I’ll Make You Love Me

BY : SaikiKusuo
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It was a usual, quiet Friday at PK Academy for Saiki Kusuo. Well, as quiet as things can be when the voices of about 1000 people are in your head. The day had started as usual for their crew, with everyone gathering around Saiki before school and during break. They spoke about usual topics for guys, generally on about the television the night before and so forth. On the other side of the classroom however, was a much different conversation.


‘So which of you is going to do it first?’ Asked Yumehara, a main staple in the Year 2 girls group of the school.


‘Do what first?’ Replied Teruhashi.


‘Don’t play dumb Kokomi, you know what I mean!’


‘I’m sorry, I really do-‘


‘She means which one of us is going to get with Saiki first, and you know that.’ Interjected Aiura.


‘Oh.. right..’ ‘Damn, what am I going to do? I want to be with Saiki but if news were to get out that a perfect pretty girl like me wasn’t a virgin anymore then everyone will lose interest in me! I can’t let that happen!’ Teruhashi thought to herself, ‘Then again, Saiki isn’t the type to tell anyone..’ 


‘Whatevs, I’ll beat you to it anyway.’ the gyaru chortled.


‘No guy would pass up the chance to be in Kokomi though!’ Yumehara argued.


‘Chiyo raises a point.’ spoke Mera, mouth half full due to the lunch break taking place at the same time as this conversation. 


‘I- No, it’s not like that... I swear..’ Teruhashi tried to argue, knowing full well that 99.9% of the population would drink her bath water without her asking... ‘Besides, doesn’t Miko have more experience with this kind of thing?’


‘I mean, I’ve made out with a few guys and sucked one off, but I’ve never had actual sex..’ 


‘Then you’re on even footing!’ chirped Chiyo as the bell sounded, both girls putting plans into effect on how to get a piece of the pink haired psychic, who knew full well of their plans.




-8:12pm, Saiki Residence-


Saiki’s parents were both out for the night at an expensive hotel for some alone time, which left Saiki to his own devices for the night. This was fine by him, and actually a welcome event. However, after a telekinetically cooked meal Saiki left his house for a walk around the neighbourhood, a normal occurence.


-8:27pm, Saiki Residence-


‘Bingo!’ Aiura quietly celebrated to herself. Foreseeing the absence of the entire Saiki Household, she hurriedly climbed a nearby tree in an attempt to get onto Saiki’s house. Also knowing that the psychic kept his window unlocked (he could deal with invaders himself), she quickly faulted from a branch onto the roof of the family home. Anyone watching from the outside would be almost certain she’s a burglar, but thankfully there was no one around at this hour. Moving over to the area above Saiki’s bedroom, she leant over the side of the building and opened the window of the teen’s bedroom, before swinging herself in using the fringe of the roof for support.




Saiki walked down the street adjacent to his, and as he did he heard a familiar voice appear in his head via telepathy. 


‘Don’t think. Don’t think. He can’t hear you if you don’t have thoughts.’ 


Saiki sighed as he pushed open the gate into his front garden. After taking off his shoes, he proceeded into his bedroom, thinking of a way to defuse the situation before him. After walking in he declared to his closet; 


‘Aiura Mikoto. I know you’re in my closet. Not thinking is the same as thinking. I can hear your thoughts loud and clear.’ he spoke as the door opened and a dark skinned figure appeared and strode towards him.


‘Care to explain yourse-‘ he began before he was cut off by Aiura’s lips crashing into his. Saiki Kusuo was a great psychic, but unfortunately, he was also just a human. The sensation of her lips against his was too much for him to handle, and he instinctively kissed back, not exactly knowing how. Aiura pushed her tongue into his mouth and wrestled with its counterpart before establishing dominance. She explored every inch of Saiki’s mouth before they broke apart several seconds later. For the first time in his life, Saiki Kusuo was speechless. 


‘How’d that feel, Kusuo?’


‘This is entirely new to me, but it was good. Is that what a kiss feels like?’


‘Yes you idiot, geez’ she muttered as she went back to wrestling tongues with the psychic. It went back and forth like this for about 10 minutes, a moan from either party escaping every few seconds.


‘Looks like someone’s excited.’ Aiura winked at the boy, grasping his hardness through his jeans, earning a sharp intake of breath from Saiki. The gyaru quickly kneeled to the floor of Saiki’s bedroom, her hands busy bringing the man’s dick out of his trousers. Aiura gasped as Saiki’s package was revealed to the world, directly above her head. His manhood stood at an impressive 7-and-a-half inches, bigger than any the fortune teller had seen before. Saiki, curious to learn of a sensation he hadn’t experienced before, had no objections to this new development. He did however remember vague and out there quotes that Mikoto had made in the past.


‘Really? I think getting called a pig by your crush would be kind of hot.’


‘He’s got a sadistic side that I like.’


Making the connection, Saiki knew exactly what Aiura was into, and he’d do his best to live up to that.


‘Are you going to do anything or just keep staring at it you idiot slut?’ he hissed at Aiura, who felt a twitch in her core as those words just made her panties wetter than they already were, a seriously impressive feat. She took the shaft into her mouth and tongued the tip of Saiki’s cock, giving special attention to the slit.

Saiki groaned as Aiura took more and more of him into her mouth, eventually deepthroating his entire member. Precum leaked from Saiki, which she quickly lapped up with her skillful tongue. It had a slightly salty taste, but she enjoyed it all the same if it made Saiki feel good, and it was. The psychic was in a state of euphoria, unlike anything he had ever felt before. The pressure in Saiki’s shaft was building up quickly, before he released his load into Aiura’s mouth. She coughed and spluttered on the liquid, withdrawing Saiki’s manhood from her mouth, which was now full of cum. She showed Saiki her mouth full of his sperm, before guzzling it down and quickly taking in air.


‘You sure came a lot. You’re big on repaying favours right?’ Aiura said as she stripped down to her underwear. ‘You do me now, Kusuo.’ He obliged, moving entirely on instinct and unclipping her lacy black bra, revealing her perfectly round D-cup breasts, topped with hardened pink nipples. Saiki’s right hand reached up and played with the left tit, while his mouth bit down on the left one’s nipple, earning a loud yelp from Aiura. Liking what he heard, he bit down again, and got the same sound. He continued his assault on her breasts, with Aiura whimpering at the slightest touch. She’d never felt this good before. Every part of her wanted Saiki. She pushed down onto the bed, and moved her matching panties to the side, before sitting on his face. Saiki lapped up her juices from her soaking pussy, thinking how the bitter taste reminded him of coffee jelly. Aiura was practically screaming as his tongue probed her most intimate area, his teeth occasionally grazing her clit to bring her close to passing out from sheer pleasure. Saiki was loving every second of having his classmate writhe in ecstasy on his face, and probed deeper into her cunt with his tongue. That was the final straw for Aiura. She came all over Saiki’s face, who licked up every single drop of it. She slid off his face and onto his chest, panting, glistening with sweat. After about 20 seconds, she moved and spoke


‘I want all of you, Kusuo.’ as she positioned her aching entrance above his appetising cock. She looked him in the eye and dropped onto his length, immediately arching her back at the sudden intrusion. 


‘It’s so good Kusuo! Harder! Fuck me!’ She shrieked, continuing to impale herself on his thick shaft. Saiki was groaning with every bounce on his cock, and speaking of bouncing, Aiura’s tits were doing just that. Mesmerizingly, up and down with every thrust. As much as Saiki loved the view, he decided it was time to take control. He quickly positioned Aiura onto her back looking up at him between her legs. Saiki thrusted into her tight pussy fast, his head battering Aiura’s cervix, gaining an illicit scream from the girl. Her insides were getting molded to his shape, 

the wet slapping of their sexes turning them both on tremendously. 


‘Kusuo, I’m cumming!’


‘Same here Aiura.’ A grunt instead of his usual calm voice.


‘Cum in me Kusuo! Fill me up!’


Cum flowed from Saiki’s hard dick into Aiura in what was his second orgasm. The mass of liquid entering the gyaru’s womb was intense. She was filled up and then some, white cum dribbling down onto her milky brown thighs. 


‘That was amazing.’ Saiki was the first to speak after intense session.


‘Totes. But can we try something?’




‘I want to give you all of me Kusuo.’ She got on all fours on the bed, facing the back wall, and pulled her left hand back onto her corresponding ass cheek, before pulling them apart, giving Saiki a great view of her creampied pussy and untouched ass. ‘Please take my other hole as well. Fuck me in the butt.’ 


Saiki was skeptical, but also very interested in this whole new world she had brought him to. He leaned down and spat on her asshole, before sliding a finger in to prepare her for the full course later. 


Aiura almost came again then and there. Having Saiki’s finger probe her ass was close to the best thing she’d ever felt. Knowing that his juicy dick was coming soon made her wetter than ever before. It wasnt long before Saiki added another digit into her stretched ass, earning a moan that probably woke up the entire street. Saiki’s other hand gave Aiura a quick slap on her meaty asscheeks, to which she yelped in pleasure. His fingers pumped in and out of her asshole, hooking upwards to scrape her walls and drive her crazy.


‘Stop teasing me and put your cock in~!’ she moaned, pussy drooling for his dick in her ass. He withdrew his fingers and lined up his member, his head stretching the ring as he pushed into her tightest hole. Aiura’s tongue lulled out of her mouth as her final virginity was taken by Saiki, who wasn’t letting her rest. The right half of her ass was pink from the repeated slapping, and he was leaning over the top of her to play with her tits from behind. 


‘Aiura, your ass is so tight!’ praised Saiki, giving it another firm slap. ‘I’m gonna cum soon!’


‘Fill up all my holes!’ she replied, pants between words. ‘I’m cumming again!’ As her ass and pussy contracted, Saiki was sent over the edge, dumping his third load of the night into Aiura’s waiting ass. As he came he pulled her hair to tense her muscles even further, her asshole wringing his dick out for all the cum he could manage. Pulling out of her butt with a slight pop, they both fell onto the bed, Aiura forward and Saiki backwards. The two sweaty masses both panting for air. 


‘So Kusuo.. can I stay the night?’


‘Absolutely not.’ he replied before quickly teleporting Aiura back to her own bedroom.


Later, Saiki laid in his bed, thinking to himself, when the thought went through his head


‘I wonder if Teruhashi wants to do this too..’




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