergoing or something else. She felt her heart ache for the man, who only wanted a place to belong in this cruel world that denied him even that.

"I'm...alive? The laser..." She could only mutter, quite confused as to what had went on in the past couple seconds. A pained smile painted his face then, like he was trying to hold in the anguish his change was causing him.

"...I s-stopped...it...But...m-my body is...It can't handle this power..." He says, his voice trembling as his body shakes, barely loud enough for her to hear. Gently, her hand caresses his soft face, causing those reddening eyes to widen in surprise. She feels the warmth of his hands leave her, the woman confused as he gently pushes her away from him.


"Please...get out while you...can. I'll be fine..." His words confused her even further, but she wanted to listen to him. At the same time, she was quite afraid of leaving him alone: Aguri did not want anything to happen to him because of her. They had made it this far together; she only wanted to see him escape with her safely. She tried to protest, but the Reaper only smiled at her, one of his tentacles pointing in the opposite direction. She followed his gaze, a bit shocked to see the light of the sun peeking out through a hole caused by the collapse. A sharp yell came from that space, the voice familiar to the junior high teacher, as was the head peeking out of the hole.

"B-big sis!"

"Akari! What...?" She felt something soft push her towards her younger sister; the man she only knew as the Reaper gesturing for her to leave. She hesitated, looking back at the man who she had started to fall for, unsure if her eyes were tearing up from the dust of the rubble or her despair.

"...Leave, now! I'll be fine, I promise..." He yelled, Aguri's steps hesitant as she ran to her younger sister. The two embraced quickly, Akari starting to cry herself at the mixed emotions of seeing her sister unhurt. Younger lead the older out through the small crawl space, fresh air caressing Aguri's face once more. Air she thought she would never breathe again. Still, she attemtped to go back into the hole, her sister's hand grabbing her tightly by the wrist.

"Sis, what are you doing!? You can't go back..."

"But...I don't want to just leave him...I..." She mutters, her words failing her as she is dragged away from the collapsing building. Akari just uses most of her strength to pull her sister away from the wreckage, the latter too stunned and confused to move on her own. A loud sound, like that of an explosion, causes them both to stumble away from the wreckage. The two run, fear hastening their steps until the burning and collapsing building is quite distant. She squints through the wreckage; she swore she could make out a speck of something, moving across the sky at a blistering pace. Then again, she could be imagining things, her desire for that man to survive unharmed clouding her vision. A faint tug on her wrist disturbs her lament, the familiar face of her sister, the latters hazel eyes streaked with tears.

"Let's go home, Akari. It's been a looong day." A smile breaches the crying face of her sister then, the smaller girl responding with a cheery tone.

"Yeah...and you promised; you'd better tell me all about this guy you fell for...Don't leave anything out, either." Aguri finally has the energy to laugh, a smile creeping over her own face as she leads her sister away towards their house. Please be safe, Mr. Reaper, wherever you are.

Ruined. Ruined. Ruined! Those were the thoughts flowing through the scientists mind at that exact moment, the festering feeling of defeat by that damn guinea pig still fresh in his mind. He didn't care that his fiancée was possibly hurt or dead, lying in the ruins of some corporate building he cared little for. He only cared that his experiment to produce the world's first antimatter energy source had failed; and therefore his reputation as a genius was tarnished. He was flawless, a prodigy, known for his outstanding ideas and plans. He had never truly known failure until now; he would not have it. That damn Reaper...and that fool fiancée of his would pay. Yanagisawa clutched the remains of his left eye, which was now useless to him, only being another reminder of his failure today. He would use every thing in his disposal to get his revenge on the two who turned him into a laughingstock. First, he figured it would be best to deal with Aguri; she was such a useless tool. If he could pin this mess on her, to her as his own scapegoat then all the better. He'd probably break off the engagement while he was at it; he wouldn't want to be connected to a person like that. As soon as he was able, he'd set his plans into motion.

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