Date night

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Date night

Standing in front of her full body mirror applying a light layer of lipstick to her lips Kari then struck a pose as she admired herself, her body clad in a tight form fitting sleek dress far more elegant than her normal hot pants and tight top attire “what do you think Gatomon?” she asked her Digital partner who was relaxing on her bed “think T.K. will like it?”

“You are going to drive him wild” Gatomon purred admiring how the dress clung to Kari’s curves showing off the shape of her hips and ass, the feline Digimon licking her lips as Kari gave her hips a little shake to test if the dress still held to her skin as she moved

“Just what I wanted to hear” Kari grinned picking up her purse as the doorbell rang “that’ll be T.K now, don’t make too much of a mess with Patamon, I’m not cleaning up again after last time” the brunette teased as her Digimon’s relationship with T.K’s had grown quite physical lately, possibly inspired by the times they had spied on Kari and T.K going at it like rabbits

“No promises” Gatomon purred back making Kari roll her eyes as she headed to answer the door, stopping to check her reflection one last time in the hallway mirror making sure that the straps of her dress hid her nipples as she had forgone underwear for the date to surprise T.K later

Deeming her appearance as perfect as it could get Kari proceeded to answer the door, tilting her head to the side to let Patamon fly in “someone’s eager” she tittered watching the Rookie Digimon shoot up the stairs towards her bedroom where Gatomon waited for him before turning her gaze back to T.K “you look great” she complimented his choice in a pair of smart jeans and a button up shirt, smart but not too formal

“Thanks, you look amazing” T.K responded as he admired Kari’s dress, the tight form fitting fabric leaving nothing to the imagination and making it obvious that she wasn’t wearing underwear making his loins stir already “ready to go?” he then asked holding out his arm to which Kari happily took hold of winding her arm around it allowing him to take lead as she shut the door behind her leaving Gatomon and Patamon to whatever they had planned for themselves

First for the night was of course the restaurant and Kari was pleasantly surprised by T.K’s choice in restaurant as he led her to a fairly high end establishment, normally when they had a night out they’d go eat at a fast food place as Kari didn’t exactly demand fancy food every time they had a date but flattering to know just how much money T.K was willing to spend on her just so she could enjoy herself

After being shown to their tables and given their menus T.K told Kari that he had been saving up money from a part time job and that she was free to order whatever she wanted for the night, whilst tempted by his offer Kari decided against going for the more expensive meals ordering a Chirashi sushi dish whilst T.K ordered a Miso soup with mussels

“So how have you been? It’s been a while since we’ve had a night to just ourselves” T.K asked as it had been a couple month since they had last spent a night out with just the two of them

“I’ve been good, kinda busy with college work and stuff, sometimes Gatomon needs help in the Digital World but I’m sure you know all about that with Patamon” Kari replied to which T.K nodded, there was always Digimon causing trouble in the Digital World that needed seeing to especially those who wished to crossover into the human world and either try to take over or just destroy as much as they could “I’ve missed you”

Smiling at the gesture T.K reached forward to take her hand rubbing the back of it with his thumb “I’ve missed you too Kari”

Smiling herself at his words and gesture Kari’s smile quickly turned lustful however “no T.K, I’ve MISSED you” she repeated with a purr as she glanced around, checking that no one was looking before quickly sliding the straps of her dress from her shoulders freeing her full perky tits to him making T.K’s eyes widen at her actions

Smirking at his shocked expression Kari pulled her hand away and took the chance to slide under the table disappearing under the long table cloth, the brunette going straight for his pants working them open and fishing out his fat meaty cock as T.K was forced to look as casual as possible whilst the waiter came with his and Kari’s food

“She’s in the washroom” T.K quickly answered when the waiter inquired about Kari’s whereabouts, thankfully that was enough to send the waiter away as T.K proceeded to try to eat as calmly as he could whilst Kari took his cock into her eager mouth, the slut moaning loudly as she felt him harden against her tongue and push down her throat making her eyes roll back for a moment at his heady taste

She had always wanted to do this with T.K, hell even Davis or Ken would have sufficed, giving a blowjob until the table at a restaurant was so cliché but still oh so arousing, her cunt dripping already making her thankful that she had gone with a black dress to help hide how wet she was, her throat opening up for him as her balls nursed and fondled his heavy balls

“Damn it Kari, if we get caught…” T.K hissed as quietly as possible as shivers of pleasure shot up his spine, unsure if Kari could even hear him but she tittered around his cock all the same, the warm wet heat of her mouth, tongue and throat staying for a few moments before she pulled away, T.K letting out a small sigh of relief thinking that she had had her fun

That was until he felt the soft warmth of her breasts encasing his cock nearly making him groan out loud with pleasure, blond only just able to stifle himself with a cough as Kari worked her tits up and down his shaft whilst her lips and tongue worked his cock head, his dick starting to throb near immediately as precum pooled on her tongue only making her work harder

Gripping his knife and fork tighter T.K had to bite his tongue to prevent himself from making a noise as he finally climaxed inside Kari’s mouth, the brunette letting every drop of it fill her mouth to the brim before she hungrily swallowed everything he had given her, her cunt clenching as she felt like she was going to orgasm from the taste and texture alone

Leisurely enjoying the feeling of his cum sliding down her throat Kari then finally fixed her dress and climbed out from under the table when T.K gave her the all clear, her food now a little cold but she couldn’t care less, the frazzled look on T.K’s face making her actions all the more worth it

After eating and paying for their meal T.K revealed the next part of their night out, leading Kari to the park in which they had spent their first ever date as kids, the realisation making Kari blush and cling to his arm harder as her heart literally fluttered a little “it’s been a while since we’ve last been here together” she sighed as she rested her head on his shoulder

“Yeah it has, although I’ll admit I was here last week” T.K replied

“Oh? By yourself?”

“Nah, I came with Sora”

A sly smile came to Kari’s lips at the mention of the older brunette “oh? Where you just hanging out or…”

“Behind that tree over there” T.K cut her off grinning down at her “had her bent over and screaming my name, I’m surprised no one caught us”

A shiver shot up Kari’s spine as she let out a little moan of arousal “that must have been so hot”

“Neither of us were complaining” T.K smirked noticing the flush on Kari’s cheeks and how she was biting her lip bringing an idea to his mind “come on” he urged her pulling her towards the very tree he had mentioned, Kari happily following letting out a soft gasp of arousal as he pressed her up against it and slid down her body

“T.K…..” she keened as he parted her dress and lifted her leg to reveal her dripping slit, the blond giving her a dark almost wolfish look making her cunt clench with desire before leaning in to press his tongue to her slit making Kari cry out, her head banging back against the tree as her hands grabbed at his hair

Panting loudly as his tongue went to work on her Kari moved one hand up to slide the straps of her dress off of her shoulders and down her arms to free her heaving tits to the cool evening air, letting them bounce with her ragged breath as she didn’t bother with keeping herself quiet “oh fuck…you’re so much better than Davis at this…” she keened as T.K added a finger alongside her tongue making her toes curl in her shoes

Growling lustfully against her cunt as his ego swelled at her words, adding another finger inside of her whilst pressing his thumb to her clit making her gasp breathlessly “I’m gonna cum…” she whined as her groin tightened, her cunt clenching around his tongue and fingers which only encouraged him to work her insides harder

With a few more heated pants Kari then let out a shameless scream of ecstasy as she orgasmed hard all over T.K’s tongue and fingers, her entire body shaking as she held his head in place, rolling her hips whilst his tongue and fingers continued to work her through her climax reducing her to a shaking mess against the tree

As her climax died down Kari held T.K in place for a few moments more before finally letting him stand back up, the brunette still unable to move her legs letting him correct her dress for her “it’s getting late, wanna head back?” he asked as he let Kari hold his arm and balance against him

Shaking her head Kari just looked up at him with a dirty smile “I know a place we can go” she purred as she pulled on T.K’s arm encouraging him to lead her whilst she gave him directions

Following Kari’s directions T.K was surprised to find that she had led him to a small seedy looking love hotel, the brunette explaining that she had been there a few times before with Davis, Ken and even Sora whenever they were in the area and the mood had struck them, T.K paying a measly few hundred yen for the room to which Kari eagerly led him to it leaving her shoes behind when they fell off of her feet in her eagerness

Within moments of entering their room the pair had their clothes scattered all over the floor and T.K was laid out on his back on the bed with Kari on top of him in the sixty nine position, well almost as she balanced herself on her feet with her legs out straight holding her ass high in the air, her back dipping down as she hungrily sucked her lovers cock using her position to take his dick as deep down her neck as it could possible go whilst giving T.K of her cunt, tits and her bulging throat

“Fuck Kari…” the blond groaned as the brunette hungrily sucked and slurped on his shaft, coating it with drool as she pumped her head as fast as she could “you’re such a cock hungry whore” he growled making Kari visibly wetter as she swayed her hips over him

Humming around his cock Kari then pulled her mouth from it grinning as she hung her head upside down to look back at him “damn right I am, especially for this fat monster” she purred wrapping one of her hands around his thick ten incher stroking him fluidly as she ran her tongue along it as well “god I love this cock” she then simpered taking it back into her mouth to resume the blowjob tasting his precum on her tongue

Panting with pleasure T.K reached down to grasp at Kari’s head, pumping it faster along his cock as he bucked his hips until finally he came down her throat for the second time that night, Kari’s cheeks bulging out as her eyes rolled back in perverted pleasure, her throat bulging out with each loud gulp of cum that she zealously swallowed

Upon swallowing his load Kari pulled back for air, panting and gasping as she openly drooled all over his crotch before lowering her head again to kiss along his cock and balls, showing him just how much she loved his cock before moving to straddle his waist reverse cowgirl style

Far too into it to even consider teasing him Kari slammed herself down on his cock letting out a shriek of ecstasy as his huge cock filled her tight teen cunt perfect, her groin bulging out as she balanced herself on her toes pressing her hands back against T.K’s stomach “fuck! Fuck you’re so fucking big!” she cried out not caring enough to keep quiet with the walls of the hotel being paper thin, hell she wouldn’t even care if it was one of the love hotels that secretly recorded its guests fucking, in fact the idea only turned her on more as she started to ride T.K with everything she had

Gritting his teeth as Kari rode his cock T.K raised his arms to grab her wrists, pulling her arms back with them as he thrust up into her making her bounce harder and scream louder, her tits bouncing hard enough to nearly reach her face as she gave in completely to her lust and pleasure, her hips pumping and rolling as fast and hard as she could as sweat began to glisten on her skin “I’m cumming! Oh fuck I’m fucking cumming!”

As Kari screamed out her orgasm T.K let go of her wrists and sat up, hooking his arms under her legs and raising them up to clasp his hands behind her head trapping the brunette in a full nelson position, the sudden change in position making Kari gasp and keen as her orgasm was prolonged by T.K holding her in place and harshly thrusting up into her, her eyes crossing as she drooled through clenched teeth

In this position Kari clenched much tighter around him bringing T.K to climax much faster than he had intended, the blond only lasting a few minutes more before burying his entire cock into Kari’s cunt unloading deep inside of her settling off a series of small but repeated orgasms through the brunette leaving her as a shuddering mess

Panting heavily T.K fell back onto the bed releasing Kari to let her lie motionless on top of him as both of them got their breath back “well, that didn’t end the way I had planned” T.K admitted making Kari giggle

“Well what did you have planned? Rose petals and a bubble bath? This was more fun and you know it” she tittered to which T.K just nodded with a dry chuckle “we definitely need to make more time for nights like this more often”

“No complaints there”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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