Longing of a Half-Vampire

BY : MysticExarch
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Gasper Vladi took a long sigh and readjusted his position in the bed for what was probably the seventeenth time that night. The prospect of getting a decent sleep was beginning to seem more and more unlikely by the second.

Not that it was anything out of the ordinary for the half-vampire.

"I wish they'd just…stop," Gasper breathed quietly to himself as he wrapped a pillow around his head, covering both of his pointed ears.

The effort was met with some success; the sounds keeping him awake were partially muted. However, much to Gasper's frustration, he could still hear that which tormented him with a painfully aroused longing every single night. As such, he was occasionally able to pick a few words out of the cacophonous mass of feminine moans.

"Oh, Issei!" Gasper heard one of the women (he thought it might be Asia) moan. "Don't stop! It…ah! Feels so wonderful!"

There was muffled reply.

"No need to talk. Just lick her good," Xenovia chimed in before being cut off by one of her typical 'I'm having my nipples played with' squeals.

Part of Gasper was seriously pondering the merits of being surgically deafened. His other side wanted to listen in even more closely. After a long and very intense mental debate, the latter aspect of his personality won out.

Tentatively, Gasper raised the curved pillow away from his higher ear.

"Why are you only touching her!" an authoritative, yet sultry voice emanated through the walls. It was definitely President Rias this time. "You've got another hand after all, Issei-kun. Why don't you just...EEP…mhmhmhmmm…"

Gasper continued to listen in as more vocalizations of all kinds occurred: mewls, whines, grunts, and even screams. They seemed to be increasing in pitch, volume, and frequency as well. All of it was so incredibly erotic that the blonde vampire could do nothing but continue to listen with rapt attention.

Somehow, Koneko's monotone voice suddenly cut through the wall of sound. "Fuck me harder, Issei-Senpai," the petite catgirl shamelessly begged. "Please!"

The rhythm of wet slapping sounds drastically increased.

Koneko's response was as immediate was it was passionate. "I'm cumming, nyao." she half-said, half-meowed.

A sharp inhale. Then, after several long moments of stunned silence, an impossibly girlish moan resounded throughout the house. It seemed to drag on forever, an endless proclamation of agonizing pleasure.

"That was amazing. Thank you, Senpai," the white-haired girl exhaustedly spoke between heaving pants. Gasper could have sworn he heard Koneko purring contentedly right after that as well.

He'd heard enough. Pressing the pillow against his ear again with the all strength he could muster, Gasper began to sob uncontrollably. "It's not fair," he managed to choke out before bunching up a handful of silken sheets in a death grip.

In that moment, Gasper wished harder than he'd ever wished for anything in his entire life that he hadn't let his lust get the better of him; that he hadn't been daring and horny enough to try and hear what was happening a few rooms over. It had been somewhat bearable; at least, up until the point where he'd realized that Koneko had not only been riding Issei's cock, but had apparently received a mind-blowing orgasm, too.

Sure, Gasper had heard the other members of the Red Dragon Emperor's harem getting fucked before. Hell, it had practically become a regular occurrence in recent months. But never Koneko; not until that fateful night.

What made it so much more disturbing to know the neko sister was having sex with Issei, compared to the others, was the fact that she had once been the most cold and distant to him. Gasper remembered the times when Koneko would disgustedly say that Issei was "the worst", that he was "an enemy of all women" (or so he'd heard), and even send him flying just for seeing her naked. The thought that Issei would could not only accept, but also cultivate an intense sexual relationship with someone who had treated him that way shredded Gasper's already fragile ego to tatters.

After all, if the magnanimous Issei would take even her…then why not him? How little must he think of me, Gasper thought, if I'm the last one he'd choose? The only one to be excluded from his harem…

Then there was the fact that the half-vampire had always thought of Koneko as his peer. The two were the closest in age, as well as the two youngest of the group. Though age didn't really matter now that everyone in Rias' house was 18, he still felt like Koneko was his closest friend….aside from Issei himself. The petite catgirl and he were also the most similar in terms of physical characteristics, as well. Again, Gasper couldn't help but wonder why Issei would choose Koneko, but not him.

That wasn't entirely true. Gasper had a good idea what the reason was, even if he didn't want to admit it to himself at times.

It's because I'm flat-chested, isn't it? the blonde trap thought in a moment of lucidity. At least Koneko-chan has some breasts. And she's a girl…not a boy, like me. Issei must only like real women, not mere feminine guys like me.

"Here, let me clean you up with my mouth, Issei-kun," Akeno's voice echoed inside Gasper's head, summoning all-to-vivid images of what he easily guessed the queen was about to do. His imagination began running rampant, putting himself in Akeno's place; in the place of all of the girls, especially Koneko's recent position.

"Shut up!" Gasper barked out loud, writhing in frustration.

For a moment he feared that the nearby harem might have heard him. Gasper's hand shot over his mouth in embarrassment as his cheeks turned rosy. He quickly decided it didn't matter, though. Issei would never want him. And if the embodiment of horniness itself didn't…well then no one ever would.

"I'm pretty and feminine and cute, too, Issei-kun…" Gasper whispered and sobbed at the same time, even though his mind didn't accept those statements as true. Far from it, in fact. Gasper had never felt so isolated, ugly, and undesirable before, not even when he'd been rejected by vampire society for his terrifying sacred gear. "I may not have big boobs, but I try so hard for you…"

Who am I kidding, Gasper thought. It's my destiny just to listen and long for attention without every receiving anything real. The only thing I'm allowed to have is this…

The blonde femboy rolled over to the edge of the bed and opened a nightstand drawer. A moment later, he had a big, curved, vibrating dildo in one hand.

Loud, wet, sucking and plopping noises could be heard. Akeno was furiously going down on Issei, apparently.

A twinge of extreme jealousy yanked at Gasper's heart. He swiftly propped himself up into a sitting position against several pillows. Leaning back, the half-vampire inserted the tip of the toy into his small mouth and began to imitate what he imagined Akeno was doing.

Slurping noises filled Gasper's bedroom as he began to suck more and more vigorously on the fake cock. Soon he was deepthroating it nearly all the way to the base. It wasn't even that hard; saying that the cute blonde had been doing a lot of practicing lately would be a massive understatement.

Gasper felt his pink, lace-and-bow-trimmed panties shrinking. A seething need jolted through him. His little penis and tight hole were practically begging for attention. In response, he reached down and pulled the girl's underwear aside, freeing his member. At least he could satisfy one of his body's demands for the moment.

Gasper continued to service the dildo with wanton passion, imagining that it was Issei's dick and that he was going to give the older man the king of all orgasms. Yes, Gasper moaned inside his own mind as he increased the speed of his hand, fucking the toy cock into his own mouth. Give me that cum. I want to extract it sooo badly. I need to taste it. Use my mouth like a pussy…

Whoever said that boys couldn't get wet was an idiot; and Gasper was the prime evidence of that claim. Pre-cum constantly flowed from his girly penis, soaking into the bed and his panties as if he were a real girl leaking feminine juices. His hand wrapped around the member and began to stroke gently, causing lightning bolts of pleasure to shoot through him.

Still, there was still a greater desire Gasper knew needed…filling.

As if right on que, Akeno's voice distinguished itself from the jumble of begs and sighs. "There you go, Xenovia. Nice and clean. It's your turn."

"Thank you," the blue-maned bombshell replied. "Now that you're done licking Asia…I want you to fuck me in the ass. Doggystyle."

A chorus of gasps struck the horny blonde's ears.

"What? I don't want to make babies just yet. Practice makes perfect, anyway."

Gasper's eyes shot wide at the same moment his heart began to pound out of his chest. "Yesss…" he groaned, extracting the well-sucked and lubed penis from his mouth. "Fuck me in the ass, Issei," Gasper echoed Xenovia, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.

"Issei!" an emotionally hurt-sounding Xenovia begged. "Don't keep a girl waiting! I can only wiggle my hips so much. Are you going to take my butt or n…AH! Fuck yes!"

That was the last straw. Gasper lined his 'artificial Issei', as he like to call it, up with his own aching hole. With a fierce thrust, he pounded the phallus all the way up into his cute, feminine ass.

At first it hurt, of course. Gasper recoiled in shock, quivering as his body adjusted to the sudden intrusion. He quickly adapted and began to relax, though: the benefits of constant training. As such, the pain was almost immediately replaced with a blissful fullness that the lustful vampire could only describe as 'pure heaven'.

"Oh Satan!" Gasper moaned in a high-pitched timbre. "Yes!"

"Ah…it feels sooo fucking good..." Xenovia said, "but please, slower. I'm not used to this."

Gasper smirked through his tears of desire and began to pound his own butt with a quick and powerful pace. "You wouldn't need to be gentle with me, Senpai," he spoke into the empty room between sighs of pleasure. "I can take it hard and fast. You could use my hole like a toy."

Gasper began to work himself up to a brutal rhythm, more than doubling what he figured the speed at which Xenovia was taking it, based on her cries. His whole body began to convulse with sheer pleasure. The hand that had formerly grasped his dick flew up to his sensitive nipples and began to rub them.

"Fuck my prostate Issei-senpai! Oh yes, yes, yes, yes!" Gasper mewled, thrusting his own ass back against his rapidly flicking hand so that he could receive the monster dick even deeper.

The feeling of the dildo inside of him was magical. Gasper wanted more. He wanted to get really used like a bitch and cum without anything other than in-and-out movement, but his wrist was getting tired. It was time to change things up.

The blonde trap wiggled his rear, settling the dildo into the sweet spot he had only recently found. The bulging head of it rested aggressively against his little prostate, providing him with a tidal wave of sensation just from the contact.

Gasper's chest heaved, sucking in great lungfulls of air. He had never felt so utterly consumed by lust in his life. Never before had he teetered so dangerously at such a tall edge. The looming orgasm that he knew was there seemed so powerful it was actually frightening. His knees trembled with emotion.

"What is…I...don't…" Gasper cried. "Oh, Issei. I love you."

His hands were shaking so badly that he barely even managed it, but Gasper was finally able to press the 'on' button at the base of the dildo.

The subsequent wave of sensation was so overpowering that Gasper found himself arching his back painfully, mouth agape in a wordless scream. It was as if the vibration wasn't just stimulating his needy prostate, but his soul itself. Within seconds, a massive ball of molten pleasure built up inside his groin. Similar pulses spiderwebbed outward from there, reaching every corner of his body until the horny blonde felt as if his whole existence was nothing but mindless pleasure.

A string of unintelligible words ripped at his throat as his whole body violently convulsed back and forth. The ball of feeling exploded outward in a series of waves that began in his ridiculously stuffed butt and ended in his gnarled toes.

Coming down from that high took uncountable minutes, during which time Gasper could do nothing but ride out the aftermath in the fetal position.

Eventually, some form of awareness returned to him. Gasper fumbled with the dildo in his ass and turned it off, though he decided to leave it in. He could pretend it was Issei plugging him as he fell asleep in the Dragon Emperor's arms.

"…pull out and cum on my face…" he heard a faint and barely audible voice request.

"Mmm…don't mind if I do," Gasper barely managed to say, suddenly aware that his chest and face were drenched in his own girly-smelling cum. His tongue lazily shot out and began to lick around his mouth, savoring the taste of the fluid.

Giddy from the overdose of dopamine, Gasper smiled faintly as he tugged a random pillow over to him. He curled against it, resting his face in what he wished was Issei's neck.

"Goodnight, Issei-senpai," Gasper mumbled through the tears that streamed down his face.

They were of both joy and sadness.

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