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Disclaimer: I do NOT own Boku No Hero Academia / My hero academia, and I make no monetary profits from this story. It is owned by Kohei Horikoshi and respective publishers.

A one-off, not sure i'll continue it. Any ideas or suggestions hit me up. Published first on Wattpad as Dangercat90, not sure of plot or anything so I need suggestions. I don't even know how Dabi acts!


The class 1-A hero teacher looked at his assignment with disdain and disbelief. This wasn't right. Couldn't be.

"This is my assignment? Won't work for me. I'll switch with Mic." Turning to leave the room, he was called back to attention with a polite cough.

"Actually, all other heroes have already been dispatched to their assignments. All students are on campus so they can be surveilled and protected. I've been looking for you- everyone else is at their targets. We can't drag our feet with this. Every hour that passes is another possible body- a person robbed of their quirk and murdered."

Principal's harsh tone was an admonition of Aizawa's tardiness. He'd wrapped up in his yellow bag in the empty class to rest. He hadn't been the same since the attack on UA. The news was still hush-hush, but those heroes in the know were acting fast to secure the assets of certain quirks that were being targeted. It was assumed that they were for the league of villains but even less notorious organizations were gaining popularity. Due to the heightened rate of kidnappings as opposed to the low number of bodies found, it was assumed they were offered the choice or forced to join the legion's numbers as a soldier or as a stolen quirk.

Aizawa's eyes narrowed. So that was it. He had to see her.

You slipped your shoes off at the entryway of your home and rifled through the mail. The new suggested curfew in lieu of villain attacks was really annoying. Your hands stopped at the official seal of the Quirk Registry Bureau. Unsure of what to expect you halted evening activities and sat in the alcove of the entryway to open it. It was unusual to get a letter from them that wasn't part of the semi-annual quirk checkup or dealing with insurance changes.

Folding open the included papers your eyebrows raised in surprise to see the header of the BNHA. Did this have to do with... no way.

Everyone had heard the rumors trailing around the pro-hero community of those with powerful quirks going missing. The younger crowd was easier to aim for, but with much weaker and less refined quirks they weren't the main targets. The stamped papers in your hand had declared you a person of interest to the league of villains and a suitable pro-hero would be attending to your safety needs soon until a long-term plan could be thought out.

Sighing you strode to the kitchen unhappily. What the hell was the endgame to all this? Stalking to the kitchen unhappily you unbuttoned your sweater. The grey knit hung lifelessly off your arms and you got busy making food. Calling it food was a stretch, even; it was an apple and rice cakes. But emergency or no emergency you had to eat. A buzz interrupted your work and you stopped to take a look at your little phone. It was your female-only hero group chat; several people's security details had joined them hours ago. Perfect, of course, yours was late. You were going to get murdered for sure.

With a surly sigh you tidied up the kitchen and bagged the trash. The night was quiet and pleasantly ambient, just a few dogs in the distance and sounds of the city. No one would have been able to guess what was going on from the calm night sounds around your neighborhood. Shutting the cans' lid you saw a rustling of leaves nearby. It wasn't much at all- just enough to be noticeable. And with the circumstances...

"Hey. You don't need to hide, you're my pro-hero security, right? You're really late." Pausing with a sneer you waited, each second irritating you twofold. "For fucks sake, you can't protect me from the yard. Come in." You started walking back into the house and held the door open impatiently.

A young-looking man stood from the bush and paced towards you with his hands in his pockets. He was slender and moved smoothly past you to enter your home. You shut the sliding door and pulled the blinds, locking it.

"This stuff is crazy, right? I'm glad you showed up. I'm (Y/N). What do I call you?" You racked your brain of all the heroes you could remember but his patchwork face wasn't one of them. He quietly looked around.

"I'm... Dabi." While he was browsing your home quietly you found yourself grasping for some conversation. Sure, he was here to work but he must know more about this than you.

"What did they tell you about me? Do you know anything more about the threats or the situation? They're not letting much information out." He smirked, the stitches tightening around his mouth with the movement. He was well dressed in slacks and a loose jacket but moved stiffly, like he didn't know how to act.

"It's interesting, that's for sure." He was quiet after that and you shrugged, going back to what you were doing in the kitchen. You watched his silhouette walk past the doorway as he was checking the layout of the house, then the windows and doors.

You were almost done with washing dishes when there was another buzz from your cellphone. Finishing the dish you set it aside to dry and wiped your hands on a dishtowel.


With a frown, you opened the text.

[This is your assigned guard. I'm running late. Will be there in 20.]

You were frozen to the spot with the realization of the implications. Your guard was late. So who was the person you'd just invited into your home?

"Something wrong?" The smooth timbre of Dabi's voice was at odds with the anxious fidgeting of his hands. Your back was to him and you slipped your phone into your pocket nervously while trying to think of a plan. He must have heard it vibrating it against the counter and come in.

"No, I'm fine. Just finishing some things up." You turned and fixed him with a smile. "You can wait for me in the living room, it'll be a few minutes!" The fake happiness was a little too sudden. You'd tried to seem convincing but your tone implied it was an order and not a suggestion.

The lanky man took a few slow steps forward. With each step your heart hammered a bit more, up until he was standing right in front of you. You stopped breathing while he leaned forward into you but his arm went straight past you to the sink. You couldn't even register the sound of the water turning off with him so close; you must have left it running. The cologne from his neck lingering in your nose while his chest pressed against yours was intoxicating. Spicy. Shaky breaths raised your breasts against his chest and you were about to bolt when his other arm boxed you against the counter. He maintained the close contact and looked down at you in an amused way.

"You alright?" He asked in a gravely voice, appraising your close figure. You were unable to reply.

"So tense," He continued, leaning in to gently place his head against yours. Raising a patchwork hand up Dabi gathered a lock of your hair to smell. You suddenly regretted your intense hygiene regimen, knowing your hair had a luscious honey scent to it.

"Hmm..." He leaned away to look into your eyes and you felt one of his hands on the small of your back, fingers gently probing into that knot of muscles like a caring lover.

"...What's a pretty thing like you doing living alone, anyway? It's like you're just waiting for someone to come right in and *take* you." His other hand closed around your side and both thumbs curled into your hips when he pressed you against himself. He was taller and you leaned back awkwardly, arms splaying behind you to brace yourself against the counter.

"Who are you?" The trembling voice couldn't possibly belong to you... but it exited your lips like a whisper. You thought of the cellphone in your pocket and your guardian coming- could you get a message to him? A text? Call the police? Your hands were ice cold and shaking.

"I already told you, I'm Dabi. And I'm here for you." He leaned into your neck and his soft black hair brushed your face. A hand exploring your back pockets made you gasp and unintentionally press your neck against his lips, which were parted expectantly. Both his hands pressed against your ass. They were both groping and rifling through your pockets in equal parts and you froze when one of his hands moved forward. It was hard to focus on any one thing he was doing with his lips fixed to your neck and his hand so close to your core.

It would have been easy to close your eyes and imagine yourself in the hands of a past lover. The lips moving against your neck kissed and sucked your flesh while you felt your small wallet being removed from your pocket. His fingers returned to ensure it was empty and lingered a bit too long, pushing as far as the fabric would allow him near the apex of your thighs. His other arm moved to your front left pocket and you grabbed his wrist to stop him.

Dabi leaned back and fixed you with a cold stare. He would have been handsome were it not for the dark skin crudely stitched to his face.

"Stop. I-" Your heart was jumping into your throat at the thoughts of this admission, "I don't want to fight you." Placing your hands meekly against his chest you moved to slip around him and put some space between the two of you. Dabi wasn't having it. Grabbing your shoulder he spun you to face the sink with one hand in your hair and the other gathering an arm behind your back. With you bent low over the sink he stood just against you, doubtlessly enjoying the feeling of your ass against him.

"Here's whats going to happen," He began with an authoritative jerk to your hair. "You're going to come with me. You won't resist. I'm now the best chance you have of surviving this." The hand holding your hair released for a moment but came into your line of vision. A dark flame erupted from his fingers and flared into the sink, the heat uncomfortable so close to your face. You had no doubt it was a powerful -and painful- quirk.

"-I'd advise you to think of a way to show your appreciation. Now let's see what else you've got."

Your one free hand gripped the countertop tightly while he explored your last pocket. Fear gripped your stomach like a beartrap while he pulled out your cell phone and you could hear the sound of it dropping into the sink with his flames.

You focused on the plastic melting instead of his hand returning to it's searching, except, wait-

"Hey!" You protested pushing back against him. Expecting it, he was impossible to move like this but the warning of a blistering heat against your captured wrist got the message across. His hand had dipped below the waistline of your shorts to brush lightly against your center. Your head was fogged with fear but his fingers circling, exploring, rubbing against you lazily was starting to fill you with something else, too.

"Stop. Stop!" It was an attempt to keep from focusing on the pleasure that was budding with his insistent touch, the moisture you could feel sticking to your panties.

Bending your captured wrist suddenly you cried out and arched your back away from him, the only way you could go. With your backside presented so willingly you felt him press against you through the clothing- you could feel from the growing erection that he was getting off on toying with you.

"Are you going to come with me willingly... or do I need to force you?" As he said that your free hand crept across the counter. Ducking a hand under your panties Dabi forced a finger inside of you. It was bulky, obtrusive, and you cried out in surprise and anger as he started to move it in and out.

"I'll go, just stop! Please." You hated the sound of weakness and pleading in your voice but your quirk wasn't offensive at all. It would be useless in this situation. You were just stalling for time right now...

The hot breath on the back of your neck suggested he was intensely focused and as the first bead of arousal dripped down between your legs your hand closed around what you'd been feeling for.

The ceramic plate smashed against his head with a satisfying crack while you twisted out of his grip to run for the front door. The plate hadn't broken against him and instead shattered against the floor, pieces sliding across the kitchen. It was a brief surprise and got you a few second head-start that was invaluable to your escape.

Your bare feet padded against the floor past the threshold of the kitchen and down the hallway before a vicious heat enveloped your backside. A line of black flames licked the walls on either side and the smell of smoldering wool and vinyl began to waft up. Just a few more feet to go and you'd be safe, or, at least a doorway closer to being safe.

Was he trying not to hurt you? The residual heat singed your clothes and you felt the gradual loosening as the material burned your wool sweater away. Your right foot hit something soft on the floor and you knew it by feel- the cheap floor mat you'd gotten from the discount store. The cheap floor mat you suddenly regretted purchasing. It slipped across the floor and carried your weight with it directly into your late aunt's voluptuous philodendron.

The tall leafy plant toppled and you were momentarily stunned by the desire to stop and salvage it. You groped along the dark ground in confusion touching dirt, glass, rug, more dirt, plant- you'd neurotically begun gathered up a pile of the debris next to yourself out of impulse when the ominous shadow of your intruder hovered over you.

"...What are you doing?" The words were cold. They made you feel stupid.

"I-" Sensing the fight had left you he leaned down. Something mischievous glinted in his eyes.

"-I don't know?"

The sweater's remains hung loosely off your front, revealing a modest black bra on one side. Together with the casual shorts you were wearing ended up showing an unfortunately alluring amount of skin. Dabi got close and kneeled over you. His form blocked out the light from the kitchen and left the two of you in dark shadows. Closer and closer he got until you could smell him. It was dark, musky- alluring. The spicy mix of cinnamon and bergamot made you picture vivid wildflowers in the desert.

He dragged his thumb across your forehead as you sat still. You felt petrified, cornered- like if you were quiet enough he'd lose interest. But this wasn't a bear, you reminded yourself. This was a trained villain possibly responsible in part for the kidnapping and murder of a yet-unknown number of quirk users.

Looking into his dark eyes you were taken aback by the color. Dark blue like the deep ocean. And smoldering. Just like those black flames of his.

Leaning in close to your face Dabi ran his thumb across your bottom lip with a tantalizing slowness. The yearning from him was practically palatable and you didn't move away when he leaned in to kiss you. You weren't sure you wanted to escape at this point.

Gently coaxing his tongue into your mouth you let out a gasp. Equal parts for the coppery taste and for the skilled way he moved his mouth against yours. His gentle hand cupping your cheek made it difficult to remember this was your potential kidnapping and you didn't whimper or moan but the little, "ah~" of surprise you made was enough to make him grin in satisfaction.

With a last lick of your reddened lips, he leaned away. Crossing your legs together you tried to push the thoughts of him out.

"What were you thinking of, hmm?" He purred like a satisfied cat at your discomfort. The darkness of his eyes held far too many secrets from you but the shared moment was over and it was back to business.

"Come on." Dabi began with some reluctance, "Let's go." Standing up and extending his hand, he suddenly stopped. Had he forgotten something?

"Y/N!!" Your front door exploded off the hinges onto the floor with a sharp crack and you practically jumped out of your skin. There stood your- no, that couldn't be right. Shouta? Shouta was your detail?

Standing offensively in the doorway he was a picture of rage. Glowing ominously his red eyes took in the scene- a stranger on top of you, the broken glass and mess, the blood dripping down your head and your disheveled clothing was all he needed to place blame.

Without a word he lashed out at Dabi with his white ribbons causing the youth to jump out of the way back down the dark hallway. He must have known Eraserhead's quirk-negating ability because he didn't even try to put up a fight, instead fixing you with an enraged snarl.

You looked at Shouta pleadingly and reached an arm out to the familiar face for reassurance. You knew Dabi must have left when Eraserhead- Aizawa, you corrected yourself, kneeled to you. His hands touched your head and shoulder questioningly and you didn't miss the guilty look that crossed his features.

"What did he do to you? Y/N? Are you alright?" Gently holding your chin he looked into your eyes for an answer. All you could think of was that time-

"Why didn't you come?" You asked somberly. A pained look crossed his features.

"I came as fast as-"

"No" You interrupted. "That day." You grabbed at his hero outfit until he put his arms around you. "I waited so long." He thought of you the day you were supposed to meet at the cafe, sitting on an outside bench with your red umbrella. So caring. So earnest. He'd been watching from across the street when your appointed meeting time came and went. Watched as you waited even longer. Watched as the defeated resignation overtook your features. You'd deserved better than he could offer. You always had.

"Hero stuff, Y/N" He whispered in your ear, holding you painfully tight to him. You thought you felt his breath hitch.

"Just hero stuff." 

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