Rocking The Bed

BY : SilentJo
Category: +M to R > My Hero Academia
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Todoroki Shoto was slowly pulled out of his slumber through the infrequent shaking of the bed that he and Midoriya Izuku shared.

He's jerking off in his sleep again. I wonder if I should do something this time?

Their work shifts had changed, with Todoroki working later hours. Midoriya was already in bed by the time Todoroki came home. It wasn't long after he had fallen asleep that the tremors began. Todoroki had seen this happen before but had neglected to do anything or even bring it up to Midoriya the next morning. He confirmed that Midoriya had been dead asleep the whole time he was getting himself off then. Todoroki wondered if it was even possible to be unaware of such an act.

Now they were in bed with their backs towards each other. Midoriya frantically rubbed his cock inside his fist for about ten seconds, stopped and then started rubbing himself again. This process repeated itself several times each minute. He didn't make a sound aside from the light creaking of the bed frame and the eventual sound of wet skin sliding together as he got closer to orgasm. His breath remained calm, with a slight nasal snore every so often during his breaks.

I'm so tired... Why does he have to do this just after I get to sleep?!

Todoroki was faced with a dilemma now. Should he ignore it like last time and try to get more sleep? Or should he give in to his growing desire to join in on Midoriya's lewd activities?

"Mhmm..." A soft whimper escaped Midoriya's lips as he began his cycle again. He must be nearing the end, so Todoroki needed to make a decision fast. Hearing Midoriya's sensual voice made his choice easier, and Todoroki turned over to face Midoriya's back. He reached his arm down and replaced Midoriya's busy hand with his own. This startled him, but he didn't wake up as a result. Todoroki rested his chin against Midoriya's shoulder as he resumed sliding his hand along Midoriya's cock, moist with his pre-cum. He didn't pause in his motions as Midoriya did, and eventually, he rolled Midoriya onto his back.

"If I have to be awake for this, so do you Midoriya," Todoroki said into Midoriya's ear as he brought his free hand up to touch his cheek. He wanted Midoriya to be wide awake when it was his turn to get off.

"To-Todoroki, what's going on?" Midoriya's eyes blinked open and shut several times before he fully woke up.

He debated on whether or not to tell Midoriya about his nocturnal activities and decided against it. It turned him on to be the only one to know this carnal side of Midoriya that even he doesn't remember.

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