Sand, sea and fun

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Sand, sea and fun

Nami sighed as she laid out naked on her front on the towel she had placed down on the hot sand, the Navigator happy that the Thousand Sunny had stopped at a little seemingly deserted island so that they could actually rest without the feeling of the ship rocking with the waves

After Sanji and Franky scouted out the island to make sure that there was nothing outright dangerous to them on it Nami took the chance to get some alone time, stripping down to her bikini and taking a towel to enjoy the sun and some peace and quiet

Now her bikini top and bottoms were lying on the sand next to her as she finally got to enjoy some naked sunbathing, loving the feeling of the hot sunlight on her bare skin as she rested her head on her crossed arms, her full round ass swaying slightly with her hips as she rested her eyes

Turning over so that her front could get some sun as well Nami’s eyes snapped open at the sound of approaching footsteps but before she could sit up and cover herself her vision was blocked by a straw hat being placed on her face “found you” Luffy chuckled as he proceeded to sit down next to Nami whilst she removed his hat from her face and placed it upon her head

“So much for privacy” Nami sighed with a slight smile happy that it was Luffy who had found her instead of any of the others

“Sanji was worrying about you so I said I’d look for you” Luffy explained as he reclined back on the sand “he honestly thought something had taken you and needed saving”

“He worries far too much” the redhead tittered as she glanced back where Luffy had come from “where is everyone?”

“Back on the ship, Zoro found some fruits and Sanji got an idea for a new kind of drink so he’s having everyone taste test it for him”

Nodding Nami allowed herself to relax lying down next to Luffy as they both enjoyed the sun, it was a rare occasion in which they had any real privacy just to themselves, yes they could lock themselves away in their cabins but the wooden walls of the ship was only so thick and there was always the chance of one of the crew knocking on their door needing something

Moving her hand to rest it on Luffy’s forearm Nami then opened her eyes as she realised that they essentially had a small island all to themselves and the Thousand Sunny was far enough away that the rest of the crew would most likely not be able to hear them let alone see them

The redhead smiled at the realisation as her hand moved from her Captains arm to the scarred six pack on his front drawing his attention “hey Luffy” she breathed as she proceeded to roll over and straddle her lovers waist, biting her lip as her bare cunt pressed against the material of his shorts “wanna fool around?” she grinned grinding her hips to press her core harder to his groin as she cupped her full heavy breasts

She could tell by his eyes darkening and his groin stiffening that he was interested especially when his hands joined hers on her breasts making her close her eyes at the sensation of his calloused hide on her soft skin “you sure you want to risk getting caught?” he asked as Nami proceeded to take one of his fingers and stretch it up to her mouth for her to bite on

“You said it yourself, everyone’s back on the Sunny, we’ve got this whole place to ourselves, you look me in the eye and tell me that you’ve never wanted to tap this sweet ass on a beach” she purred around his finger reaching back to spank herself hard to punctuate her point, her glistening ass jiggling from the hit as any doubts Luffy had about the act quickly melted away, his hands grabbing at her ass making the redhead gasp and purr “I’ll take that as a yes”

Grinding down harder on him Nami then moved her hands to his pants, undoing the zipper and button before letting out a gasp of delight as his hard cock sprang free and slapped against her groin, a shudder of pleasure running up her spine

Chewing her lip Nami took hold of Luffy’s thick manhood and through stroking and gentle pulling she moulded it from its already impressive ten inch length to a mighty fifteen inches making her drool slightly, the Navigator then proceeding to move to her feet squatting over his cock eagerly pressing the head to her now moist cunt, the soft puffy lips parting to accept his broad cock head making her moan and gasp as she felt herself stretch to accommodate him

“Fuck Luffy you’re so damn big! Just how I like it!” Nami cried out as she finally took him down to the base, her cunt and womb stuffed to the brim as her body shook with pleasure at the feeling of being so full

Gritting his teeth as Nami began to grind down on him the Captain moved his hands from her ass to her heaving breasts, digging his fingers into the firm yet soft flesh making the Navigator moan shamelessly, the emptiness of the beach and the island allowing her to be as long as she wanted as she relished the feeling of the sun on her naked skin whilst her lovers cock stretched out her insides “fuck I love your fucking cock!”

“Shit Nami…tight…” Luffy grunted as Nami started bouncing erratically on his cock, her insides squeezing so hard it actually started to mould and shape his hard cock as he moved his hands from her tits to her hips letting her breasts bounce with her as she screamed shamelessly to the sky in ecstasy

Gripping the Navigators waist tighter Luffy then sat up, burying his head in her cleavage as he started to buck his hips making Nami scream out as she wrapped her arms around him in response, the sudden bucking of his hips making her body shake and spasm in orgasm

Letting her ride out her orgasm for nearly a minute Luffy then changed their positions again, pushing Nami down onto her back before hanging her legs over his shoulders, his thrusts going harder and deeper as he fucked her into the sand making her breasts bounce even harder “yes Luffy! Right there! Harder! Fuck me harder!” Nami begged as she felt Luffy’s cock swell and throb inside of her “that’s it! Cum in me!”

And cum he did, the Captain slamming balls deep into Nami’s cunt making her back arch and her head roll back with a breathless cry of ecstasy at the feeling of his hot cum flooding her insides, her toes curling in the air as her eyes widened and dilated, the intense pleasure making her drool slightly as her body shook wildly beneath her lover

Panting heavily as he rode out his climax Luffy then slowly pulled out letting his cock shrink back to its original size, the Captain grinning down at Nami who now lay exhausted and sweaty on the sand “we should head back otherwise Sanji’s gonna come looking for you” he pointed out taking hold of Nami’s hand to pull her up only for Nami to shake her head and pull her hand away

“More…” she moaned as she then rolled onto her front to bare her fat ass to him, looking back over her shoulder at him with lustful eyes as she shook her ass for him knowing full well that he could never resist it

Several hours later Luffy and Nami finally returned to the Thousand Sunny, Nami with a limp and Luffy with a lot of explaining to do

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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