Unwilling Service: May's Quest

BY : McKnight
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Chapter 2: A day in the nude

At the ground, May relaxed against the side of the pond, the cool water helping her relax for once. "Ah, this is so wonderful..." she moaned, her head lying against the pond's bank.

She had just truly started to relax when she felt something spreading all over her body. With a sudden gasp, she sat up, feeling her bottom bury itself among the mud at the bottom of the pond. "W-wha-?! What's going on?!"

Right before her eyes, her breasts were pushing up against the water surface, farther than they had ever done before. In fact, pressing against them let her realize that they were growing, feeling large and heavier than ever. "M-my chest! What's going-"

She gasped, feeling her legs shift with her stance. Although she was still sitting, something had started to push her ahead, and the girl finally decided to stand up as high as she could, even getting out of the pond.

The curves she now had were astonishing enough to nearly make her fall back in. Her breasts seemed to be as large and round as cantaloupes, and her butt could be mistaken for a beach ball. The round hips she now had were also extremely off-putting to the poor girl, who had never even thought of herself as being that good-looking.

Her discomfort had grown so much she went for her towel. She needed to dry herself and try to put on some clothes, even if a part of her doubted they'd fit her now. But she had to; this new look was the worst thing she had ever had to deal with, even considering all of Max's pranks and nasty tricks.

As she went for her things, however, she found a new reason to pale. Her things were not there anymore. Her clothes, her bag, even her shoes... everything had completely disappeared.

"M-my things... what happened to them?!" she cried out, almost panicking. A nasty 'tut, tut' sound seemed to echo through the forest, right after she said that, and the girl immediately tried to cover herself - futile though it would be, in this state.

'Looks like everything's gone just as planned,' a voice said, almost coming from behind her. When she turned around, she saw a floating blue Pokémon, some kind of feline with two tails and a very blue head, awfully close to her. 'You look even better than I had expected you'd turn out to be.'

"W-who are you?!" she shouted, stepping back. "What's going on? Where's all my stuff!?"

'All in good time, May.' The Pokémon smirked, irritating her despite her fear. 'You may refer to me as Azelf, or "Master" if you wish, and right now, let's just say that you belong to me from now on.'

She paled completely, to the point where her skin had gone completely white. "WHAT?!"

'Now, don't worry,' he said, very polite and yet definitely sounding like he had something in mind. 'I won't harm you or anything, it's just... I'm gonna be exploiting you for my own needs for a while. It happens, you know. Now, let's get going.'

"H-hey! What makes you think I'm taking orders from you?" she asked, even as Azelf had started to float towards a given direction. He gave her a dismissive look.

'You don't have a choice in the matter, May.' That tone was so arrogant her anger grew.

"Then you shouldn't have done whatever you did to me! What did you do to my things?!" she asked him, getting closer despite wanting to keep her distance. "And another thing! How do you know my name?"

'Telepathy. Duh.' He rolled his eyes, like that was obvious. 'Not that there's much to look in your head to begin with.'

That did it. "Is that supposed to be a crack at me?"

'You're the one who said it, not me.'

"Well that's it!" With a great huff, she sat on the grass, ignoring the uncomfortable feeling, and folded her arms before her breasts. Azelf stared at her for a few seconds, before looking lower.

'Are you sure you should be sitting like that?' he asked, pointing at her legs, crossed in front of her rather than doing anything to hide her modesty. Squealing, May used one of her hands to cover herself better, while the Legendary actually laughed at her naïveté. 'Like I said, you have no choice, May. Come with me.'

"Are you deaf or something? No means NO!" May yelled as loud as she could, glaring at the Pokémon. He was so irritating in how he kept on bothering her, and how he was nothing but annoying and perverted!

She was unprepared for him suddenly rushing towards her, tails wrapping around her arms and pulling them away. 'There's not many outcomes to this, May. One, you can do what I say and follow me further into the forest, where you'll be doing your job and even get to enjoy your little trip. Two, you stay here until you get scared enough to either go after me or to the town, but in your current state I doubt you'll even remember the way back. And when you get so lost, well, you're obviously not making it out safely, right?' he told her, his tone cold like ice, and his grip surprisingly tight. He started to float up, forcing her to stand up as well. 'Three... I'm dragging you back into the nearest town, and dumping you there. It should be amusing to see how your family reacts when you're the talk of the town, don't you think?'

He was absolutely serious as he spoke, in a way that made May feel scared, or... well, she wasn't sure whether it was scared or terrified, to be honest; he looked quite menacing, from so close and showing that he was strong enough to overpower her. He spun somewhat, forcing her arms together.

'So, what will you do?' he asked, grinning as the position made him face her breasts more than her.

He had made it clear she didn't have any choice, after that. "F-fine... I'm going with you. Just let go of me, already!" May told him, and he did so, none too gently. "N-now give me my stuff!"

'No can do.' If she wasn't so pale already, she definitely would grow paler after that. 'It's not time yet.'

"Not time? What do you mean?!" she asked him.

'It's part of the reason why I need you. To be specific, I need you naked. But that's all. You won't have to do anything else different; you can even go back to your normal adventures in the meantime. In fact, you won't even need your own Pokémon for that.' He lowered himself nearer her. 'Fun, isn't it?'

May almost wanted to cry, after hearing that.


Arriving in Route 104 from Petalburg City meant encountering a grassy cliff leading to a beach below, the cliff connected to a plateau. Most of the Pokémon she could see were things she had already found the day before, but over at the beach she could see white birds with long wings, each wing bearing a blue stripe.

Of course, she wasn't thinking about that right now. Instead, her mind was desperately trying to think of some way to get away from that stupid Azelf. True, he was a Legendary Pokémon and a telepath, and seemed to be able to track her down whenever he wanted to, but he never seemed to dissuade her further, preferring to watch her attempts with some amusement or something. And of course, he kept mocking her about her missing objects, whenever she argued.

This was beyond unfair. She was the daughter of a Gym Leader! She was supposed to have some respect of her own, right? But apparently, the stupid Pokémon would rather humiliate her as long as possible, given how he always talked down to her and showed little signs of interest in her own opinions. Always with that talk of 'no choice'...

What was his deal? He wasn't being honest about this whole thing at all. Was he just planning on being a dick to her because he could? Or was he actually... interested in her, like that? He definitely kept staring at her whenever he could...

She stopped by the cliff, only a foot or so away from the edge. She could tell this was a serious fall; maybe not one that would kill her, per se, but it would definitely hurt. The nearby trail looked like it would take a few minutes to be crossed at the very least, and although her feet weren't hurting - about the only thing she could tell, from her transformation; even the dirt didn't seem to be sticking to it - she dreaded to think how nasty it'd be to walk down that rocky path.

And yet, compared to staying even one second longer with that dick...

A loud, cracking noise drew her attention, as she looked down. The section of the cliff she had been standing on suddenly broke apart, and she realized that she had only a second or so to move back. Then the ground gave way fully, taking her along.

Unlike Azelf's manipulations, this one had been completely her decision; she didn't quite throw herself off the cliff, but neither did she attempt to stop herself. The sudden snap made her realize that there was a way out of this bond, very likely; if she was seriously injured, then he wouldn't be able to rely on her to do whatever. She'd be hospitalized, forced to stay in one place, and although it would be uncomfortable... compared to what she had gone through so far? Definitely not worse at all.

'It's not the fall that kills you,' she thought, unable to stop her body as she started to turn forward, facing the ground now. 'It's the sudden stop at the end.' Even if there was nothing but sand at that beach...

She thought she'd hit the ground quickly, and closed her eyes in hopes to at least not get sand in them if she survived, but there was a sudden lurching feeling in her body, before her last meal made its way up her throat. That sudden lurch came along with a rather sudden stop of her own, but not by hitting the ground; in fact, she opened her eyes, only to see herself not one hand away from the soft beach.

May felt her body rolling back, so that she'd be on her back, just before movement resumed and she landed softly on the sand... well, relatively; to her, it was still pretty rough and uncomfortable. "OW!" she cried out, gagging as she almost puked whatever was in her throat, barely managing to swallow it back.

She remained still for a few seconds, breathing in and out. 'What the hell just happened?' was her only thought, as she struggled to move. She felt so... tired!

'About time you tried something so rash,' Azelf's voice rang inside her head, along with a negative sound. 'And to think, you didn't even break a single bone. How unlucky, aren't you?'

The girl grimaced in disappointment. Had he known all along? Was he just playing with her? Was she really doomed to be a naked slave to this douchebag of a Pokémon? Such a sadistic being, with control even over the life or death of a property of his...

'You catch on quick,' Azelf joked, as she thought those things. 'Not that I plan on abusing you as much as you're afraid, but... well, like I said, you might as well call me Master.'

"No... way," she grunted, teeth clenched. The only good thing that seemed to come out of that was her fall had landed her as far from the trail as possible, very close to the rock wall and beach, and there were no onlookers around to bother her in this situation.

For some reason, she thought she heard Azelf laugh, when she thought that.

"Where are your clothes?" a voice said, coming from behind her; a tanned preteen boy wearing only an orange speedo and sandals was staring at her, having appeared at some point since she fell.

May squealed as she stood up, blushing hard and using her hands to cover her breasts and crotch the best she could, forced to face him lest she show him her butt as well. She didn't know how to answer him, though, and found herself taking several steps back, against the wall.

"U-um..." she stammered, shaking her head. "My... my clothes?"

"Yeah! Where are they?" he asked again, the boy trying to look around her.

'That's a great question...' she thought, before noticing Azelf was floating near the boy. He grinned towards May, before passing around. "H-hey!"

"Huh?" The boy blinked, as he heard her. "What is it? Did you see something?" Much to her surprise, although he turned to look in the direction she had looked at, he didn't react at all when Azelf moved in front of his sight, much to her shock.

'He can't see me. I'm clear like water to others, unless I want to,' the legendary Pokémon told her, laughing to himself. 'But I can do stuff to him, even then.'

'...like what?' she wondered, and Azelf answered by tapping his nose with a tail. At once, the boy jerked back, his jaw loose for some reason May didn't understand at first. It was only when she saw the tent forming on his speedo that it made sense. 'Y-you pervert!'

'Well, I can tell you're impressed,' he joked, as the boy started to pant and drool. 'Now, I can tell this kid might be useful in your journey. You should take him along with you.'

"What!?" May cried out, too shocked to only think that. "There's no way I can-"

The boy suddenly moved towards her, grabbing her arms and pulling them away. She squirmed, but for a little kid, he was tough enough, or maybe that was another thing that douchebag Pokémon was going for.

"L-let go of-" she pleaded, silenced when he started to suck one of her breasts, making her moan. The boy tried to grope her breasts with each hand - an impressive and futile task, all things considered - and the more she tried to fight back, the harder he pulled himself to her, until she finally fell to her knees.

'Heh. That was pretty simple, all things considered,' Azelf said, though he seemed less vivacious than before. 'And don't worry, I don't want to bring him along for more stuff like this. I want him around because I can tell there's something special about him, and I want to see what that's all about.'

'And what part of that involved my being molested?' May asked him, irritated.

'The part where you're refusing me just to spite me.' She gagged. 'Remember, you're basically mine now. Just do what I say and everything will be simpler.'

'Creep.' Azelf laughed at that, while the boy slumped on May's cleavage.

'Sure, whatever you say. Now, come on.'


Although May had tried to leave him there, Azelf's decision to bring him along was final. As such, the girl was forced to carry him while he was still unconscious, feeling awfully self-conscious in this situation. At least there was nobody else around to see them, right now.

"Do I really need to do it like this?" she asked, her nipples barely hidden by his body. He was so heavy!

'Well, I can't be bothered to wake him up without wasting more of my power, so that's basically it. But it shouldn't take him that long to wake up, anyway,' Azelf said, looking back at her.

"But you're the one who knocked him out to begin with, right? Why won't you wake him up then?"

'Power is the answer, May.'

"Huh?!" She couldn't figure out what his problem was. "What's that supposed to mean? And why did you even need to steal my clothes?"

'It's a long and not remotely sexy story,' he summarized, as they reached the road to the plateau. If May thought it would be uncomfortable enough climbing that while barefoot, doing it while carrying a kid through that coarse, winding path was much harder. 'I'm part of a trio of Psychic Pokémon who live in the three lakes of Sinnoh. Normally we spend the best part of our days meditating and sustaining the seals that keep this world safe, but recently things have gone... out of our control, you could say.'

"No, I don't." Azelf stared at her for several seconds, after her answer. "What did I say?"

'...nevermind. My siblings and I were attacked by some really strong enemies, and they managed to hurt us seriously. Our powers are very limited and we can't even use more than... one percent of it, safely.'

May stared at him, suspicious. "...and where do I come into this?"

'I was getting to that. While our powers are limited in this state, we can draw energy from the environment around us. This natural energy, if collected in sufficient amounts, will be enough to let us use more of our power than we currently do, if only for a few minutes. However, it seems we... can't do that ourselves, anymore.'

"And what does this have to do with me, again?" May asked again, and Azelf actually glared at her this time.

'In order to draw as much power as possible, we'll need to convert mortals into batteries capable of absorbing the natural energy, and have them draw as much as possible so that we'll later draw it from them directly. It's much easier and simpler than other methods we could use, and besides, it can be pretty enjoyable.'

"But that still doesn't explain why me!"

After that, Azelf flew towards May's behind, giving it a hard swat with both tails. The girl flinched noticeably, almost hearing the bulging buttocks bounce.

'Okay, now you're being dumb on purpose.' He floated towards her face, glaring at her wholly. 'I need you to be naked because that's how you're going to draw the energy for me so I can return to my full powers. Do you get that now? Or do you need me to actually spell it out?'

May really didn't know what to say, as he returned to his position a few feet away from her. 'Now. Any more dumb questions, or can we go on?'

"You're not a very good Pokémon, you know?" she grumbled. "Why didn't you just join me like a normal Pokémon and we could go to Sinnoh so we could fight whoever those guys are?"

'Wow. You really are as dumb as you look.' Azelf scoffed. 'Do you think you can just go and fight them with your piddly Torchic or the other dumb Pokémon you've caught so far? It's true that most of the grunts are not necessarily competent, but it's the smart ones who are in charge. They know all about tactics and strategies that a little girl like you has no knowledge of, and they were pretty smart... the way they hunted us down, after we escaped the lakes...'

Biting back anger from a previous memory, the Pokémon turned away. 'We need real power to handle them... the power of Legendary Pokémon. A power you currently do not have. And you're not likely to find any just willing to help you, which means you'd need to prove your strength - and let me tell you, I'm not even that strong for a Legendary, in comparison to the others.' Azelf crossed his arms. 'I need your help to recover my powers, and you'll need my help to catch the Legendaries who'll help us.'

May nodded slightly, as she got the point he was trying to make. It was still unpleasant, and she honestly hoped she wouldn't be naked in public for much longer, but... "So, it's to save the world?" she asked, and he nodded. "Will I... have to stay like this for much longer?"

'Not really. Should be done by the end of the day.' He shrugged, as they passed by a cabin near the ocean. 'And it seems we're approaching a forest. There shouldn't be many people in there, either.'

"Can I drop him now?" May asked, hopeful.



Petalburg Woods was surprisingly thick, given the initial clearing they had entered. Large branches growing among the woods and plenty of leaves meant there was only enough sunlight for them to look around. It was somewhat of a relief for May to wander around like this, seeing as how the shadows made it harder for her body to be seen, but it also meant she couldn't tell her path around well.

"Ugh... another dead end?" she groaned, coming to a pause. Her stomach grumbled loudly, but it only reminded her of how annoyed Azelf seemed to be when she tried to talk about giving her some food. As it was, she was pretty sure that it was time for lunch already, and yet she hadn't eaten anything that whole day. Even those Berries would probably fill her stomach a bit...

She had just turned around to look for another path when she saw her path was stopped by some weird brown, ball-shaped mushrooms with green spots and scowls who, although not looking really friendly, did at least seem to not care, as they crossed the path from the side.

"How am I supposed to get past them?" she wondered, before feeling the weight of the boy she was carrying shift a bit. "Urgh!" the busty girl let out, nearly falling.

"W...where am I?" the boy muttered, as he opened his eyes. Having his face resting between her breasts was definitely not what he had expected. "W-whoa!"

"C-calm down!" she told him, nervous, placing him on the ground as soon as possible and going back to covering herself. "Listen, you fell unconscious in the beach, and I didn't find anyone else at the beach, and... and I couldn't just leave you there, so..."

'Nice explanation,' she heard Azelf say, currently invisible even to her. He had claimed this allowed him to spend even less energy than normal, which wasn't exactly good news to her but at least meant she didn't feel like he was staring at her in a perverted manner like he seemed to. 'You were totally going to dump him there, though, wouldn't you?'

'Shut up!' she thought, unhappy, before focusing back on him. "A-anyway... I didn't find anything or anyone there, and... it's been a while since we left the beach. Did you leave anything at the beach, or...?"

"No... not really," the boy admitted, much to her relief. "I just took a walk from Petalburg to the beach, but I... well, I'm supposed to go back home later..."

"I-I see..." she said, embarrassed now. What a terrible situation to find herself in... "Well, if we find the path back out, you can go back on your own, right?"

"Well..." The boy looked around for a few seconds. "...where are we?"

"This is Petalburg Woods, and-"

"P-Petalburg Woods?!" The boy looked really nervous now, actually. "I, I can't be here!"

"What's the problem?"

"It's dangerous! And, and, and I don't have any Pokémon with me! How am I going to make it back home?" he explained, nervous. "What do I do, what do I do, what do I do!"

May bit her lip. It hadn't ocurred to her that the boy could've been worried about being attacked by Pokémon - not only were they not bothering her while they had been walking about, but she had only gotten into as much trouble as before because she had been the one to start trouble. Plus, since the boy only had a speedo and sandals on, she had thought he was brave enough to handle himself, or...

"Um..." she interrupted his concerns, drawing his attention. "Maybe... you could stay with me, at least until we get out?"

"But I'm scared! I don't wanna be alone!" he pleaded, and although May had some difficulty telling the intentions of people, she didn't think he was lying. "Please!"

'You're not going back to Petalburg,' she heard Azelf tell her, his voice serious. 'I don't care whether he's scared or not, we're lost enough as it is. This forest is full of natural energy you can draw. If you go back to Petalburg, you're not returning until tomorrow, and by then you'll have to spend even more time naked.'

That was a strong counter-argument, making May feel uncertain. "Um... look, I have an idea," she said, hoping he would agree to it. "I have to go to Rustboro City - it's on the other side of this forest, and I think I'm closer to that end. We'll go there, you can call your parents or tell an adult to take you back home, and then everything will be okay, alright?"

The boy sniffed. "You promise?"

"Yep, I do!" May said, quite sure of herself. "What's your name, kiddo?"

"It's Billy..." he said, hesitating a bit, "what's yours?"

"Call me May. And don't worry... if anything happens, I'll protect you, alright?" He nodded, and she smiled. For once, something was going a little better than the bad it seemed to be.

"Hey!" a voice cried out from the path they had come from, as another person ran towards them. May's face fell when she heard that, and even more when she realized this was another young boy - this one wearing a straw hat, a blue shirt with no sleeves, and dark blue shots, a thick net for catching bugs in hand. "Why are you naked?"

She took a step back, too nervous to answer. The boy came closer, looking her up. "How did your tits get so big, too? They're as big as Shroomish!"

"As what?" Billy asked, confused, and the new boy nodded.

"You've seen them, right? Those mushroom Pokémon that are here all the time!" he explained, not looking at him yet. "Her tits are bigger than my mom's!"

"P-please don't say that..." the girl said, quite embarrassed. The boy simply laughed, however, his oversized straw hat hiding most of his hair. "How did you even know I was naked?"

"You mean, besides how you're already covering yourself up?" he joked, coming closer. "I can tell! Your body looks really pretty and nice!"

Billy was blushing almost as much as May was, but not just from embarrassment now. "Y-yeah... you're really pretty, May..." he admitted, and her blush grew a lot more as she saw his tent had returned. Was it... bigger, or was it just an effect from how little light was there?

A few more steps back, and she could feel the stinging of the taller grass, brushing against her legs and butt. It was all she could do to keep them from looking at her oversized bottom as well. One look away and she saw Azelf's general shape, his eyes and jewel shining despite his apparent invisibility, only a few feet away from them.

"Can I feel 'em?" the bug catcher asked, having placed his net on the ground. He paused for a moment. "Please?"

"Y-you shouldn't ask me things like that..." she said, quite unnerved, and he took a few more steps forward, almost in front of her.

"Pretty please?" he tried, and she shook her head.

"Go a-WAH!" May yelled, falling on her back as she suddenly lost her balance, a strong pain rearing from her heel and spreading all over her left leg. "O-ow-ow-owowow..."

"May! Are you okay?!" Billy asked, running towards her. He was about to get into the thick grass when she raised a hand, one of her eyes open.

"Don't! Stop!" she told him, and he managed to stop himself, even if both of them could see her breasts heaving with her breath, in a manner that excited them for some reason. "There's... something here!"

Right before their very eyes, they saw a red spiky bug waddling over her body, climbing on her leg and moving to her waist. While Billy was completely surprised, the other boy's eyes widened with a grin.

"All right! Another Wurmple!" he declared, going back for his net and swinging it at May. The edge slammed against her breasts and nipples, leading to a serious wince, but her body's reaction - pushing her belly upwards - resulted in the Wurmple flying up and landing inside the net, which the bug catcher then swooped upwards, capturing his prize.

"Hahaha! Such a lucky day today!" he cheered, watching as the bug rolled in the net, completely trapped. "First I get to see a hot chick naked, then I catch another Wurmple! I wonder what's the next good thing to happen to me!"

"May!" Billy interrupted him, as she grabbed onto her heel. "Did it sting you, or something?"

"I, I think so...!" she squealed, feeling the injured area. No blood seemed to be pouring, but it was itching like crazy, and her whole leg felt messed up! She had no idea what to do to fix that, to boot...!

"H-hey!" the boy turned to the bug catcher, who had begun tying the net around the Wurmple. "Do you have any antidote for Wurmple poison?"

"Well, maybe I do..." he admitted, letting the bug hang from a nearby branch, "but what's in it for me?"


"Well, do I get anything out of it?"

May bit her lip to keep from screaming her lungs out. What kind of guy demanded a reward for saving a life like that?!

She glared at Azelf. 'Aren't you going to do something about it?'

'Why don't you try enjoying it for once?'

Her next thoughts were not suitable for any audience.

"Y-you want to touch me, right?" she asked, embarrassed. "If, if you really cure me... I'll let you grab these." She pushed her breasts up, to indicate that better, and the boy grinned.

"Alright! Just one sec..." he said, moving to his backpack and taking out a vial of antidote. "Now, kid, mind holding her leg for us?"

"S-sure..." Billy said, taking May's leg in his hands. It was amazing to him how soft and smooth they were, a feeling unlike his own skin or anyone else's.

May winced as the boy spread out the antidote on her injury, along with the rest of her leg; it was hard for her to not jerk around and twitch. Still, her leg took in the medicine quite well, and she could even feel the injury close around it.

"T-thank you..." she muttered, even as the boy stored the antidote vial on his backpack. She then felt him place his hands on her breasts, squeezing them tightly and pressing the nipples with each finger. "Ah!"

"Wow, you're liking it, aren't you?" she was asked, too dazed to answer. The boy pulled and pressed on her breasts, drawing louder moans from her as she tried to protect some of her modesty, not that he'd allow that. "You must let people grab you there all the time!"

"N-no! Not true!" May argued, but it was hard to do so when he was being so rough and yet, bringing her so much pleasure. "I don't let anyone touch me! Y-you're the first!"

"Is that true? Is that really true?" The boy started to squeeze one of them, as if he was trying to draw milk. "Does that include your little boyfriend behind me?"

"He's not my boyfriend!" the busty girl groaned, barely feeling pain on her leg at this point. "H-hurry up... hurry up already!"

"Why sho-" His question was met by May actually pushing herself up, much to his surprise. The best he could do was keep from falling, which didn't quite make him happy. "-whoa, okay, okay! Calm your tits, jeez!"

"...don't say that again," she grumbled, before he got off her. May did her best to cover herself, although she was sure that Billy now had seen her completely naked at least once, which made her feel quite uncomfortable after all.

As the bug catcher went for his net, her companion offered her a hand. "I... I'm sorry," he said, having the dignity of not looking at her at least. The girl simply sighed, as she took it and started to get up again.


May groaned as she and Billy made their way through the forest, feeling the heavy weight of Torchic's PokeBall nestled within her breasts. The whole mess with that Wurmple made it clear she couldn't just rely on luck to avoid Pokémon, but when Azelf joked that he couldn't let her use more than one because there was nowhere else she could use to carry it...

Of course, that meant she couldn't exactly catch anything else to help her, and the bug catcher from before hadn't even loaned them a net to help out. May's irritation with the whole thing was only as bad as her hunger, which hampered her mood significantly; it was at least an hour since that last encounter, and while she was glad she at least felt full of energy and not really tired, it didn't do anything about her hunger and thirst.

'Why are you so bothered?' Azelf asked her, after one complaint. 'As long as you're drawing natural energy, you won't die from hunger or thirst, and you'll always be full of energy!'

'But what about Billy?' she asked him. 'He wasn't transformed!'

'As long as you focus, you can share some of your energy with him, keeping him satiated. You do have to keep touching him, though, or vice versa.'

And that was why she was currently holding his hand, as they walked. She hoped she could get used to his presence, but it was really hard to do so when she felt so self-conscious about her own body. And whenever she glanced low enough, she could see that tent again, or sometimes, his speedo-clad butt, barely hidden from sight...

They had just made a turn when someone slammed against them, knocking the boy to the ground. May felt a thick object hit her in the chest, throwing her away, and a sharp pain in the head followed her impact against the ground. She had turned a bit, and opening her eyes showed that Billy had been knocked out by his own impact, if the fact that he was standing still on the ground meant anything.

"Billy!" she squealed, trying to get up; despite being so dazed, it wasn't hard to do that. What was hard was getting to him, as she saw some grown-up guy who looked like an extra in a pirate movie, what with his blue bandanna, his shirt with black and white stripes, and his navy blue slacks and ugly boots. He was also fallen on the ground, though he was in the process of getting up when he saw her, eyes widening.

'It would appear we've made it to the right place at the right time,' Azelf said, emerging from his invisibility. Both of them looked at him in shock, and the Pokémon pointed a tail behind May. 'You're looking for that, right? Any reason why you're in such a hurry you would hurt one of my pets?'

"Who the hell are you?!" the man asked as he stood up, and the Pokémon smirked.

'I'm Azelf, and this is my slave, May,' he explained, arms crossed. 'And you look like a total loser.'

"L-loser?!" the pirate-looking man let out, glaring at him. However, he turned to May, for once the first man she had met since arriving in this region who wasn't leering at her. "You, girl! Outta my way!"

"No way, you creep!" The girl might not be so sure, but Azelf's attitude and his rough tone made her at least believe he was not a good person. "That briefcase isn't yours, is it?"

"So what? I'm a grown-up! You should just be a nice girl and obey me!" he ordered, but as she made no motion to give way, he took out a PokeBall. "But if you won't, then I'll just have to punish you for it!"

May tried grabbing Torchic's PokeBall, but the man's flew so fast that it hit her on the wrist before she could even try, and she fell to the ground by the briefcase. A Poochyena emerged, growling fiercely and in a menacing manner, quite close to her.

She had no way of releasing Torchic from there, she realized, and the briefcase was in a pretty bad position as well. But on the other hand, she also knew the injury from the Wurmple's attack had been much less dangerous to her than it could've been. Maybe having been transformed into... this by Azelf had given her more strength, or something?

The busty girl didn't really hesitate to figure out, scared though she was. Closing her fist as hard as she could, she swung right at the Poochyena's nose, sending the small puppy back by more than a few meters. Even she could not believe the results. "Wow... that was..." she whispered, jaw not quite up.

"P-Poochyena!" the man let out, before frowning. "Forget that! Just bite her already!"

Whatever courage she had, for that second, had disappeared when the Poochyena ran towards her, faster than she could manage. The strong jaws had already opened, and her fear of the beasts had returned at once.

She hadn't expected to see a blue blur slamming against her attacker, sending the Poochyena at the nearest tree. She looked at Azelf, who was floating next to her, looking a bit more tired than before.

'Now, let's start over,' he said, looking at the man with cold eyes. 'You can go away, or I'll make you go away. It's your choice.'

They couldn't even see his shape within seconds, from how fast he was running, Poochyena abandoned when his attempt to recall him was stopped by Azelf. The Pokémon just shook his head, amused. 'I'd rather he have made the hard choice. It's the fun one.'

May didn't quite know what to say, as she realized he had, in fact, protected her.

'So, what's in the briefcase?'

"Huh?" she let out, before opening it. Still on the ground, she saw it was filled with paperwork and some electronic devices she had never seen before.

"Heeeeey!" a male's voice came from behind her, and she quickly closed the briefcase, before turning around; a tall man who seemed to be wearing a very clichéd scientist outfit was running towards her. "Did, did you get that from a guy dressed like a pirate?"

"Y-yeah..." she stammered, trying to keep her knees up in front of her breasts. He smiled.

"Thank you so much! That stuff is mine, and I would've been in some real trouble if that guy had gotten away." During this whole talk, he had only looked at her face, from what she could tell, and he had even looked away to where the guy had been headed towards. It was only when he went for the briefcase that he stopped. "Where are your clothes, by the way?"

"I... I..." she hesitated, looking around. Azelf was nowhere to be seen, again. He looked at the side, noticing Billy was still lying on the ground.

"I see... so he must have taken your clothes," he said, shaking his head. "So terrible. It's a pity I can't do anything for you right now..."

"Y-you could... go away," she suggested, blushing and trying to hide her breasts further, to no avail. "We'll... make our way there..."

"O-okay..." he said, before taking a device from his pocket - a blue and white PokeBall, unlike the ones she had seen before. "This is my thank-you for you. When you make it to Rustboro, make sure to visit the Devon Corporation, okay? I work there, and..."

She wasn't exactly in the mood to listen to him anymore. She just nodded, dumbly, until she felt something hitting her in the breasts - that same PokeBall from before. She tried not to cry from it.



Unfortunately for her, Billy had fallen unconscious again, and Azelf made no effort to help him wake up. May had to carry him once more, uncomfortable as she had to hold him by the buttocks and feel his tent brushing against her waist.

Of course, the only possible benefit was how it would let her hide her breasts and crotch better, but it was not much of worth when she kept getting lost. Trying to avoid all the possible Pokémon hiding spots meant staying limited to specific spots on the forest, and this situation wasn't worth letting herself be seen naked by any Pokémon of hers, or by a Pokémon she planned on capturing.

Unfortunately, at some point even her patience with all the dead ends she had been running into ended. She had to cross an area with plenty of thick grass, but to her luck, nothing jumped at her, and she also managed to make it to the next clearing safely.

However, she wasn't the only one there.

"Oh wow! You're naked!" yet another little kid said, making her close her eyes. Why was it there were so many little perverts around these parts? Or hell, perverts period?

"G-get lost!" she said, scowling as he ignored her.

"Who's that? Is he your baby? Or your brother?" the little boy asked, unnerving her. He looked like the bug catcher from before, though he didn't have a net with him - just that same oversized straw hat, which he kept on his back rather than on his head.

"No! He's none of that!"

"What about boyfriend?"

"EW! Why would you even ask that?!"

"Then why are you naked?"

"That's none of your business!" she snapped at him, trying to run away. "Why does everyone keep asking me that?"

He chased after her, the two of them making to the end of the clearing before she couldn't run any longer, Billy's weight too much for her to handle. As May stopped, the boy grabbed her by the butt, squeezing it and nearly making her drop her companion.

"EEK!" she yelped, pulling away. "T-that's it! If I have to battle you to make you go away, then..." she started, before placing the boy down on the ground and taking Torchic's PokeBall from its nest on her breasts. "I'm going to battle you!"

"And if I win, then I'm gonna feel you up!" the boy declared, confident. She nearly cracked the ball in her hand as she heard that.

"Go! Torchic!"

As the little bird was released, it glanced at May for one second, which then became a full-on stare. Uncomfortable, the girl blushed and covered her nipples and crotch with her hands. "D-don't worry about me," she said, nodding towards the other boy, "I'll explain it later. Right now, you have a battle to win!"

"Torchic, tor!" it declared, serious, as it turned around to face what her opponent had called a Nincada - some kind of white bug with small wings and pincers, along with two feelers or antennae or... something or other.

"Scratch!" they both ordered. May's initial confidence - Torchic not only was a Fire-type, but a bird too, and both had advantages over Bugs - dwindled rapidly as she realized that this Nincada was surprisingly skilled, dodging Torchic's strongest blows and taking the weakest. The opposite couldn't be said of her own Pokémon, who was easily struggling after the first few blows.

It all came to an end when Nincada slipped behind Torchic and struck it right on the back, knocking the poor bird out.

"Torchic! Return!" May cried out, managing to recall her Pokémon just before the boy moved onto her, grabbing her breasts and pushing her to the ground.

"Hehehe... it's time for my prize!" he declared, leering at her with a dirty grin. May tried to push him away, but it was no use as he pressed his legs on her arms.

"L-let go of me!" she begged, but his response was to give her a slap on the face. "What the hell!"

"A naked girl like you doesn't get to pick what happens to her!" the boy argued, pushing both hands on her breasts, feeling as they sank. "Oooh, you're so soft!"

"You're just lucky my Torchic doesn't know any Fire attacks yet!" she snapped, only for him to press one hand on her mouth. "Mmmph!"

"Well, I won, didn't I?" he asked her, pushing one elbow into her right breast while he fondled the other one. Her moans pressed against his hand, and although part of her thought about biting him, the pressure he was doing seemed to make her light-headed. "So you've gotta do what I say!"
She tried to say something, but he couldn't hear her while he held her mouth shut like that. Her mouth didn't seem to want to work like she wanted it, it seemed, and although she thought it was just his hand in the way, she soon realized it was like her jaw was completely loose.

'A-Azelf!' she thought, trying to look around. 'Where are you? I need you to stop this!'

'Sorry, but no can do,' she heard the Pokémon say, inside her head. 'This is the other part of the contract.'


The boy dug his fingers on each breast, squeezing them tightly and forcing the soft, puffy flesh to flow out of his grip, feeling the nipples smash against the palms of his hands and turn inwards from how hard he was pressing her. She felt him slap the oversized boobs, laughing as he saw them wobble back and forth, sometimes hitting her in the face.

'Why not?!'

'Those breasts of yours are sexually enticing. They're where all that natural energy is going,' Azelf explained, his voice somewhat lame for once. 'But you need to be touched by males, as well.'


May couldn't think much more, as she felt the boy get off her, only to pull her to the side. Her face hit the grass, eyes closed, before he climbed on her again.

"Stop... stop!" she pleaded, but he ignored her.

"And now, your butt." With those words, he started to spank her, watching as she bounced up and down, sometimes squealing from it. The boy straddled and ground against her back, squeezing her butt on occasion, pressing his legs against the overflowing breasts beneath her.

May didn't know how long it took until he was done, but she heard a slumping noise as he fell off her, her strength finally back. Shaking her head, she got back up and moved towards Billy, grabbing him and taking him out of that clearing.

By the time the sun finally set, May was officially done with this whole business. She had basically carried Billy through the entire forest, somewhat glad that neither of them were getting any less healthy yet definitely worried about how hungry she had gotten, her headache too much for her to bear. Her feet were tired, her arms hurt, and she was sure that she was still the hit to the head she had taken back when she encountered the weird pirate guy.

She had just turned one last corner when she saw the forest's northern exit. A faint smile formed on her face. "We did it..." she let out, breathing weakly. "I... finally did it..."

May didn't even realize she was falling, as the two of them landed on the soft grass. Azelf's body shimmered into vision again, as he ensured they hadn't fallen on bad spots. Glowing faintly in his hands were May's things, all neatly packed together as he had done before.

'Well done, May. Just... too bad about me...' he muttered, placing her things near her and turning her around. A faint shimmer came over the two of them, before they faded from sight. 'You'll be safe until you wake up. Nobody's going to find you or steal your things until you can defend yourself. Rest well...'

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