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Disclaimer: I do not own Yami No Matsuei and make no profit from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yami No Matsuei and make no profit from this story.

Pairings: Muraki/Tsuzuki

Summary: Murders start to take place in Kyoto in a place Tsuzuki would like to never revisit, but orders are orders. Meeting his old enemy, Muraki, Tsuzuki must find a way to stop the murders while fighting against his longing. Will Tsuzuki survive? Will Muraki finally have judgement for his crimes?

Notes: Hello readers. It has been ages since I wrote a Yami No Matsuei fic, but here it is. Please send me comments for what you think. It will be Muraki and Tsuzuki. Enjoy and comment as they do help me write.


Tsuzuki walked into the office, everyone turning with a deep sigh at his lateness. He rubbed the back of his head, muttering, “Sorry.” His partner looked at him, trying to read him. There was a glare when he put up his shields again. It has been a few months since he started to guard his emotions around his young partner. He sat down, not in the least tempted to take the cake sitting in front of him. Chief Konoe was staring hard at him while Tatsumi was ready to rant. Watari gave a soft chuckle at his tardiness.


Tatsumi pushed up his glasses with a finger, remarking, “This is the fourth time this week you are late. I’m docking your pay this time.”


Tsuzuki shrugged his shoulders. Tatsumi had a look of shock before it disappeared and a deep concern look directed at him. He could never explain what was going on with him because he did not know what was happening. He turned his head toward the chief of the department. He did not understand why Hisoka and he was summoned when it was in Watari’s area.


Chief Konoe sighed, “As we know there are some supernatural deaths in Kyoto. It seems like a ritual and it is getting worse. Three deaths already.”


Hisoka asked what was on his mind, “Why are we all summoned to this meeting? It is Watari-san’s area.”


Chief Konoe sighed, “It was requested from Enma-Daioh that Tsuzuki and you go to Kyoto.”


Tsuzuki looked at the nervous look from one of the few who knew his past. He asked, “What are we walking into if he wants me there?” Everyone turned their heads. They had a shock look since he had a serious tone. He ignored their stares and only focused on Konoe.


Chief Konoe rubbed his forehead, speaking, “It might have demon connections and Enma-Daioh wants his best there. We do not know how strong this demon is or what this demon wants.”


Tsuzuki tilted his head, knowing that was not everything, but did not voice out his displeasure. Kyoto was the last place he wanted to go. It brought too many memories to his mind. Then again, isn’t that what has been bothering him for a few months? He would dream of the knife. He would have repeated stab Muraki, but the man just would not die. Then, he would feel lips on his. He never knew who lips they were. It just felt right and a strong longing was consuming him. He blinked his eyes when he heard Hisoka call out his name. Everyone was leaving the office and he spoke, “I’ll catch you up front, Hisoka.” His partner gave a sigh and walked out of the office. Chief Konoe was trying to look anywhere but at him. He asked, “What is the real reason I am needed? Tatsumi is good enough to handle a demon.”


Chief Konoe sighed, “It is the order, Tsuzuki. Besides, if it is a strong demon then Tatsumi has no skill against that. You do.”


Tsuzuki knew he was not told everything. He stood up, shaking his head. He stuffed his hands into his coat and walked out. He went to his partner to see green eyes trying to study him. He knew his partner was worried about him. Hisoka has been trying to spend even more time with him out of the office hours. He usually escaped to the mortal world and drank. Tatsumi was starting to watch him closer than before and even spent time outside under the trees with him. Watari seemed to be the only who was giving him space.


They landed into the mortal world. The wind was harsh and the clouds were hiding the sun. It started to rain as he pulled his coat tighter around his body. Hisoka looked at him again and he could see the concern in his partner. Yes, Kyoto was a hell place he never wanted to revisit. He walked forward with Hisoka running after him. Tsuzuki did not know what to say or how to explain. He felt longing and he didn’t know what he longed for. He felt the depression. He felt exhausted. Did he long for death? He sighed as Hisoka took a turn toward a crime scene. He followed without saying a word.


Hisoka spoke, “Go to the back and I’ll go to the front. Let us see if we can get any information. I doubt the police will be open to let us walk through.”


Tsuzuki mumbled, “Got ya.” He walked to the back, trying to look for something that he had no idea what he was looking for. He was tired of the job. The countless lives lost and the Shinigami life to take a life no matter if the person fought. He lifted his head, glazing up to the sky. He should speak, but he did not want his friends to be bothered with his pain. To talk meant explaining every detail. The true reason he was a Shinigami.


His heart skipped a beat when a smooth voice called, “Tsuzuki-san.”


Tsuzuki looked at the source, his body becoming tense. The man looked the same. The skin was pale and the man did not stop wearing all white. An angel, but a madman behind the scene. The glasses were placed on the nose. The mismatch eyes stared straight into his, making him yearn. He finally found his voice in a hiss, “Muraki.”


Muraki lit up a cigarette, placing it between his long pale thin fingers, speaking, “Ah, I should have known this would gain your attention, Tsuzuki-san. Though I thought they would send others to this area. If I remember right, this is not your area.”


Tsuzuki’s hands curled into fists. A game he did not want to play. He was tired of it. He did not want any more deaths to be caused because of him. He growled, “What do you want?” He heard footsteps while Muraki put the cigarette between the pink lips, saying nothing. He wanted his answers as he sent a glare at the mad doctor. Muraki tilted the head, letting the silver hair slide over the normal eye. The insane eye was studying him, reading him so openly.


Hisoka growled as his partner stood in front of him, “Muraki.”


Muraki smirked as the man spoke, “Ah, boy is here too. Oh yes, that is right you work in a team. I’m getting so forgetful. Here I was hoping for some adult conversation.”


Tsuzuki pushed Hisoka behind him, gaining a shock gasp. His anger was raising. He was staring at the man who should be dead. He yearned it. He took a step with a hiss, “You bastard. You are behind this.”


Muraki chuckled madly, “Are you sure about that, Tsuzuki-san? Ah, your rage is beautiful, Tsuzuki-san, but you are looking at the wrong angle.”


Before he could say a word, a man walked over with short black hair and deep hazel eyes and spoke, “Muraki, here are the photos. If I did not owe Oriya, I would have kicked your ass for asking for such a thing.”


Muraki replied, “I do not doubt that, Detective Mino.”


Mino turned to look at him and Hisoka, asking, “Who are they?”


Muraki turned to him and with a smirk answered, “I have a history with them.”


Tsuzuki watched as Mino look at them for a few seconds, sighing and leaving. He stared at his enemy who held a smirk. He wanted to wipe it away for good. He wanted to paint the pale skin in red. He bit his lip as he wanted everything to disappear from his mind. How could he think such of a thing and feel excitement over it? What the hell was wrong with him? The rain started to hit harder than before. Hisoka was trying to walk in front of him, but he did not allow it. His partner was concern while they were face to face with their enemy. Muraki tossed the cigarette, looking up to the sky. He could tell that insane mind was thinking. He growled, “What the hell do you want this time, Muraki?”


Muraki turned to look at him, sighing, “Nothing you can give me.”


Tsuzuki was confused as the doctor turned and walked away without taunting them any further. He felt the anger. He felt the pain. He felt too many emotions. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He spoke, “Never again do something as foolish as to stand up to Muraki.”


Hisoka growled, “Tsuzuki, that mad man is after you and I refuse to let that happen.”


Tsuzuki did not turn his head as he hissed, “You stand no match against him and he knows full well to hurt me is to hurt those around me.” He turned away and started to walk to the address where they will camp out until the mission was done with. He needed a drink or maybe a few. He would not drag Hisoka out this time. He wanted to calm down his raging emotions. He was sure Hisoka was gaining some of it. He could never explain the truth. He could never try to make sense of what was going on with him.


It took a few hours for his partner to fall asleep. Hisoka was raging and trying to get him to talk, but he was silent. Tsuzuki wanted away from all his thoughts and emotions. He glared at the world like it was their fault. He turned to head to a bar but stopped short. There was sitting the man that haunted him. He hid and was glad he used his power to block from anyone figuring out he was there. He remembered slightly of Muraki’s friend who was standing there. He listened to their conversation, trying to find what he was up against this time around.


Oriya asked, “Why did you not meet me at the restaurant?”


Muraki snorted, “It is a beautiful night.”


Oriya raised an eyebrow, responding, “It is ready to rain again. You need a favor.”


Muraki chuckled, “When do I not need a favor, my friend?”


Oriya growled, “Muraki.”


Muraki lifted his head, staring up at the sky as the man spoke, “The Shinigami has been called in.”


Oriya turned his head, sighing, “The last time you faced them, you almost got killed. You still have no clue how you survived.”  


Muraki ignored the concern, getting to the point, “I need time. I need you to buy it for me.”


Oriya growled in anger, “Muraki, dammit! They will kill you this time around!”


Muraki laughed, “Ah, death. I handed it out without a care and now it is coming for me. A perfect way.”


Oriya hissed, “Muraki, I’m serious.”


Muraki stood up, replying, “I have been a lost cause a long time ago. Long before we met. This is the way I am program. If you do not want to carry my favor, fine but at least say so.”


Oriya stared, sighing, “You know I never could turn you away, Muraki. I believe I am the only one who knows your story.”


Muraki glared, snorting, “I plan to keep it that way.”


Oriya laughed, “Yet, she had a sense you had another on your mind when you returned.”


Muraki walked to the railing, leaning over it, answering simply, “Yes.”


Oriya shook his head, stating, “I’ll do what I can to buy you time, but they might have got smart. I did that the last time.”


Tsuzuki watched as Oriya stared at the doctor’s back, waiting for some sign, but Muraki only pushed away from the railing and walked away, leaving the doctor’s friend behind. The movements were slower than he remembered. Oriya shook his head and left. He came out, his hands curled into fists. He did not want any more lives to be cut short. He walked forward, wondering if he could get Muraki before it was too late. He walked to find the doctor standing there with an elderly man. The elderly man opened the limo and bowed.


Muraki sighed, “Huno, it has been a long time since you served me.”


Huno chuckled softly, “Kazutaka, I know but this is life.”


Muraki laughed bitterly, “Ah, yes, death comes to the living. It is the only way. Life and death go hand in hand and even as a doctor I cannot stop that.”


Huno sighed, “Master Kazutaka, please be careful. You still have a full life ahead of you. I did not save you as a teenager to finally see with my own old eyes the loss of you.”


Muraki slid inside the car, stating, “I promise nothing, Huno and never will. Death will always be around the corner and nothing can stop it from claiming a life.”


Tsuzuki watched as Huno sighed sadly and shut the door. Those caring gray eyes turned to look at him dead in the eye. Huno sighed again as he entered the front of the limo. It drove away and he felt lost. It was making no sense at all. He walked into a bar and ordered a beer. He stared out at the storm started to grow in strength. He drank, pondering about his enemy. He saw with his own eyes that Muraki was not walking strong and confident. Maybe he saw something in Muraki that was in himself. He ordered another drink. He needed to forget. He needed to figure out what was wrong with himself and end the case before more died.   


On his fifth drink, he heard a voice order, “A beer.”


Tsuzuki turned to look at the blue eyes staring at him in kindness and concern. The stool next to him pulled out and he mumbled, “Hisoka called.”


Tatsumi sighed, “Yes. He informed us the run in with Muraki. We were granted to come to aid.”


Tsuzuki drank his drink, ordering another. Tatsumi touched his shoulder and he pulled away from the touch of kindness. He turned his cursed eyes toward the window to see the storm raging war outside. There were only a few people in the bar at this time of night and the storm was preventing more to come inside. He asked, “Did we get word about Muraki before this?”


Tatsumi shook his head, answering, “No. No one knew Muraki would be here or the cause of this.”


Tsuzuki sighed, “The question is he behind it.” When Tatsumi gave a confused look, he continued, “I don’t know. Something is telling me to look deeper into this. That the answer is not directly in front of us.”


Tatsumi asked, “Do you think Muraki is behind the attacks?”


Tsuzuki spoke seriously, “I’m not sure. Just something seems off with him.”


Tatsumi pressed, “How so?”


Tsuzuki shook his head, sighing, “I don’t know.” He was a mess. He was losing his mind. It was not just yearning for Muraki’s death, but the yearning for Muraki to give him the promises he once taunted him with. He sighed deeply. The beer was not making him forget. The beer was not letting him escape like it usually did. Then again, it hasn’t for a while. He was fighting a battle that deep inside he did not want to fight anymore. He swore to Hisoka to live and now it was becoming more difficult to keep the promise. There was something missing and he was falling apart.


Tatsumi turned to look out the window, asking, “What is going on with you, Tsuzuki?”


Tsuzuki questioned instead of answering, already knowing what his friend was asking, “What do you mean?”


Tatsumi sighed, “Do not give me that, Tsuzuki. You have been withdrawing a lot lately. Even Kurosaki-kun is worried about you. He says you have been shielding your emotions and including you have been leaving Meifu more so.”


Tsuzuki muttered, “Do not worry about it.”


Tsuzuki hissed lowly, “Tsuzuki, we are your friends. We worry about you.” There was a pause and Tatsumi continued, “I’ll request you to be sent back to Meifu that way you don’t have to face…”


Tsuzuki growled lowly and in warning, “No.” He saw the blue eyes widened. He shook his head, speaking, “Muraki will find a way to use you all against me to call me back. There is no use.” Liar, you want to face him, yourself, he thought. He closed his eyes, finally ordering a rum on ice. Tatsumi stared at him concern, drinking his drink. When the silence was deafly, he sighed, “I’m tired.”


Tatsumi kept his eyes on the storm outside, speaking, “I know our past is rough and I left you, but I am still here for you. Please tell me what to do to help you.”


Tsuzuki snorted, “Do not say something that you have no plan to give up, Tatsumi.” The head snapped to his direction, those blue eyes showed sadness and deep concern. He drank his rum, enjoying the burn down his throat. He repeated, “I’m tired. Very tired.”


Tatsumi whispered, “Tsuzuki…”


Tsuzuki gave a bitter smile, cutting Tatsumi off, “Do not worry. I won’t do anything stupid. I gave my word to Hisoka two years ago. I live for him now.”




Muraki sat in his hotel room, alone like always. He took off his shirt, running his finger over the scar that should have killed him. He truly was not like others. It was a blinding light that saved him two years ago. He escaped death. He sighed annoyed as he found a perfect kimono to wear for his stay. He did not plan to meet the Shinigami. He laid out the photos one by one, ordering them. He fished out a cigarette and lit it. He poured himself some sake. He stared at the crime, piecing together every detail in his head. He blew out gray smoke as he stared at the message, burned into the wall.


Descendants of Darkness


Muraki remembered calling Tsuzuki and himself that very phrase. Was it the truth? Was he hoping for something that would never pass? He snorted as he leaned on the window, staring out at the night and storm. The moon was turning bloody. There was a knock and he spoke, “Enter.”


Oriya spoke, “Mino wants me to tell you that you should back off.”


Muraki did not turn his head as he spoke, “That will not happen.”


Oriya sighed, “He will no longer hand over evidence.”


Muraki nodded his head as he took a puff of his cigarette. His mismatched eyes watched the storm raging. He asked, “How long has it been since that fateful night?”


Oriya replied, “It has been a year to this night.”


Muraki sighed, “She knew and needed time to think.” Oriya did not say a word to him. The hotel was part of Oriya business growth. He growled darkly, “She was torn from my eyes and all my power and knowledge could have prevented it if I went to her.”


Oriya remarked, “You did what she requested from you.”


Muraki snorted, “I am not a man who takes no for an answer.”


Oriya pointed out, “She was not him and never would be.”


Muraki chuckled darkly, “So true. That fateful night when I had my hands on him and my revenge was almost complete, he awoke in the madness and destroyed my last peace. Once again, the death of Saki was stripped from me.”


Oriya sighed, “And now they are here, looking into the same thing as you. Muraki, please walk away from it.”


Muraki turned to look at the only friend he had, sneering darkly, “No. I will not let him claim my revenge again.” He turned back to the window, continuing, “I will finish this one way or another.”


Oriya responded, “You have stayed low-key for two years. A whole year away from us and reappeared. Yet, you did not take the steps to summon them again. Muraki, I’m pleading as your friend who cares for you do not press your luck.”


Muraki stared out the window, smoking his cigarette. He yearned for something that Oriya would never understand. He truly did not understand it himself. This longing was deep and he wanted his answers. He thought over and over. He kept his hands clean since the knife to his side and the fire. It was time to gain his answers while trying to gain information on the crimes. He made his decision loud and clear, “I will not back down from a fight. Never did and never will.” He paused for a second to finish his cigarette and asked, “Is all my affairs in order?”


Oriya glared and answered, “Yes.”  


Muraki nodded, pleased. He sighed, “I have to do this, Oriya.” Oriya gave a deep sigh and waved his hand. He was once again alone. He walked to the lap top. It was a risky move, but he had no choice. He had to gain his answers. He had to have facts to fight. He will not let his revenge slip through his fingers again. This time, he will give everything and show everyone he was not to mess with.




Tsuzuki leaned against Tatsumi as they made it to the crappy hotel room. Tatsumi did inform him that Watari was with him. He giggled, “Tatsumi, I need to get drunk more.”


Tatsumi sighed, annoyed, “You need to keep your head sharp.”


Tsuzuki laughed, “Not true. If that happens, I get depressed.” He was pushed into the hotel room and he pouted at his friend, who rubbed his head in annoyance. Hisoka walked over, stepping back from his emotions. He groaned, “Sorry, Soka.” His partner glared at the nickname. Watari walked over, helping him up. Something in Watari’s bright eyes told him that he was not buying his goofy self. He smiled, pleased that Watari was the one who kept quiet about it. Tatsumi did ask about sending him back to Meifu again.


Watari shook his head, speaking, “Hate to cut the buzz, but afraid I just got word someone broke into Meifu’s computer.”


Tsuzuki snapped to attention, asking like drinking for hours wasn’t bothering him, “Who?” Watari shrugged his shoulders as Hisoka was trying to get close to read him. He hissed, “Dammit, Hisoka, I’m fine. I do not need a crowd around me every second.” Watari glared at him while Tatsumi shook his head at the others in the room. Hisoka’s green eyes widened but stepped back. It was too late to apologize, so he didn’t. Before a word could be said, there was a knock. Everyone looked at it like a curse. Tatsumi pushed up the glasses and answered. Everyone glared at the person standing there.


Oriya laughed, “Nice looks, but I only want one of you.”


Tsuzuki tilted his head when Oriya looked directly at him. He growled, “Tell Muraki I am not playing his game.”


Oriya remarked calmly, “Muraki doesn’t know I came here. We need to talk alone, what’s your name, Tsuzuki, right?”


Hisoka hissed, “The hell we are letting you talk with Tsuzuki.”


Oriya replied, “I think you better.”


Tsuzuki snorted, “Once again, tell Muraki, I’m not playing his game. One move on his part and I will take him down.” Everyone froze by his cold voice. Hisoka’s hands were curling into fists. Tatsumi gave a concern look while Watari was shock. Oriya was not surprised by his words.


Oriya stepped into the room, pleading, “I am trying to save a friend I knew.”


Tsuzuki snorted, “You shouldn’t be his friend.” He turned away, really wishing he did not have Tatsumi talk him out of staying at the bar longer. He did not want to face this right now. He confessed to Tatsumi and now had the man on his back.


Oriya stared at him hard, sighing, “Muraki is seeking revenge and not caring what it will do to himself.”


Hisoka growled, “Who gives a damn what happens to Muraki.”


Oriya chuckled bitterly, “You really remind me of him, kid. I told you once the hate you feel is the same as his, just a different scene.”


Tsuzuki snorted, “Get lost. I have nothing to discuss with you.”


Oriya replied, “You know that night two years ago when I made the decision to hand over the card to your friends, I thought I could save him. He stayed away for a whole year, no word if he survived or not. When he returned, I thought it was over at last, but no it wasn’t. Another attack at him left him bitter.”


Tsuzuki turned to the man, sneering in anger, “I do not care.”


Oriya hit home with his words, “He is tired.”


Tsuzuki’s eyes widened to hear those words. Tatsumi stepped closer to him. Hisoka picked something up and looked, confused at him. Watari stayed back, just watching, not putting his two cents in. The words hit deeper than ever. It was the same he used for himself. He stared at the brown eyes who was trying to give a message. He nodded his head, speaking, “Lead the way.”


Hisoka protested, “Tsuzuki, you can’t be serious.”


Tatsumi was calmer, “Are you sure, Tsuzuki?”


Tsuzuki sighed, “Yeah.” He walked out the door with Oriya, who was leading the way. He was shocked when they walked into a small house. He turned his eyes confused as he saw police walking in and out. They entered a bedroom and Mino was glaring their way. He was shocked to be placed in the crime scene of yet again, another victim.


Mino sneered, “I told you that I will not have Muraki involve and why bring this man here?”


Oriya watched as others left, speaking, “I told you that you would be surprised what exists. As for this man, he is a detective in a way.”


Mino yelled, “Dammit! Oriya, if you give a damn about Muraki, make him back off! I know Ukyou, but now…”


Oriya spoke, “Enough, Mino.”


Tsuzuki asked, “Who is Ukyou?”


Oriya pointed to the wall, speaking, “This is what I want you to see, Tsuzuki-san. I do not understand it but it did hit a cord with Muraki.”


Mino huffed, saying they had ten minutes before he dragged them out of the house. Tsuzuki looked at the wall, freezing in place as he saw the phrase. It was one he remembered all too clearly. It was the words Muraki told him two years ago. He turned his head, lying, “No clue what it means.”


Oriya snorted, “Sure you don’t.”


Tsuzuki followed Oriya once again, wondering what this had to do with Muraki. He wanted his answers but he remained silent as he followed the friend of his enemy. They walked up a hill to graves around the area. He hissed lowly when he saw Muraki standing there. Was it a trap?


Muraki turned with a deep hated glare, “What is he doing here?”


Oriya stood strong even with the hatred directed at him as he answered, “I refuse to watch you die.”


Muraki growled, “So you thought to bring my enemy here of all places. You are a fool, Oriya.”


Tsuzuki was confused but stood there, watching Muraki grip Oriya, glaring deeply into brown eyes. He wanted to step forward to protect an innocent, but Oriya showed no fear at all at the anger and hate in the mismatched eyes. He was confused. He looked at the grave to read the name.


Sakuraiji Ukyou


This was the woman that Mino mentioned. What did it mean? Tsuzuki turned his head to the two men, asking, “Who is she?” Muraki pushed Oriya back and stormed down the hill without taunting him or even saying a word. Oriya gave off a sad sigh and kept his brown eyes at the grave. He followed the doctor who had the answers. It didn’t take long to find him, standing over a small pond. He repeated his question, “Who is she?” He was shoved into the tree and glared at the enemy who almost destroyed him. He went to open his mouth but was shocked to the core as Muraki kissed him. As the tongue entered his mouth, he was surprised that he was returning the heated kiss. It was heaven. It was calming him down. His mind was spinning as his arms wrapped around Muraki. His knees felt weak. What was he doing? Muraki pulled back, breathless and maybe a hint of confusion on the pale face. He whispered, “Muraki.” No words were said as white feathers appeared and the insane doctor was gone before his eyes. He ran his finger over his lips, unable to forget the kiss.

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