Max's Journey

BY : Goodboy
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Disclaimer: I do NOT own Pokemon or its characters or beings. This is simply a fan-created parody and I make no money from it.

It was a late night in the Hoenn region, the air was cool and there were the surprisingly calm noises of Mighteyana's howling filling the air. There was only one problem though, while not many were stirring, there was one boy. One boy who was stirring quite loudly, I might add.

Max was in nothing but his underwear in bed, trying to sleep. He was too anxious, however, his tenth birthday was merely three hours ago and his journey would begin soon. He was frankly surprised that May provided him with a Pokemon, rather than letting him get his own from the professor.

He began thinking about what he wanted to do, contests or Gym battles. It was a question he was asking himself for quite a while. Would he follow in the footsteps of May and go for contests or would he be more like Ash and battle for Gym Badges? It was a thought that was heavy on his mind, it never really struck his mind until that night, not everyone can be a Pokemon Coordinator, which is something he learned while helping maintain the Gym.

Max groaned and rolled around in bed, annoyed he couldn't think of the answer he so desperately desired. Max then came face to face with his starter Pokemon; Munchlax. Even though it's been a while since May left, sure, she came back to wish him a happy birthday yesterday and to drop off Munchlax, but other than that she was still on her journey and showed no signs of stopping. 

Max hugged Munchlax, he was happy to have Munchlax as a companion, he just wished he knew what path he wanted. "Contest or Gym battle . . ." Max mumbled over and over.

After a good five times of mumbling, Max fell asleep cuddling Munchlax.


When Max woke up he grabbed his signature green shirt, charcoal pants, and multicolored shoes. He then grabbed his glasses and put them on, letting him see with better clarity. "Oh, I guess Munchlax returned to his Pokeball." He mumbled and went to grab his messenger bag his dad gave him.

Max packed everything he needed, including a jacket and scarf. He slung his bag over his shoulder and took a deep breath before making his way down. It was then he realized where Munchlax was as he heard clattering bottles from the kitchen.

Max went over to the kitchen to see Munchlax scavenging the fridge, no doubt looking for something to eat. He sighed as he couldn't believe Munchlax had returned to his Pokeball instead of searching for food. "Munchlax return." Max said as he held up the Pokeball, causing Munchlax to fade into a red light.

"Munchlax won't be gone long," said Norm who was sitting on a chair in the kitchen table, sipping on a cup of coffee. "He didn't find anything to eat."

"I'll give him some Pokeblocks later today," Max said and put the Pokeball back in his bag. He then hugged Norman to say goodbye and then did the same to his mother and then left on his journey to . . . whatever he has chosen.

Max took a single step outside and took a deep breath. He couldn't put a finger on it but, the air smelled . . . sweeter than normal. Maybe it's the idea that he is finally free to travel the world. He settled on that idea, after all, he's been wanting to do be a trainer for the longest time. But, he never completely thought of what type of trainer. 

He was soon off through the woods to go to the first town on his way to be the very best.

What will Max find in his travels? New companions? New adventures? Maybe a romance or two? Only time will tell as the story continues.

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