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Disclaimer: Dragon Ball Z and all the characters were created by Akira Toriyama. I'm only expanding on the Saiyan species. No money is being made.

"Fuck, this one's tight!" A tall dark skinned Saiyan panted, shoving his cock inside a warm body.

"His mouth is paradise!" His partner groaned as a tongue licked up and down his shaft before being engulfed by that heavenly mouth again, being sucked as if the mouth's owner's life depended on it.

Being spit roasted in a dark alley by two Saiyans he had just met wasn't exactly how Bardock planned this evening. Then again, he was always on the lookout for 'fresh meat'.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum- AAAAAAHAAAW, YES!"

~One down, one more to go. The Commander of the 'Five person Land Shark Team' tallied mentally.

Bardock felt the Saiyan behind him increase the pace, fucking him in earnest now that his companion had emptied his load down the scarred Saiyan's throat.

"Hurry up, will ya? Yer partner here's already done. What are ya- Long winded?" Bardock goaded the stranger into finishing quickly.

"Fuck- His mouth- Certainly- P-precedes him- Ahhh! Oh, fuck!"

~And two down. The bait was bitten but still no catch.

Bardock didn't even wait for the Saiyan to pull out. He stood, pulled his leggings up, disregarding the load shot into him trickling down to soil his gear, and turned tail back into the bar, not sparing the spent Saiyans a single glance.




Gine shook his head as Bardock stomped across the bar and sat next to him, grumpy as ever.

"I see yer still empty handed." Bardock's best friend took a sip from his drink and sighed contently.

"They weren't what I'm looking for." Bardock signalled the bartender for a drink.

"Ya keep being so picky about things and ya'll end up alone, 'Dock. Ya think yer ever gonna settle down?" Gine looked at his childhood friend with concern. Through the years he'd seen how Bardock leapt from one suitor to another, never taking the time to even get to know them properly.

"When I find the perfect dick I'll settle down on it." Bardock accepted the drink he ordered and tipped the bartender with two Favors, the bartender nodded his gratitude.

Gine chuckled and took another swig of his thick, frothy drink. "His Majesty sends his regards, by the way."

"Ya saw him today?" Bardock perked up.

"More like 'he saw me'," Gine grimaced and swivelled in the bar stool to face the scarred Warrior.

"Yer playing a dangerous game, Bardock. The King is no play thing. It's one thing to respect him, even desire him, another to act upon those desires and-"

"Awww, don't give me that shit again," Bardock interrupted angrily, "I never initiated anything with him! He's the one who approached me-"

"Because ya had set up an illegal stand offering blow jobs as a trade."

"AND he gave me the permit-"

"YEAH?! After you gobbled his dick down like ya were a starved Tanpah."

Bardock leaned in and ran his nose across Gine's exposed neck inhaling his scent, "yer jealous~"

Gine swatted the offending nose and chuckled, "I just don't wanna see ya dig a hole ya won't be able to get out of, 'Dock." Gine caressed Bardock's scarred left cheek before slapping it playfully.

Bardock smile and finished his drink in one go. "Welp, better see what His royal Highness wants," Bardock wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and hopped off the high stool.

"At least clean yer drippin' hole first! Show some respect for The King. Ya reek of cum!" Gine reproached him.

Bardock turned around and shouted a 'no time for that' at his friend. Gine shook his head again. "It's like he ENJOYS provoking others..."




The King paced the corridors, his cape billowed behind him elegantly. He had sent his regards with Bardock's comrade, and that would always get him a visit from said Commander. Not that he would stay up all night waiting, he had better things to do. But a visit from that cock hungry Saiyan was always a welcomed one when the King was feeling exceptionally bored.

Like tonight.

A sound from the throne room caught his attention, "ah. That must be him." He directed himself towards the ceremonial chamber and low and behold, Bardock was harrassing one of the guards.

The King's rich laughter filled the halls and caught the attention of his guest.

Bardock turned around and smiled cheekily, "Yer Royal Highness~" Bardock left the aroused guard sprawled against the wall and walked towards his King with open arms.

"You finally decided to grace me with your presence, Commander."

"On the contrary, My Liege, it is I who is graced." Bardock kneeled in front of the King, grabbing his cape and kissing it.

"Rise, Bardock. There is no need for etiquette when it is just us two."

Bardock smirked and stood up, "then allow me to kiss you properly."

The scarred warrior placed his hands on either side of King Vegeta's face and pecked his lips. The King closed his eyes and savored the feel of the other Saiyan's lips on his.

When they parted, it was King Vegeta's turn to smirk, "you call that kiss 'proper'? Have you had your brain fucked out today far too many times to remember how to kiss properly?"

"Show me how my King wishes to be kissed~" Bardock purred.

The King pressed his lips against the Commander's and swiped his tongue across his full lips, taking the bottom one into his own mouth where he sucked it harshly. Bardock moaned and pressed his hands against the royal armor. He responded by biting King Vegeta's lips and running his tongue apologetically across them afterwards.

Bardock was many things, but a kisser, he was not. He prefered to forgo the formalities and get straight to the point. Out of all the Saiyans he'd have relations with, the King and Gine were the only ones who Bardock would gladly kiss. Gine; because he was too sweet of a soul not to, and they've been practicing kissing since they were children. King Vegeta; well- He was one HELL of a kisser. Bardock would not miss out on that.


"Mmm~ Vee!"

The King kept kissing his wayward subject, pulling the most delicious moans out of him. He slowly directed them to his ceremonial chair.

It took a while for that to register in Bardock's lust addled mind, "the Throne?"

"Yes, Bardock. I wish to fuck you on my Throne."

"Oh, yer feeling naughty today!"

"Merely bored. And you prove to be quite an entertainment and good exercise companion."

"Is that all?!" Bardock whined.

"No. I also trust you with my life."

Bardock blushed. That was high praise for any Saiyan; to know that another entrusted them with their existence, and the King himself, no less. Bardock stopped and took a step away from his King. "What's this really about?"

King Vegeta sighed and ran a hand across his forehead, "it is time for me to look for a mate, Bardock. I am throwing a ball next moon cycle and wish for you to be part of it."

Bardock quirked an eyebrow and grudgingly asked, "Am I gonna be the only third class there?"

"It is a masquerade, no one will know it is you. Besides, you have proven yourself worthy of elite ranking, Bardock-"

"Not this again..."

"You have refused several opportunities because of misplaced loyalties."

"I- I couldn't leave Gine, Vee. He's my best friend, my everything... Almost."

"I know you've been on the hunt as well."

"Oh, that. Yeah, figured it was about time I find a good permanent cock to suck on."

"Is that all?" King Vegeta returned, his amused voice was not lost in his partner for the night.

"Hmph," Bardock smiled, "it's a deal maker or a deal breaker."

"You enjoy mine..."

"Yeah, but- I wouldn't be able to live yer palace life. Confined to being yer concubine-"

"Oh, you'd be much more than that. IF you are agreeable to some changes."

"I refuse to partake in the Rank Reassignment Tournament. I was born a low class and will stay a low class."

The King gave Bardock a long look. "Perhaps. One day you may change your mind. But for now, take your filthy clothes off and pleasure me."




Morning found a very tired Bardock and a still sleeping King, both curled up on top of luxurious silky furs. Bardock could not believe how kinky the King was feeling last night, the painful 'caresses' the King delt him had been very stimulating and Bardock could still feel the soreness throughout his body.

~He must be close to his rut. He thought. ~Or he wanted to rid me of the scent of those two losers from the bar.

The scarred Saiyan stretched his arms above his head and replayed all the things they did last night and in the dark hours of the morning. He had underestimated the King's stamina and passion. Previous nights were not nearly as heated as this one.

Bardock felt his companion shift and an arm made its way across his midriff, hugging him closer.

~Yep. Definitely close to his rut.

The heat, eventually, suffocated Bardock after a while and he tried to shimmy away only to have that arm tighten around him even more.


"Whur 'r you going?" The sleepy voice of the King was barely above a whisper.

"I need to take a piss..." Bardock wasn't exactly lying.

King Vegeta stretched and climbed on top of the Commander, pinning his arms as he did so.

"What the- Mmmm!"

A mouth on his own cut out the last part of his sentence and Bardock let himself be kissed thoroughly.

After a few minutes of sucking face, however, he really needed to relieve himself. "Vee- I need- Chamber pot-"

"Mmmm, you are filthy, heir of cKelerias."

"I'm serious!"

"And I shall keep you here for a while longer." The royal kept on kissing his way across Bardock's body, his stronger arms kept the Saiyan pinned and helpless.

"Vee, if ya dun want an accident-"

"Happy accidents happen..." King Vegeta used one hand to keep Bardock's hand in place and let the other one travel down to his partner's belly, where he applied a little bit of pressure.

"AHHH- Fuck!" Bardock's penis twitched in interest.

"Somebody still wants some~"

"This somebody needs to get a bowl."

"You concern yourself over nothing, Bardock." The royal hand caressed farther down until it reached Bardock's half mast shaft. "Your body will be played with for a while longer. Let us see how long you can hold out."

"WHAT? I ain't pissing on myself- AAAHHHH!"

The royal had applied more pressure to Bardock's bladder, the extra stimuli provided enough pleasure for the scarred Saiyan to become fully aroused now.

"Veeeee~ Don't. Lemme- Mmmmm~"

Elegant fingers returned to teasing up and down Bardock's length, slowly, manicured nails scratched gently at the velvety skin, and soon Bardock was leaking precum, ready for another round of shameless sex.

Without warning, King Vegeta penetrated his partner's mating entrance and started a ruthless pace.

"I've been feeling insatiable as of late, Bardock. I want all of you..."

"Fuck!" Bardock tightened around the King's shaft as the royal grasped Bardock's erection and started pumping him at a fast pace. The hand holding the Commander's arms let go and pushed down on Bardock's belly as the King increased his pace.

"OH GODS!" Bardock came with a shout as the King penetrated past his cervix and started forming a knot with the head of his penis, locking them together for the next several minutes.

"Oh yes, Bardock, GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT!" The King shouted his orgasm as he ripped another one from his companion by stroking his dick faster. Bardock ejaculated this time and made a true mess of himself.

"SHIT, VEEE!!!! Oh- Godsdammit..." Bardock was mortified, "yer furs... They're ruined-"

"Oh, do not worry about that. They will be taken care of in due time. But for now, I wish to enjoy feeling you pulse around my shaft."

"You are one dirty bastard." Bardock leaned up to kiss his King. The kiss was sloppy, but neither of them cared. They would remain like this for a long time, enjoying each other to the fullest, until Bardock's cervix relaxed and King Vegeta was released.

"Ya made me -fuckin'- leak all over myself, Vee! What the fuck?" Bardock was not as mad as he should be, after such intense orgasms, he couldn't hold a grudge against the King for a minor accident that would soon be remedied by the palace servants.

"Nothing that a dip in the royal springs will not fix." The King acted too coy for someone who had just made a grown Saiyan revert to the incontinent days during infancy.




Food was served to the Saiyans relaxing in the natural hot springs inside the palace. Bardock counted his blessings, indeed. It was close to the first Rain Season, which meant the water reserves around the planet were almost depleted after four and a half Earth years of drought. And here he was, relaxing in temperate crystalline bubbly waters, drinking from the finest wines and eating exotic fruits and meats.

"You are thinking." The King stated. He knew that vacant look in Bardock's face.

"Is it that dangerous, Vee?" Bardock smiled lazily at King Vegeta.

"Only if those thoughts go to dark places."

"I just feel lucky, is all." Bardock took a deep sigh, "I just- Wish Gine could share this..."

"You know what I think of that Saiyan."

"Yeah, yeah, he's weak- Defective, whatever."

"Honestly, Bardock. You ought to choose who you spend time with-"

Bardock stood up from his comfortable seat and hollered at the King, something that would cost other warriors their life, "Gine's been my childhood friend! I am where I am because of him. I shouldn't even be alive-"

The King stood up as well, "you are alive because you are resourceful and crafty."

"Who ya think taught me?"

"You are a fast learner."

"Anything to discredit him..."

Bardock left the springs entirely and flared his ki to dry off.

"Leaving so soon, Commander?"

The King called him that with derisiveness only when he was miffed. Bardock paused and shivered, not out of cold. Vegetasei was never cold unless one travelled way up north where the Snow Saiyan territories were. Only the bravest, most idiotic Saiyans would travel there to steal ice from forbidden lands, most would not succeed and their lives would end at the skirts of the mountains, their bodies never to be found.

"I'd say I overstayed my welcome, Yer Highness." Bardock stretched and went to retrieve his gear.

"I hope you come for the formal. You will be quite pleased to know you can one up all the arrogant high class soldiers."

"How do you mean?" That had caught the scarred Saiyan's interest.

"I had a booth built. One that masks smells almost entirely. It has several holes no bigger than the size of my fist." The King raised his closed hand to demonstrate.

"You don't say what I think yer saying..."


"Ohohooo, nice!"

"I figured you would test it out. You will remain anonymous and can have all the dicks you crave for. Perhaps you may even find your match?"

"HA! Imagine that. An elite as my mate." Bardock guffawed at the thought, and started putting on his soiled clothes from the previous night in the alley.

"There will be some middle class Saiyans as well. A few select that have proven themselves worthy."

"Ugh, fine, Vee. I'll go to yer silly celebration."

The King smiled and watched as Bardock finished dressing himself. Once upon a time, he would imagine Bardock as his mate, now, as they grew old together, King Vegeta's hopes had dwindled. Bardock was too much of a free spirit.

But Saiyans often changed when presented with the right opportunity.

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