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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This is a fictional story. I do not own Naruto. I make no money from writing this. Any resemblance to person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental. Love your pal Jesus.


Out from the mouth of the main branch to the Konoha medical facilities stepped a fatigued and content Sakura Haruno.


Shooting her arms into a full stretch above her head, she stretched the worn and cramping musculature of both limbs up toward a sky hued orange by the evening. Eventually curling both into an angled bend behind her head, she worked the aches and pains from out of each of them before setting off with a smile on her face.


“What a day...” stifling a yawn, the thin, usually indistinguishable wrinkles that sat just below each of her eyes were thickened by the daily wear and tear laid into her features. “It never ceases to amaze me the injuries our Shinobi comeback with these days. Between them and our rehabilitation patients, what staff we have is totally spread thin…”


Rolling her shoulders a final time, the aged woman quieted her lamentations with thoughts more positive, and coincidentally, more productive.


“That just means we all have to work harder, I guess. Me included.” she continued. “That said…”


Now several steps from the hospital entrance, she tilted her line of sight away from the straight and narrow path that she took to and from work, and over toward the horizon at the village’s west end.


“I do my best work when I’m relaxed and refreshed. If I go home like this, I won’t be in any kind of shape to help anyone tomorrow…” as she spoke, she postured her frame to the west, and wiped the pensive exhaustion from her face with an excited smile. “Yup! I’ll be totally useless if I don’t relieve some stress, so it’s time to relax! Sarada’s a big girl; she’ll be fine if I’m a little late getting home today…”


Consumed by thoughts both selfish and altruistic, Sakura set herself into a stride toward much-earned relaxation. In this stride, she managed only a single step before the sound of a familiar voice dug the grooves of her sandals to a halt against the ground.


“Hey! Where are you off to so fast, Sakura?” calling out to her from the mouth of the hospital, Ino Yamanaka waved a hand in greeting to her long-time companion and co-worker. “It’s the end of the day! You can’t tell me you were going to go straight home without at least getting a drink with your best friend!”


First speaking congenially to procure her friend’s attention, the platinum blonde quickly recognized something ‘off’ about her departure.


“Hang on…isn’t your place in the other direction? I was just teasing you before; are you actually going somewhere?” she suggested.


Stunned, Sakura took off from her motionless plant into a brisk speed-walking away from the area. Having wisely avoided eye-contact with Ino, she feigned deafness, and bolted around the nearest corner she could find.


Quick to the chase, a show of acrobatics from Ino delivered her into the very same alleyway within the blink of an eye. Shooting an arm toward Sakura’s shoulder, she took hold of the bare strip of flesh and shook it halt her retreat. The moment she did, Sakura’s frame burst into a cloud of smoke.


“Oh, come ON!” irritated, Ino tilted her skull to the sky and screamed into the open air. “We’re not 12 anymore, Sakura! If you don’t want to tell me, you don’t want to tell me! God!”





Like any other massively-populated location, the village of Konohagakure contained within it an ‘entertainment district’ geared solely toward adults. At the very bottom of the city’s west-end, lengthy streets filled out by closely packed establishments extended outwards to the very limit of the city’s fringe.


Often found in front of these establishments were a handful of the many females that they employed, or groups of males surveying the sumptuous female wares dangling at them from every conceivable angle across the streets themselves.


Never was there a night wherein these streets could be found empty. Most of the brothels and show floors that it contained were always packed to the brim with worn shinobi—often male and sometimes female—and those that weren’t were aggressively advertised by the most well-endowed and forward of kunoichi.


It sufficed to say that the district provided entertainment broad enough to attract all sorts; from very ‘general’ perverts to the far less common ‘female pedophile whose interest in sexual partners remained limited to their own sex’.


Nestled deeply within the district existed an establishment formally titled ‘Nedoko’. Known amongst its patrons as ‘The Crib’, its staff consisted of a handful of adult managers, and an impressive number of underage prostitutes. With a median age of 5 and a ceiling of 7, these girls were amongst the most depraved of fruits that a resident of Konohagakure could indulge in. Each of them present for their own reasons, none were without a degree of the maturity and perversion required for one to ‘succeed’ in their positions.


Particularly popular amongst their ranks was a pale and ‘flexibly-minded’ 4 year old by the name of Mimi. Owning narrow shoulders, short and doll-like limbs, ghostly-pale flesh, and a missing adult incisor, her features were fundamentally indistinguishable from those of a genuine child. Nevertheless, effort was expended on her part to ensure that she exuded a more mature allure. Typically could she be found with the front of her auburn head of hair arranged into an arced, left-side-sweep that framed her left eye with a crescent curve of bangs. Further up her skull, the peak of this arc could be seen maintained by a cutely-drawn side ponytail that completed the biased ‘look’ that she shot for.


For Mimi, business—both at night and during the day—was good more often than it was bad. Even on her slowest of days, there were always a handful of customers she could count on the purchase her talents.


Of them, none were more generous than Sakura Haruno. Many of her coworkers argued that this woman was one she ought to try and extort for more than her usual payment, but her understanding of (and interest in) the woman was limited to two things: her perversions, and her ability to pay for them.


In her mind, these things justified a certain amount of ‘readiness to serve’. When not serving another customer, she went often went out of her way to make herself available for Sakura when and if she decided to pay her a visit. For this she was rewarded with work, and an excited and bashful Sakura prepared to indulge in another evening of debauched sex.



Today, that point in time at which Sakura arrived just so happened to be within the first hour of sunset. Having only just finished up with the last of her customers, Mimi knowingly returned to a familiar room within the establishment for rest, and in wait of favourite customer’s arrival…




Gliding smoothly through a humid and dimly lit corridor, Sakura retraced a combination of steps long since burned into her brain. Taking the first left that appeared ahead of her, she counted the doors from the peak of this curve until she arrived at the third. In front of it, she fished a key from out of her shorts’ pocket. Smoothly unlocking the door, she cracked it ajar, and squeezed herself through this crack to return to the familiar confines of the room behind it.


The first step that she took past this door saw her line of sight fall forward toward the bed at the room’s back.


Laid out suggestively across its surface was Mimi. Entirely naked save for the tiny, cotton-white socks gloving her feet, her appearance was that of an individual laid in wait for another.


“Hiya Sa—Oops! I mean, hiya ‘Mommy’!” she called, her voice as sharply-pitched and girlish as ever. “No need t’just stand there! I know what you like already, so come on over so Mimi can help you ♥.”


Smiling perversely, Sakura cut straight up to the foot of Mimi’s bed. Twitching at her crotch was a bulging and blatant sign of excitement—one glaringly obvious, and perhaps explanatory as to her reason for coming.


Undaunted, Mimi matched her approach step for step. Inching her way toward the foot of the bed in a perverse crawl, she eventually pushed herself upright on bent knees just as the fabric-smothered bulge at Sakura’s crotch appeared ahead of her.


 The base of the bed at which the pair met was about a foot below knee height for most ‘customers’. Consequently, Mimi’s rise up to her knees perfectly levelled her face with Sakura’s crotch, and set her hips in reach of the harmless length of her arms.


A trained professional in the most perverse sense of the title, Mimi applied both of these advantages to great effect. Sliding fingers underneath the waistline of Sakura’s shorts (as well as the panties underneath them), she gingerly tugged both of the garments down the length of her thighs until the erect pipe of flesh bunched up underneath them sprang outward into an imposing extension straight up the length of her face.


Bloated, unwashed, and considerably more vein-riddled than usual, Mimi’s eyes trailed up and down the 11 inches of cockmeat that she had become so familiar with. Mouth cutely agape all the while, she progressively shifted this surprise into a smiley expression tainted by perversion.


“You’re super gross, Mommy. Do you always make yourself so nasty for the pedo cocksleeves you fuck, or is it just me you’re tryin’ t’make smell all that cum you’ve saved up?” she suggested.


Knowing full well how the older woman would answer, she shot both of her hands into a bracing of the opposing sides of her erection. Exerting herself as best she could, she peeled the towering and semen-scented erection down to a point firmly opposite her lips. Mesmerized by the heat that that it exuded against her lips and the squirming of the veins outlined across its face, she started longingly straight down its length for a few moments before parting her lips, and hungrily popping its tip into compact confines of her mouth.



Per usual, Mimi deafened herself to the strained groan of pleasure that the balmy, nubile texture of her mouth forced from her client’s lips. The moment her taste-buds were treated to the salivation-inducing flavor of her cock, a practiced snap of her neck shot her skull forward and forced several additional inches of its length into the compact fuckhole contained within her mouth. Elongating this inward slide as far as her tiny mouth would allow, she came to a stop when the plumped glans flesh at the spire’s tip bumped into the back of her throat.


Here—lips spread and saliva stemming steadily from the glossed corners of her lips—was where her sucking began in earnest. Eyes cutely upturned at Sakura all the while, she began flicking her skull back and forth through vicious plunges up and down the girth of her cock. Sliding far enough up the pulsing spire to leave her lips just-barely within contact of the nose of her glans, and far enough downward to begin compressing the flesh of its foremost inches down the curved and hellishly-slimy depths of the back of her throat, one could discern at a glance that ‘buildup’ was not a sexual activity that she intended to invest time into.


To her, this was a job; one that she believed herself to be very, very good at. No matter how many times she performed, proving her talent to her partners as brutally as possible would always remain amongst her foremost priorities.


Keeping her pace sharp and slovenly, the aesthetics of Mimi’s bobbing reached their peak in messiness and potency hardly five minutes into their production. The deadening of her gag-reflex (a trait acquired through servicing cocks even larger than Sakura’s) allowed her to intensify the force of her aggressive stabs to the point at which wet and fleshy *GLRK* noises erupted from between her lips for each she completed. Shortly after the onset of these noises, the frothed salivation wrought and churned by her pseudo-throating was raised to a volume that her mouth could not hope to contain. Recognizing the impending overflow, she skewered her lips across Sakura’s member with a guided force, and placed further pressure on the rigid flesh at the back of her throat. Feigning an activation of her gag-reflex, she allowed the mess welled up within her mouth to splatter out onto Sakura’s trapped cocktip in a single explosion of cloudy throatslop. Initially allowing the substance time to drool out back across the lower inches of her shaft, she followed the happening up with an intentionally sluggish backwards slide of her lips across the very same inches she had sullied.


Finally popping Sakura’s cocktip from her lips, a sultry giggle unhindered by the gooey conditions down her throat escaped her.


“Wow! I guess whatever cum you’ve got inside you must be pretty awful, huh? Usually you’d have splattered everything straight into my tummy after something as nasty as that.” she teased.


Rolling her eyes playfully, she pulled her right hand away from the base of Sakura’s member, and tightened the minuscule grasp imposed by her left to its limit.


“Oh well! Helping nice Mommies like you get rid of all of their chewy baby juice is what plump pedo-cocksleeves like me are for…” she started, mock exasperation to her voice. “Since just my mouth doesn’t seem to be good enough, I’ll treat you to somethin’ ever more specialer ♥.”


Implied by her utterances was both an increase in the depravity of the sex acts she’d provide, and a  flooring of her remaining thoughts regarding decency and self-preservation.


In an instant, these implications became a part of reality.  Following a full-spread of her lips, Mimi spiked her skull straight back onto Sakura’s member. Mashing the back of her throat up and down against  the tip of her cock, she successfully ‘uncorked’ the back of her throat, and hurriedly forced every vein-studded inch of cockmeat she had to offer into the impossibly narrow (and  delightfully elastic) confines of her esophagus.


Halting her descent when her lips kissed the sweat-flecked exterior of Sakura’s crotch, she took to wiggling her skull to the left and right to grind her digestive gutmeat against the pipe’s most sensitive inches.


This proved the most that Sakura could take. In response to the sudden disappearance of her member, both of her hands shot up to the back of Mimi’s skull whilst a reflexive press of her crotch totally smothered the lower half of her face with her crotch…




Inexplicably, Sakura Haruno found herself with distinct gaps in her short-term memory.

She recalled the surge of fermented and boiling cock juice strands through the length of her cock and out into a suffocating plaster of Mimi’s esophagus. She recalled the sight of Mimi’s face reddened from oxygen deprivation, and the pleasurable strain of her urethra’s fattening with a seemingly endless volume of seed. Even the gasps of air and tiny, semen-fed belches that Mimi produced at her orgasm’s end remained available to her. Perhaps the ‘salience’ of the eruption of discolored cock juice that came after these things was to blame, but this did not change the fact that, in the end, she remembered them.


Absent from her mind were memories that concerned how she had arrived in her current circumstance.


Below her (and held in place by her own hands) was Mimi. Rear poked outwards and nastily-sandwiched against her crotch whilst her chest and face remained impressed against the mattress beneath them, Sakura found herself mounted behind her much-smaller frame as a heated animal desperate for a violent seeding of its mate.


Around her cock was cuntflesh warmed to sauna-like temperatures, and rendered as a malleable and potent sleeve for the shape of her cock. Curved thrusts from her hips and crotch saw its extent regularly smashed through Mimi’s sex-fattened cuntlips whilst hackneyed reversals of these ingresses freed her from its masturbatory suffocation just as quickly.


Feet planted flat against the mattress beneath them and legs bent into a feral crouch, Sakura required no explanation as to what she was doing: she was breeding Mimi’s juvenile innards like an animal.


The only questions that remained were how and why—questions whose answers would provide her with nothing worthwhile.


Choosing to disregard the blanks in her memories, Sakura focused on the present.  In the moment, this consisted of the pleasure coursing through her crotch, and the chakra that flowed out of her arms and into Mimi’s body. Unconsciously, her fingers had accessed the ley-lines within Mimi concerned with physical constitution, and continually pumped enough chakra through them to allow her pocket-sized frame to withstand the feral thrusts that she delivered.

Everything about the process had been measured perfectly. Buoyed by her years spent executing similar techniques, it became apparent that she no longer needed to think about the process itself.


“The only thing you have to think about is goring your cock inside of your favorite pocket of cuntmeat until you don’t have a drop of jizz left to squirt.”


On inquiry as to what to do next, Sakura’s body swiftly produced an answer that her mind was unlikely to turn away from.


From this, the pace and posture of her thrusts acquired further invigoration. At once, the ‘(‘-shaped injections and retractions of her meat through Mimi’s slickened folds was fed enough added ‘force’ to turn her metronome into a genuine impalement of her depths. Savage punches of her member across its path of ingress regularly depressed the buoyant meat of Mimi’s cervix, and constantly ground rock-solid veins against the inexperienced (yet still succulently-enflamed) extent of her stretched vaginal canal.


With this transition came consequences. Ushered in by Sakura’s acceleration was a thickening of the splatters of cunt-syrup fucked out of Mimi’s depths each time her endowment disappeared inside her. Exacerbated from modest squirts to heavy, syrup-like explosions forced through the corners of her lower lips, one could easily imagine each of these as the by-product of orgasms thundering through Mimi’s frame.


This deduction did not fall far away from the truth. From the beginning of Sakura’s penetrating her cunt to the cervix-loosening beating she was enduring at present, Mimi had felt naught but orgasmic pleasure and a sickening satisfaction typically reserved for women several times her age. Such were the effects of the chakra funneled into her lower body; no matter how her vaginal canal was stretched or how the baby-fat of her stomach was distended to match the shape of the phallus battering her cervix, that which she experienced was limited to what a miniature sex-worker was likely to find pleasurable.


A spoiled girl at heart, Mimi responded to this pleasure without a thought as to what was ‘fair’ or ‘decent’.


“I want more! Split open my pudgy baby insides with your cock more, Mommy ♥!” Mimi cooed, eyes flicked upwards in orgasmic bliss. “I don’t just want it in my tummy; I want to feel your goopy ball juice squirming and streaming inside all of me ♥♥.”


The perverse, almost squeal-like quality of her voice aside, this request was far from an exaggeration coming from Mimi. The enhancement of her lower body still played its part in loosening her tongue, though at her core, ‘more’ was the only thing that the tot could understand as ‘belonging’ to her at present.


Fortunately, the kunoichi ravaging her cunt was one of the most generous (and depraved) amongst her clientele.


Understanding Mimi’s coo as a demand more so than an exhalation, Sakura reacted immediately to make its contents a reality. Briefly releasing her hips, a familiar posturing of her hands and funneling of chakra through her frame gave rise the appearance of several carbon copies of herself around the bedroom. Striding from out of a single puff of smoke, each of the half-naked iterations of herself converged on the center of the mattress to join their progenitor in enjoying the spongy meat of Mimi’s frame.


Guiding her copies as puppets, Sakura shifted her frame alongside Mimi’s to accommodate each of them. Hands still gloving the tiny girl’s waist, she dropped both of her planted feet into full extensions that trailed the length Mimi’s smothered upper body. Throwing herself backwards, she laid herself out back first against the mattress whilst her hands arms worked to keep the borderline-toddler skewered and upright at her crotch.


Eager for pleasure all her own, the first of her four shadow clones bounded atop the mattress to reassume the position previously maintained by her progenitor. Planting palms into the plump handfuls of Mimi’s buttocks, she pushed her upper body forward to better expose her cock-speared rear. Then, after lowering herself down into a familiar feral crotch, she peeled both of her cheeks apart to expose the sphincter-padded meat that surrounded her asshole. As soon as the twitching orifice fell into her line of sight, an angled thrust from her hips plunged a second engorged erection through it, and straight into the tube of pliant gutmeat set out behind it.



Each of the remaining three clones seized similarly sculpted opportunities about the remainder of Mimi’s frame. Whilst a lucky second yanked her mouth down across the head of her shaft via and abrasive thread of digits through her hair, the less fortunate third and fourth peeled one of her limp and perspiration arms each away from her side, and up into a woefully insufficient half-sealing of their palms to the bulbous noses of their members.


In the blink of an eye, the ‘more’ that Mimi had requested came to her in the form of four swollen cocks assaulting her undersized frame.


In unison, Sakura orchestrated a well-timed pummeling of Sakura’s insides via her cock, and those of her first and second clones. First tightening her grasp on Mimi’s pudgy middle, she took to the production of invasive upward pops of her crotch followed by equally-vicious downward wrenches of her meat out through Mimi’s folds. With her cunt all but plastered to the surface of her crotch, the force that she applied to her upward thrusts saw her tiny frame popped upward, and engorged her middle with cock-shaped tenting. The forward bend of Mimi’s frame as imposed by her first shadow clone ensured that her retractions were equally punishing.  Executed across a sickle-shaped path, each outward slide of her member was accompanied by an ever-so-slight peel of the pliant meat of Mimi’s vaginal canal, and as a consequence, the viscous slime that coated its interior. At a point marked by the exposure of just over half of her member’s gleaming, cunt-honeyed exterior, each of these inches were planted back down to the core of the nubile mound from which they were tugged.


Mimi’s asshole was purposed with similar amounts of abandon. Injecting chakra straight through to her digestive tract, the first of Sakura’s clones committed herself to the feral rutting previously displayed by her progenitor, and soon afterwards intensified the wild recklessness inherent to the pattern. To a point, the congealed and swollen nature of Mimi’s asshole and its perpetual convulsion around her cock required this. Without it, a slow and steady submission to the orifice—one that would reduce her efforts to a helpless stint of masturbation within a toddler’s shithole—was effectively guaranteed. Fearing this, the first clone swung her hips outwards and inwards with the intention of bringing herself to an orgasm by any means necessary. Producing heavy, moistened slaps of her crotch against the baby-fat of Mimi’s rear as she went, hardly a second passed wherein her cock could not be observed through a curved and vigorous drilling of her asshole.


In perfect time with the penetration of her lower half, the clones enamored by Mimi’s mouth and hands acquired similarly obscene amounts of satisfaction for themselves.


Much to the surprise of the third and fourth, the grasps they had formed with Mimi’s hands began sliding up and down their cocktips all on their own. Despite the orgasmic upturning of Mimi’s eyes and the perverse squeaks that were fucked from the depths of her throat, it quickly became apparent that some amount of professionalism remained within her. From the noses of their precum-sodden glans to beginning of the trunks beneath them, she drew the half-vices constituted by her palms through short and strenuous strokes up and down the pulsing flesh pipes at a feverish pace.


Whilst her comrades enjoyed a pleasure handed down by Mimi herself, the second of Sakura’s clone harvested a sensation all her own. Railing her member straight down her gullet time and time again, she happily surrounded her aching member with mucus-laden smooth muscle trapped in the midst of a perpetual contraction. On occasion, the strength of her thrusts induced further regurgitations of the semen baking within Mimi’s stomach straight out against her crotch. Between these, the masturbatory squeezing of her esophagus, and the depraved pleasure of facefucking a near-infant closer and closer toward suffocation, the aggregate stimulation wrought from her efforts was elevated to an extent on par with what her cunt or asshole might’ve provided.


Each of the experiences enjoyed by her clones and all of their orgasm-fattening injuries were fed (at least in part) straight into Sakura’s brain. As further mental resources were spent by her in entertaining these pleasures the amount devoted to the ‘reason’ so often implicated in keeping her perversions in check began diminishing. Without it at full strength, the ‘tugging’ on her consciousness  by her libido validated a continued exacerbation of her 5-fold-fucking of Mimi’s frame until a logical ‘stopping point’ was reached.


The price for this was paid in full by Mimi. When it arrived, the girl could hardly be recognized as conscious…




“O-Oh god, I-I’m g-gonna cum, Mimi! I-I’m g-going to clog your naughty baby-fuckhole’s totally full of my cum!”


In a single orgasmic exhalation, Sakura Haruno aptly summarized that which would occur over the course of the next several minutes.


Following a final spike of her crotch up against Mimi’s and its consequential oppression of her cervix with cockmeat, the cocks of each of her clones were brought to a stop in relative sequence. Whilst the pair inside her throat and asshole were depressed within their respective orifices to their roots, those worked over by her palms were forcibly stabbed inwards to the point at which Mimi’s grasps were forced down to their midsections.


Then, they exploded.


One after another, voluminous strands of fermented nut exploded from the tips of each of Sakura’s shafts. Each consisting of the same pure-white, tapioca-dense gunk, their contents were vomited out both into and onto Mimi’s body.


The pair that erupted from the shafts within her hands (and the many others that followed them) were haphazardly spewed out into a caking of her torso. First criss-crossing strands across her non-existent bust, these initial strands served as the foundation for the formation of a semen-based macromea that spanned from the peak of her diaphragm straight up to the base of her neck.


Whereas these were allowed free reign in their marring of her body, those that erupted from the trio of cocks buried within her orifices were limited to a much more ‘logical’ inundation of her frame. A loosening of Mimi’s cervix by the bruising stabs delivered against it facilitated the delivery (and adherence) of rope after rope of virile ballsnot to her infertile innards. First bathing its interior with seed before forcing its inflexible meat to swell outwards to contain the growing volume pumped into her, such happenings were ‘expected’ given the events that preceded them.


The same was true of her throat and asshole. As each of the shafts pressed into her were directed toward the same vacant reservoir, the glutted expulsions of seed that left them coalesced uniformly in an inundation of her recently-emptied stomach. Several inches of esophagus lining and far more of her intestinal tract were nastily basted with semen throughout the process, though the vast majority of each payload was successfully delivered into a pooling, and then a becoming swelling of Mimi’s stomach.


Through these orgasms, the woman responsible for them regained a fraction of her reason. Nevertheless dogged by the euphoria of her orgasms, Sakura was edged towards a compromise between the pleasure buzzing within her brain, and the approach of Mimi’s physical limit.


Simultaneously, a signal was funneled to each of her clones. In time with it, each of them messily tore their spewing members from Mimi’s body, and took hold of them with their dominant hands. Freeing herself of the orgasmic quiver imposed by Mimi’s folds at the latest possible juncture, Sakura followed suit, and afterwards resumed her perverse puppeteering of the bodies surrounding Mimi.


Sliding her grasp up to the tip of her member, she began stroking its sex-greased helmet with a desperate intent.


Keeping time with their creator, each of her clones took to pumping themselves with the very same vigor. Each working with their own form of lubrication, a storm of squelching noises produced from the choking of five sex-worn members again consumed the bedroom.


Beckoned by it, Mimi refused to take the vacation of Sakura’s cocks from her body as ‘down time’. Rolling flat onto her back, she presented her semen-splattered (and fattened) front, and afterwards raised both of her hands up to level with her mouth. As she extended their index and middle fingers into a pair of peace signs, a smile made all the more perverse by her missing incisor spread across her lips.


“Splatter your cock juice all over me, Mommy!” she begged. “Rape my slutty baby body with your gooey nut-sludge! I want to be covered with so much that I start t’stink with it~!”


To this, Sakura could produce only a single response. Having only recently finished with 5 nearly-consecutive orgasms, she instructed her clones to work themselves as best as possible to grant the perverse request that she had been charged with.


As failure was not an option—a circumstance imposed by the weight that remained plugged up within the base of her crotch—Sakura fabricated a form of success for herself. Trembling and twitching, an orgasmic moan finally burst from her lips and those of her copies. Subsequently, yet another timed expulsion of cock juice from her split members began in earnest. Entirely directed at Mimi’s body, pungent and muddy strands of semen flew at the tiny target constituted by her frame from five distinct angles. Noodle-like in length and considerably thicker than those that had been pumped into her holes, the initial strands of the renewed salvo were laid out across her frame as decorations for the pudge of her belly, or a grimy garnish for her exposed facial features.


At the deluge’s end—a full 30 seconds after its initiation—Mimi’s wish had been granted. Whereas her face remained more or less discernable underneath the half-blankets of semen matted atop it, discerning her pale flesh apart from the stinking and steaming seed that covered it was no longer possible…

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