The Sands of Fate and Heartstrings

BY : Roronoa_93
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The moment Crocodile got back to his hotel room he began to shake, his stomach still fluttering from how Doflamingo’s lips brushed against the skin of his wrist. Her fingers traced where his skin still burned from his touch. Leaning back on the hotel door he held his hooked wrist to his ample chest and took a deep breath.

He had to leave before his defences left him for good.

He began to undress haphazardly. He threw the dress and shoes to the ground and struggled with the fastenings on the bodice. How’d he even get the damn thing on in the first place?

He heard a noise by his window and spun on his heel. Doflamingo was sat on his goddamn windowsill.

“Leave” Crocodile growled

“fufufu, not when I enjoy the view Elle-chan” Doffy looked him up and down, taking in his underwear clad form, chuckling at the fact that he was unable to get himself out of it. Doffy’s grin grew wider as he had a thought,

“I could give you a hand there,” he chuckled at his own joke, “get you out of it”

“I don’t trust that I won’t have to kill you after for touching me again”

Doffy sauntered further into the room, circling Crocodile like a shark, “Don’t be like that Elle-chan, you were enjoying it before, I could tell” His voice whirled around Crocodile’s head until he wasn’t sure he could take it.

Crocodile felt Doflamingo come up behind him, he went to lash out, but his arm was caught again. Doflamingo’s fingers brushed gently up his spine and he was powerless to resist. Not that he tried again after that. He felt Doflamingo’s deft fingers skilfully unfasten him from the bodice and it fell to the floor. He let himself be pulled back against Doflamingo’s chest.

Or so he told himself.

The fluttering in his stomach had spread and caused a haze over his mind. Heat spread out from everywhere that Doffy touched him. The taller man snaked an arm around him to cup his breast while his other hand still held onto his hook, tracing circles with his thumb on the wrist.

Crocodile had never been touched like this. It excited him. It scared him. He was most shocked to realise he wanted it. Deeply.

“See?” Doffy whispered in to his ear, the warmth of his breath against his ear make him shudder, “You like it” Doflamingo dipped his head and nipped his earlobe between his teeth.

Crocodile took a sharp intake of breath before he moaned low in his throat. He leaned back into Doffy’s chest as the taller man’s lips found his neck.

Doflamingo’s lips curved into a grin against Crocodile’s neck. He’d won.

He let go of the hook and began to knead Elle’s breasts in his palms. With his lips he kissed at her neck, with his teeth he nipped at her nape, and with his tongue he tasted her delicate flavour until his mind was filled with nothing but her. The woman in his arms grew weak at the knees from his attentions, he grinned again against her before he slowly turned her to face him.

Her eyes were glazed, and her cheeks flushed red with the strength of her desires. When those eyes met his Doffy felt himself grow hard. Cupping her chin in his hand he brought her face up so he could kiss her. He crushed her lips with his in a possessive way that left her reeling. Her arms rose up to wrap around his neck as he lifted her off the ground with ease. She wore nothing but some silken underwear while he still wore his suddenly stifling suit. When did it grow so tight? He thought to himself as he strained against it.

He dropped Elle unceremoniously onto her bed as he began to tear off his suit. His coat was thrown over a chair somewhere, but everything else ended up on the floor.

Naked, Doflamingo crawled up Elle’s body like a predator stalking its prey, nipping and kissing his way up her thighs, her stomach, her breasts, her neck, until he was nestled between her legs and pressed against her. He devoured her mouth again. He hungered for her like a man starved, and it seemed the feeling was only mutual.

The weight of the man above him made him burn inside. Places he didn’t know he had began to tingle and heat with a desire so strong he wanted to weep from it. Crocodile returned Doffy’s kiss with the same amount of fervour. His hand clawed down Doflamingo’s back, and his hook did the same.

Doflamingo hissed as the hook scratched down his back, but he didn’t stop his ministrations. His hands roamed the lithe body beneath him, he swallowed every moan that emerged from the complacent woman below him. His fingers brushed against her thighs, and slowly, inch by terrible inch, creeped closer to her core. He moved from her lips to her neck, making his way back down her body, taking his time and torturing her with every bite, kiss, and sensual lick. Doflamingo looked up her body as he reached her lower stomach. Elle's eyes locked with his as he kissed his way lower and took her into his mouth.

Crocodile's back arched involuntarily. Instinct told his body to push closer to the devilish tongue between his legs. Doffy's hands continued to caress his thighs to a similar rhythm of his lips and tongue as they toyed with his most intimate part so wickedly. He heard a wanton moan that begged for more. A sob of passion that had left his own lips mere moments before he saw stars. Wave after wave of pleasure spread out across his body, his body. Crocodile sobbed again as he realised Doffy hadn't finished with him yet.

Doffy's devilish tongue was replaced with equally as devastating fingers. He rubbed her clit in slow, lazy circles that caused her to quiver with the feeling of it. He kissed along hip bone as he plunged his finger inside her. She was tight, but thanks to his ministrations was wet enough that the next part wouldn't hurt her. He added another finger and circled her core with his thumb as he climbed up her writhing body again, slowly playing with her all the while.

Doflamingo looked into her eyes through the red lenses of his glasses before he thrust himself into her. He watched her writhe to his touch. He had caused this. The stoic and unfeeling woman he’d pursued for the last week was under him. She wasn’t stoic and unfeeling now. Her eyes were half-closed and bleary with desire, and her cheeks were flushed pink with the heat of their lovemaking.

Crocodile let the feelings wash over him. Delirious with it, he threw his head back and let his voice flow.

Morning came all too soon.

Not that they were awake for it.

Cradled against the taller man’s chest, Crocodile opened his eyes to the dimming light of dusk.

Doflamingo’s arms held him like a vice. He felt him nuzzle into his shoulder from behind,

“So, you’re finally awake, Elle-chan” Doffy finished his sentence with a chaste kiss against Crocodile’s shoulder.

“You were watching me sleep?” Crocodile made another attempt to break the vice grip that trapped him against Doffy’s bare chest.

“There was nothing better to do” Doffy shrugged, matter-of-factly, “Fufufu, your face softens so much that I had to be sure it was still you I was in bed with”

Crocodile growled low in his throat as he stabbed into one of the arms holding him in place with his hook. Doflamingo yelped and let go, holding his injured hand to him. Jumping off the bed with the duvet to cover him, Crocodile spun on his heel and the insults he was about to utter died on his tongue,

“You even sleep in those goddamn glasses?!” Crocodile’s voice came out higher than he’d wanted, causing Doflamingo to laugh at him.

“Fufufu, no,” He crossed his hands behind his head and gingerly leaned back against the pillows, “I woke up a while ago,”

Crocodile’s eyes had a hard time staying focused on Doflamingo’s face. Since he’d taken the duvet to cover himself, Doffy was left bare to the world.

“What’s wrong with your back?” Crocodile asked as he realised how careful Doffy was being to not lay on his right side.

“Fufufu, don’t you remember?” Doffy chuckled, getting up and turning to show his ravaged back. “Quite the claws you have, Elle-chan”

Crocodile was part pleased and part horrified. All down the right side of Doflamingo’s back were gouges caused by his hook. The cuts were both shallow and deep, the worse of them had been stitched together but not bandaged. The other side of his back was filled with scratches and smaller cuts where his fingernails had dug into the flesh.

“I should probably take the hook off you next time” Doffy joked

The thought made crocodile go cold, “There won’t be a next time” Crocodile looked off to the side, away from Doflamingo and out the window.

It was then that Crocodile realised that it was dusk and not the light of dawn.

The realisation hit him like a tonne of bricks. He had finally bargained for passage on a ship that left the harbour earlier that same day. He’d missed it.

Crocodile cursed.

“Hey, a few scratches don’t bother me that much Elle-chan”

“I don’t care about your back you overgrown flamingo, I missed my ride off this damn island because of you” Crocodile snapped,

“Fufufu, you can always catch a ride with me”

Crocodile glared at him, “Why should I? You’ve had your fun so leave me alone” he began to stomp off in the direction of his usual wardrobe.

Doflamingo stood up and walked around the bed till he stood in front of him, looking down at him.

“I’m the one that decides when I’ve had my fun, Elle-chan.” Doflamingo reached out to twirl Crocodile’s mussed hair around his finger, “Fufufu, something tells me it will be a long, long time before I even dent this feeling I have for you.”

Like a deer caught in headlights Crocodile stared up at him, unable to comprehend what those words could truly mean.

But it was Doflamingo, so they couldn’t mean anything good.


Later, when they had both dressed, Doflamingo took Crocodile to his ship.

Crocodile had tried to get him to retract his offer, but the man wouldn’t back down. Even after He learned where it was that he was headed. He didn’t even flinch. It was a long journey from Logue town to the island on the grandline he was told was the last known location of the Miracle worker Emporio Ivankov. Several months in fact. Though he didn’t tell Doflamingo why he wanted to go there. Luckily, he didn’t ask either.

The ship, if it could be called that, was gaudy as all hell. Built into the shape of a flamingo and painted bright pink, Doffy’s ship suited him to a T. Crocodile cringed as he took his first step onto the walkway, and visibly shuddered at the thought of people seeing him climb onto the damn thing.

It wasn’t until they were on the boat that another problem occurred to Crocodile.

“ne, ne, Doffy! Who’s this?”


Crocodile groaned inwardly, trying his best not to let the slightest tinge of recognition appear in his uninterested gaze. He could only hope that he succeeded.

“Trebol, this is Elle-chan” Doflamingo began to stare the droopy man down, “We're taking her to where she needs to be, and she's going to make it there in one piece, isn’t she?”

It was more statement than question. Crocodile wasn't sure who was more shocked about Doffy's declaration, and its possessive flare, himself or Trebol.

Trebol sneered at him. “Ne, ne, why are we taking her anywhere?”

“We were headed there anyway" Doflamingo shrugged and started to walk off, “Elle-chan this way, I’ll show you to our room" he sniggered

“I want my own room you overgrown flamingo!” Crocodile stormed after him

“Fufufu, where'd be the fun in that?”

Crocodile growled at him. A low, throaty growl that declared his annoyance at the taller man. It didn’t cause Doflamingo to feel threatened, he was more aroused by it if anything.

“The fun for you would be that I wouldn't kill you for touching me again" Crocodile snapped

Doflamingo faked a sad pout, “Aww, but you liked it when I touched you" as if to prove his point Doflamingo reached over to hold crocodile's hand as they walked.

Crocodile slapped it away like his touch burned him. It did. But not in a way he was happy with. His reaction to Doflamingo was like an instinctive animalistic urge. He fought it as best he could, but he knew deep down that a repeat of the night before was going to happen eventually. He didn't admit to himself that the idea was not disliked.

Doflamingo laughed at the dusty pink blush that had spread across Elle's face.

“See, I touched you again and you still haven't killed me, fufufu"

“Don't push your luck, flamingo" Crocodile muttered under his breath.

Doflamingo grinned down at him as he opened a large, ornate set of doors.

The room was, in a word, pink. Very pink. The bedspread on the large four poster bed was a deep magenta made from rich velvet and the pillows matched. Every material surface was a different shade of pink with a different feel to it. It gave the room a mismatched feeling of home. It was jarringly comfortable.

And hard on the eyes.

“Fufufu, home sweet home for the next few months" Doflamingo looked around the room before looking towards crocodile again,

“I had hoped you weren't serious when you said I had to share with you"

Doflamingo was mock offended, “Elle-chan, I thought we had something special"

“Last night doesnt mean anything.”

“Yet here you are"

“Because you have a means of getting me where I want"

“And I want to get where I want,” Doffy lounged into one of his chairs, his long legs draped over the arm, “And where I want to be is in your impeccably form fitting trousers, while you lay under me. Is that too much to ask?”

“yes” crocodile said a little too quickly, “It is", feeling awkward crocodile added, “You wouldn't fit in my trousers anyway, they're too small for you"

Doflamingo laughed at the unexpected joke.

“Fufufu, Why Elle-chan, you have a sense of humour”

Before Crocodile could retort, the call to dinner was announced.

Doflamingo extended his hand to her,

“Shall we?”

“Only if I get my own room out of it”

“Fufufu, as you wish. Not that you’ll need it” Doffy shrugged, taking a detour to Crocodile’s personal room before guiding him to the food hall.

By the time they arrived, the family was already seated and waiting. Crocodile couldn’t recognise every face that was seated, there had been a few additions to the original 4. Vergo, Diamante, Trebol, and Pica sat at the end of the table closest to Doflamingo’s seat. Crocodile rolled his eyes as he noticed there was only one other seat available for him, between Doflamingo and Trebol. He stopped himself from cringing.

They were seated moments before a slew of nameless cooks and servers erupted from the kitchen to serve a banquet fit for royalty, with lobsters and other seafoods along with meats and vegetables and sundries.

A wave of familiarity washed over Crocodile as he ate. Much like 7 years ago, the family was bustling, swapping stories and having a laugh making fun of each other. Then something came upon him that hadn’t happened for a while. There was a pain in Crocodile’s wrist that seemed to spread to his dismembered hand as though it were still there. The pain was sharp, causing crocodile to flinch at the suddenness of it.

“Elle-chan, what’s wrong?”

Looking up Crocodile was confused by the look of genuine concern hidden behind Doflamingo’s glasses.

The pain throbbed again.

“It’s nothing” Crocodile lied, picking up his fork with his right hand and stabbing it a little too hard into the pile of food on his plate.

Not believing the woman in front of him for a second, Doflamingo left it. He could see it had something to do with her hook – phantom pains perhaps? It hadn’t affected her before, so why now? Doffy couldn’t figure it out. Maybe it was Trebol. He had that effect on people.

Trying to ignore the phantom throbbing that his brain told him was coming from a hand that hadn’t been attached in 7 years was proving difficult. Crocodile tried to focus on the food, but the incessant grating of Trebol’s existence added to the phantoms pains were becoming too much for even he to bare. He felt a migraine coming along.

Slamming down his fork onto the table Crocodile pushed himself up.

“I’ll have my meals in my room from now on.” He announced between gritted teeth.

Before Doflamingo could stop him, Crocodile turned on his heel and left.


Once in his own personal quarters he took of his hook. The sight of the stump wrist caused the pain to deepen, but it had to be done. He began to massage it in the hopes the pain would alleviate. The tender flesh was probably worse now than it had been when the back-alley doctors had patched it up. The scars had never healed properly. From time to time the hook would rub the wrong way and the wounds would reopen. It was a mess. The shiny scar tissue was mottled with fresher wounds from recent reopenings. It made the wrist look mangled.

The sight of it made Crocodile angry.

It showed his weakness.

Crocodile despised being weak.

He even had Doflamingo of all people worrying about him. Doflamingo who left him for dead and ultimately caused the pain in his wrist now.

Angry, and with wounded pride, Crocodile remained locked away in his room for the next few weeks. He ate food that nameless servers brought to his room. He ignored Doflamingo at his door. In his room he read books and brooded to pass the time. Until one fateful day when something seemed amiss.

Half way through breakfast one morning, something didn’t feel right. Crocodile felt queasy.

Poison? He thought to himself.

He ran undignified in the direction of the bathroom, pushing things out of his way and generally making a lot of noise. He managed to get his head to the toilet before heaving into it. He heard a clattering behind him, lifting his head between bouts of throwing up he saw Doflamingo had rushed in. Probably after hearing the noise he’d made getting to this point.

“You poisoned me!” Crocodile managed before something else left his stomach,

“I wouldn’t let that happen!” Doflamingo was flustered. The woman that had been ignoring him for what was probably the worst month of his life had her head down the toilet bowl.

“Then what else… could… it be…” Crocodile trailed off. Realisation dawning as another reason for this arose. Counting back, crocodile gaped. He cursed.

“If anyone on my crew has done this to you I’ll punish them accordingly” Doflamingo promised.

“It was you,” Crocodile croaked, his throat raw from heaving, “You did this to me.”

Doffy’s eyebrow twitched, “I haven’t done anything”

“I might be pregnant” it was barely a whisper from Crocodile’s lips, almost not wanting to believe it himself.

Paling at what he thought he heard, Doflamingo cleared his throat, “W-what did you just say?”

“I SAID I THINK I’M PREGNANT AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!” The shouting brought on another bout of heaving, and with his head turned crocodile missed the pure joy that had plastered itself on Doflamingo’s face.

Suddenly giddy at the thought, Doflamingo embraced crocodile. Unable to throw the larger man off, Crocodile allowed himself to be embraced. He could feel the rise and fall of Doflamingo’s chest as he laughed under his breath.

“My family…” Doflamingo whispered as he wrapped an arm around Crocodile and placed a hand on his stomach.

Crocodile blanched. A look of horror swept over his face at the thought.

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