Death Note: Reanimation

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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or any related characters associated with the franchise. I make no profit from the writing of such fiction, I just have fun doing it.

Authors note: For this story, I have decided to tweak L’s real name a bit. His real name is Lael Lawliet, or L for short! Lael is pronounced Lay-Elle. I have also tweaked the Shinigami Eye rule a little bit, in this fiction someone possessing the Shinigami eyes cannot tell if someone else is a Death Note holder. 

Warnings: Yaoi , BBXL, LightXL, Mello/Matt (one sided, for now) UkeL, SemeBB, SemeLight, Shinigami!Beyond, ReanimatedL, YoungerL, OOC, Sex, Death, Blood, and violence.


Chapter 1: The Past and Present.


Light Yagami sat in L’s swivel chair, slowly moving it from side to side as he pondered. It had been six days since the fateful night where L and Watari had died, and it seemed only now the rest of the Task Force were settling back down into a routine. Light was L now, and he had insisted everyone mourn privately for a few days and then return to work.


‘Ryuzaki wouldn’t want us all here moping and doing nothing! He would want us to work harder to catch Kira!’ Light had said passionately, earning a ‘Yeah that’s right!’ from Matsuda and a suspicious look from Aizawa. It seemed to have done the trick though, the Task Force slowly began to compile data on recent Kira attacks and monitor the news stations and broadcasts of Kira related incidents.


Light narrowed his eyes at Aizawa, who appeared to be talking quietly into his mobile phone. Ryuzaki’s no cell phone order had seemingly died with him, because he’d caught Matsuda goofing off on his mobile not an hour before.


He didn’t trust Aizawa, and if the detective decided to give him any trouble he was more than ready to write his name down. Despite their differences, L and Aizawa had had a grudging respect for one another, and the two had worked closely together. Light had often wondered if L’s suspicious mind had rubbed off on Aizawa because of this, or had the two shared information with each other that no one else knew? Ever since L’s death Aizawa had certainly been acting colder and more distant than usual.


Light smiled and finished off the rest of his coffee. Aizawa’s days were numbered, so he decided not to spare the man any more of his thoughts. He had a new world to plan, a glorious victory to look forward to, not to mention L and Watari’s private funeral service that very afternoon.


The phone rang, and not missing a beat, Light snatched it up and attached the voice scrambler to the headset before answering.




“Oh… Hello, this is Sakamoto from the funeral parlor… erm…”


Light frowned. The funeral parlor they had selected to burry L and Watari was an expensive, secretive service that many celebrities had utilized for their family, friends or themselves when death came knocking. He was surprised they were risking exposure by ringing when all other contact had been done via encrypted email up until now.


“Sakamoto-San, is something the matter?” Light asked mildly, aware of his father’s gaze on him.


“It’s… well, it’s something… they’re gone, sir! The two who were to be buried this afternoon? They aren’t in the warehouse, I came into work to organize the burial this afternoon and my workers had told me they had been searching for six days! They vanished the very night they were brought in. I am so sorry, Sir had I known earlier, of course, I would have contacted you first”


Light felt his mask slipping as he listened to the bumbling on the other end of the phone. Gone? How could two bodies vanish? He had watched them die, L and Watari were pounced dead, they’re bodies were discreetly removed from the building in body bags. How could they have vanished?!


“There’s something else, Sir, I found a letter on my desk. The person who wrote it wrote it in blood! It said not to say anything about the disappearances of the bodies or my numbers would be up’ that was why no one told me until I came into work today. Everyone was too frightened to speak of it, two of my men have been found dead… I can’t contact the police. This is all such a mess!”


Light exhaled through his nose and managed to maintain his calm façade.


“I see, well, I will investigate what has happened my end. Send me all surveillance recorded in the last six days, as well as logs of everyone who has been on the premises”


“Yes Sir, I can only apologize”


“Send them as soon as you can, I will inform the task force, I shouldn’t need to remind you to keep this incident to yourselves, especially with the perpetrator's threat hanging over you”


“Of course, Sir, our service is well known for its discretion-”

“Excellent, Goodbye” Light said abruptly and hung up. He slowly swung his chair round to face his team. Everyone was looking at him expectantly.


“The company arranging Ryuzaki and Watari’s funeral have just contacted me. Six days ago their bodies were stolen. A threatening note was left to the director warning him not to say a word to anyone or his ‘numbers would be up’ whatever that means. I can’t help but suspect this is somehow linked to the Kira investigation” Light sighed. He ran his head through his hair as Matsuda burst into tears. He was honestly getting sick of seeing that overgrown man-child crying by now.


“Who would take them? And why? It doesn’t make any sense” Matsuda sobbed, while Aizawa awkwardly patted the man’s back, trying and failing to offer some sort of comfort.


“We will get to the bottom of this’ Light promised “I want you to watch the footage and tell me if you see anything suspicious, I need to go and make some calls” without waiting for acknowledgement Light got up from his chair and exited the room, leaving the other’s murmuring behind him. He forced himself to walk in a calm and composed manner, not looking at the Shinigami hovering beside him. He was itching to be alone so he could speak to Ryuk.


For the last few days the Shinigami had been acted strangely. He giggled to himself and appeared preoccupied or dreamy when Light looked his way. Something had amused the Shinigami greatly, and Light had a feeling there was something he wasn’t being told. He had planned on confronting the Shinigami earlier, but the emotional shit storm that had resulted from L and Watari’s death and his consequent promotion to L had left him with very little time to be alone or unobserved to confront Ryuk.


Once he was out of earshot and in a purposefully empty interrogation room, he closed the door, disabled the cameras and turned to the hulking figure drifting in after him.


“You know something” He accused, narrowing his eyes as Ryuk doubled over in laughter at his accusation.


“Hyuk! I know a lot of things, Light-o, Be a bit more specific, would ya?” Ryuk sat cross-legged on the table and cupped his hands under his chin, looking at him with unconcealed amusement in his great yellow eyes.


“What has happened to L and Watari’s bodies,” Light asked slowly, taking a seat in front of the death god and looking at him intently. He could tell by the look on his face the death god had been waiting for him to ask, he had an air of excited expectation around him.


“They were stolen and flown to England’ Ryuk grinned down at him wolfishly “By someone very interesting! And then, I watched as the red-eyed one wrote their names in his death note!”


The red-eyed one? Shinigami eyes? Light frowned as he recalled what the director had said about his ‘numbers being up’ someone with the Shinigami eyes and a Death Note had stolen L and Watari’s bodies?

Ryuk leaned forward, his eyes dancing with mirth as he watched the small frown form on Light’s face. The boy was thinking hard, trying to piece together what had happened. Perhaps, just this once, he could lend a hand.

“If you put your hand to my forehead, I will let you see what I saw.” Ryuk grinned “I told you before, I’m not on your side or L’s, but I think it would be interesting to let you see what’s happened”


Without hesitation, and with a burning desire to understand the surreal events that were unfolding around him, Light flung his arm up and pressed his palm to the shinigami’s forehead. As he felt the cool, almost leathery skin beneath his hand he felt a pulse rush through his body. He screamed as he was flung back off the chair, his back hitting the floor with a thud.

He lay on the ground with his eyes wide open, unable to see anything but the past the Shinigami was sharing with him…


A lanky figure dressed all in black stood watching intently as an unmarked black van slowly pulled in front of an unmarked warehouse. He stubbed the cigarette he had been smoking out with his boot and drew his hood over his face.

He narrowed his eyes as he saw the men wheel out two stretchers from the back of the van and take them into the warehouse. Keeping to the shadows, he followed closely, knowing where to move to avoid the cameras and when to stand perfectly still.

The men seemed oblivious to his presence as they continued their work, swiping a security door with their keycards and then carefully placing both stretchers into the cold storage room to be embalmed in the morning. The red-eyed man watched as they used their key cards and locked the door behind themselves.

One announced he was going to use the restroom, and the other nodded, stating he would return to his duty of guarding the warehouse and wait for him to join him.

The black-clad figure followed the man into the toilet and promptly embedded a knife into the unsuspecting man’s back. He wrapped a hand around the man’s mouth to keep him from crying out, as he yanked the knife out and reburied it in the man’s neck. With an efficient and brutal jerk, he’d torn the man’s throat open. As the man gagged on his own blood, the red-eyed man snatched his keycard and dragged the man into the toilet cubicle. He shut the door on the dying man with a smirk and strolled out of the toilet towards the cold storage room.

He swiped the card and entered, going straight to the two stretchers. He unzipped the second, smaller body bag and revealed L’s pale face. A look of extreme displeasure crossed his face as he looked down at the corpse before a manic grin spread across his features.

‘Oh Lawli! You make such a pretty corpse! But I’m mad, mad you left me! You can’t leave me, silly thing, Don’t worry my sweet! I will save you. And the old man too’


He leaned down and placed a chaste kiss against L’s cold lips.


‘I stole a chopper and everything! I wish you could see it. You’d probably go ‘Oh Beyond!’ and sigh at me, but deep down I know you’d be impressed. Lovely, lovely, Lawliet! let’s get you onto the chopper and I will get us back to England’ Beyond hummed happily, stroking L’s face as he spoke. ‘I’m going to have to cover you back up now, I don’t want to, but I can’t have anyone seeing you see!’ he giggled at his own pun ‘let’s get going then, shall we?’ Beyond zipped the body bag back up with one last longing look, then cheerfully began pushing the cart out of the room. He returned for the second cart then smiled as he came face to face with the other guard. As the guard drew his gun, Beyond reached into his pocket and took out a piece of paper. Ignoring the guard’s shouts, he wrote:


‘Matsu Toshida, helps a man wheel two body stretchers to a parked helicopter. Loads the bodies into the helicopter then leaves. Goes to his senior’s office and writes him a threatening note to keep quiet about the disappearance of the bodies or his numbers will be up. He writes the note in his own blood by slitting his wrist. After he was written the note the guard will return to his duty and die of a heart attack at 4.00 am.’


Beyond smiled charmingly at the man as his eyes took on the glassy look of someone controlled by a death note. He lowered his gun, put it away and then reached for Watari’s stretcher. He began to push it towards the exit.


‘Aren’t you a doll? Thanks for the help, sweetheart!’ Beyond chirped as he followed the man and pushed his stretcher out of the door and into the darkness of the quiet carpark. It was a fair walk to the abandoned park Beyond had left the chopper, but once he’d made it, he wasted no time in loading L’s stretcher into the helicopter and starting the engine up. Checking the fuel, he hummed in approval as he deduced he should have enough to get to Germany at least before he would have to refuel.


The guard pushed Watari’s stretcher into the helicopter, then promptly turned on his heel and left. Beyond gave him a little wave then burst into maniacal laughter as the turbines spun into life.


‘Gentlemen, welcome to Beyond Airlines, I will be your pilot, Please enjoy the ride!’ Beyond giggled as he flipped switches and pressed buttons, effortlessly guiding the helicopter up and into the air. He saluted the rapidly diminishing figure of the guard and rose into the night sky, his eyes shining with triumph as the lights of Tokyo glimmered before him-


Light was abruptly pulled back into the present and came to to the sight of Ryuk leaning over him, his wide grin inches from his face.


“Quite a thrill, wasn’t it Light-o? And the best bit is still to come! Do you want to see the rest?”


“Yes” Light gasped, his head spinning as he reached up to touch the Shinigami’s forehead again.


“Too bad. Sharing visions is quite draining, you know? Hows about you go get me some apples and I will see if I feel up to it?”


Light growled and snatched his hand back. If he could kill a Shinigami, Ryuk would be lying before him dead, with those annoying big eyes of his gouged out of his head.


“Fine. Apples. Then you are going to show me everything” Light hissed, getting to his feet. He stalked out of the room to retrieve the apples, leaving a giggling Shinigami behind him with a slam of the door.


Walking to the kitchen, Light’s head was whirling with questions, theories, and concerns. Beyond Birthday should be dead. He remembered writing that odd name in his Death Note months ago. How had the man survived? Was it possible he was unable to kill someone who owned a death note? How could that make any sense? Beyond had obviously known L well, and L had made no remark over Beyond’s death when it had been broadcast. Had L known Kira wouldn’t be able to kill him? So many questions. Light felt the beginnings of a headache form and he massaged the bridge of his nose.


He entered the kitchen and grabbed an armful of apples before hurrying back to Ryuk. He tried to focus on the facts. Beyond Birthday was not dead. Beyond Birthday had a Death Note and the Shinigami eyes. Beyond Birthday wanted to save L and Watari. Beyond Birthday was most certainly insane and obviously had romantic feelings for L. Ryuk was a bastard for not telling him anything that had happened until now, and he was definitely getting a migraine.


Once he had established the facts he took in some deep breaths and wild himself to calm down. He was Kira. No matter what had happened, he had a new world to build, and he was damned if he would let anyone stand in the way of it.


He needed time to think and to plan, but he knew it was imperative to see what else had happened. It was vital to get Ryuk to share the rest of his memory before he could plan on what to do next. If L was somehow revived he would undoubtedly tell people Light Yagami was Kira. He would have no choice but to kill the task force members and go into hiding until he worked out how to kill Beyond, L, and Watari.


He didn’t want to kill his dad… but he was prepared to do it. For Kira’s new world. Misa would write his name, and he would deal with the rest…


Mind made up, Light entered the room and dumped the apples into Ryuk’s arms.


“Eat up then Ryuk” He forced himself to sound pleasant. Ryuk had something he needed, and it was best not to antagonize him. Not yet, anyway. He was starting to see that he had become complacent in his victory. He had assumed getting rid of Rem, Watari and L was the answer to all of his problems. He had never thought of Ryuk. He took Ryuk’s need for entertainment and lack of loyalty at face value, he was a Shinigami who seemed intent on sometimes helping Light if it coincided with his amusement. It was clear now Ryuk was to be taken more seriously. He would have to up his game and charm the Shinigami into showing him more loyalty.


Ryuk made short work off the apples, eating them whole until he lay satiated on the desk, a happy smile plastered on his face as he licked his lips.


“When you are ready, I would like to see the rest” Light said quietly, before adding “Please”


Ryuk sat up at the politeness and cocked his head like an inquisitive dog. Light had looked ready to tear him to pieces earlier, now he looked calm and collected. Standing with his hands at his side, a blank look on his face. Humans really were interesting!


“Well, Thanks for the apples, Light, I suppose I feel strong enough to show you the rest. Maybe lie down on the floor to save yourself being banged around this time, eh?”


Light forced a smile at that. “Right” he nodded, carefully lying down on the floor. Ryuk hovered over him and Light reached up, his palm connecting with Ryuk’s forehead. Prepared this time, Light focused on keeping his breathing calm as he felt himself dragged through the murky blackness and into memory….




Beyond Birthday was pacing back and forth, his clothes blood-spattered and his black hair splayed wildly in all directions. He was swishing a knife through the air as he paced back and forth.


“Insidious!” he screeched and a grey mass materialized before him into something that resembled a man’s hooded figure in a tattered grey clock.


“I want them back now! Why do I have to wait, I can’t wait anymore” Beyond whined, continuing to slash through the air with his knife as he spoke to the hooded figure.

“You must wait another four minutes, Beyond, until the time they died to write their names’ the raspy, tired sounding voice whispered. It appeared the being was exasperated with Beyond’s pacing.


“I know that!” Beyond spat “But I don’t want to wait! Fucking Kira, bad enough he tried to kill me, but Lawli! That’s the last straw, Siddie, Telling you now! When Lawli wakes up I’m going to track Kira down and shove my knife down his throat!’


“He may not remember anything, I have seen souls return with no memories of their previous life” The being cautioned.


Beyond cocked his head at that then shrugged. He carefully lifted L’s head from where his body lay on the couch and placed it on his lap. He began carding his long finger’s through L’s hair lovingly.


“Well, even if that happens I will be here for him. We can have a new life together and Lawli will love only me! I will investigate Kira and kill him. Oh yes I will, my little dumpling” Beyond cooed to the dead man lying in his lap.


The Shinigami sighed in a long-suffering kind of way and pointed to the clock.


“Oooh! Finally!” Beyond squealed and pulled out the Death Note he kept strapped under his shirt. He uncapped the bright pink sharpie he had with it began to write:


Lael Lawliet.

Quillish Wammy.


Once finished, he sat back and watched L will an expectant look on his face. The Shinigami hovered over to the dead detective and reached out his arm, his skeletal fingers touching the man’s face. He spoke in a raspy, withered voice as he commanded the soul of L Lawliet to return to the earth. Beyond giggled as L’s form began to shimmer and then a jet of light burst from the Shinigami’s finger.  The room vanished into blinding white and Beyond shut his eyes as he felt his heart pound in his chest. He couldn’t see but he could feel and he had definitely felt L’s chest move as his body drew in a breath. He held onto L tightly as the Shinigami repeated the process with Watari. As the light began to fade into nothingness, Beyond opened his eyes and was blessed with the sight of L’s chest slowly rising and falling as he breathed.


“Yes! We did it” Beyond cried, overcome with emotion as he looked down at the man who was once dead.


“Yes” The Shinigami replied “This ancient magic is draining, I must rest”


“Of course, Siddie, thank you!” Beyond beamed at the Shinigami who immediately crumpled to the floor and remained there, propped against the wall as it slept. Beyond smiled down at L and noticed he appeared younger. The dark shadows under his eyes were not nearly as pronounced and his skin gleamed with a youthful glow.


Watari too seemed changed. Beyond knew the man had been sixty-seven when he had died, but the man now appeared to be younger, a good twenty years younger at that! Watari’s face was not nearly as lined, his hair and mustache were auburn…


Beyond buried his face into L’s soft black hair and sighed.


“Oh Lawli, it feels so good to have you back. We’re one now, we’re bonded. Siddie used his magic on all three of us, no Death Note can ever touch you again” He nuzzled L’s shoulder and kissed his nose “Wake up soon, there’s a whole new world waiting for you, L Lawliet”


Ryuk broke the connection abruptly and Light jolted back to the present. So. He now had his answer. L Lawliet was alive. And he was untouchable.


“Does he remember I am Kira” Light asked quietly.


“No. He doesn’t remember very much at all” Ryuk replied “But the human mind is a funny thing, Who knows if L will ever remember, if he does, you’re finished that’s for sure! Isn’t this interesting, Light?”


Light slowly sat up and held his pounding head in his hands. He still had time, then. L didn’t remember, that gave him time to plan.


“How did the Shinigami bring him back, Ryuk?”


“I don’t know, Light, my guess is he’s one of the ancient ones who managed to slip under the old man’s nose and bond himself to the human realm. It’s possible I suppose, but that’s just a story I heard a long time ago.”


“So he is not bound to the same rules you are?” Light asked, wondering just how this Insidious character could give life as well as take it. Rem had died to save Misa, yet Insidious had commanded two souls to be returned to the earth and it had happened. He was a god of life as well as death. The kind of ally Kira needed.


“If he was, he’d be pretty much like Rem by now”


He had much to think about and it was clear to him Ryuk would hinder his thought process. He told Ryuk there were three more apples in the kitchen and the death god darted off to get them.


Finally, alone, Light went to his room and locked the door. He took out his death note and wrote ‘L LAWLIET’ He Laid down on his bed, stuffed a shirt into his mouth and screamed.

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