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I watched as my young assistant Amethyst helped the other maids pass out drinks and random sandwiches to myself and the other Gold Saints when Death Mask threw his drink at Amethyst before I could say a word. Amethyst threw the coffee mug right at Death Mask's face.

" You ass," Amethyst said, "if you keep picking on me at random times Death Mask, God and Athena both show you mercy because I won't. I promise I will beat you like a throw rug."

I really should ask Amethyst how long this been going on because the iciness of her voice told its own tale, but now I had other cares as does Amethyst. I watched as Amethyst bow graciously and we all sighed enviously at Amethyst's graceful movement.

I did ask Mu if he knew why Amethyst sounded so cold. Mu told me everything he knew mostly because he has seen some of the others pick on Amethyst. I knew I had to change the law about my servants and assistant fighting back. I did call Death Mask to my office and reprimanded him.

As the day wore on, I became more frustrated with worry for Amethyst because it began to rain like cats and dogs. Dohko and I checked her office again and she wasn't there. I suddenly felt Mu's cosmos and there stood Amethyst. Mu did tell me Amethyst was ambushed by Aphrodite and Death Mask in Athens and Amethyst was very upset. I just began to belittle the young woman. I suppose calling her a little idiot went a bit too far because even Dohko shook his head but what gained both of our attention had been when Amethyst had slammed her right fist into the doorway and she preceded to bite my head off.

"Master Shion, instead of biting my head off because of your stupid law and your own stupidity how about changing it. You and the rest of Athena's idiots keep on picking on me like you all do with an exception of a few. I promise I will beat you all like throw rugs." Amethyst whispered coldly.

Dohko who been watching and listening could see Amethyst had been crying and how angry she truly was. Wordlessly, he had said nothing as he very gently wrapped Amethyst injured right hand.

I watched the exchange between them and I could see why Amethyst was crushing on Dohko. I could not help feeling jealous of my best friend and sometimes lover. I know Amethyst feels the same way about me but she respects my position as well as Dohko's.


"Ame, how long has Cancer Death Mask and Pisces Aphrodite bullying you?" My voice quiet and serene once again.

Ame looks at the ceiling with a slow blush and drew in a deep breath as she met my gaze,

"Last spring, when they notice I was crushing on two gentlemen. But I'm not going to try to do anything with them," she hummed, shrugging with a sad smile on her lips.

"Why ever not?" Dohko asked as he watched Amethyst's face closely while exchanging a look with me.

"Because I don't want to get between their relationship," Amethyst stated, once more shrugging. "I think I'm going to go home now, Dohko-san. and Shion-sama." Amethyst ran from the office.

We both let out a collective sigh and looked at each other as realization sunk in and her words hit us like sweet petals of laughter.

We both gave chase after Amethyst.

Amethyst sensing us ran harder and ignoring our call for her to stop. Next thing we knew it our Amethyst fell down a ditch. Dohko got to our Amethyst first.

"Ouch," was all I heard as Dohko carried our Amethyst out of the ditch. I began immediately looking for any more injuries and gently scolding her in the fading sunlight.

"Is it just me or does Shion sama like scolding me," she stated, shrugging giving a sad smile.

"Amethyst, you silly girl, you scared us both when you fell into that ditch so yes he is scolding you and sometimes you need it." Dohko murmured against Amethyst ear.

Amethyst turned a bright pink.

I gave a silent sigh as Mu appeared beside me. I could see the faint smile as he had observed our Amethyst in Dohko's arms.

"You summoned me, Master Shion," Mu asked quietly.

I looked over at Mu smiling, "Ah, yes could you let Sagittarius Aiolos know that Amethyst will be staying as my guest in the Citadel of Athena. If he asks why just let him know that the foolish girl had taken a spill down a ditch."

Amethyst began to struggle wildly in Dohko's arms when Dohko smacks her ass hard and growled warningly. Amethyst stop struggling and gave a little yelp.

"Dohko san, you didn't have to smack my ass that hard, you know," Amethyst stated, looking up into his green eyes.

A growl was his only reply.

I had to laugh gleefully while watching this exchange. I started the trek up the Citadel with Dohko following. The door to the guest room was open and Dohko let her down softly. I began to point out things in the room and where the bathroom was.

I told Amethyst to go freshen up in the bathroom and supper will be waiting for her in the main dining room. I went and showered as did Dohko in Libra.

We met up in the main dining hall. I said nothing as we entered and the other Gold Saints were assembled. Amethyst turned a bright pink as all eyes fell on her. I should have warned her but I could not chance Amethyst running away again especially since our foolish girl fell into a ditch and luckily, she wasn't hurt any further than her broken right hand.

Dohko offered Amethyst his left arm and I offered her my right arm and together entered the main hall with each Saint bowing and Amethyst bowing to each graciously. I could see the smug look on Dohko's face as we flaunted our Amethyst in front of the boys (Technically speaking, the boys were older than myself and Dohko). We led the way into the main dining hall. We all sat down and dinner was served. I watched as Amethyst chatted with Mu, Shaka, and Aldebaran. Aiolos and Aiolia smiling happily at the once orphan girl who found love among Athena's Saints.

Later that night, the stars and the moon came out to play in the night sky. Dohko and I sat down in the Garden of Eden as Amethyst danced in front of us. Although, no words were spoken of love and it was felt and accepted by us.

The End!

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