Arkyn's Fucking Adventure

BY : pasta_mofo
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Disclaimer: This one goes along with my actual story on that goes by The Greatest Generation. Characters are different here bc this is to wank off. Also I make no profit off of writing smut about My Hero Academia, I just do this for fun.

Arkyn woke up with a slow start. His grey eyes gazed up at the ceiling for a while, just relaxing in the quiet morning and thinking about the last 5 years. It had been crazy, coming to Japan at only 10 years old and joining the culture and life here. From the very beginning Nemuri Kayama, aka Midnight had been a constant in his life. First as a protector, now as a sister figure.


He was taken out of his musings by an all too familiar voice.


“Arkyn! Hurry up and eat your breakfast!”


“I’m up!” He called out. Rolling out of bed he rna a hand through his blonde hair, pulling it into a loose bun.


Walking out of his room, he ambled on over to the living room where he saw Midnight setting the table for breakfast.


“I’m surprised you were able to come over and make breakfast for me today Nemuri-nee.” He commented as he sat down in a chair. Usually it was him making the food for her as she lazed around in his apartment.


She huffed at the comment. “What kind of sister would I be if I couldn’t even make a good luck breakfast for my little brother?”


He glanced over at the giant jug of coffee on the kitchen counter. “A bad one but you didn’t have to get up early just for this. I know you’re busy with being a teacher at UA.” Not that he was complaining about the food, the pancakes looked really good. She even remembered the chocolate.


“Nonsense! It’s your first day of high school at UA! I think that’s reason enough right?” She patted him on the head. “Good work on getting recommended through. All that hard work paid off right?”


He nodded as he began eating. “Yeah but you and Shinji-nii put in the recommendations for me. I had a leg up over everyone else.” Not even Tenya got a recommendation.


“True but we only did it because we decided you had deserved it. Your performance at Somei impressed even Yagi-san. He’s damn near Impossible to impress you know?”


Oh he knew, from the few times he had met the CEO of Shindo Shipping, the man was cold businessman. He was kind to him of course but there was a coldness that lingered on him like a cloak. “I know and I’m grateful. It just feels like I cheated you know?”


“Don’t think on it, you deserved it 100 percent.” She pointed a fork to his plate. “Now finish eating and get dressed. I have to leave in a few minutes.”


He looked over and saw that she didn’t even have a plate. “You already ate?” He asked through a mouthful of pancakes.


“Yes I did.” Her eyes narrowed. “And what did I say about talking with your mouth full?”


He shrugged at her while downing the pancakes down with water. At this point he was hard pressed to find her all the intimidating. Especially with how much shorter she was compared to him. “I don’t know but don’t you need to be an educator somewhere else?”


For a while she didn’t respond, only leveling a small glare at him. Eventually she sighed. “You gotten a lot more defiant over the past few years Man Bun-kun.” A sultry look crossed her features. “Maybe. . .you need to be corrected.”


He couldn't help but roll his eyes. Yeah that sadistic part of her no longer really affected him. In fact. . .he knew the perfect way to celebrate his entrance into UA.


Swallowing the last piece of the pancakes he stood up and walked over to the end of the table where Midnight sat. His 6 foot 3 frame towered over her smaller 5 foot 9 one even when she was standing. With her sitting down her face barely reached his waist.


“You really don’t learn do you? You were on top for all of a couple times but now end up on the bottom no matter what you try.” He pulled down his sweatpants to reveal his quickly hardening shaft. “If anything, I’m the one correcting you, slut.”


He looked at her attire, she only wore a plain white shirt. Which was his, he realized. No doubt the only thing under that were her panties. Grabbing the back of her head he pressed her face up against his 8 inch rod.


Despite the thickness covering her view she remained confident. “Somna-Glurk!”


Before she could finish he shoved his cock down her throat. He groaned as he felt her gag on his member.


Glurk! Glurk! Glurk! Glurk!


He dragged her head in and out with his thrusts, enjoying the way she gagged and the way her eyes slowly began rolling up into her head. He didn’t mind the drool that got splattered on his shirt or the way she clawed at his waist. Her struggles made it even better.


With his right hand he bunched up the back of her dark hair and with his free hand he began groping her tits through the shirt.


She couldn’t couldn’t help moan, the only thing she could see and feel was the cock as thick as her wrist clogging her airways. She began massaging his rod with her tongue, enjoying the low groans it produced from the teen. However her small victory was torn away by the small bit of lightning that sparked through the shirt and to her sensitive breasts.


Her eyes widened and a choked scream tore from her throat as she squirted through her panties.


“That’s it right? Little bit of stimulation and I got you squealing.” He commented as the R Rated heroine shook in pleasure. He never stopped the stimulation, keeping her eyes rolled back and squealing around his cock.


This was norm for her. No matter what she did, he would end up with her impaled on his cock like a trophy.


With a final trust he held her down on his cock, savoring the sputters and the whines coming from her throat. After a few seconds he felt her slowly going slack and pulled her off.


She coughed as strands of saliva strung from her lips to his cock. She weakly gazed up at his face. “S-somna-Glurk!” Once again she couldn’t finish as Arkyn plugged her mouth.


“That’s all you got? Somnambulist this, Somnambulist that.” He taunted. “So easy.”


That really was all she got, physically he overpowered her with ease. Even as she pushed against his cock, it stayed in her throat. Sure she could activate her quirk without calling it out but that was no fun for either of them.


Plus, she enjoyed the play and so did he.


Pulling her off again he dragged her up to the table and bent her over, all the while keeping his right on her hair.


Her heavy pants filled the apartment as Arkyn commanded her. “Right leg up on the table slut.”


When she didn’t listen he struck her ass with his palm covered in lightning. Again she he slapped her ass with a palm covered in lightning. She squealed and her back arched as she squirted on the table.


“You even got some on the table. Where are your manners?” He punctuated with another lightning covered slap.


She was in pleasurable hell as the iron grip he had on her hair forced her on the table, she could barely think.


The plain black panties were stripped and stuffed into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back again after another reddening smack on her behind.


Finally she did as she was told.


“Good girl. Now what do you say?” He asked as he teased her by rubbing his cock against her pussy.


She didn’t reply to which he reached up with his left hand and stimulated her breasts. The whimpering moans almost made him fuck her.




“What. Do. You. Say?”


A muffled “thank you” came through the cloth in her mouth.


“You’re welcome.” And with that he shoved his cock inside her.


He felt her tighten as he filled her to the brim over and over again. Before he knew it, she came over him yet again. “Come on. “ He taunted while slapping her red cheeks again. “Last more than 30 seconds!”


Another squeal drew from her throat as he yanked her by the hair, bending her backwards. As he loomed over her he saw only the whites of her eyes as she shook in pleasure.


Beneath him Midnight fell apart. The hard pistoning rod broke whatever defiance she had left.


‘He’s breaking me!’ She thought as everything went white.


Suddenly the pounding stopped giving her time to rest. Through her panties she panted heavily. Her eyes only stared as the ceiling as she waited for the inevitable fucking to start again.


He pulled her back some more, causing a pain filled moan out of her.


“Today, I’m gonna celebrate by breaking you over my dick.” He pawed at her tit with his hand covered in lightning.


Her juices poured over his member and onto the table as she was at his mercy.


He pulled the black cloth from her mouth, letting her speak. “D-do your worst Arkyn-chan, i-it won’t be that easy.” Her voice was weak and unsteady, not even she believed in her words.


“I love that defiance from you. Keep it up for lets say  . .5 minutes? Yeah 5 minutes, if you last more than 5 minutes without creaming over my dick then I’ll let you do whatever you want.”




“Whatever.” He confirmed.


In her mind she knew it was trap but at this point she took the bait. She had no other choice. “Fine but know this, I’ll have you begging by the time I’m on done with you, Arkyn-chan.”


The grip on her hair loosened as he pulled out of her snatch. With his left hand holding her up by the tit, he placed his right hand over her pussy. “You know what I can do with my right hand right?”


Her eyes widened.


“Creation of objects made by the iron in my blood.” He reminded her before shoving the black cloth in her mouth.


Her eyes rolled back again as she felt a dick shaped object forming in her pussy. To her horror and pleasure,he began shoving the phallus like object in and out her. Her hands braced themselves against the table, shaking all the while.


The end came when Arkyn shoved the entirety of his cock in her ass.


She came harder than before as her entire body locked up from the blinding pleasure.


“Not even a minute, slut.”


Then the pounding began and she lost all control. With two cocks in her she broke over his member as tears of pleasure rolled down her cheeks.


She couldn’t even pass out with the stimulating electricity coming from his left hand. Every time she felt like passing out, she was brought back with a jolt of lightning.


Her screams tore through the cloth, filling the kitchen with her sounds of pleasurable agony.


Finally her arms gave way as she slumped against the left hand of the man brutally fucking her. Despite it the fucking never stopped, only intensifying as Arkyn tossed the soaked black cloth away and shoved his fingers down her throat.


Her sounds of gagging and moaning filled her ears.


Glurk! Glurk! Glurk! Glurk! Glurk! Glurk!


Spit splattered over her sensitive chest and the table. His cock pounding her ass, the fake cock destroying her pussy and the fingers shoved down her throat. It was too much for her.


Desperately she tried to tell him to stop. Her hands reached behind her and pushed weakly against his stomach. He didn’t slow down, he really meant it when he said he was going to break her.


Minutes of struggling and she gave up. The strength and intensity of the teen was too much for her. ‘I’m done for. . .’


But that wasn’t enough for Arkyn.


She felt him pull his dick out of her ass and let it rest on her cheeks. She slumped against the table, exhausted and thoroughly fucked. “A-Arkyn, p-please. . .” She begged.


Her body was slick with sweat and her desperate pants was all she heard. The sadistic part of her was squashed, she couldn’t against Arkyn. Anyone else but him.


“Please what? Cum? Because I still haven’t yet.” His words filled her mind, he still hadn’t cum. “Let’s have fun in the shower, I wanna see how that sensitive body of yours reacts to some water.”


He flipped her over on her back, letting both legs dangled of the edge of the table.


She felt him pull the fake out of her pussy and shove it right back in her ass. “Keep that in there all day today slut, you understand?”


“Y-yes.” She answered back weakly as she was picked up.


He had hooked his arms under legs and slipped his dick in her.


She hung onto his shoulders as she was impaled on his cock from the kitchen to the bathroom. Her legs didn’t even have the strength to wrap themselves around his waist.


As she was pressed up against the wall he turned on the shower. The initial cold water caused her to gasp and tighten around him. This was too much, she had to stop this. “Somna-Umph!” She was stopped by a brutal thrust.


“Shhh none of that. I told you, I am gonna break you.”


“Please! Ugh, Arrrrkyynnn!” Her cries bounced off the walls as Arkyn’s larger frame drilled her into the wall.


Her head fell back, hitting the tiles.


She howled as his trusts overwhelmed her battered and broken body.


Her toes curled as another orgasm tore through her. In her sex addled mind the thought of simply using her quirk never registered. All she could feel and think was him.


Suddenly she felt his thrusts become erratic  “I’m coming!” With that she felt him flood inside her, causing her back to arch and her juices to mix together with the warm water.


For a while they stayed together enjoying the afterglow.


Her forehead braced against his shoulders. “P-please. . . “ Her voice was slightly hoarse but with her mouth right next to his ears, it didn’t matter.


Her legs slipped from his around his waist to hanging limply against his leg. By now she was only held up by the strength of the man inside her.


A whimper came out as he pulled her off him. It was finally over.


Yet, Arkyn was still hard.


She felt his powerful hands force her own hands behind her back. She felt iron handcuffs forming on her wrists and locking them in place.


Despite her clear exhaustion he never let up on her. He truly meant it, when he said it.


Turning off the water, he easily made her kneel.


Her vision was covered by the shaft on her face.


“Clean it.” Unable to fight back she began slowly licking the shaft. Suddenly he shoved it down her throat.




“Do it properly. I shouldn’t have to use my hands for this.”


Looking up submissively she nodded before deepthroating the cock on her own. Her sounds of gagging along with spit bubbling through her nose filled her own ears, mocking her of the situation.


In a rough fashion she was suddenly and quickly bent over with her head pressed against the wall. With the height advantage he had over her, she was on the tips of her toes.


Her vision went white again as he thrusted in once more. 

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