Welcome to the harem

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Welcome to the harem

Akiho shouldn’t have been watching this

When she had asked Tomoyo where Sakura was she had learned that the brunette was in the home room with Syaoran, all she had wanted as some of her study notes to help with an upcoming test the next day and she should have just waited until after school but she went to go find her immediately

Now there she was, standing at the home room door gazing through the doors window staring in shock as Syaoran fucked Sakura hard right on the teachers desk, the brunettes clothes scattered everywhere save for her socks and shoes whilst Syaoran simply had his pants undone to expose his fat throbbing cock

“Oh my…” Akiho gasped unable to stop herself from staring, completely rooted in place as she watched Syaoran nearly violently rut Sakura as if she was a mere fuck doll for him, the brunette shamelessly screaming in pleasure as her tiny body bucked and jerked wildly on the desk in tandem to her boyfriend’s wild thrusting

Biting her lip as she watched how deep Syaoran’s fat cock pushed into Sakura’s snug cunt, the sight of it making her own core ache with need as her panties soon became sodden with arousal, her hands twitching as her eyes then darted around to make sure that she was alone in the hallway

She knew Syaoran and Sakura had a very passionate and healthy sex life as Sakura had told her in explicit detail on one of their many girl’s nights together and she also knew of her open opinion of their relationship allowing Syaoran to bed Tomoyo and Meiling whenever he pleased

What Sakura didn’t know however was the fact that Akiho was incredibly jealous of the three for their access to Syaoran, from the moment she had laid her eyes upon Syaoran she had been smitten, her crush growing from innocent attraction to pure primal lust over the years that they had known each other to the point that she now couldn’t tear her eyes away from what she was seeing, idly biting her finger to stifle herself as her other hand slid under her skirt and into her panties to rub her dripping cunt

“Ah Syaoran! Harder!” Sakura screamed as she orgasmed yet again from her boyfriend’s brutal pace, her hands desperately gripping at the sides of the desk letting her tits bounce for Syaoran to enjoy as she felt herself steadily losing her mind to lust and pleasure, whilst it was the end of the school period there were still enough people on the premises to risk them getting caught but that was what excited her the most

She wanted to get caught, she wanted people to see just how much of a dirty slut she was for Syaoran, how he owned her and how much she loved his fat cock

Screaming louder Sakura let her head roll around in bliss before her eyes landed on the doors window, her gaze locking with Akiho’s making them both gasp, Akiho freezing up at the shock of being caught fearing the worst out of Sakura’s reaction

Until Sakura just licked her lips at her and beckoned her to enter with a curing finger, an invitation that Akiho found too good to resist as she quickly entered the room shutting the door behind her before anyone could see her “you dirty girl, you like what you see?” Sakura moaned as Syaoran’s thrusts only slowed, never stopping pushing into her wet needy cunt

Akiho’s response came in a needy moan as her hand never left her underwear, two of her fingers buried deep in her hungry cunt as she stared at where Syaoran and Sakura were joined “I want it…” she whined lifting her skirt and pushing down her panties to bare her young cunt at Syaoran praying that he found her satisfactory enough to claim like he had done so with Sakura, Tomoyo and Meiling

To her delight both Sakura and Syaoran approved greatly, Syaoran slowly pulling out of Sakura allowing the brunette to hop off of the table onto shaking legs beckoning Akiho closer before grabbing hold of her school blouse practically ripping it open to reveal her perky breasts underneath whilst Akiho gasped in shock at the action

Despite her shock she had no complaints about Sakura’s actions allowing her friend to strip her down to an equal level of nudity, standing in just her socks and shoes as Syaoran’s wolfish eyes rolled along her body “look at how wet she is” Sakura purred as she tossed Akiho’s clothes away like she had done with her own uniform “if you wanted his cock all you had to do was ask” she breathed in her friends ear making her shudder and keen with need, Akiho putting up no resistance as Sakura guided her to sit on the desk like she had done before

Spreading her legs eagerly Akiho breathed heavily with lust and need as she stared hungrily at Syaoran’s cock as he aligned himself at her core “so beautiful” he praised her as he cupped her face, making her simper as she then took his thumb between her lips and sucked on it lustfully, making his growl as he then pushed in hard and deep filling her needy cunt to the brim in one fluid thrust

Throwing her head back Akiho let out a shriek of pleasure as he filled her so perfectly, her groin bulging out slightly as her hands shot up to clasp at his shirt for support, her breathing coming out hot and laboured as her insides stretched and reshaped to accommodate him “so…so big…” she panted as her pupils dilated looking at Syaoran with borderline worship, he was finally inside of her and she finally belonged to him

As Syaoran then began to thrust hard and fast into Akiho Sakura watched eagerly from the side lines, happy that their newest friend had finally joined them in their sensual depravity, the brunette biting her lip and slowly rubbing her freshly fucked cunt as she watched Akiho take her boyfriend’s cock like she had been born to do so

“Yes…harder…deeper…please!” Akiho panted and begged as Syaoran held her legs open giving himself full access to her dripping teen cunt, her groin bulging out more as his cock slammed against her cervix “oh god yes!” she then shrieked as she orgasmed hard, her hands gripping Syaoran’s shirt tighter as he fucked her through her climax not giving her a moment’s rest, his thrusts keeping her orgasm at its peak far longer than she could ever do herself

“Mmmph that’s hot” Sakura moaned as Akiho’s body bucked and bounced on the desk essentially becoming a fuck doll for Syaoran to use, slowly stalking forward towards Akiho with her eyes glued on her friends bouncing breasts Sakura then moved behind her, leaning over the desk to take hold of her head, pulling her back to capture her mouth in an upside down kiss as Syaoran then came him, Akiho letting out a shrill shuddering moan into Sakura’s mouth as her body shook with pleasure at the feeling of Syaoran’s cum filling her eager cunt

Tongue wrestling with their newly ‘tamed’ friend Sakura then slowly broke the kiss after several seconds leaving a small saliva trail connecting their lips as she then stared deep into Akiho’s lust glazed eyes “welcome to the harem” she then purred leaning in to lustfully lick along her friend’s cheek, making her moan and clench even tighter around Syaoran’s cock, all too happy to be another one of his sluts

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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