Absolute Control

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Disclaimer: I do not own Neon Genesis Evangelion or it's characters. They are the properties of their creators. I am making no money for this work.

Absolute Control

I do not own NGE or its characters.

This story draws inspiration from the now abandoned “Cracking the Whip” story by cleverkinkster.

Warning: Shinji will not consent to his treatment. This is a non-consensual story, so if you are disturbed by that, then I suggest you do not read this.

It will include heavy femdom themes including but not limited to: latex, pegging, anal, sex toys, chastity, heavy bondage, rape, foot domination, and CBT.

Misato Katsuragi sighed as she Shinji’s synchronization rate fall once again during practice. The number “22%” flashing on the computer screen in front of her. The purple-haired captain felt like it was mocking her, as if it were showing her how worthless she was at organizing and commanding NERV’s Tactical Operations branch, a duty that was instrumental to the survival of mankind in their fight against the life forms known as the “angels”.

Everything would be a lot easier if the people that were meant to be fighting them were trained professionals; fully-grown adults with plenty of experience in the field of battle. Misato knew, however, that it was not the case with this particular war, as Shinji Ikari had been demonstrating quite well.

Misato sighed tiredly, drawing the attention of the blond-haired woman beside her. Ritsuko Akagi knew the stakes that were at play, and like her shapely friend, she knew what would happen if they were to fail. Unfortunately for them those stakes were almost wholly dependent on the timid brown-haired boy that was currently sitting on EVA’s cockpit.

“It has been dropping more and more every single time we do these tests,” Ritsuko commented needlessly, making captain slump in her seat.

“I don’t know what to do Ritsuko,” sighed Misato. “How can I get him to perform better?”

“Have you tried encouraging him?”

“Yes! I have, and yet it seems to have the opposite effect!” cried Misato.

“What about his social life?” asked Ritsuko.

Misato snorted, “What social life? No friends, no loved ones, and the only family he has completely ignores his very existence unless he is piloting that damn robot. Hell, I think I’m the one that looks after him the most.”

“I see. There’s a distinct lack of initiative in the boy. I believe psychological evaluation may be a good solution to our problems,” pondered Ritsuko.

Misato looked at her friend incredulously.

“Psychological evaluation? You know how long those things take? Especially for a boy that is so closed up about everything? It could take months Rits! We don’t have months!” exploded Misato.

“What’s your suggestion then?” countered Ritsuko.

“I don’t know!” cried Misato, her head falling to the desk and burying themselves

Ritsuko leaned back on her chair and closed her eyes. Taking deep breaths, she prepared herself mentally for the alternative she had cooked up in her mind the previous night when Shinji failed another one of his tests.

“You say he lacks all control of the situations he finds himself in. The only times that he manages to do things is when he is forced by others to do them,” she told Misato.

The NERV captain look at the faux-blond curiously.

“What are you getting at?”

“What if he had not choice, what if he was under the complete control of someone that told him what to do. What if he doesn’t run away or panic because he doesn’t have the decision to run away and panic,” said Ritsuko.

“And how can something like that be achieved? I can’t control Shinji like a marionette,” asked Misato.

“There may be a way Misato… a way where he has absolutely no control of what happens to his life, where he can either obey or be punished,” implied Ritsuko.

Misato’s eyes furrowed, then started to widen in realization.

“You can’t mean – “

“That’s exactly what I mean Misato,” said Ritsuko in complete seriousness.

“Rits, we only did that to get money in college, and this is not a paying adult we are talking about, we are giving him no – “

“Choice,” finished Ritsuko, “Exactly. He will have no choice, nor will he ever have from now on. He will do what we tell him, when we tell him. If we order him to fight angels under the threat of punishment, then he will do so.”

“You’re out of your mind Rits. I can’t do those sorts of things to a boy. What is wrong with you?” growled Misato.

Ritsuko glared at her best friend, but then typed a few words into her computer so that a plethora of images covered the screen. Each one had a small child, no more than 10 years old, all of them laughing or smiling.

“Do you know who these children are Misato?” she questioned, making the purple-haired captain shake her head.

“Children, like we were once. Look at them, so full of hope, their minds filled with dreams. That was until a few days ago when that damned thing came and destroyed half the city. Now there are no more laughs, no more dreams. What is wrong with me, Misato, is that I think of the greater good. What’s wrong with me is that I believe that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

Misato kept looking at Ritsuko, her previous anger disappearing and replaced with an uncomfortable feeling in the deep of her stomach.

“Now you tell me with a straight face Misato, would you face the parents of those children, knowing full well that you could have prevented it from happening? Would you tell them that their sons and daughters died because of the sake of one boy’s freedom?” asked Ritsuko, her voice now gaining a steely edge.

“Rits… I care for him, what you are thinking of doing to him… I can’t bring myself to hurt him like that.” confessed Misato.

Ritsuko’s posture softened, a face went over to caress a small tear that was gathering in Misato’s eye.

“Misato, you of all people should know that we must sometimes hurt the ones we love,” she said, her gaze pointing towards the cross Misato wore around her neck.

“What of the rest of NERV? What of his school? What will the top brass say?” questioned Misato.

“He’ll have to be pulled off from school of course, eventually I will have to home-school him. As for the rest of NERV and Commander Ikari… they’ll do anything in order for the Third Child to be more efficient. I’m pretty sure I can get the necessary funds if we show progress,” explained Ritsuko.

“Funds? For what?” questioned Misato.

“Neither of our apartments will suffice. Not enough room for equipment, and not enough space for both of us to live in. I have been eyeing a house lately. It was previously owned by a Chinese spy before Second Impact. It’s impressive to say the least, but it’s not what you see that’s important. The reason I want it is because of the secret basement it has. I’m pretty certain we can keep the Third Child in there with no one noticing. It is part of the Geofront, that’s how they were able to find it.

Misato closed her eyes, deep in thought for one moment, before looking back at flashing screen and then at the image of the young boy whose life she would soon be changing forever.

Slowly she turned her head back to Ritsuko, and slowly nodded her head.


Even though the next few days saw Misato and Ritsuko doing their normal routines, they had been working overtime in preparing the rare house NERV had given them. The women made sure to make the necessary purchases that would soon go into their new home. They needed new furniture, new beds, and… other items.

Ritsuko had been right, the possibility of increasing Shinji’s progress was enough for Gendo Ikari to give them a blank check. The only thing he asked for is results. He had absolutely no interest in his son after that.

NERV had been quiet for some time, the defeat of the angel at EVA’s hands gave them some time to breathe. It was not expected for the next angel to arrive in quite a while. By then, Misato and Ritsuko hoped to make some progress on their new charge.

Misato had gone by the school, telling them that Shinji would need to be pulled off in order to gain better training. They tried to protest of course, but an official signed order from NERV was enough to make them cease their attempts.

Moving the stuff to the basement had been a nightmare. They had initially contemplated telling the men from the moving company to help them bring them down but they decided against it in the end. It wouldn’t do to have the secret room revealed. Thus, they had to take all week of backbreaking labor to move and build the various pieces of furniture they would need. The had plans to add more, of course, but they could wait for later. The main pieces they wanted to work with initially were already assembled.

Misato had to admit to herself, after hiding her sexual nature from her work, it did fill her with anticipation and excitement at once again donning her latex dominatrix attire. Ritsuko had also kept hers and were now awaiting them at the newly built cupboards in their brand-new dungeon.

But that all paled in comparison to what the R&D team had delivered the previous day. Ritsuko eagerly opened the package to show exactly what she had secretly ordered.

It was a full body latex suit. This one was not like their own, whose very image announced dominance and power. This one was meant to be used by someone who would be dominated.

It would be Shinji’s new outfit. One that he would be wearing for a very, very long time from now on.

Everything was ready for his arrival now, and so Misato and Ritsuko bade each other farewell for what would be the last day in their apartments. Before they did so however, doctor gave Misato a small pill.

“The adults that have taken it have been knocked out for six hours. Given Shinji’s anatomy, he will probably be out of it for over eight,” she informed Misato.

“Better safe than sorry,” replied Misato with a smile and then hopped into her beloved car.

The drive took more than anticipated because of traffic. Thankfully, their new house was actually closer to NERV HQ so that meant that she would not be dealing with the afternoon rush after tomorrow. Even so, it took her only half an hour to arrive to her soon to be former apartment.

Before she even opened the door, she perceived the delicious smell of cooking inside. That would be a definite downside. Misato had gotten used to having the cleaning done for her as well as the cooking. She would have to live without it for some time and go back to the comparatively average take-out meals she was used to eating before Shinji arrived. Still, it was miles better than relying on her own culinary incompetency.

Opening the door, she saw him. He was wearing the usual pink apron over his school uniform, focused on the boiling pot being heated by the small stove. When he heard the door opening, he looked over to her and gave her a small smile.

“Welcome home, miss Misato,” he said timidly.

“Hello Shinji-kun, how was school,” Misato chirped, her wide smile hiding perverse intentions.

“It was ok, I guess,” he almost whispered, his eyes looking sad.

Misato did not really know much about how he was treated in school, he never told her. It didn’t matter anyway, today was the last day he would be attending classes. The paperwork had already been done, Ritsuko had made it very clear that no one was to know until the day he stopped going, meaning Shinji had no idea that he had been officially let go.

Looking at him now, she once again felt that pang of self-loathing at what she would be doing tomorrow morning, this would be the last day he would ever be capable of making his own decisions, after tomorrow, that basic freedom would be gone. Ritsuko and her had planned it to an art form. They would control when Shinji would sleep, eat, move, talked, saw, even when he had to go to the bathroom.

Yet that loathing feeling was buried beneath her new excitement. It was a part of her that she had hidden since her college days, and even then, her clients would only visit her for a few hours, and be armed with a safe word for whenever they wanted it to stop.

 What she and Ritsuko would be doing with Shinji would make those sessions pale in comparison. There would be no safe word, no stopping, and no time limits. By tomorrow at this hour he would be a slave in every sense of the word. Every regret she felt was stomped, it was too late to stop now. Even if she wanted to stop it – which she didn’t – too much had been invested into this by now. Ritsuko had already made promises to the commander, and he would expect results, no matter what it took.

They ate in silence, as they did so, she studied her young charge. He was short for his age, which was a plus to her, and very lithe, almost feminine in appearance at times. He did not look at all like his father. It would definitely make it a lot easier to control him physically. Many dominant women would say that he had the appearance of a perfect submissive. He imagined what lay beneath those clothes, she had not had the chance to see except for that brief moment when he met PenPen.

He did notice that he had a rather smallish penis, not tiny, but definitely below average. Something that may contribute to a young teen’s low self-esteem. Not that it mattered to her, to be honest. She really had no intention of using his penis, and neither did Ritsuko. There were many other ways to get pleasure out of a male that did not involve their peckers. Shinji better start getting used to having his little friend locked up from tomorrow onwards.

When they finished their supper, Shinji started to pick up the plates but Misato stopped him.

“Let me pick up the plates, Shinji-kun, I forgot to tell you this, but you have a big day tomorrow,” she told him, making his eyes widen slightly in fear.

“More synch tests?” he asked emotionlessly.

“Hmmm… you could say it’s something like that – anyhow, I already called your school to justify your absence, you won’t be going tomorrow,”

‘Or ever’, Misato though.

“Miss Misato… umm… I’m sorry,” muttered Shinji.

Misato simply looked at him, “Sorry for what, Shinji-kun?”

“It’s just… I always screw up. I really want to do well in the tests. I really, really try. But… I’m just so scared,” he said, tears starting to form in her eyes.

Misato smiled at him. “I know you try, Shinji-kun, you’ll see, eventually you will be able to pull it off,”

“Ok…” said Shinji unconvinced as he started to make his way to the living room.

“And don’t bother picking anything today, just go and enjoy yourself,” called Misato from the kitchen.

And with that, Misato Katsuragi let Shinji enjoy the last few hours of freedom he still had left.


The purple-haired captain barely managed to sleep that night, her mind running wild with ideas of how tomorrow would progress. How would they introduce him to his new reality? How would he react? What toys would they used first? Would they start with oral training, or will they begin with his rectum? What gags would they use, and what restraints?

All these questions left her absolutely excited at the prospect of tomorrow, and like a child before Christmas Day, her euphoria left her unable to rest properly.

The alarm sounded, waking her up from her restless sleep. Already she could smell breakfast and so immediately jumped from her futon. It was best if the drug was administered through liquid, so she needed to act quickly.

Acting naturally, she greeted Shinji, who was thankfully watching over the stove. Misato saw that Shinji already had the tea served, and rapidly went over to put the pill in his cup, the pellet dissolving quickly and left no trace.

Ritsuko had certainly done her job well.

“Breakfast is ready,” announced Shinji.

“Thank you Shinji-kun, quick, we have to eat or we will be late,” said Misato gleefully.

“Are we going to HQ?” asked Shinji, starting to dig into his rice.

Misato shook her head. “No, we are going to a different location.”

“What are we doing there?” questioned Shinji, his eyes furrowing in confusion.

Misato pondered on what to say for a moment, thinking a good excuse not to say anything. Yet her playful nature got the better of her.

“Let’s just say it’s like secondary training facility.”

“Will it help me with the synch tests?” asked Shinji, his eyes hopeful.

Before she had a chance to respond, she notices Shinji finally took big gulp out of his mug. He had almost drowned it up completely in one go.

Misato smiled at him. “I have a feeling that it will Shinji-kun. Just remember, whatever happens, just obey everything we tell you to do.”

“Wh-what, do youuuu mean by dat,” slurred Shinji, his eyes beginning to droop.

Misato stood up and went to his side calmly, stroking his hair. “You’ll find out when you wake up, Shinji-kun.”

And like that, Shinji Ikari was out like a light.

Setting him down on the floor, she quickly went back to her room in order to quickly start getting ready. Opening her closet, she noticed she had barely any clothes left. She had been discreetly moving them with each consecutive visit to the house.

She went for a pair of shorts, a blouse, and strappy sandals. One of only two clothing changes she still had left. She imagined she would have to return one more time in order to pick the rest of her clothes and the rest of her belongings, as well as PenPen. The house had been outfitted with new furniture, so her old ones would be sold off.

She made a mental note to pick some of Shinji’s more personal materials as well: His SDAT and his cello. Part of her said that she should not bring them, as they would remind Shinji of the life he had before. But you never know, they could be used as rewards if he follows orders well.

All his clothes will be sold or given away. He will not have need of civilian clothing anymore. His new rubber suit would suffice for now. Later down the road they might compliment it with more fetish clothing. Normal clothing would be forbidden to him, however. It is a reminder of what free people use, and Shinji is no longer free.

Getting ready, she took one big suitcase out and took it to the kitchen were Shinji was knocked out. Picking him up, she marveled at how light the boy truly was, she had been expecting him to be heavier even with his appearance.

She managed to cram him into the case and locked it, finally leaving her now former apartment. She used the elevator to go down to the parking lot, dragging the suitcase behind her all the while until she reached her car.

Once Shinji had been loaded in the trunk, she started the motor and sped away to their new home.

The trip had been short, yet in Misato’s mind it took forever. All the while she had been excited, yet worried that someone might catch her.

Not that it would be a big worry if they did. NERV would simply let it slide, yet it was still something that she wished to avoid if possible. With that in mind she controller her usually speedy driving for a more relaxed trip.

Then there it was, home sweet home.

She opened the garage door, not at all surprised that Ritsuko was already waiting for them. She had dressed lightly just as Misato was; with shorts and sandals, so far the day had been especially warm.

“Well, well, so you can be on time on occasions,” commented Ritsuko as she closed the garage door.

“On occasions,” smiled Misato as she hugged her.

“So, you have him?” Ritsuko asked.

Misato nodded as she opened the trunk of her car. Both women took the suitcase and lowered it on the ground, opening it to reveal the still thoroughly passed out Shinji.

“Let’s go, the faster we get him ready, the better,” said Ritsuko.

Misato nodded, and both of them carried the unconscious boy through the house. The house proper may have had some state of the art security, with a silent alarms and unbreakable mirrors, but the secret room was on another level entirely.

When they arrive at the living room, Ritsuko took out a small controller and pressed a button, causing the bookcase to slide to the side and revealing a set of stairs. Misato slung the boy over her shoulder and made her way downstairs, being stopped only by a huge steel door.

It was not on NERV’s level of security mind you, but if you did not have the password and digital fingerprint recognition, it would take some heavy-duty explosives to blast through.

What lay inside was a haven of perverseness.

Several cupboards were strewn across the walls, each of them they knew held tools and toys, each more perverse than the former. Some were separated for clothing. At the moment they only had two dominatrix outfits, one for each, as well as Shinji’s rubber catsuit, but they were fully intent on expanding their collection.

The dungeon was still woefully underequipped however, they only had one week to get this all prepared, but it was ready enough to receive its new and permanent resident.

And speaking of which….

Misato laid the boy unto a padded table and started to undo his clothing, starting with his shoes. Ritsuko meanwhile made her way to one of the cupboards, taking out the blue and black latex suit, along with some silicone oil. She then went to the adjoining bathroom and brought out a razor and shaving cream, finally making her way to where Misato was already taking off Shinji’s shirt.

They were both surprised at how feminine his body was, there was absolutely no protruding muscles and his arms were incredibly slender. He was almost hairless, only a few willowy strands covered his form. He clearly took after his mother.

Misato finally removed his briefs, exposing Shinji completely.

“I told you, not very big,” commented Misato. Ritsuko merely smirked

“Doesn’t matter, not really interested in it. It’s going to be locked away most of the time anyways.”

The doctor quickly made a quick general inspection of his physique. Manipulating his body to find any limitations they should know about.

“Extremely flexible, that’s good. It will make it easier to keep him bound for hours at a time,” commented Ritsuko.

Turning the boy around, they came into contact to a body part both of them were really interested in.

“Shapely, with some forced exercise we may turn this into a thing of beauty,” said Misato as she grabbed one of his buttocks, testing it’s suppleness.

Her other hand then grabbed the second buttock and spread them, revealing his hole. Ritsuko grabbed a latex glove and after snapping it, prodded it with one finger.

“Tight,” she said, “it will be fun using this one, seeing as we won’t be paying much attention to his penis,”

“Let’s get him ready then, time for cleaning.”

They started with the shave, removing the slight body hair he still had. Special attention was paid to the hair around his balls. By the time they were done, all hair below his eyebrows was gone. They debated about shaving off his hair but decided to let him keep it. They then took the big jar of lubricant and started to lather it into his now more sensitive body in order to make it easier to slip in the tight rubber suit.

They started with the legs, making sure that the toes correctly fitted into each of the sleeves, then the arm, which was a lot harder thanks to them having to fit all the fingers correctly. There was no zipper on the back, it used the same technology as the plugsuits, making it completely airtight once the sensors were pressed. Unlike the plugsuits though, there was no button on the wrist. It was instead controlled remotely, making the user unable to take it off by himself.

Pressing the remote, Ritsuko and Misato were amazed at how the suit suddenly tightened itself completely to fit the boy’s body. They were not done though. Pressing another button, two small opening revealed themselves, one on the genitals and one on his anus.

Ritsuko took out a small device out of her handbag and immediately went on to Shinji’s penis. It was a small metallic cage, made to fit his penis and keep it locked. They had agreed early on that most of Shinji’s sexual pleasure – on the rare times he would allowed to receive it – would not come out of his manhood.

The doctor it placed on him, closing it with a small but strong lock, and then took out a thin tube that was slipped into Shinji’s urethra, locking it to the rest of the device. It would prevent leaking, whether from urine or precum. The two women would be in control of when he was allowed urinate.

Tucking the now locked penis into the suit, Ritsuko pressed a button and it closed completely, now only leaving his asshole exposed.

For the next part of their routine, they picked up the now rubberized Shinji and took him to what looked to be a gynecological chair, where the legs would be splayed side by side and give easy access to a person’s privates. In a gynecological chair, it would usually be used to access the vagina. This one would allow them to inspect Shinji’s hole.

Putting him in, they immediately started to strap him in with the leather belts, locking them as they went along. One on each of his ankles, then two the legs, two on the hips, three across his torso, three on the arms, and one on his wrists, holding them on either side of his head.

“Let’s finish with the cleaning,” said Ritsuko.

They had finished with the exterior sanitation, now was time of the internal one. Misato brought over a strange device which turned out to be a complicated enema machine. Unlike your regular enema which needed to be expelled on a toilet, this one would suck out the water along with the other impurities. It was connected to the main sewage on the house, making for a more complicated but less messy rectal cleaning.

Misato lubed up the tip of the plug and slowly and methodically started to force it into Shinji’s anus. Ritsuko had been right, it was extremely tight. Slowly teasing it, she finally managed to break through and then set the machine for one full dosage, followed by two smaller ones.

Letting the machine do its work. They now focused on placing the rubber discipline mask on his head to completely cover him.

It was another ingenious work. The whole suit had been made to be extremely resistant to damage and it could ‘stitch’ itself to make a completely seamless suit with no openings. The mask therefore only covered the head, but once placed, another button would close it, infusing it into one single suit.

The mask itself also had some amazing features. Lenses where the eyes could be darkened to make the wearer blind, a rubber gag inflated perfectly in the mouth, letting only the quietest of gurgles come out. Buds on the ears could play recordings or other music or keep the user deaf. The remote could function as a microphone so that the slave could only hear what it’s owner wanted it to hear.

It was also very breathable, while still stiflingly tight and hot, Shinji would not be sweating as much as on a normal rubber suit. It was also easy to clean, with a hose appearing at the back of the neck after to insert soapy water. The R&D department made it clear the user could wear the suit for a straight month without taking it off.

Finally, for punishment purposes, across sensitive spots on the body, there were sensors that could emit shocks of varying degree of severity.

The last piece was a strong rubber collar, that almost infused itself to the suit, it could detect where the user was in the house and punish it if it tried to leave a determined area. Ritsuko made it so Shinji would get shocked unconscious if he for some miracle managed to leave the dungeon and the house.

All in all, it was a state of the art slave attire, with one purpose. To keep Shinji completely under their control.

The enema now finished, they took off the plug and marveled at the now pink, clean hole. Their panties were now wet after the heavy restraining.

“Should we plug it up?” said Ritsuko, holding a small black buttplug, ready to insert it into her new favorite part of Shinji’s anatomy.

“Hmmm… not yet, I think this is enough for now. He’ll experience it fully tonight when he wakes up, after today he will almost always be plugged up, give him some rest for now,” answered Misato.

Ritsuko then pressed a button the remote, sealing his anus in black latex.

Shinji was now completely covered, no piece of skin showed, his body completely trapped by the thick rubbery suit.

The two women then tinted his lenses black and deafened his ears, wanting to surprise their new pet when he finally woke up.

Their business done, they both left the dungeon, turning of the lights as they did so and leaving the rubberized from of the Third Child behind as the heavy steel door sealed his fate.

This story is partially inspired on “Cracking the Whip”, but it does have its differences. For one it also adds Ritsuko instead of just Misato. The other being that it is a lot more intense, in this one, Shinji is removed from society completely, and is now an unwilling 24/7 slave.

Unlike CtW, I will be adding my own fetishes, mainly latex, feet and the like. I am not into watersports or scat, so don’t expect that in this one.

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