Mesu Buta Kanrinin-san no Tokubetsu Shuugyou

BY : Tastatura
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This is a fictional story. I do not own Miss Caretaker of Sunohara. I make no money from writing this. Any resemblance to person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental. Love your pal Jesus.



Unlike the vast majority of his middle-school-aged peers, Shiina Aki had long since become capable of sleeping alongside members of the opposite sex. Everything from their fatigued moans and inviting scents to the obstructive positions at which they bared the softness of their bodies had become inadvertent enhancements to the hours that he spent unconscious.


Reserved and bashful by nature, Aki understood these ‘enhancements’ as unavoidable attachments to the residence he had chosen for himself. If he did not become more accustomed to them, what little hope he held for his development as a man within Tokyo would have to be discarded.


Per the norm, the end to the latest of the youth’s near-nightly accompaniments by a female partner again subjected him to a ‘mixed bag’ of these feminine qualities.


These, however, were far from harmless.


Of the qualities that he had become used to in the months since his arrival, moist squelching noises produced by the muffled suckle of smooth lips to an object fell  far away his understanding of the ‘usual’. Made all the more jarring for his unconscious frame by  progressive growth in their boisterousness, the sound loosened sleep’s hold on his mind inch by inch until the appearance of an especially-loud *POP* from within his bedroom tore him from it entirely.


Instinctively, the first move his eyes made once released from underneath his fatigued eyelids was a slide towards the most likely source of these noises.


To his left was nothing—not his beloved landlord, her sister, nor any of the young women that he shared residence with.


Too sleepy to be daunted by the sight, Aki engaged his ears to guide his lidded gaze down toward the true source of the strange noises that filled his bedroom.


Dropped downward into a dead on stare across the length of his torso and lower body, he found that the warmth that swathed these regions had not come from his bed-sheet or pajamas. Instead directly blanketing his crotch and thighs was a combination of Sunohara Ayaka’s obscene, cardigan-wrapped breasts, and the uniform-clad stretch of her midsection and lower abdominals. Faintly-pink lips bobbing up and down the initial inches of his cock and hands applying stimulating squeezes against the smooth pouch of testicles beneath it, the woman seemed engaged in the delivery of delicate and dedicated morning blowjob.


But this couldn’t be. To Aki, a sight such as this was better suited for a dream or hallucination than the trying reality her persisted through.


It couldn’t be.


“SCHLLLUUPP—PPAH~!…ah…Good morning, Akkun. I’m so sorry; I was hoping to finish with this before you woke up. Hopefully you slept well anyway?” Ayaka inquired, warm eyes returning the lidded gaze pointed down at her.


It couldn’t be, yet it was.


Driving his torso upright as far as the overwhelming weight of Ayaka’s breasts would allow, a now red-faced and flustered Aki raised his left hand into an incredulous point at the uniformed woman at his crotch.


“K-K-Kanrinin-san!!? W-Why…n-no that d-doesn’t…W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?” he stammered. Mentally caught between the ‘what’ of the older blonde’s presence and the ‘why’, he focused his line of sight away from the saliva-plastered nose of his erection and more so onto the innocuous, closed-eyed expression mapped across Ayaka’s face.


Keeping to her usual, unflappable demeanor, Aki’s outburst failed to faze the smiling blonde.


“I’m…getting you ready for school, I suppose?” she replied, eyelids parting to present her eyes pensively rolled into their corners. “I finished preparing breakfast for everyone a little ahead of schedule. I know you sometimes have trouble getting out of bed, so I thought that coming to wake you like this would make it easier for you to get up on time.” she explained.


“T-Then w-why not j-just wake m-me!? Y-You didn’t h-h-have to go as f-far as dressing up like that again and—!!!”


Mid-rebuttal, Aki was silenced by another parting of Ayaka’s lips around his member, and a depression of its inches into the soothing mugginess within her mouth. Diving from the reddened bloat of his glans down as far as the pair of inches past his crown, her arrival at this depth was followed by a slide of her tongue’s slick face out from underneath its cushioning of his member’s underside. Acting faster than her youthful suitor could acclimate to, she immediately began rolling the salivating organ around the phallus-inches she had swallowed as a more ‘innocent’ young woman might lap at a melting Popsicle. First compressing her organ’s steaming flesh into direct contact with Aki’s slobber-mapped cockmeat, she subsequently pressed it through one claustrophobic rotation around these inches after another. In doing so, she smeared saliva against the unwashed and mildly filth-caked inches she had ‘treated’ thus far whilst simultaneously teasing the most-sensitive regions of Aki’s cock with the glide of her tongue’s cock-fattening texture against it.


Aki could not bring himself to speak through Ayaka’s slurping. Throughout it he felt choked, yet happier than he had been at any other point in his life thus far. Even when the swirl of Ayaka’s tongue stopped and her lips again rose up until a slovenly, spittle-mired pop from his glans, the words he wished to speak refused to leave the back of his throat.


In stark contrast, Ayaka’s mouth remained in perfect working condition.


“Hmhmm♥ . You can’t trick me, Akkun.” she began, voice soft and sultry. “Last night in the bath, you didn’t clean yourself up here properly.  Boys can get sick if they let don’t care of the messy stuff that builds up down there, you know?


“As the caretaker of this place, I wouldn’t be doing a very good job if I let you make yourself sick, would I?”


Though a semblance of sense had returned to Aki in what time Ayaka spent speaking, he remained within a physical and mental quagmire poorly-suited for ‘reasonable responses’ to her questions. Nevertheless, he forced himself through the production of an answer.


From Ayaka, there did not exist a question that he could bar himself from answering—no matter how poor the answer itself.




“I-I’m a man!” pale flesh drowned in red and features disarmed by sexual pleasure, Aki repeated his often-presented claim in defense of himself more-so than protest toward Ayaka’s action. “I-I-I can take c-care of this k-kind of stuff m-myself! I-It’s not like a d-don’t like i-it, b-but—“


“Oh, you enjoy it?” interrupted Ayaka. “You really are a naughty boy at heart, Akkun ♥ . Not cleaning yourself up just so I’d do it for you is very perverse, you know. I’ll take care of you this time, but in the future, you should try and think of a way to take responsibility for your messes yourself.”


“T-That’s n-not what I—Auuughhh~”


Yet again, Aki found himself expertly lured along a path that Ayaka had set out for him. Flustered by her misinterpretation of his meaning, he opened his senses up to another predatory envelopment of his member between her lips.


Mimicking her previous dive, the blonde drove herself as far down as the peak from which murky strands of her spittle trailed down the remainder of Aki’s pale erection. Here, the second of her descents began to differ from the first. A tight compression of her slender lips to the wet ‘spittle line’ she had established saw her mouth made an enclosed orifice around the head of Aki’s member for the first time since his return to consciousness. This done, she applied a measured excess of pressure against the worn fraction of boy cock, and finally began bobbing her lips up and down the trapped inches in a genuine sucking effort. Tounge-flat and eyes focused lovingly on the squirming boy ahead of her all the while, deft dives and flicks from her neck drove his cock in and out of the gooey orifice stored between her lips.


With a single completed cycle of ascent and descent came visible disappearances of the off-white muck caked to the tip of Aki’s member. Thoroughly mixed with saliva into a drinkable paste, each arrival of Ayaka’s lips at the tip of his member saw heady amounts of the substance nosily slurped to the back of her throat, and pushed into her esophagus following a wet *GLRP~*.


A taxing half-minute of these ministrations saw Ayaka successfully siphon Aki’s cock clean of the ‘mess’ he had allowed to fester on it. Believing her work complete in spite of the hastened throbbing of his shaft and the more regular spurts of precum onto her tongue, the final slurp of fluid and cock-filth that passed by her lips moved her to draw her lips out from their pinch of Aki’s member.


No more flushed than she had been upon entering the youth’s room, she afterwards returned to her feet sporting a face no more flushed than Aki’s bed sheets.


“There, all done.” she stated, voice still mild and sweet.


“W-Wha??” stammered Aki, voice riddled with disbelief.


“Mhm, you should be ready for school now. Breakfast is waiting downstairs, so take your time getting ready, ok? You still have plenty of time.”


With this, Ayaka turned, and proceeded straight from the foot of Aki’s bed through to a slide of her frame out of the bedroom entirely.


Too wise to look back at the adolescent bedlam she had created, she instead left a painfully-erect Aki with only disappointment and an un-blown load of semen to occupy his attention.







By force of will alone, Shiina Aki successfully drove his pent and sweaty frame through the motions of departing to school. He speedily freshened himself within the dormitory’s communal bath, dressed himself within the uniform pressed and hung by Ayaka, and proceeded to the ground floor of the dormitory to savor his breakfast with what time remained at his disposal.


These things he accomplished whilst fully aware of what had transpired within his bedroom some minutes prior, and whilst suffering from the feverish discomfort inherent to sexual stimulation that did not end in ‘completion’.


For as much as it ailed him, incomplete ‘teasing’ of the sort doled out by Ayaka was another abnormal suffrage that he had come to regard as normal. In one manner or another, all of the girls residing within the dormitory had subjected him to some form of sexual stimulation that left him with perverse thoughts in his head, and a load of semen boiling within his crotch. None of the younger women pushed him to the extent that Ayaka did (nor was their pretence quite as fool-proof as hers), but their frequent engagement in the practice had made the ‘functioning’ that came afterwards—functioning as opposed to lost hours spent in masturbation—much more doable for the youth.


Wisely, Aki did not seek Ayaka out prior to his departure. Instead, he departed. Not in a walk or a sprint, but in a jog just involved enough to empty his mind. Pursued by thoughts pertaining to his favorite smiling blonde plugging her throat full of his member from the dormitory’s front door to the gates of his school, the pace he set for himself failed to contribute much to the effort of ‘settling’ his thoughts and emotions.


In fact, it had quite the opposite effect.


As a consequence of his jog, Aki arrived at school out of breath. Red-faced and mentally-preoccupied, he failed to properly survey his path of progression once past the school gate. Having arrived within the bracket of minutes closest to the chime of the first period bell, his lack of awareness inevitably resulted in him running head first into the back of a taller, more conscientious student.


Tragically, the one chosen for him by coincidence belonged not to a male, but to yet another young woman that dwarfed him in physical development.


“God, can you not watch where you’re going?! If you weren’t such a tiny waifer of a boy, I could’ve fallen over or something…”


“Oh…are you…Seriously?”


“W-Wait, don’t start crying just because of that! Boys aren’t supposed to cry when girls their own age yell at them!”


Cut to his core by the latest, sweetly-voiced blow to his masculinity, Aki crumbled. Distraught, he turned, and cut into a full on sprint back from whence he came. Recognizing his overreaction only after he had run most of the way back to the dormitory, he abandoned his run in favor of down-trodden walk for the remainder of his trip.


Calmed, and eventually depressed, he again found himself as feeling ill-suited to the social climate of Tokyo. Not so ill-suited as to abandon Sunohara Ayaka and return to the countryside, but enough so for him to once again long for the comfort of her touch…






Alongside the doting of a lovely blonde caretaker, residents of the Sunohara dormitory are subject to a great many convenient regularities. If one were to depart from their bedroom with an empty stomach, happenstance often found a snack, or middle-meal set out in the kitchen for residences to dig into as they pleased. If one found themselves without some sundry or appliance, said item was likely to be found stored away amongst the various ‘up-keep’ materials kept within the estate.


Most conveniently, if one entered through the front doors of the estate feeling as though the world had wronged them…


“Ah, Akkun. Is everything alright—did something happen at school?”


The caretaker of the dormitory would always find herself close enough to the house’s lobby to both greet and comfort her sullen resident.


Perspiring facials turned to the ground, Aki refused to flinch at the sound of Ayaka’s voice. Many times had he entered the house under some form of duress; Ayaka’s being present during these instances were to him the rule as opposed to the exception. Instead keeping his ‘unmanly’ features away from her own, his entrance saw him drag his feet from his school shoes and make as swift a rush for the hallway to the lobby’s left as his feet could manage.


Before he could so much as approach his desired corner, a pair of warm and turgid hands halted his momentum at his shoulders. Well aware of what would greet him were he to properly address the owner of these limbs, the longing he harbored for Sunohara Ayaka’s comforts urged him to raise his head nonetheless.


At this, the sweater-clad young woman again proved his attempt at ‘resistance’ to be futile.


“The sweat on your face tells me a lot, but I can’t help you unless I know the whole story, Akkun.” Ayaka continued. “Whatever it is, you can tell me. No matter what, we’ll work through it together.”


Succumbing to reflexes of her own, Ayaka added further weight to her promise via another reassuring smother of Aki’s face into the aromatic plush of her sweater-clad breasts. Applying enough strength to see his face sunk (and held) partly-between the immeasurable meat at her chest, she thereafter remained still so as to allow the youth that comfort she believed he craved.


To her surprise, Aki did not even allow himself his usual ‘immersion time’ before forcing himself away from her chest.


“I-It’s this, Kanrinin-san!” head tilted backwards, distress remained apparent across his features despite the cherry-red flush induced by her chest’s comfort. “T-That girl, you—e-everyone treats me like a child who is always getting in the way! N-No matter what I do, n-no one treats me with an ounce of respect!”




Aki’s outburst did not draw a reaction from Ayaka. Holding to the motherly posture she had assumed for herself, it seemed for a moment that Aki’s utterance had left her without anything ‘soothing’ to say.


Ayaka Sunohara was not so uncreative woman, however.


“Well, Akkkun, situations like this call for drastic action!”




Following her suggestion, Ayaka released Aki’s shoulders of her own volition. Taking a step backwards, then another from her new position, she smoothly slid her way out of the lobby without turning her back to her grief-struck resident.


Left in her wake within the lobby was naught by silence, and for Aki, disquieting suspicions as to where the blonde was and what she was doing. Unsurprisingly, the same instant at which his thoughts began to wander into the realm of the perverse was the one wherein Ayaka reappeared.


Stepping from out of the same hallway she had slipped into, the blonde again presented her smiling visage and enviable figure toward Aki. Now, though, the ‘modesty’ granted to her figure by her usual choice of dress was nowhere to be seen about her frame.


From head to toe, her figure had been stuffed into the grossly-undersized crimson cheer-uniform she had donned some months prior for the sake of Aki’s athletic festival. In the time since her last peel of the revealing two-piece over her frame, its fabric had grown no more plentiful, and the size of her feminine endowments no less obscene. As such, the effect that it applied to her mouth-watering frame was just as impactful in the present as it had been in the past.


Male, female, adult, or child, understanding this ‘effect’ was no more difficult than staring and appreciating. At Ayaka’s chest, the red-stripped top to her uniform descended down into a loose, deliciously-insufficient drape over the flesh of her breasts. Tailored for the frame of a woman owning a narrower torso and flatter bust, the emblemized tanktop-fabric meant to cover the front of her frame from neck to abdominals was entirely consumed halfway across the natural swell of her breasts. Though the roof of her cleavage and the bra-less expanse of her nipples and areola remained covered by its length (albeit barely), just under half of the flesh and fat packed into the buoyant mounds remained visible from this ‘coverage point’ onwards. Not unlike pillows jammed into too-small cases—partly covered, yet also very blatantly uncovered—the under-bust teased by her top’s hold added a perverse flair to her figure that did not appear so blatant as to necessitate a change in clothing.


Provided Ayaka curtailed her cheering motions* and otherwise moved her frame in such a way that did not aggravate the natural bounce of her breasts*(natural impossibilities), the garment was likely to perform its intended function. Of course, were she to engage in the spirted motion sets inherent to cheerleading, one could easily (and happily) imagine more and more of the hardly covered mounds as appearing underneath their undersized curtain.


Comparatively, the skirt that gripped Ayaka’s hips did not seem nearly as prone to outright failure and sexual teasing. Waistline settled just below the peaks of her hips so as to expose the thin, jet-black strings to her undergarments, its dimensions seemed quite typical (if undersized) for a cheerleading outfit. Nevertheless shortened to a length intended to accentuate the pristine thickness of her thighs whilst simultaneously drawing attention to the doughy perkiness of her peach-shaped rear, the garment did still hold some amount of similarity to the one hanging comfortably from the blonde’s shoulders. By virtue of very slight adjustments, its make applied a whorish perversion to Ayaka’s lower body that was as much arousing as it was cute.


If one were to stare at and ‘appreciate’ Ayaka’s frame as gloved by these garments, stupefaction and sexual arousal would be imposed alongside the aforementioned understanding.


Aki endured both of these things. Red-faced and frozen by the now pony-tailed blonde, he found himself without the ability or desire to speak. A number of questions swirled within his mind, but none seemed pertinent enough to ask while the taller woman remained at such an appreciable distance.


Even as she began to approach, feeding his eyes on the bounce of her bra-less breasts underneath her uniform’s top and the peak of an equally undersized pair of panties from underneath her skirt seemed more important than speaking. It was only when his body endured a second ‘shock’ in the form of her arrival in front of him and the replacement of her palms at his shoulders that the youth recalled the importance of using his vocal faculties to stand up for himself.




“W-Why are y-you wearing that of all t-things?! T-The sports festival ended m-months ago!” he inquired, eyes still focused on her frame from bust to crotch.



“Why else, Akkun? We’ve got training to do; Training requires training clothes.” she stated softly.



“I-I don’t understand…”



Upbeat and unbothered, Ayaka again leveraged the size she held over Aki to drive his frame down to the ground. Leaning forward whilst keeping hold to his shoulders, she pushed the youth as far backwards as was required to buckle his legs. Just as he fell, she engaged her own legs to soften their fall. Left in a knee-bent straddle of the youth’s crotch, she there pressed her arms outwards to push his weightless torso down back first onto the ground beneath them.


“It’s simple, Akkun!” she continued. “Today, we’re going to practice interacting with girls again. I’m going to be a girl at your school, and you’re going to practice asserting yourself towards me.”


Holding her closed-eyed smile as she spoke, Ayaka abandoned Aki’s left shoulder to see her hand’s index finger and thumb pinched to the stretched-out lower hem to her uniform top. Shameless to her core, she peeled the garment up and over her bust to send the gravid mounds down into a bounce down to their natural, forward sloping positions.


As if intending to be heard by her boyish companion after the mesmerizing sight, she afterwards continued speaking as though nothing had occurred.


“The way I see it, you just need to become desensitized to girls in general. If you can be dominant and confident when one is squeezing her body against you, normal conversations should be no problem, wouldn’t you say?” she suggested.


Partly for himself and partly for the growing erection at his crotch, Aki’s steamed brain forced his skull through the motions of a fervent nod. Aid from Ayaka was not something he could have denied himself in the first place, but as she had framed it, treatment of this sort seemed as though it might be effective—even if the sight of her exposed breasts had nearly forced his eyes shut in awe.


Something had to be done—even if said something involved the sort of sexual intercourse better reserved for his dreams.






“First things first, Akkun! To start, I’m going to put some pressure on you to see how much endurance you have. That will tell me how much work we need to do, and it should also give you an idea of what you have to expect when it comes to a woman’s body.”


“Don’t get lazy though, okay? Training is training!”


The words that Ayaka produced prior to exposing Aki’s cock and utterly swallowing its girth between her breasts did not at all soften the blow that her heated mounds impressed into the youth’s cock.


The moment she set out to unearth his member from its uncomfortable bulging underneath his uniform’s slacks, some part of Aki came to terms with the fact that the ‘training’ she had planned would require far more of him than anything he had endured prior.


For once, it was not the size of Ayaka’s exposed breasts and the meager droplets of sweat that garnished their surface that daunted the youth. What concerned him was Ayaka herself. When her hands succeeded in drawing his erection from his pants, her demeanor shifted. For a time, she remained still, and observed his pent, reddened erection with a vested interest. At the end of her observation, she licked her lips, and produced her woefully inaccurate description of what was to come.


From that point onwards, her actions lost a hint of their congenial gentleness, and acquired hints of a rash hunger that Ayaka herself seemed intent on feeding.


To Aki, the reason for her change in behavior was no clearer than any of her other mysterious qualities.


 Comically, the explanation for the matter was amongst the simplest concerned with her. She was smitten. The cock that Ayaka drew from her favorite male resident’s pants was the same, dis-proportionately large phallus that she had come to adore since her first attempt at teasing Aki sexually. While its owner lacked a great deal in height, the 11 inch spire of precum-glazed meat was sized to her tastes, and likely those of many other predatory women.  As wide as her wrist and just as thick, its dimensions were perfect for compression within her palm, yet also ideal for a pleasurable spread of any of her boy-smitten holes. Between these tactile ideals, the pungent, sexually-pent aroma that its cutely vein-swathed exterior put out, and the constant drool of a clear and viscous precum from its tip, everything about the phallus appealed to her in the same satisfyingly perverse manner that Aki did.


Given an understanding of Ayaka’s preferences, a hungry consumption of Aki’s girth between her breasts, a smothering of her palms into the plush at the outer side of her mounds, and the initiation of a vigorous session of tit-fucking was to be expected. Without this knowledge, however, one in Aki’s position would be forced to assume that they had once again become subject to the older woman’s sweet-tooth for strenuous sexual teasing.


Very early on into the speedy pump of Ayaka’s breast orifice around his member, Aki found himself assaulted by a number ‘reasons’ to believe that he was being singled out.


Eyes locked on Ayaka’s face and breasts, his gaze was consistently met by Ayaka’s usual smile. Juxtaposed against this soothing smile were sharp and increasingly sloppy grinds of her breast meat from the surface of his crotch straight up to the tip of his member.


To begin with, the natural size of her mounds left only about an inch of his erection exposed whilst sandwiched. As a result, only the slightest flick of the blonde’s wrist was required to bring the pressurized pocket of flesh between her mounds up to a biting smother of his erection’s tip. In spite of this, Ayaka chose to draw her palms much further upwards than a simple flick. Going so far as to draw the bottoms of her gleaming mounds off of their comfortable squish against his crotch, she drew her suffocating endowments up along his member until the inches beneath his glans and the moist expanse of his crotch could be seen. Only then did she reverse her ascent, and press her ample tit-pussy back down through to its firm ‘hug’ against the throbbing meat and twitching veins offered by his member.


Feeling Ayaka’s malleable breast meat ‘abuse’ his endowment in such a manner whilst Ayaka herself appeared completely comfortable made Aki feel out of place. Worse still, it only worsened the shame that he felt each time a pleasured groan or squeak passed between his trembling lips.


Ayaka did not ignore these utterances, either. As if intent on truly selling her training exercise as genuine, his consistent release of these outbursts drew her to initiation conversation.



“It feels good, doesn’t it Akkun? I can tell from the way your cock is throbbing and squirming against my breasts ♥.” she began. “This kind of thing is supposed to feel good for boys, so I’m glad you’re so willing to show me that you like it with your voice…


“That said, just groaning and breathing isn’t very manly! Women like it when you show them that what they’re doing feels nice. Maybe it won’t apply so well to the girls at school, but now, how about you show me how much you like having your precum squeezed out between my tits?” she suggested.


Yet again, the sound of Ayaka’s voice drew the sound of Aki’s straight from out of his throat.


“H-How? T-The way y-you’re using them is a-already making my d-dick feel like i-it’s gonna melt...” he exhaled.


Giggling, Ayaka responded with yet another dump of her breasts, and a hardened nuzzle of their sides up against the meat of Aki’s cock.


“Monku ha daaaaame ♥  (Ah-ah-ah, no complaints ~). You already have everything you need to express yourself, Akkun.” she teased. “I’ll give you a hint, though: when it comes to sex, how do boys usually girls how much they like what’s going on?”



Explicitly, Ayaka’s explanation left Aki without recourse. Implicitly, though, the answer that she sought was written into his birth as a male well over a decade ago.


Pressed by the lust within her eyes and the squishy pressure that remained applied to either side of his member, Aki peeled his crotch downward. Drawing several inches of his member through Ayaka’s breast-canal in the motion, he continued through his retraction until neither his hips nor buttocks could progress any further downward. 


Here—upper inches of his cock pinched between the stretch of breast-canal made tightest by Ayaka’s palms—he immediately stabbed his hips back upwards to slap his crotch up against the underside of Ayaka’s breast,  and ‘peak’ his member between the artificial orifice she had created.


Completion of this thrust steam-rolled pleasure through the flesh of his member. Propagated from the tip of his girth straight down to his crotch and the over-swelled reservoir of semen situated beneath it, the sensation punched another winded groan straight from Aki’s lips.


Regardless, the boy did not relent. Following the completion of his first thrust, he again peeled his hips downwards to repeat the penetrative ministration with further vigor. Completing his second stab far faster than the first, he progressively worked his lower body into a consistent metronome of sheathing and piercing throughout Ayaka’s breasts.


Draw, then pierce.


Draw, then pierce.


Draw, then pierce.


Numbing himself to the aching of his muscles and the elated throbs of pleasure that rippled through his endowment, he willed himself to adhere only to these internally generated words and the action sets inherent to them. This he did in spite of the maintained tightness of Ayaka’s breast canal, and in spite of the encouraging smile she directed up at him all the while.


At a glance, his will had been entirely removed from the ‘calculation’ of his actions. Left to govern the boy in their place was raw, masculine instinct: the very thing that he so often lacked.


Seeing these instincts take hold of her youthful suitor filled Ayaka with a perverse pride. Not only had her sweet, little Akkun willed himself to begin penetrating her as a woman, but the manner in which he did so was every bit as frantic and aggressive as she hoped it would be.


Out of both respect and appreciation for his effort, the beginning of his thrusts committed her to stillness. Like this, she could enjoy allow him a semblance of ‘control’ over the event, and at the same time prevent herself from using her breasts to further accelerate the milking of his erection.


On the inside, stimulating him into one orgasm after another was all that she desired. The thought of doing so moistened her drooling womanhood even now, and made her breasts feel more and more similar to a legitimate sex-orifice as his member messily punched between their pressurized confines.


Tragically, she had framed their interactions as ‘training’. Milking him as she desired would not serve to bolster his confidence—in fact, it was likely to have the opposite effect.


Stimulated past the point of her ordinarily crystal-clear thinking, Ayaka thought on the subject nonetheless. As if hypnotized by the repeated rear of Aki’s reddened glans from between her breasts and the squirts of precum it spewed onto her chest per-ascent, she quietly devised a means of enjoying herself that she could later describe as part of the youth’s training.


Once finished, she did not wait to implement it.


“You’re doing so well, Akkun ♥! If this were a woman’s cunt, there’s no telling how many orgasms you’d have fucked out of her by now!” she teased. “You should keep going just like that for as long as you can ♥. Use that healthy, throbbing cock and keep spreading my slimy tit-pussy like you own it it!”


Following the utterance, she again intensified the smothering of her breasts to his member. This time curving her wrists inwards as if attempting make a roof between both of her breast separated finger-tips, she created a sickeningly tight point of passage just below the peak of her bust.


Effectively simulating the cervix situated at the end of a woman’s vaginal canal, Aki was left with no other choice but to continually surmount this point of suffocation if he was to maintain his current thrusting pattern.


Again producing a smile laced with sickening warmth, her completion of the gesture heralded another parting of her lips.


“Mmmmnnn, yeah ♥. Just like that is perfect, Akkun! Feeling you dig your cock so deep between my tits feels amazing…” she exhaled, utterance drowned in sultry appreciation. “You’re feeling good too, right? Using my breasts like a messy, leaking fuckhole must feel nice if you’re still thrusting this hard…


“I’ll bet you want to cum, too♥. You want to spew all of your cum between my breasts and make both of them stink of cock juice, huh?” she suggested. “That’s so naughty, Akkun. Since you’re training so hard, I suppose it’d be okay if you made my breasts into your stinking cum-dumpster just this one…


“Girls do tend to appreciate when boys have the confidence to use them like that, after all…♥.”


Aki did not require any further motivation than this. Reduced to a slower, deeper pattern of thrusts by the choke point that Ayaka had created between her breasts, the prurient encouragement that she breathed out toward him was made even more potent. Reduced further down to fearful, all-at-once cock-injections that set his crotch and thighs atremble, his frame selected the end that Ayaka had offered him the moment it was able.


His body did not act alone in its selection. Driven by desires that he wished to realize, Aki lowered his left hand down into contact with Ayaka’s.


Of his own volition did he squeeze down on the limb, and of his own volition did he speak.


“I-I’m gonna…”


“I-I’m gonna f-fill up you b-breast pussy, Kanrinin-san! I’m gonna d-dump all of my cockjuice between your breasts!”


Unlike his previous proclamations, Ayaka did not dignify Aki’s word with a response.


Where the swelling of a female orifice with semen was concerned, seeing was always far more convincing an experience than believing…





Despite his best efforts, Aki remained far too inexperienced to control the manner in which his orgasm was delivered.


Behind the final thrust he delivered between Ayaka’s breasts, a heavy jet of semen packed into his testicles from his morning-time cleaning erupted from his member straight into a sloppy vertical-bisection of her face’s surface. Initially rising as high as her forehead, the collision of the tip of the strand with this region saw its entirety draped down into a sound staining of her features with seed.


Those that followed the first performed similarly. Released per throb of Aki’s member, lengthy eruptions of semen were delivered upwards into haphazard crisscrosses of Ayaka’s features. Utterly caking the pores that they were brought into contact with underneath a plaster of wriggling protein and muddy cell-nutrients, her inviting visage was slowly but surely ‘sullied’ by the formation of a inconsistent blanket of  cock juice overtop her face.


Owed to the formation of this blanket was the volume of semen that had been built up within the youth, and the semi-solid qualities that it displayed on contact with Ayaka’s face. Of the full semen strands delivered across her face, the majority of these behaved as a form of runny contact cement. Though they remained plastered where placed, gravity drew fractions of their volume to the left or right with time. Others—in particular the shorter, fatter strands spewed out toward the end of Aki’s orgasm—performed as a greasier adhesive. Grossly caking the pockets of flesh beneath her eyes and overtop her eyelids, it was these dollops that turned the ‘net’ produced by the beginnings of his orgasm into the blanket that it became ultimately.


Though made to shut one of her eyes in defense against Aki’s release, Ayaka took the dousing of her features in stride. Statuesque throughout the ambiguation of her features and even afterwards, the end of Aki’s orgasm filled her not with disgust, but with a perverse mixture of satisfaction and arousal.


“Had this been my cunt, Aki might’ve knocked me up…” she thought to herself, inner voice happily dazed. “H-He’s still hard, too. After all that, his body still wants more…


“Boy’s his age really are something special. I’m willing to bet that Akkun is a little more ‘special’ than the norm, though…”


After taking a moment to steady her inconsistent breathing and acclimate to the needy pulsing of the lips between her legs, Ayaka resumed her ‘training session’ with every intention of discerning the true extent of Aki’s specialness.


First peeling her breasts from around his cock, she lowered her lips to a hover just above his drooling glans. Unoccupied hands moving up to support positions against his thighs, she braced herself at a rather telling position that her innocent ward was unlikely to understand.


Parting her semen-moistened lips, she lewdly collected what seed covered the pink lumps prior to putting their gleaming surfaces to work in speech.


“Great job, Akkun~! I knew you’d be able to hold out for a pretty long time, but feeling you take control at the end was nice ♥.” she complimented.   “That’s the kind of thing that girls can’t help but respect—women too, to be honest. Forcing naughty things onto the girls at school definitely isn’t a good idea, but try to remember what it felt like to start thrusting the way you did. I’m sure it’ll help you in the future.


“For now, though…”


Raising her left hand from the youth’s thigh, she reached upwards to take hold of his matching limb. Drawing its perspiration-moistened palm up as far as the buoyant locks of blonde hair atop her skull, she afterwards parted her lips to expose the recently-semen splattered confines of her mouth. Intent on being understood, she momentarily purposed her right hand in a point at the pink flesh between her lips and the spindles of semen and saliva that extended from the roof of her mouth down to her tongue.


“You need more practice.” she stated. I’m going to open my mouth just like that in a moment. When I do, I want you to put the same effort you used to fuck my tits into fucking my throat. Don’t forget to be rough and assertive too! The more of a mess you can make of my mouth, the better.” she explained.


All at once, Aki felt his orgasmic daze chased from the confines of his mind. Left instilled with the confidence and satisfaction reaped from several minutes of staring at Ayaka’s features whilst plastered with his seed, his mind came to entertain the idea that he had taken his orgasm from Ayaka rather than having it given to him. After her explanation of the second leg to their training session, this ‘entertainment’ became genuine belief.


Donning a grin, Aki collected his first handful of Ayaka’s blonde hair, and purposed the makeshift handle in the closure of what distance separated his drooling cocktip from her lips.


“You don’t have to tell me that now, Kanrinin-san. There’s no way I’d wanna stop now that we’ve come this far…” he began. “S-So go ahead and open your mouth! I-I’ll force you to slurp down every drop of c-cock juice I have left!”


Amused to the point of at which a breathy ‘Ara ara’ slipped from between her lips, Ayaka did precisely as was asked of her. Again baring the surface of her tongue and the slick flesh pulsing at the back of her throat, she loosened her frame for manipulation by Aki just in time for the first upward thrust delivered by his lips.


Force-fed inches of cockmeat with enough force to see Aki’s meat breach her throat and esophagus, the jizz-plastered warmth on her face held.


And it would continue to: just as Ayaka had promised.










Soon after the plunge of his member up into Ayaka’s mouth, Aki again committed his frame to the demands made by his instincts. Shoving all forms of conscious thought that did not concern satiation aside, he found that ‘freeing’ himself in this manner made the uncertainty and pleasure inherent to drilling Ayaka’s mouth much more tolerable.


Following the first kiss shared between Ayaka’s lips and his crotch, Aki felt certain that he had made the right choice. Cock smothered, then progressively milked on all sides by the convulsing flesh of her throat and esophagus, his hips responded to the pleasure made to ripple up his spine with a sudden retraction through her hyperactive gullet.


Momentarily freed from its addictive stimulation, the outward draw of his crotch saw miniature expulsions of opaque spittle sputter out from between her lips. Each splattering out against his crotch, their outflow as combined with his cock’s aching desire for the ‘abuse’ handed out by the confines of the blonde’s throat-cunt prompted him through another hilt-depth depression of his member through her lips.


Ultimately, the usage pattern selected by Aki’s desires amounted to his hips cycling through the above described depression and retraction at an unsustainable pace.


Unstainable or not, the grinning youth believed his circumstance to be his most dominant and fulfilling yet.


“H-How’s that, Kanrinin-san!? I-I’ll bet you didn’t expect to get f-force-fed my cock like this, huh?” he suggested. “You’re stuck now, t-though! I-I’m going to fuck your sludgy mouth-cunt u-until e-every drop of cum I-I’ve got left e-ends up swirling inside your s-stomach!


I-I’M deciding that. It’s MY choice, a-and you’re gonna submit to it!” he barked.


Contrary to Aki’s beliefs, his commitment to these thrusts and the pace at which he delivered them were not choices that he made voluntarily. Not entirely. It remained apparent that his crotch had selected the upward stabs of his member through Ayaka’s lips and the strenuous compression of his erection through her G.I track’s pliant meat of their own volition, but to begin with, this option was one of very few set out for his body to make use of.


Ayaka’s position hovering over-top his crotch demanded that he remain with his back against the ground. As such, goring her throat with his member with any sort of depth or impact required the bend of one of his legs at the knee, and a flat-footed press of its sole to the ground. Like this, his crotch was raised to a height perfect for the sloppy feeding of his shaft down her throat, and the position that Ayaka assumed (and held) was validated.


Ayaka had intended this. It was why she had prompted the youth to take hold of her skull by its blonde locks, and why she had selected the position in the first place. In this position, Aki would be forced to treat her face as a sex toy if he wished to feel the same claustrophobic bliss that he had garnered from her breasts.


This was not to say that she sat unaffected by Aki’s ministrations, however. Aki’s aggression saw nearly a foot of rigid cockmeat pressed through an invasive nuzzle down her gullet. Each swollen inch ground past her gag reflex was an inch swathed by root-dense veins liable to squirm against her esophagus lining, and utterly coated in the flavor of underage semen. Even if she wished to persist through the event as her mild, semen-caked self, doing so whilst such a qualitatively obscene member throbbed and swelled inside her throat would have been impossible.


Very early on into Aki’s impalements, the noisy splutters that she had made mention of began to flow from between her lips in spades.




So sounded her lips as the youth’s cock invaded the mucus-slogged depths of her esophagus and stirred the slop churned to fruition within it. However garbled, even a middle-school aged student could discern these outburst as being rooted in pleasure.


Both throughout and just after their release, visible expulsions of semen-infused throatslop could be seen blurting out from the corners of Ayaka’s lips onto Aki’s crotch. Timed specifically to the instances at which the hairless expanse of his crotch became sandwiched against her lips, these splatters quickly contributed to the formation of perverse slop-strands hooked between her face and the surface of his crotch.


Alongside the pleasure twisted and wrenched around his erection, the satisfaction Aki reaped from seeing the woman he idolized made a semen-splattered cock-sleeve for his member filled him with further confidence.


Differently, the continued well of semen at the base of his member was completely coincidental to this—another of many factors that drove the youth to behave as a different version of himself. Still, it was the bubble of a grossly-excessive volume of the substance at the root of his member that teased further degrading outbursts from the boy’s lips.


“Y-You look like such a cute little slut covered in my c-cum, Kanrinin-san. Y-You ready for y-your s-stomach to end up looking l-like an even nastier mess than your f-face?” he suggested, his mild tone competing for prevalence with the wet slap of his crotch up against the older woman’s lips.


Ayaka did not respond to this question. Speech was impossible for her at present, but the ‘image’ Aki maintained of the woman suggested that something ought to come from her at this juncture. She was his now, after all—a mewling hole for his cock and a dumpster for his seed. Having her mewl out in euphoria just before his release was to be expected.


Or so he believed.


Just as he began sharpening the pace and depth of his thrusts in preparation for release, Aki found his buttocks abruptly floored back onto the ground. Subsequently, the entirety of his member was swallowed past Ayaka’s lips, and the meat of her esophagus imposed its latest blend of flesh and throatslop around his erection’s girth.


These events were not products of coincidence, but of consequence. All at once, Ayaka had dropped her front back down onto his crotch. Dipping her skull forward throughout so as to impale her face on her suitor’s cock, the completion of her fall disarmed Aki of all of the control he maintained over proceedings.


She did not stop here. Knowing the youth’s orgasm to be but moments away, she began flinging her head upwards and downward to repeat the gaping of her gullet over and over again. Replacing her hands at bracing positions against Aki’s hips, she took to slamming her seed-plastered features against the youth’s crotch—all whilst her right eye peered up at him with a female hunger totally contrary to her usual expressions.



Caught utterly off-guard by Ayaka’s sudden return to dominance, Aki froze. Winded and without recourse, he failed to produce so much as a stammer of protest in the seconds that preceded the second eruption of seed from his member.







“A-Ah, K-Kanrinin-san, I-I’m cumming!! T-Take all of my s-smelly cock juice down your throat!!”


From the first adhesion of balmy dick-plaster to the interior of her esophagus to the very last, Aki’s command reverberated through Ayaka’s ears. Swelling her with submissive satisfaction and pride in equal amounts, the task that was asked of her was made to appear as closer to a reward than another order to be completed.


In truth, it was both—even if she did not want it to be. Though she had wrested control of proceedings away from Aki for the sole purpose of feeding herself sick on his seed, the throat-fucking that preceded (and followed) the shift itself was perhaps the most exhaustive she had enjoyed yet. It was only as a result of the sturdiness of her frame and the fragility of Aki’s that she managed to accomplish her goal without first squirting herself into non-function.


To make matters worse, Aki’s orgasm was equally taxing. One after another, blurts of doughy, nutrient-riddled cock-batter leapt from the tip of his member straight across the lower reaches of her esophagus. Each one corralled by the yet-un-spread lower reaches of the tube into straight-on, vertical deliveries, their contents were piled atop one another to nauseating and suffocating effect mere seconds into Aki’s release.


Feeling wriggling threads of sperm cells pushed up against one another within her esophagus filled Ayaka’s mind with thoughts that depicted a flexible hole flushed, and subsequently widened full of a muddy industrial cement. However pliant, the hole that she visualized was finite; eventually, the blubbery filler hosed into it would result in one of two things: rupture, or a forced expansion of its depth.


Subverting her blissful haze, she selected the second of these options for herself. At once, she met the clogging of her esophagus with repeated instances of swallowing. One by one, the rolling muscle contractions she produced pushed noisome mouthfuls of semen from the back half of her esophagus down straight into splatter against the floor or her stomach. Delivered against the region as fistfuls of doughy paper-mache against a canvas, her efforts saw the compilation of semen within her esophagus effortlessly shifted into her stomach.



While the substance’s coating, and eventual pooling at her stomach’s base was equally  trying for Ayaka, it was nowhere near as difficult as remaining conscious whilst her gullet was packed full of cock juice. Separately, the sensation that warmed her stomach as it was fed round and squishy with the jets of cum that Aki produced was satisfying. Unlike the drenching of her face with seed, only the slightest bit of imaginative reframing was required for her to see herself as being ‘bred’ with her adorable Akkun’s semen.


By itself, picturing this circumstance reduced the remainder of Aki’s orgasm to outright pleasure for her. Starved for a reality that existed only within her mind, she rushed the burst of fat jizz-dollops into her esophagus to superlative and noisy effect.




Made louder and fuller by her efforts, the sounds made by Aki’s seed as it was pushed into her stomach became ‘real’ enough for one to measure the volume of seed pumped into her right down to the youth’s very last drop.


Following its passage, Ayaka’s own instincts took hold. Wholly intent on keeping to her image as ‘sexual experienced’, she wrenched her lips back up the length of Aki’s member until her they were granted a clean pop from its tip. Afterwards forcing herself upright onto legs trembling with sexual need, she arranged her sex-smeared features into a smile that Aki might recognize.


“T-That was wonderful, A-Akkun. Y-You took c-control quite well for a while there, b-but I think now would be a good time to take a break…” she stammered, tone withered and congested. “W-We’ll practice again some other time, alright? Like I said, just t-try and apply how you f-felt here to how you interact with t-the girls at school; I’m…u-um…c-certain it’ll work out well for you…”


To Ayaka’s surprise—and to a point, relief—her utterance went unacknowledged. Opening her unhindered eye to ascertain the reason for Aki’s silence, she found his frame sprawled and unconscious precisely where she had left it.


At the sight of this, the performance anxiety that plagued her disappeared. Dominant hand jumping up to the center of her bust, she allowed a relieved exhalation past her lips in an attempt at righting her frazzled mental state.


In this she found modest success. A few seconds of deep breathing assured her that the baby-bump of semen she had earned for her efforts would soon disappear, and that a warm shower would swiftly return her hair and facial features to their usual states.


If not for the presence that greeted her when finally she turned her frame to begin waddling out of the lobby, what time she took for herself could very well have led her to pat herself on the back. Instead, the sight of her younger sister’s grinning visage and cross-armed posture snapped her back into the unflappable rigidity symptomatic of Sunohara Ayaka.


“Looks like you and Aki had some reeeeeeeeeeeal fun out here, sis.” Nana teased, sharpened incisors peaking from under her upper lip with every word. “Had I known that this was the game we were playing with Aki, I would’ve jumped ahead of you a long time ago…


“It’s fine, though. Now that I know what cards I can play, we’ll just have to see about which one of us he ends up liking better, won’t we?”


Quite familiar with the general shape of her sister’s ‘war declarations’, Ayaka could only sigh in response.


After such spirited training alongside Aki, it was the only thing that she had the energy for.








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