Enjoying the sun

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Enjoying the sun

Mimi sighed as she stretched out on the deckchair on her apartment balcony, the brunette wanting to enjoy every minute of the summer sun as she can as the temperatures soared to record heights prompting Mimi to sunbathe naked to avoid tan lines

Placing her sunglasses over her eyes Mimi then relaxed back against the deckchair content to enjoy the heat on her naked body for the next couple of hours when she heard a knock on her door “ah damn it who could that be?” she sighed as she forced herself to get up to answer the door, the brunette peering through the spy hole to make sure if she needed to get dressed or not

To Mimi’s relief her visitor turned out to be Joe prompting her to simply open the door and greet him naked, tittering as he immediately went flustered blushing slightly at the shock of seeing her naked so quickly “hey Joe, what’s up?” she greeted him warmly as she reclined against the doorframe hiding nothing from him

“My internet is down, I was wondering if I could borrow yours for work” he asked trying his best not to stare at her whilst in turn Mimi seemed to be trying her best to give him a reason to stare

“Yeah, sure come on in” Mimi smiled turning and heading back inside to allow Joe to enter, making sure to sway her hips as much as possible to shake her ass for him to give him more of a reason to ogle her, having only had sex with him once she was still determined to break down his walls and get him to open up sexually rather than just shying away from the subject whenever it was brought up

As Joe took his place on her couch Mimi headed back to the balcony, leaving the sliding glass door open so that she and Joe could still talk whilst she sunbathed “so how is work?” she asked casually as she laid back down on the deckchair

“It’s going well, just got a big project that I need to finish by tomorrow” the blue haired man replied making Mimi roll her eyes

“You sound just like Izzy” the brunette sighed as she glanced over towards Joe to see if he was looking at her and to her slight annoyance she found him already getting straight to work, his fingers tapping away at the laptops keyboard “a little too much like Izzy”

Sighing louder as she stretched on her chair Mimi then reached down to pick up her bottle of suntan lotion pouring some on her hand, the brunette still unable to understand how Joe could stay so composed around a hot piece of ass like her, with the others she could get them to bend her over in a mere minute but Joe was always so much harder, even having to get him drunk to make him fuck her the only time they had had sex

With a decent amount of lotion in her hand Mimi then began to work it into her smooth pristine skin, making it glisten as she ran the lotion along her arms before moving onto her legs, moaning softly as she massaged the lotion into her thighs

Upon hearing Mimi’s soft moan Joe couldn’t help but pass a glance in her direction and regretted it near immediately as the promiscuous girl had moved onto her breasts, pouring lotion directly onto them making them shine in the sunlight and making his pants extremely tight very quickly, her eyes quickly darting back to his work when Mimi looked his way hoping she hadn’t noticed

Mimi had noticed however smiling slyly as she could practically see his neck straining as he forced himself to look solely at his laptop screen “gotcha” she smirked internally as Joe’s eyes darted in her direction

Biting her lip Mimi then moved to sit up on her knees facing Joe as she then proceeded to pour more lotion onto her body, her tits glistening brighter as she then proceeded to run her hands along the front of her body moaning and gasping loudly as she massaged the lotion into her skin “mmfff that’s good” she moaned loudly as she squeezed and massaged her breasts making sure to sound as sexual as possible

“Mimi I need to work” Joe stated as he strained to not look in her direction, his pants now extremely uncomfortable as he desperately tried to think unsexy thoughts whilst Mimi continued to put on a borderline peepshow for him from the balcony

“And I need someone to do my back” the brunette purred back holding up the bottle of lotion “and I think you forget who’s internet you’re using, I could turn it off at any point so if you want to get your work done you better drop your pants and get your butt out here, your pasty ass could do with some sun anyway”

Staring intently at his screen as if ignoring her Joe then sighed in defeat knowing full well that Mimi was the kind of girl who would cut him off from his work just to get laid “ok fine” he sighed shutting his laptop and standing up to head towards the balcony, a break would do him good to be honest but he would never admit that to her

“Nuh uh, no shirt or pants, it’s far too hot out here for them” Mimi pointed out instructing Joe to strip, the brunette licking her lips as she watched Joe sigh and proceed to strip down, whilst he wasn’t as leanly built as Tai or T.K he wasn’t exactly hard on the eyes and the weighty bulge in his boxers wasn’t an eyesore either

Now stripped down to his underwear Joe stepped outside onto the balcony grimacing at the immediate increase in heat as he stepped out from Mimi’s air conditioned apartment “ok, give me the lotion” he sighed as Mimi proceeded to roll over onto her front

“Good boy” the brunette purred as she felt him straddle her thighs, teasingly wiggling her ass for him before cooing as she felt the cold lotion getting poured along her spine “make sure to get everywhere, don’t be shy”

Taking a deep breathe to try to will his erection down Joe pressed his hands to Mimi’s back to start to rub the lotion into her soft skin, the not so soft and subtle moans and sighs she let out not helping in the slightest “someone’s going to hear you” he pointed out as Mimi let out a borderline pornographic moan as he rubbed the lotion into her shoulders

“Does it look like I care?” Mimi moaned back arching her back a little as Joe’s skilled hands found a sweet spot at the base of her neck “you can’t tell me that you’d rather be working right now, I can feel you back there” she then teased as she pressed her ass back harder against Joe’s groin biting her lip at the feeling of his bulge against her thick ass cheeks “fuck you’re so hard, take your underwear off, you must be so hot in it”

Again Joe found himself unable to argue as his erection throbbed even more uncomfortably, the blue haired man sighing as he sat up on his knees to push his boxers down, Mimi letting out a delighted gasp as she felt his cock slap hard against her ass “god it’s been too long since I got to feel your cock, put it in me” she panted looking back over her shoulder at him with hooded eyes as she shook her ass again for him

“But what if someone sees?”

“Fuck me or I’ll kick you out naked”

Gulping at her threat knowing full well that she would go through with it if pushed too far Joe settled back down behind her, gently kneeing her thighs apart before guiding his cock to her dripping slit “god I hope no one sees us” he thought to himself as he slowly pushed into Mimi’s aching cunt, whilst he did find the idea of exhibitionism slightly appealing he didn’t want to potentially ruin his image at work if anyone caught him having sex outside

Mimi on the other hand shared no such fear, the brunette letting out a loud shriek of pleasure the moment his cock pushed into her “yes! Oh fuck I’ve missed this cock!” she cried out gripping onto the headrest of her deckchair as her cunt clenched tight around Joe’s cock

“Mimi!” Joe gasped in shock immediately stopping and looking around in fear of anyone having heard her and looking over from the other balconies

“Oh stop being such a prude and fuck me!” Mimi cried back pushing herself up onto her hands and knees and bucking back wildly against him, the sound of her ass clapping against his groin echoing through the hot summer air as Joe just stared down in shock watching as her thick ass cheeks bounced and jiggled against his groin “come on! Just let go for once and rail me!” she panted reaching back to spank herself before grabbing Joe’s wrist to place his hand on her ass

Giving Mimi’s ass an experimental squeeze eliciting a soft moan from her Joe then gave her his best attempt at spanking her drawing a pleasured gasp from her, the blue haired man shocked by just how good the simple act of spanking Mimi felt leading to him doing it again making Mimi cry out louder with perverted delight

“That’s it, just let go, think of all the times I teased you” Mimi moaned before an idea hit her, the slut taking hold of Joe’s wrists as she proceeded to stand up guiding him up to follow her and to Joe’s shock she moved them both until they were stood at the barrier around her balcony, the brunette slut bent over it so that her upper body was completely visible to everyone on the other side

“Mimi!” Joe gasped in shock again starting to pull back only for Mimi to pull hard on his arms as she slammed her ass back against him preventing him from pulling out

“Oh calm down! No one can see you, everyone around here has already seen me naked anyway” Mimi moaned as she proceeded to then wave to one of her neighbours across the road, the young man having come out to investigate her loud moans and now eagerly watching the show as he leaned on the barrier of his own balcony

Still shocked and mostly wanting to get back inside and out of sight Joe strangely found the action still fairly appealing, especially as Mimi seemed to get even wetter and tighter as the act of being watched turned her on even more, the brunette blowing her watcher a kiss and shaking her tits for him as she let out another loud moan when Joe’s cock hit another sweet spot inside of her

“Oh fuck this is so hot…I’m gonna cum…” Mimi panted as she looked back at Joe with hooded eyes “spank my ass again?” she mewled in an almost begging tone and unable to bring himself to deny her Joe brought his hand down on her bubble ass again

The moment his hand made contact with her bouncing rear Mimi cried out in orgasm, her cunt clenching even tighter and somehow getting even wetter as she frantically bucked back against him, screaming shamelessly into the air drawing more of a crowd as people in the street below stopped and looked up at her

The sheer surge of pleasure her orgasm brought him shot straight up Joe’s spine and right into his brain and in that split moment Mr Responsible was gone, the situation finally getting to him and for once in his life Joe decided ‘fuck it’

Grabbing hold of Mimi’s hair tighter he pulled it harder as he gripped her hip with his free hand and then proceeded to rail into her as hard as she could, taking the brunette by complete surprise as his pace prevented her orgasm from ending, her eyes wide with both surprise and pleasure as her tits bounced wildly from his pace

“Oh god! Ohgodohgodohgod! Fuck me! Fuckmefuckmefuckme!” Mimi shrieked shamelessly as she felt Joe’s hot breathe against the nape of her neck, her hands grasping at the barrier for some semblance of balance as her legs went weak and buckled

As Mimi went near completely limp in his grasp Joe finally bottomed out inside of her as he came, making the brunette moan and babble almost nonsensically as the feeling of his hot cum shooting into her womb set off another smaller orgasm, her eyes rolling back and her tongue hanging out as she was held up in Joe’s grasp letting herself become a fuck doll for him to empty his balls in until he eventually pulled out and pulled her up to stand against him

“Now where did THAT come from?” Mimi mewled as Joe set her back down on her deck chair “where was that guy buried all this time? He needs to come out more often”

“I’m just as surprised as you” Joe admitted as he proceeded to put his boxers back on

“You should let loose more, you have to admit that it’s more fun than staying all stuffy and responsible all the time”

As much as he wanted to Joe couldn’t fully argue with that

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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