On my knees for my boyfriend’s straight flatmate

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It’s was Monday and Sting woke up early to go to work. In the apartment it was just me (Natsu) and Pablo, Sting’s flat mate and lifelong friend.

I laid naked on the bed, lazy and horny. I wondered what was Pablo doing. Yesterday evening he came back from a weekend out rock climbing, we heard him from Sting’s room. As usual he dumped his stuff in the entrance, peed and brushed his teeth to immediately after crash on his bed.


I woke up, put on my yesterday’s underwear and disposed to go to the bathroom. When I opened the door I found the handsome Pablo, with just a loose sport short pants that did nothing to hide his morning glory. Very sleepy, almost a zombie (usual Pablo in the morning) said “morning Natsu, I’m done, bathroom’s yours. If you need me I’ll be in my room wiggling my junk.”


“Single’s morning wank? Kind of sad.” – I replied a bit too daring.


“Single’s doom.” – he answered.


“I can help you with that.” – I replied, probably crossing a red line.


“Haha, you crazy Natsu.” – He replied back, with his playful tone that always teased me.


“Now really, let me help you. Best wank ever, warranted.” – I said serious. I was going all in. Pablo was a walking temptation for me, sleeping just a couple meters away from me when I stayed the night with Sting. Sometimes when we fucked, I thought in him. I had to try him.


Pablo looked at me, “is he serious?” he wondered.  We knew each other, but that was maybe too much. I was horny and he was my weakness and then I had him naked and hard in front of me. The fantasy that brought me so many orgasms just became real.


“Dead serious. No love, no compromise, just a service.” – I clarified to him.


“Haha, Natsu. Don’t make fun of me.” – He said.


“I mean, you’ll jerk off anyway this morning, why not getting a free blowjob from someone who is a master at it? Nobody will know about it!” – I pushed him again, trying to sell my proposal the best I could.



I decided it was time to act. I kneeled on the floor, rubbing my face against his perfect hairy guy legs. I sniffed his balls over the underwear; bliss and need on my face.


“Please, let me blow you!” I demanded.


I licked the fabric of the boxers over the tip of his semi erect shaft.


“Man, you are nuts! I come from two days of rock climbing; I’ve started curing cheese down there!” – He warned as I took action.


“I don’t care, I like it this way! You just sit on the bed and have a good time.” I said.



Pablo was unshowered and a bit scruffy but he is the kind of guy who smells well when he doesn’t. Unlike sweaty fat guys, his athletic flesh gets a sweet male scent, intense but nothing unpleasant - the smell of dried young sweat, sunscreen and sea salt after a weekend of camping and extreme sports. I liked that and I didn’t mind the strong cheese behind his foreskin.


Without a verbal response, he accepted my proposal and I did everything I knew to give him the best blowjob he had ever gotten. At the beginning he tried not to like what I was doing, but after the first moments of embarrassment he loosened up and let himself enjoy. I made sure to prove him I was completely devoted to his pleasure and I devoured his entire length. A hard start! I pushed my face on his groin, until my nose was pressed against his trimmed furry crotch and his balls touched my chin. I sniffed heavily to sense his arousing aroma. The scent triggered an animal lust response in me, driving me crazy horny.


I followed with more cock slurping, eating that uncut dong like it was the tastiest meat I had ever eaten (I think it was). I took great care not to touch the gland with my teeth and to be as smooth and intense I could. A premium professional service. I started slow and rhythmical and I speeded up slowly. He did nothing to stop me and more importantly, moaned sometimes. After a couple of minutes I switched to my hands and asked if he was OK and if he liked it. He smiled and nodded yes. Before swallowing his junk again, I noticed a small drop of precum building up on the urethra. I reconfirmed it when I tasted it. Salty, silky and intense, his delicious precum confirmed his arousal.

Once I had made him climb past halfway to the orgasm, I stopped and looked Pablo in the eyes.


“Do you want to bring this to the next level?” – I asked.


He looked at me with big eyes; still not believing I would let him fuck my backdoor. Pablo had slept with a myriad of girls, but very few had actually consented anal sex with him. I was offering him real guiltless quality gay sex. Before he said anything, I released his cock from my mouth and I carefully pushed him on the chest, leaving him lying on his back.


-As most of his body, his chest was pure perfection to me. Sculpted in the rocks and slowly toasted under the Mediterranean sun, with just the perfect amount of trimmed hair – a delight to relish with the five senses!-

I climbed on him while I removed my underwear. At that point I had already started relaxing and preparing my ass for premium hands free dick rubbing. Surprised with my audacity, Pablo just contemplated the spectacle, unsure of doing anything. I spat on my hand and lubed up the tip of his shaft. Next I asked him to spit on my hand, he did. I used his warm saliva to lube up my asshole and without losing a second; I aligned his head to my entrance and pushed gently until his gland disappeared inside me. “You are in”. I started slowly. I fucked his stiff rod while he remained immobile, amazed by my voracious sexual appetite and perhaps concerned with my butt health.

After a handful of thrusts, I went deeper until I was left sitting on his groin with his full length impaling me.


“Still all’s good?” - I asked.


He nodded and added “You are a fakir damn it!”.

I increased the rhythm and I started fucking his cock at cruiser speed. I saw in his face he was finally enjoying my sex without restrains and even helped me with synced thrusts. After several minutes of satisfaction grins and sweat drops, he’s about to come, and being a considerate guy, he warns me. I tell him it’s OK, that he’s special and that I’ll be proud of taking the seed of such a sexy and manly dude.

At this point I’m struggling to hold my orgasm, but I want to wait for him and see him unloading in me- plus, if I cum over him, this might turn him back.

I speed up my dance on his rod and finally he orgasms. His cock explodes with semen inside me and fills my little twink butt while I keep riding him and beating my dick. His spunk leaks between his cock and my asshole, getting tangled in his trimmed furry crotch. I struggle to hold my cum for one more second, while I free my cock from my hands, so he can see how my orgasm is all because of him. After a couple more of powerful pounds on his cum dripping cock, I cum hands free, on myself and on his stomach. I seize his last moments of erection to pleasure my asshole during the afterglow of my orgasm. Then I disconnect myself from his rod and I bend to carefully clean my semen from his ripped abs with the tongue. I slurp it all, and doing so I take perhaps my last chance of sniffing his tanned skin. His sexy aroma blurs my mind for one last time. I swallow.

I try to be practical, the party is over. I get a towel from the chair nearby (his room is really a dirty mess) and I further clean his semen from his groin and my butt - still dripping.


“I’ll put this straight into the washing machine.” – I say. Pablo doesn’t answer. I think I’ve left him a bit confused - just what I wanted.


“Well Pablo, from my part, just to let you know that I’ve fucking loved it and that if you ever don’t feel like jerking off, my mouth and my ass are all yours, whenever, handsome. Finally, just to clarify, we should keep this a secret. I’m good with Sting and I don’t want to mess the relationship for a random fuck with his best friend and flat mate. What do you say?” – I continue.


“Well, I don’t really know what to say. It’s been… it’s been interesting for sure. You can stay calm, I’ll keep it a secret, please don’t tell anyone either. I’m not sure about…” – Pablo said, cutely unsure of what to say and a bit shamed.

“Shh, you don’t have to say anything now. Just keep in mind that anytime you have me around you can have me. It will be an honor for me. That said I’ll go have a quick shower. If you need anything, I’ll leave the door open.


I caught the dirty towel and my underwear and walked to the bathroom with Pablo’s still hot cum sliding down my inner thigh. I was happy; I just accomplished my current most desired sexual fantasy. I just pleasured my boyfriend’s straight hot flat mate. I was a bit concerned of Sting suspecting something because Pablo could act weird. They are best friends after all, but I’m also sure Pablo won’t say anything unnecessary. I showered quickly and tried to empty my insides of Pablo’s cum. I felt sexy to wear him inside, but it’s just impractical to go around cream-filled. I cleaned my teeth, dressed up, tidied up Sting’s room and put the dirty towels in the washing machine. I said good bye to Pablo and I went to college. On my way, I recalled the big time I just had and hoped Pablo would want to repeat, and maybe have me as his personal sex slut. I fantasized about him waking up horny again and making me clean and suck his dick or just wanting to fuck my butt. Maybe one day he could invite his friends over and offer me to blow them. But perhaps my imagination was going a bit too wild and my aspirations of gay bottom twink of being fucked my many sexy manly dudes were too high.


This may not be the end of the story.

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