Swapping Angels

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Swapping Angels

“Well hello big boy” Kari purred as Angemon stood in front of her, her eyes glued to his thick throbbing erection as she knelt naked on her bed, her cunt glistening with arousal as she then proceeded to crawl forward towards the Digimon

She was so glad that she had made the decision to ask T.K if they could swap their Digimon every so often, at first the reasoning was to give Patamon and Gatomon a change of scenario from the normal neighbourhood their partners lived in, although that reasoning quickly fell through when T.K came over to return Gatomon and collect Patamon and found Kari frantically riding Angemon

Thankfully T.K was more surprised by the fact that she hadn’t been upfront with the real reason and admitted that when he had brought Gatomon to his place she had near immediately Digivolved up to Angewomon and revealed that she had the same intentions as Kari

That had been six months ago and now it was a weekly occurrence for Patamon to spend a day or two at Kari’s and Gatomon would go to T.K’s, allowing them to indulge in each other sexually as well as allowing the brunette to develop a fairly strong addiction to the Angelic Digimon’s dick, her eyes fluttering closed with a soft moan as she leaned in to kiss and lick along the Digimon’s fat cock, her hands going to cradle his balls as her lips and tongue worshipped his manhood

Groaning softly with pleasure Angemon gently cupped the back of Kari’s head making the brunette hum and moan with approval, her tongue working harder to completely coat the Digimon’s erection with her saliva before taking as much of it into her mouth as she could whilst her hand stroked the rest

“Kari…” the Angel Digimon groaned heatedly as Kari bobbed her head along his length, the heat of her mouth and skill of her tongue something he could never get used to as his double set of wings flexed at his back, thankful that the teens bedroom was large enough for him to be able to ‘stretch out’ as every suck, lick and hum from her sent a jolt of pleasure and energy through his body making his limbs tense and twitch

Moaning louder as she took the Digimon’s length down her throat again Kari then pulled back panting for air, letting drool run from her outstretched tongue to fall upon her heaving breasts to lube them up before moving to sit up on her knees pressing her tits around Angemon’s cock “god you’re so fucking big” she purred kissing around his cock head as she pumped her breasts along his shaft feeling it twitch and throb “cum for me, I need to taste your hot cum” she panted staring up at him with wide begging eyes whilst her tongue ran tongue circles around his cock head

“Miss Kari…” the Angel shuddered before his breath caught in his throat, his back arching and the hand grasping Kari’s hair tightened as his cock erupted between her breasts making her gasp and simper as the first few streams of his hot seed coated her face and hair, the slut enjoying the feeling of it for a moment before latching her lips around his cock head to drink the rest of his release whilst she stroked his cock with both hands frantically coaxing out as much cum as she could

Moaning and simpering as she swallowed every drop the Digimon gave her Kari continued to suck for nearly a full minute after he had finished cumming leaving the Angel a shuddering mess struggling to stand to the point that he had to lean over her to balance a hand against the wall “so thick and yummy” the brunette cooed when she finally pulled away looking up at Angemon with wide almost innocent eyes completely unfitting of her previous actions

Smiling up at him as she continued to lick and kiss along his cock to keep him hard Kari then stuck her ass out and began to shake it for him to admire “wanna fuck me in the butt?” she then purred spitting heavily on his cock and stroking it in to lube his manhood up “I really want this big dick fucking my fat ass” she breathed lustfully giving his cock and balls some last few licks and kisses before moving away and turning around positioning herself face down ass up shaking her ass at him in invitation

Within moments the brunette was moaning out in ecstasy as Angemon took hold of her hips and pushed deep inside of her tightest hole until his balls were pressed against her dripping neglected cunt “oooohhh yes that’s it! Push it in deep!” she cried out gripping the bedsheets tight enough to turn her knuckles white as she relished the feeling of his cock stretching her insides out

Panting with pleasure himself Angemon moved a hand down to squeeze and grope one of her thick ass cheeks making Kari mewl with pleasure “god fuck, you like my ass don’t you? You like my fat fucking whore ass?” she panted devolving into her best attempts at dirty talk as she pushed her ass back against him “it’s yours whenever you want to fuck it!”

As Angemon’s pace got harder and faster the sounds of Kari’s ass clapping against the Digimon’s groin echoed throughout her bedroom alongside her moans and screams of ecstasy as she began to orgasm hard from the rough ass fucking, her slit soaking the bedsheets beneath her as she bit down on them

Feeling his balls tighten again Angemon moved one hand to Kari’s hair again, grabbing a dry patch and pulling on it making her mewl and moan at the slight stinging sensation it caused “god yes, pull my hair harder” the brunette moaned as her head was dragged back by Angemon’s grip on her hair “I want to feel you cum in my ass...cum deep in my tight ass…”

And cum he did, the Angel Digimon letting out a shuddering groan as he bottomed out in Kari’s ass, his cock erupting deep inside of her making her gasp and moan as her body shook in ecstasy, her second orgasm being set off by the feeling of his hot load flooding her insides making her keen and moan as her head dropped back to the bed covers muffling her moans of pleasure

Whimpering as she felt him slowly pull out Kari was vaguely aware of the shining light that flashed behind her before Angemon spoke, his voice now deeper and more regal prompting Kari to lift her head, the brunette gasping as she found that he had Digivolved into MagnaAngemon “ready for round two Miss Kari?” the Ultimate asked sending a shudder straight to Kari’s core as her only response was to submissively shake her ass for him again

(Meanwhile at T.K’s house)

Angewomon’s moans steadily echoed through T.K’s bedroom as the Angel Digimon laid out naked save for her helmet on the blond’s bed with T.K straddling her chest, his fat ten incher pressed firmly between her huge breasts as he steadily fucked them “yes…T.K…please faster….” the Digimon panted as she watched his fat juicy cock fuck her heavy tits

“God that’s so good” T.K groaned as his cock throbbed against Angewomon’s chest, his dick leaking precum onto her soft flawless skin as his balls tightened “gonna cum”

“Let it out…please…” the Angel pleaded having grown to love the feeling of cum coating her skin, her hands joining T.K’s pressing her breasts even tighter around his shaft until he finally came, his entire body shuddering as he unloaded all over Angewomon’s face and breasts whilst she continued to pump her breasts along his length

“Oh my god…so damn good…” T.K shuddered as Angewomon continued to massage his cock with her bust as if trying to work another load out of him before he moved away, moving between her long toned legs finding her cunt dripping wet and ready for him “you’re so wet, you need this don’t you?”

Nodding eagerly as she moaned lustfully Angewomon eagerly spread her legs wider for him as T.K pressed his cock head to her dripping slit, her toes curling as she felt him steadily press the first couple of inches into her needy hole “yessss, push it in deeper” the Digimon moaned looking down to watch his fat cock push into her, her breath hitching as her groin bulged out around his girth “fuckkkk, fuck me T.K!”

Holding onto the Ultimate’s thick thighs T.K forced them open wider as he started surging into her needy cunt as fast and hard as he could, his heavy balls beating against her ass as she tried her best to buck her hips back at him, her hands groping at her cum covered breasts as her mewls and pants danced alongside his grunts and groans “you’re so damn tight” he panted as her cunt squeezed him like a velvety vice with every deep thrust into her, sweat soon starting to run down his body as he strained not to cum on the spot

Biting her lip as she felt his cock throb and ooze precum inside of her Angewomon grabbed hold of his shoulders and flipped them over with ease until she was straddling him, pressing her strong thighs to his waist to pin him in place as she started riding him with enough force to resemble more a Valkyrie than an Angel “cum for me T.K, I need to feel you cum inside me” she demanded with a soft whimper as T.K then reached around to grab and spank her full behind

“Oh god….FUCK!” the blond then cursed as his cock erupted inside of the Digimon’s tight velvety pussy, Angewomon crying out with him as she climaxed in turn making her hole all the tighter for him, her ass clapping against his thighs as she continued to ride him throughout their joint orgasms and it was at that moment that his and Kari’s minds joined in the same thought

Swapping Digimon was the best idea ever

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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