Unwilling Service: Ellen's Quest

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Chapter 2: What she never agreed to
(by Jason Foley)

Friday, March 1, 1996

Ellen glanced at her PokeDex, then back at the rodent type Pokemon she was scanning. Nidoran, male and female, stats flashed across the screen. She smirked as she snapped the device shut, withdrawing another PokeBall from her bouncing cleavage. According to what she had just read, the males had large horns atop their heads, while the females had smaller spines covering the body. Both types were equally poisonous.

"Looks like this lucky lady is going home with me tonight!" she exclaimed gleefully as the pokeball launched from between her fingers. "Go! Rattata!"

The ball opened in a burst of red light as the small purple rat materialized in a flash. It gave a quick glance at its opponent, then let out a shiver as it remained frozen in place. The Nidoran curled its mouth at one corner, letting out a low and angry growl. As she opened her mouth to shout a command she was halted by the voice of Uxie.


She gripped her head and crouched as the echoing boom of his voice resonated within the walls of her skull.


Uxie merely shook his head, and spoke, more gently this time, within Ellen's mind.

"Ellen, your Pokemon are not properly trained, this one only knows how to tackle his opponents. That means he uses his body to slam against his opponents in hopes of causing them physical harm."

Ellen shook her head and slowly up righted herself again, jutting out her breasts in the process.

"I know how a tackle works Uxie, I'm young, not an idiot!"

The floating yellow feline closed his eyes and shook his head. A look of disappointment and regret plastered upon his face.

"Ellen, Nidoran are poisonous, do you really feel it would be wise for you to allow your Rattata to slam its body against a coat of poisonous spines?"

Ellen bit her bottom lip and tapped her cheek with one finger as she cocked her head in contemplation.

"Well," she finally muttered, "when you put it THAT way, Rattata, TACKLE!"

The Rattata twitched, and hesitated looking back at her, before lunging forward at the Nidoran. Uxie glared at the voluptuous young girl, who only smiled back at him sweetly.

"Have you no concern for your Pokémon's well-being?"

The girl shrugged and yawned.

"Well, it's better than losing my only set of fitting clothes, and an entire day trying to catch one your way." Uxie's eyebrows narrowed towards her and she sighed. "I have an antidote for the poison, so stop looking at me like that. I'm not THAT irresponsible okay?" She attempted to fold her arms across her chest, forgetting about the unusually robust girth, and after struggling for a few minutes finally settled for crossing her arms underneath, pushing her bust up practically into her face.

The pair watched as the Rattata dove towards the Nidoran, injuring itself on the poisonous spines before taking a series of swipes from the larger, more aggressive female. The Rattata tried to move out of the way, but the poison was taking effect as it body shook violently to remain upright as the wild Pokémon retreated into the woods. Uxie shook his head in disapproval as Ellen knelt to feed a potion to the injured animal.

"Your complete disregard for the life of this Pokemon is unacceptable!"

Ellen merely looked away catching the small creature in her hands as it fell unconscious. She opened the potion and attempted to pour some into the Rattata's mouth.

"It's far past the time where that would have helped. I'm afraid that our only option is to withdraw for the day and bring it to the nearest Pokemon center for treatment."

"UGH!" Ellen exclaimed tossing down the potion and fishing around in her cleavage until she found Rattata's PokeBall. Pressing down on the switch she recalled the unconscious animal and put the ball back between her oversized breasts. Looking up at Uxie she shrugged, then continued onward towards the middle of the woods. The legendary being felt his heart sink as the realization dawned on him that this girl would continue to disregard all his advice.


"Ellen, I must insist that we bring your injured Pokemon to the nearest PokeCenter immediately!" Uxie's tone was growing short as the young woman continued to bounce along the forested path, forcing her way in to the thicker area of the woods. She merely continued, through the ranger station that appeared only a few paces off the path they were traveling.

"I'm sure it'll be fine; isn't that what PokeBalls were designed to do? Safely transport untrained and injured Pokémon? Besides, I really want to get to the next city and shop for some more comfortable clothing." She adjusted her breasts and pulled at her dress. The fabric was clinging to her skin, making the black dress very form fitting.

Uxie grew impatient and in a stern and very loud tone he boomed within her mind.

"I was going to wait and explain this to you at another time. You, however, are in dire need of some humiliation. I feel that this might enable you to listen more and follow your impulses less."

As he spoke, Ellen could feel her clothing begin to break apart and crumble. She was bathed in light, and felt the warm glow lift her slightly as everything touching her skin began to evaporate and swirl like smoke. The smoke that was made up of all her physical belongings were absorbed by the gem on Uxie's forehead. Ellen could feel the warmth slowly fade away as her skin began to tingle. Her feet bare feet were lowered gently onto the ground as she looked about, not quite understanding what had happened. She glanced around, feeling the light breeze against her bare skin, before noticing her skin was completely bereft of clothing.

"WhaaaeeeEEEEEE!" she crouched down in an attempt at covering herself. She was standing near the edge of the woods, wearing nothing but her hair, as she dove behind a dense growth of shrubs.

Furious, the young naked young woman shouted at the yellow feline, as a smug smile drew itself across his face.

"Gimme back my clothes you annoying intergalactic PERVERT!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Uxie merely smirked.

"I was hoping this would have happened later rather than sooner, but your recent behavior dictates corrective actions take place."

The light breeze caused the young woman to squeal and blush as she glanced around to see if there was anyone watching.

"So, let me get this straight, because I neglected my Pokémon's well-being, I have to be naked?" she shrieked, as she picked up branches and attempted to cover herself. Her overly large breasts and round butt making the task nearly impossible. Uxie simply shook his head,

"No, not because of that, this was a necessary task that would have been required of you regardless. This is only a better place to take care of it, instead of in a bustling city."

Ellen glared at him furiously.

"Well, just how long do I have to wander about in the nude?"

Uxie chuckled before replying.

"Only for one day!"

Ellen felt her face grow pale, then red hot.

"Only for one day huh?"

She stomped off furiously, deeper into the woods.

"Ellen, this is a necessary process in order for me to receive and store the required amounts of energy we will be expending throughout our journey." Uxie explained as the angry naked girl stormed and stomped her way through the woods, scaring off anyone and anything that might try to catch a glimpse of her.

"I still don't understand how my humiliation is linked to your physical health. Couldn't you just suck blood like a normal monster?"

Uxie shriveled his nose then adjusted his tiny turban before proceeding to explain the process once again. Ellen had heard enough and simply shushed him as she proceeded to travel through the wood towards their destination.


Along the way, Ellen grew tired of making large amounts of such exaggerated noise, and began to calm her pace. As she finally took the time to glance about, she noticed a multitude of cocoon Pokémon hanging about the various branches. Along the forest floor she noticed different colored worm like Pokemon crawling about the tree roots and up the trunks trying to get to the green leaves. As she ventured deeper, she caught a glimpse of a yellow and black mouse hopping about, hiding behind the trees. The thunderbolt shaped tail was the Pikachu's dead giveaway as the naked girl began to silently stalk towards it.

As she moved closer she gasped as her bare toe connected with something hard and metallic that was half buried in the dirt. Kneeling, she wiped away the loose soil with her hands to reveal an old discarded Pokeball, still functioning. As she wiped away the dirt and grass a greedy smile painted itself across the young woman's face. She slowly straightened herself, over exaggerating her stretches, as she had become accustomed to doing the last few days to jut her breasts out hard, giving them a nice springy bounce.

"You don't intend to capture that Pikachu now do you?" She could hear his words reverberating inside of her skull.

"You're gonna suggest I catch a Caterpie instead, aren't you?" replied Ellen, sticking the ball into her chest.

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe you could just catch something, evolve it, and then use that to catch better Pokemon? Besides, they are easier prey, without even having to fight them."

"Fine, whatever..." she huffed, aiming the ball at a Kakuna. The ball rolled once... twice... a third time... and cooled down as the Pokemon within stopped struggling.

Uxie grew upset as she bent over holding her pose much longer than necessary to retrieve her captured Pokemon.

"What's wrong Uxie? Don't you like the view? You made me look this way so you have no one to blame but yourself" she said as she tilted her head and winked at him.

"No, Ellen! The view is magnificent, it's only that I neglected to consider the information provided about these Kakuna being dangerously close to their evolution stage, and I believe it would be best if we made an exit posthaste!"

Ellen looked behind her in time to witness several of the Kakuna begin to glow as freshly awakened Beedrills began to tear their way through the tough, motionless shells. As the realization of her current situations magnitude finally dawned upon her, she was already up in the air being whisked away in Uxie's arms. She watched as the tiny purple gem on his forehead grew bright with intensity as he maneuvered between trees, putting as much distance between them and the newly hatched swarm as possible. The Beedrills didn't have enough time to comprehend their presence before they had vanished in a streak of golden light. Ellen had barely noticed she wasn't on the ground before her feet were both planted on a different patch of grass a dozen miles away.

"That last event forced me to expend a large amount of energy to prevent you from receiving any type of serious bodily injury. You have once again compromised not only your own personal safety, but the safety of the Pokémon currently in your possession as well." The legendary Pokémon levitated at eye level with the naked and extremely nerve wrecked young girl.

"I'm, I'm sorry, I didn't have time to think that through." She stammered as the floating golden feline continued to speak.

"I am unable to return your belongings until after you have stored the proper amount of energy within your enhanced body parts."

Ellen nodded, finally listening, and not just blowing off the explanation being provided to her by her companion.

"If you continue to pursue your current course of action, I am afraid I will have no choice but to return you to the nearest town and wait until we are prepared to attempt a second venture."

Ellen began to tremble at the thought of all those eyes staring at her as she walked through town in the nude. The bouncing of her breasts only reassured her that not a single eye would be anywhere else but on her body.

"My suggestion, is that if we both intend to survive this long, and very difficult journey, we will need to cooperate, and I suggest you begin listening to my advice before you end up worse off than your Rattata."

"All right." Ellen said in a defeated tone, "I'll start listening."


The defeated young woman hung her head as she sulked behind her new levitating oppressor. She almost felt as if she were a leashed dog the way he lorded over her as they traveled. She was starting to get thirsty, and her arms ached from holding up her breasts. She had tried to just ignore them as she walked, but each step she took only caused them to bounce about uncontrollably. Her back was beginning to grow sore and her stomach began to growl slightly.

"You could have at least let me keep my shoes!" she snarled over her shoulder. Uxie merely shrugged at her suggestion and replied in his informative and very condescending tone.

"That would require an unnecessary amount of extra steps in what is already a quite efficient process. Singling out the articles of clothing isn't how it works, I simply dematerialize any matter that isn't a part of your anatomy. I then break down the molecules and store them for later use. However, I am unable to release anything I've stored without a proper infusion of the required energy. Energy which you are currently gathering for us."

Ellen merely adjusted her arms and snapped.

"You could've just said no, I didn't need another two-hour science lecture!"

As the naked young woman shouted at her overlord, a high-pitched voice cut through the monotony of their discussion.

"Hey!" the sound of a young boy's voice rang out as they both paused and turned towards the source. Along the side of the road amidst some low-cut brush stood a boy wearing a straw hat and holding a bug catching net. The young boy looked to be roughly ten years old and was waving at them as he made his way over towards the pair. "Hey, you! Naked chick! Wait up!"

Ellen felt her face begin to grow red as she adjusted her arms to cover as much of her body as possible. She glanced up at Uxie and he simply grinned as he shook his head to her silent question. She sighed and stood patiently holding one arm across her chest while her opposite hand covered her crotch. Uxie hovered over her left shoulder like a silent ghost, grinning widely as he felt the energy building up within her chest and buttocks.

As the young boy approached he began to run his eyes up and down Ellen's naked body. A slight smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"Um, do you have any Pokemon?" he asked. "Would you like to battle with me?"

Ellen felt her face grow red hot as she turned her nose up and retorted

"I got Pokemon, you have anything to drink?" Her mouth and throat were parched from walking all day. After the Beedrill incident, Uxie insisted they make up time by not stopping for breaks. Her feet were sore, and her legs were tired as well.

The boy reached into his basket and withdrew a large bottle of water, beads of condensation dripping down the sides. Ellen instinctively reached out for it, her breasts bouncing as they fell from her grasp. The sudden bouncing freedom caused her to stumble a bit, catching her balance in a very suggestive pose, in what must've been a needle's width between his face and her chest.

The boy's eyes grew wide with excitement as an idea crossed his mind.

"I'll let you have this if you beat me in a Pokemon battle!" the boy said, his eyes fixated upon her exposed chest. Ellen glanced up at Uxie, who's voice resonated in her head softly.

"You may not have another choice, I still have not collected enough energy from you to rematerialize your equipment."

Ellen stared at the bottle of water, her throat itching for the cool refreshing liquid. She opened her mouth to accept the challenge when the boy added a caveat.

"If you win you get the water, but if I win, I get to play with those gigantic knockers of yours!" He winked at her and made a squeezing motion with both of his hands. Ellen could feel her blood boiling. She glanced up at Uxie, but he seemed to be half asleep, with a facial expression like a cat napping in a sunbeam. She turned back to the boy who was still giggling while imagining himself honking her breasts, reached between her bouncing mammaries from above, and withdrew her PokeBall.

"Kakuna! Go!" she shouted as the threw her ball towards the perverted youngster.

"Caterpie! Go!" he rebutted, his eyes never leaving her breasts, following each wiggle and bounce. She looked up at Uxie, who was watching her intently.

"Remember what we discussed, the theories, methods and deductive processes of a poke-" She heard none of this as the boy shouted "Caterpie, Tackle!" Ellen barely had time to think before shouting a command.

"Kakuna! Harden!"

The young boy leered over at her, making her face feel flushed, she could feel the shame forming a pit deep within her gut as the boy shouted.

"That Kakuna isn't the only thing that's gonna harden!" Her Kakuna grew red hot as the little green worm bounced off the dense, hardening shell. Ellen's eyes grew wide with astonishment as she realized that she had performed the correct counter-maneuver.

"Kakuna, HARDEN!" she shouted bending forward with her eyes closed, smiling and shaking her breasts at the leering young boy.

He seemed entranced as he muttered his next command in turn.

"T-t-t…. Cat-tit-tit-er. Tackle… Caterpie, tackle."

The bug catcher didn't even blink as his Caterpie struggled to upright itself before slamming full force into the rock solid Kakuna. Ellen jumped with joy, causing the young bug catcher to stumble about in a daze. His ear to ear grin was no insight to the status of the current Pokémon battle, and any passerby might have thought he were winning.

"Caterpie, return. Weedle, I choose you!" he said half-heartedly as the spin-headed caterpillar appeared. Ellen looked at her Kakuna, which looked tired and worn out, before glancing up at Uxie.

"I suppose I shall lend my assistance for this bout," he replied. "Don't grow dependent upon me, for this is a rare exception to policy."

Ellen groaned as Uxie rambled.

"Yeah, yeah, if you're gonna help me then do it now!" she shouted as the yellow feline moved into position.

As he landed he glanced at the Weedle, and for a moment everything grew silent. Ellen felt a chill run down her spine as she blinked and it instantly vanished. The Weedle paused in its tracks, then curled up and remained motionless until the young bug catcher recalled him.

Ellen jumped up and down clapping with glee. She had just won her first Pokémon battle!

"I'll be taking this please and thank you!" she said, snatching up the water bottle as she spoke. She opened the top and began to gulp down the contents greedily. Her throat and entire body sighed with relief as she drained the bottle. She paused and wiped her mouth letting out a satisfied sigh, only to meet with the young boy's bulging eyeballs only a few breaths away from her. He was still giggling.

"I won more than I lost today," he mumbled.

Ellen simply turned away and continued down the road, silently cursing Uxie as she once again resumed her endless struggle of supporting her chest with her arms while she walked.


As the pair continued to travel down the road, a tiny bottle seemingly fell from the sky, getting caught between her breasts.

"Wha-?" she exclaimed as Uxie's voice cut her off.

"You neglected to retrieve this after your Rattata fell unconscious. I thought it might be best if you were to utilize it now, before we meet another challenger?"

Ellen caught the unspoken message and released her Kakuna, holding it upright as she began to pour the potion over it. As she did the outer shell grew hot, burning her fingertips as she dropped it with a gasp. Uxie groaned with disgust as he swooped down to eye level.

"They have feelings you know. They aren't just tools for you to use at your convenience. They are living, breathing, sentient beings. Please treat them with a little more care? Please?"

The naked girl nodded while she sucked then blew upon her fingers waving them in the air frantically.

"I shall assist you while you apply the potion, make sure to save some for yourself. You will be needing your fingers in healthy and working condition."

The girl continued to shake her injured hand.

"How did it become so darn hot in the first place?" She finished applying the potion and began rubbing the small remaining amount on her burnt fingers. As she felt the pain slowly fade from her fingertips the silence was broken by the voice of another young boy.

"Hey! You have Pokémon! Wanna battle?"

She glanced up at her feline companion, who merely shrugged and gave her the why-not look. She arose and smirked, tossing her PokeBall out towards the approaching youth.

Ellen's Kakuna had no trouble stopping the assaulting Weedle; its hardened shell deflected the poisonous stinger over and over. The impact, however, was starting to wear it out. As she looked to Uxie for guidance he appeared to be meditating.

"Just remember our discussions, you'll be fine handling this one on your own. Besides, I highly doubt he is even focused on the battle anyhow."

As she heard those words, she looked over at her opponent only to realize that like her previous opponent, he too was ogling her and making lewd gestures. It was during the pelvic thrusts that his Weedle had knocked itself unconscious and he called for its return.

"My friend was right; even losing to you is a definite win!" He called out as he ran off back down the road. Ellen looked up at her feline companion and sighed heavily. Uxie only smirked in response before hovering lazily behind her.


As the duo traveled along the road, the rest of the day remained uneventful. Ellen found a rock to sit on as she rubbed her sore feet. Walking so far without shoes was causing her feet to blister. She whined as she looked at the half asleep Pokemon floating effortlessly above her. She wished he had given her the ability to hover instead of the enlarged breasts at this point, which were causing her back to ache severely. She stood up and stretched and twisted until a tiny pop in her back relieved all the built-up pressure from the day. She let out a happy sigh letting her enormous breasts bounce freely in the setting sun. Her arms were reached high above her head and a smile had finally found its way onto her lips when her bliss was suddenly shattered by the sound of a young man's voice cutting through the air.

"Hey! You! Are you a Pokemon trainer?" Ellen didn't even bother to cover herself at this point, her humiliation had already reached its peak. Uxie looked uncomfortable as the young boy issued his challenge. "Ellen, I have some unfortunate news for you. You must fully store the rest of the energy in your bust, your derrière has reached it maximum capacity." The girl looked up inquisitively as he continued on, "you will need direct contact, and a small amount of pain is necessary to properly transfer at the rapid rate required. I regret to tell you that if we do not accomplish this prior to sundown, then you will have to spend another day collecting energy." Both Ellen and the young trainer looked up at Uxie with blank expressions. The legendary Pokemon let out a frustrated sigh and began again, "Ellen, you need to let this boy play with your breasts, and he has to pinch you or make it slightly uncomfortable for you somehow." He boy's eyes lit up as if he had just won the PokeRaffle. He leaned in closer towards Ellen before his forehead was stopped by her out stretched hand.

"Hold on just a second, before you go diving into my cleavage. You originally wanted to battle, what did you have to wager?"

The young man pulled a potion and an antidote out of his basket and handed them to her.

"Good!" she said with a smile, "I'm gonna take these as payment, and we can have a battle afterwards." She had barely lifted her hand before the young boy dove face first between her enormous breasts. She felt a tingle and cried out in embarrassment as the movement made her massive mammaries slap against the boy's face.

"Don't forget you have to cause some discomfort, pinching her would be the most effective method, the areola would be the most logical of targets." Uxie chimed.

"I got something much better than that," the boy muttered, his voice muffled.

He pulled his face away, winked at the horrified young woman and placed her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, pinching them forcefully. She tilted her head back and cried out. Her entire body felt hot and her chest burned and felt bloated. Uxie’s voice rang out inside of her head.

"Perfect! This will do just splendidly!"


Ellen sat cross legged on the side of the road. Her clothing had been returned to her, and seemed to fit more properly than she remembered. She had been so embarrassed after the final step of gathering energy that she had simply forfeit her battle, and allowed the satisfied little pervert to return home un-thrashed. She retrieved her Bulbasaur and Rattata, and began to apply the potion and antidote she had taken from the boy to them. Uxie's voice broke her trance as she looked up at the smiling little cat.

"Your Bulbasaur is almost ready to progress. He has been developing the Leech Seed attack and is nearly confident enough to attempt it in battle. You've progressed much as a Trainer since we first started out on this journey."

Ellen's smile faded slowly as she turned her attention back to her Bulbasaur.

"I still need to get my Rattata to a Pokecenter soon." she sighed as she returned Bulbasaur to his PokeBall, then began setting up her sleeping bag. "The poor little thing has been out for nearly an entire day now."


Saturday, March 2, 1996


Thieves have been stealing
fossils from Mt. Moon.
Please report suspicious
activity to the police.

Thank you.

Ellen felt a chill run down her spine as she read the posted sign. Pewter City was a large place, and she had no idea that the thieves the sign had been referring to had been the first two opponents she had encountered on her journey. The young woman had only two things on her mind as she entered the city limits. The first and most important was to get her Rattata to a Pokecenter for treatment. After it was back in fighting condition, she would have to challenge the local gym for her first badge. After all, how else would she be able to gain any sort of foothold in the Pokemon League?


The girl found a Pokémon Center and checked in. While the staff attended to her wounded Rattata, she took the time to upload her Pokedex data on one of the public PCs. She sent the files to Professor Oak, and awaited the response. A digitized message flashed on her screen as a response.

Pokemon seen: 7
Pokemon owned: 3

It wasn't a bad start, but she wasn't doing all that well either. She sighed and went to check on the progress of her injured Pokemon. At the very least the Nurse Joy who worked here was much more attentive and far less rude then the one in Viridian City.

As she waited she stepped outside and gazed in the direction of the Pewter City Gym. According to Uxie the current gym leader was a boy named Brock, who specialized in Rock-type Pokemon. It was one of the newer gyms, and because of its short tenure, there were very few Junior Trainers currently affiliated with it.

She stretched and twisted, gathering a multitude of stares and whistles from passerby before heading back into the Pokecenter.


The girl's shoes scraped the rocky earthen floor of the Pewter City Gym as she walked through the large front doors. She made her way into the hallway and had barely taken a second step when her path was blocked by a young man wearing a boy scout uniform.

"Hold it right there, sweet cheeks!" he said, releasing a long brown mole-looking Pokémon. Ellen scanned it with her PokeDex, revealing that it as a Diglett. One of the more common Earth-type Pokémon popular with the Junior Trainers of this area.

She took a step back and released her Rattata.

"I'm here to challenge the gym leader!" she exclaimed as her Rattata crouched down, ready to strike. "Rattata! Tackle!" she shouted as the tiny purple rat lunged forward.

The boy scout merely smirked and shouted "Diglett, Sand Attack!"

Against a cloud of yellow sand, her Rattata fell back into a crouch, unable to see the series of scratch attacks coming towards it. The battle wasn't off to a great start as she recalled her Pokemon, not wanting to risk another injury so soon after being released from the PokeCenter.

"You're light years away from even being in the same room as Brock!" The boy scout quipped as he recalled his Diglett and threw out another Pokeball. "Sandshrew! Let's Do this!" He shouted as a large clawed mouse with a white soft belly and hard plates covering it's back appeared.

Ellen gripped her Pokeball and tossed it with confidence. "Bulbasaur! It's your turn!" she shouted. "Leech Seed!"

Her Bulbasaur shot a seed out at the Sandshrew, sprouting vines on impact enveloping the larger Pokémon.

"Defensive Curl!" her opponent cried as Bulbasaur landed a tackle she hadn't commanded it to perform.

"Bulbasaur, vine whip!" she shouted as it readied itself for another tackle.

"Sandshrew! Rollout!" the Junior Trainer shouted as the two Pokémon collided mid-air and they both fell back. Ellen's Bulbasaur looked weary, and he wasn't listening to her commands. "Bulbasaur, return!" shouted Ellen as her opponent called out for another attack and the large Pokemon came barreling into her stomach, hitting directly under her boobs. She flew back her ankles flying up and over her head giving the young man an excellent view of her undergarments before she finally hit the floor with a bounce. Her bottom had saved her from the fall, however her boobs missed entirely and she could feel the nausea building up. Her body ached and she wanted to vomit as she coughed and struggled to stand. Uxie only remained suspended above her, eyes wide in shock, but remaining silent.


She could feel the tears streaming down her face as she hurried her way back to the Pokecenter. She felt like a complete and utter failure. She was supposed to become a great and amazing Pokemon trainer, but so far, she couldn't even make it past the front door of her first Pokémon gym. Uxie's voice manifested within her mind as she speed walked down the street.

"You should heed my advice more closely, I could have helped you to prepare, rather than going in half-cocked."

Ellen wasn't in the mood for a lecture right now; she was just thankful she had been able to recall her Pokémon before they sustained any serious injury. She could feel her heart sink as she checked in her Pokémon for the second time that morning. How could she ever have expected to face off against the gym leader with this level of skill? Was she really that overconfident in her own abilities? She sighed and sat down in one of the chairs in the waiting room, listening for her name so she could collect her Pokemon and find a place to sleep for the night.

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