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This was a request by a friend that I served with.


Chapter 1: meeting


Viktoriya was a lady who had taken on a career as a teacher at J town high school, after a somewhat successful career as an Army Helicopter pilot. She was fairly well respected among the staff and even the students, as some of them had the opportunity to meet her before the school year started. She left her hometown to go into the service, and used her college money for just that, a degree in education.

She hung and Army flag, pennants and pictures of her old helicopter in the classroom, mostly to keep her memories close to her. Some of the staff were concerned that some students might find such things offensive, but she had the perfect response. "If they're actually offended by me displaying what my old career was, they'll do something about it." She told the principal in a meeting before the first day. "They'll probably whine to their parents and make something up, spreading it all around social media with headlines like 'insensitive teacher forces students to look at something'. I'm also willing to bet that the ones who will claim it to be offensive are just really lazy, and will say something like how they won't do any schoolwork until I take it down."

"I know how it goes. It's your classroom, and that is actually what you used to do, so it's not like you're lying about it." The principal replied.

"I'm almost expecting that to happen in my first week."


Tanya was at the age of 14, just going from middle school to high school, this after being advanced a couple of grades for her high GPA and testing ability. She was sharp as a razor, calm as could be in public, but had a bit of a dark side. She had forsaken the religion that her parents regularly tried to get her into, feeling as though it was a joke, due to many inaccuracies and illogical occurrences. She went so far as to become quite the sinner, in direct defiance to her parents' religion. While they had not problem with her expressing her own form of religion, they still made sure she had everything she needed to get along in life.

She didn't commit any dangerous sins like harming or killing anyone, but wasn't against the idea. She did indulge in what were considered deadly sins, like lust and gluttony. Always wanting more of everything, money, food, drink and so on. Her weight stayed roughly the same due to her metabolism, which allowed her to eat or drink whatever she wanted without consequences.

With lust, she had become intimate with her partners. One was a boy she met in middle school, who she only really hooked up with for her own pleasure, never really caring if he was also satisfied. She did make sure she did as much physically as she could with him, as premarital relations were something her parents' religion was against. Another was a girl she met in her last year of middle school, who she wanted to be with since homosexuality was so abhorred by her parents' religion.

The two would become acquainted on the first day of school.


Just as she had expected, during her first day, one of the students claimed they were offended by Viktoriya's flag and other decorations. It was in the last period of the daily four periods, but didn't surprise her. "I can't believe you would want to work for those baby killing home wreckers." The student said.

"Oh? I can. For the simple fact that we only ever really shot at people who shot at us first or who were planning on killing us." She responded calmly.

"So a little boy was trying to kill you?"

"The one who had a missile launcher and fired it at my chopper, yes. He actively tried to kill me. Or was I supposed to just let him kill me?"

"You had no business being there in the first place."

"No more than the boy for taking that launcher and trying to kill me when I had done nothing to him."

The student was becoming irate upon being countered so calmly. "You were invading his homeland! He had every right to fight you!"

"Okay, so if someone comes here to try and take your home and kill you, will you take up arms and fight?"

"No. It isn't my job."

"Then don't complain until people like me actively say we won't help you when the enemy kicks down your door. When they take your parents and line them up on the wall for disagreeing. and when they put you in a work camp or something, you might have room to complain. Until then, stop trying to use what you say is my 'offensive' career as an excuse to not do any schoolwork. You're entitled to your opinion, and like the saying goes, I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

The student was now more flustered from being shut down in such a way. "I wasn't going to use it as an excuse."

"Yet you took the time of day to say it to the whole class, getting everyone including yourself to stop and pay attention to you instead of your work."

Tanya sat there, quietly impressed by the quick and cool handling of the situation. "She'll be mine, teacher or no."

After class, she decided to stop and have a word with her teacher. "I like how you handled that situation with the other student. A lesser woman would've gotten angry."

"Thank you. I try to be as polite and courteous as possible. It tends to have a negative effect on people who are only used to arguing and not debating."

"I'm Tanya. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Tanya said, shaking Viktoriya's hand.

"Oh, YOU'RE Tanya. I saw your file, and it appears you skipped a couple of grades. Head of the class for essentially the entire time you've been in school. I've actually wanted to meet someone as bright as yourself."

"The feeling is mutual. I've been waiting to meet someone who has taken up arms in defense of country. Might I ask your rank?"

"Major. I received my rank after going through ROTC, then West Point Academy after that."

"What would you say was the toughest part of it all?"

Viktoriya sipped her coffee and thought for a moment. "Probably West Point. Everything you did there was held to a high standard. Everything from how your shoes were shined to how your salad bar was arranged, how your hair was kept to even how you were standing. But it instills a degree of discipline and order that lasts."

"I don't want to try and be a suck up, but if you need any assistance with anything in class, just let me know. I'll be glad to help."

Viktoriya looked at her watch and looked back up at Tanya. "Aren't you going to miss the bus?"

"I don't take the bus. I live in the neighborhood right over there, other side of the track. I can walk." She chuckled lightly. "Speaking of which, I may try out for track."

"I think it's wonderful that you're not only smart, but looking to get into some form of sports as well. If I can offer any help, you let me know."


That night, Tanya laid awake in bed, thinking about her teacher and how she would go about seducing her. She thought about doing something like planting something and blackmailing her. "No, if I'm going to get her, I want it to be legit. Nothing that directly illegal."

She thought the opportunity might present itself soon enough, as she had volunteered to help if it was needed, where she may be able to get more information on how to get to her goal. She started thinking about taking pictures of herself to send to her at some point and decided to go with it. She went into her bathroom and stripped down completely. She used the long mirror to take pictures of herself, nude from head to toe. She also took a few selfies of herself, doing things such as holding her breasts and looking at the camera seductively.

After getting her pictures together, she went back to bed. "Hmm... Still naked, thinking about the teacher. Guess I'll do something."

She started touching herself while thinking about Viktoriya. The thought of getting with her pushed her along quicker than normal. After finishing, she pulled the covers up on herself. "That was amazing. I can't wait to be underneath her." She whispered as she smiled, fading off into sleep.


The next few days went by fast enough, the weekend soon upon them. Viktoriya asked Tanya to stay behind and help her grade homework. Tanya called home and let her parents know she would be staying at the school a little longer. Viktoriya handed her an answer key for the homework and they began grading. Along the way, Viktoriya excused herself to use the restroom, leaving Tanya in the room by herself. Tanya noticed Viktoriya's personal laptop was still open, not sleeping and unlocked. "I think I might have struck gold here."

She plugged a USB flash drive into the laptop and copied the folder titled "personal" to the drive, then disconnected it an put it in her pocket. The idea wasn't blackmail, but trying to find some of her personal likes and maybe use them to get closer. Viktoriya returned and resumed grading. They finished after awhile, and before they both left, Tanya asked for a selfie with her. "Umm, okay. That's a bit unusual, but I don't really see any harm in it."

They stood together, Viktoriya keeping her hands together, making sure not to put a hand on Tanya and making sure her hands were visible, to keep possible allegations at bay for anyone who saw the picture. "Can I get a hug?" Tanya asked sweetly.

"Sorry, no. We hardly know each other, and aside from that, teachers and students can't get that close without someone blaming the teacher. Not saying that would be you, but I just can't risk it."

"I'll get that hug from you eventually." Tanya said, jokingly.

When she made it home, she put the flash drive in her computer and looked at the folder she copied. It was mostly phone numbers of family and friends, pictures from inside her house, recipes for homemade wine and a personal schedule that mostly revolved around the school. "Heh, that's a nice couch you have there. By the end of the school year, you'll be nailing me on it." She whispered to herself.

One thing in particular caught her eye, which was a folder within that folder, which was just titled 'new folder'. She opened it and found exactly what she was looking for. She saw pictures of anime girls with slender bodies, wearing everything from thighhigh socks and frilly skirts to nothing at all. She found pictures of the anime girls posing in certain ways. "Might not even be the end of the school year and you'll be hitting this." She also whispered to herself, remembering that she had outfits fairly close to what she saw in the pictures, and she was also quite flexible, so she could certainly pull off the poses. "Get ready, I'm coming for you."


Monday morning brought students and staff back to classes and Tanya was determined to really put the pressure on her teacher, with the intent of making herself irresistible. She wore her regular school shoes, but wore thighhigh socks under them, as well as a frilly skirt similar to one of the girls in the pictures. Her shirt was nothing special, just a cream colored t shirt. When she finally made it to fourth period, she walked past Viktoriya and said hello as usual. "You seem awfully chipper today. What's the occasion?" Viktoriya asked.

"Nothing in particular. Just feeling good is all." Tanya answered, taking a pose like in the pictures.

Viktoriya felt her heart skip a beat, concerned as to how Tanya suddenly resembled the pictures she kept on her laptop. She paid it little mind, and didn't want to talk about it, as talking would most likely only raise suspicion about her tastes. Class went on as usual, passing by fast enough. At the end of the day, Tanya stayed behind, as was commonplace now. She took a seat next to Viktoriya's desk and they talked. "So, do you like my new outfit? I'm thinking of doing a monthly theme. Like this month will be the 'cute girl' look, next week might be... I don't know, maybe some sort of uniform."

"It's kind of funny, I have a thing for outfits like that. Just caught me off guard, is all." Viktoriya said, trying to play it off.

"Oh, I had no idea you liked stuff like this. I didn't know it would make you uncomfortable. I can wear something different tomorrow."

"You can wear whatever you want to. What either of us like shouldn't dictate how the other decides to dress."

"Are you sure? If it'll make things uneasy, I can wear something else."

"You're fine. Wear what you want."

That night at home, Tanya pleasured herself again, thinking of how she is already making progress on her mission. She looked at her phone and kissed the screen with their picture together on it. "Hell, you might even propose to me when it's all said and done."


Tuesday came and Tanya wore a similar outfit, but wore sandals instead of her regular shoes and she cut the toes and heels out of one pair of socks. This seemed to be higher up on Viktoriya's list of things she liked, so Tanya went with it. When she walked into class, she was sure to greet Viktoriya as usual, trying to make her modified socks apparent. "Are you up to something? It seems like you're up to something." She told Tanya.

"What? It's still warm out, and I like to let my feet breathe."

"Fair enough."

Tanya was smart enough that the subject matter was very easy for her, so she spent more of her time contemplating her next moves. The class passed by easily enough, the whole time she sat, thinking and planning. When class was out, she knew what she wanted to do next. She sat next to the desk again, this time adjusting her socks. "These have been bothering me all day."

"Is it the way they're cut?"

"Maybe. It's only really on my feet that they're bothering me..." Tanya trailed off, adjusting her socks at her thighs, making sure the squish of her thigh from the sock was visible. "But not up here."

Viktoriya looked, but tried to be subtle about it. On the inside, she started feeling somewhat attracted to Tanya. "You could always cut them a bit more, so there would be less to need adjusting."

Tanya could tell she was making more progress, based on body language and tone of voice she was picking up on. "Tell you what. I've gotta go, but how bout we exchange numbers? I could use some help with sewing and stitching."

Thinking it was innocent enough, she agreed to exchange information. Tanya went home and decided to make a video for her interest. It started off with her stripping. Then, she started pleasuring herself. When she felt like her video was complete, she burned it to a DVD and put it in her bag for the next day.


Wednesday came and it was the same thing for Tanya, mindlessly go through the school day because the work so far was so easy. The big difference was that this day, Tanya didn't wear a bra, which was immediately noticed by Viktoriya. During class, she thought about it but didn't let anyone see that she was. Tanya was also thinking, but planned on making her first big move.

Tanya again stayed late, sitting with Viktoriya. In a sort of good will gesture, she came clean to a degree. "I wanted to tell you something. I peeked at your laptop and wanted to start dressing like this to become more friendly. Not so much to get you in trouble, rather it was that I wanted you to like me."

Feeling somewhat upset, Viktoriya put her face in her hands. "How much did you see?"

"Enough. I'm really sorry for what I've done. But if you like seeing me dressed this way, I'll keep dressing like this."

"You've got me over a barrel now. Is there anything I can do for you to keep quiet about this?"

"When you say it like that, it sounds like blackmail. But if it'll make you feel better, how about that hug?"

They both stood up and hugged each other tightly. "I feel terrible. Now, my dirty little secret is out there."

"You know... I don't have many friends. Perhaps we could... You know..."

"Are you implying we.. start dating or something? I don't know if I can do that."

"It's understandable. It would look bad for someone in your position."

Viktoriya thought about it for a moment, and she felt like she was in a corner. "If you promise... If you can promise me you won't say anything to anyone, I suppose we could maybe... Start something."

"Are you sure? I don't want you to feel pressured."

Viktoriya nodded a yes. Tanya wrapped her up tight in a hug and started kissing her. Viktoriya didn't fight it, feeling like this was supposed to happen now. "Close your eyes. I've got something for you."

She closed her eyes, waiting for whatever Tanya was going to give her. Tanya slipped her index finger into her lady spot and put it in Viktoriya's mouth. "Was that your..."

"That was my flavor, yes. This is also for you." She replied, handing the DVD to her. "Watch it and give me a call."


Viktoriya put the DVD in the player at home and was immediately shocked by what she saw, but didn't turn it off. She watched the whole thing, then picked up her phone to call Tanya.

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