Ultra Beast Fun

BY : Dragon1234
Category: Pokemon > General
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Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to pokemon and make no money in the creation of this story

At the Aether Paradise, in one of the under ground labs, Lusamine was up to something.

"Thanks to you and your friends, I was only able to catch one Ultra Beast, but you are going to help me get more, Lillie," said Lusamine as she stood next to Lillie who was tied up to a bed.

"Mother, what are you going to do to me?!" asked Lillie.

"You're going to mate with my dear Nihilego," said Lusamine as the Pokemon floated over her daughter. 

"No!!" said Lillie as the Ultra Beast ripped her panties off, exposing her fresh pussy. It then slipped a tentacle in, taking her virginity.

"Don't forget me," said Lusamine as she revealed her pussy. Nihilego took no time in slipping a tentacle into her.

"Yes, this is what I have been waiting for!" said Lusamine as the Pokemon used its remaining tentacles to lift her into the air above Lillie.

"Mother, this fills great," said Lillie as drool ran out of her mouth.

"Soon the two of us will give birth to more Nihilegos, won't that be great?" asked Lusamine before kissing her daughter. Their tounges dancing as they did so.

"Yes, I'll give birth to several babies, we'll create a harem of them!" said Lillie as the Ultra Beast filled them both with enough semen that their stomachs swelled up.

"Tommorow, bring those two girls you're friends with," said Lusamine as she put a special dildo into her pussy to seal all the cum in.

"Sure thing," said Lillie as Lusamine put the same model dildo into her before untieing her.

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