An intense study session

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An intense study session

“Shoto Todoroki, Quirk: Half-Cold Half-Hot, Eijiro Kiroshima, Quirk: Hardening, Momo Yaoyorozu, Quirk: Creation, Hanta Sero, Quirk: Tape, Tsuyu Asui, Quirk: Frog”

Ochako had grown to love when Izuku went off on little mumbling tirades when he went through his notes, the pair having decided on a study session for the night currently going over their class mates to make sure that they had everyone’s Quirks fully memorised along with their strengths and weaknesses so that if they fought beside them in future they knew how to work around them

Sitting next to the new One for All wielder Ochako leaned in to rest her head on his shoulder, the couple had been dating for a good couple of months now and the Gravity manipulator was still in the stages of ‘get as close to new boyfriend as possible’ mode wanting to be as close to Izuku as possible as often as possible, especially after the first few times they had had sex she had wanted as much physical contact as possible, the green haired boy not seeming to notice at first as he was too focused on his notes

Nuzzling his shoulder more Ochako smiled as she took in his calming scent, his mere smell making her feel tingly in all of the right places making her hum as she trailed a hand down his front careful not to accidentally make him float away as his eyes still remained glued to his notes

As her fingers traced lower Ochako stopped as her finger tips reached Izuku’s belt, noticing as he tensed up a tiny bit before relaxing again, still mumbling under his breath bringing a dirty idea to Ochako’s mind “I wonder how long he can stay focused” she tittered internally as she nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck, both of her hands creeping down to his belt before slowing starting to undo it

As expected Izuku barely noticed as she worked his belt open, seemingly deaf to the clinking metal of his belt buckle and barely even acknowledging too focused on his notes as his girlfriend slowly slid her soft warm hand into his boxer shorts

Licking her lips Ochako slowly pulled him free of his underwear, so thick and heavy in her hand even whilst flaccid, her eyes dilating at the sight of his manhood as she slowly begins to trace her fingers along his length careful not to activate her Quirk as she does so, her heart rating quickening as she felt him harden and grow in her grasp

Kissing his cheek Ochako began to slowly stroke him whilst watching his face, waiting for the exact moment he’d snap out of his trance and realise what was going on “let’s see Bakugo call Deku pathetic if he ever saw this” she tittered internally as Izuku grew to his full ten inch length, whilst he might have been born without a Quirk he was definitely born blessed in other ways

As Izuku’s muttered slowly came to an end as he finished his notes he then suddenly jumped as he came back to Earth, his eyes widening almost cartoonishly as he realised what was going on and felt everything “Ochako!” he gasped jumping in her grasp making her titter as he dropped his notes “when did you?”

“I started about a minute ago, you were so focused I couldn’t resist” the brunette teased biting his earlobe as she stroked him faster loving how he shuddered in her grasp “now I know the perfect way to snap you out of it though” she giggled as she felt him start to throb between her fingers “you’re so thick and hard, I love it”

Gritting his teeth as Ochako’s hand worked him harder Izuku fought to not cum too quickly, his girlfriend’s hand so soft and warm making it hard to focus on anything else as she nibbled on his earlobe “you’re throbbing so much” she breathed in his ear, her confidence having skyrocketed after the first time they had had sex with Izuku having made sure that she felt like the most beautiful thing alive despite both of their nerves “are you going to cum for me?”

Hearing sweet little Ochako say those words was all Izuku needed to fall over the edge, his entire body shaking as he came hard all over the floor, Ochako’s hand continuing to stroke him throughout his climax watching every thick shot of cum that came out with a hungry glint in her eye

“You came so much” she giggled as she scooped up some of his cum from his tip and proceeded to lick her fingers clean of it, the sight making Izuku’s heart pound and his dick twitch as he rested back against the brunettes front

Before she could go any further however Ochako squeaked as she suddenly found herself pinned on her back on the bed, Izuku having recovered quicker than she had expected as the One for All user kneeled by the edge of his bed and took hold of her panties, pulling them down her legs before he spread them revealing her dripping core

“Mmmmm Deku” Ochako then moaned as her boyfriend pressed his mouth to her slit, having always been a believer in fair sharing he had never left Ochako feeling needy when she had gone out of her way to make him cum first

Winding her fingers into his deep green hair Ochako lied back on the bed, her toes curling as his tongue went to work on her, reaching all the right spots with expert skill showing that Quirks wasn’t the only thing he had been studying up on “ooooh yes, right there” she moaned as his tongue pushed in deep teasing her g-spot

As he worked his tongue Izuku pressed two fingers against his girlfriend’s clit, gently rubbing it making her back arch with a sharp cry of pleasure before he used his other hand to slide a finger inside of her “ah! Deku!” Ochako cried out tugging on his hair before her eyes widened as she felt his voice reverberate against her pussy

He was actually reciting his notes into her weeping core, the vibrations of his voice making her entire body tingle as she tried to not activate her Quirk by accident, her knuckles turning white as she clutched the bedsheets for dear life as her orgasm built up quicker than ever before “Deku…oh Izuku!” she then cried out as his tongue pressed against her g-spot again and a small spark of energy shot from the tip of his tongue to stimulate her sweet spot, Izuku having channelled less than 1% of One for All through his tongue to increase his tongue work

With that single spark of energy Ochako came undone, her entire body shaking as she accidentally set off her Quirk, her body starting to float up prompting Izuku to grab hold of her hips to hold her in place as he continued to work her with his tongue, prolonging her climax for as long as possible “aaaahhh Dekuuuuuu” Ochako borderline whimpered as her body shook and spasmed in the air

Steadily pulling her back down to the bed Izuku moved from inside her thighs and took hold of Ochako’s wrists, pulling her hands together to make her fingertips touch cancelling her Quirk allowing her to drop back onto the bed to which he sat upon pulling her onto his lap

“Mmmmm Deku” Ochako moaned as Izuku then kissed along her neck and jawline, his hands wandering her body sending shivers of excitement through her as her bare core rested atop his still rock hard manhood “Deku…Izuku…I need it…” she keened as her arousal coated his dick

Nodding Izuku moved his hands down to cup her full round ass, lifting her slightly to help guide her onto his cock making the Gravity Hero gasp and whimper as she was eased down onto his length, her wet core moulding around him fitting like a glove before keening as he bottomed out inside of her, his cock head pressing against her cervix as she began to undo the buttons of her blouse, tugging at the material to pull the clothing open baring her large breasts barely contained within her bra “so big Deku…” she moaned as she rolled her hips, his manhood fitting so perfectly inside of her

Moving his hands up to her chest Deku helped her with her bra as Ochako shrugged off her blouse leaving her naked save for her skirt and socks, Izuku’s calloused and scarred hands weighing her heavy breasts making her simper from the contrast of her silky smooth skin and his rough hide, his teeth and lips nipping at the skin of her collar bone as she began to slowly ride him

“Ochako…so hot…” Izuku groaned as Ochako squeezed tight around him, the brunette starting to pick up her pace as she pushed against his shoulders encouraging him to lie back so that she could ride him faster

Within moments Izuku’s bedroom was filled with the sounds of Ochako’s body colliding with Izuku’s as she rode him with everything she had, her heart hammering as her breasts bounced wildly, her nails digging into the skin of his chest as he lied back to watch her ride “beautiful” he commented internally watching every expression of bliss that graced Ochako’s features, her core getting tighter rhythmically as her second orgasm built up

“Deku…Izuku…cumming…” she whined biting her lip as she rolled her head back, her back arching as Izuku reached up to grab her tits and that was all it took to send her tumbling over the edge, her body seizing up in ecstasy and her pussy getting even tighter making Izuku grunt and arch his back, the One for All wielder only lasting a few more moments before he followed Ochako over the edge into bliss

In their joint climax both Ochako and Izuku zoned out for a few moments before suddenly Ochako felt her head bump the ceiling making her snap out of it, the brunette realising that once again she had accidentally activated her Quirk during orgasm and now both she and Izuku were floating several feet off of the bed “oops” she tittered nervously as she quickly pressed her fingers together sending them both falling back onto the bed with a thud, making them both laugh sheepishly as they bounced off of the mattress and landed in a heap on the floor

“Sorry” she smiled sheepishly rubbing the back of her head as they unwound from each other “I really need to get that in check”

“It could be worse, a couple of bruises isn’t that bad” Izuku chuckled back as he sat up “imagine if you had Kaachan’s Quirk, now that would hurt”

Giggling at the thought of her accidentally making things explode during sex Ochako nodded “yeah but I still want to make sure I don’t make us float during sex by accident, how are you going to do it outside if I can’t get it under control?” she asked immediately causing Izuku to fall silent

The look of shocked surprise on his face was priceless

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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