A New Weapon for Lucy

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[A/N: I do not own Fairy Tail or it's characters, that right belongs to Hiro Mashima. I do OWN the OC that makes random appearances... and causes mayhem.]


[A/N2: This story was inspired by MadSoulessQueen after a lengthy discussion on weapons as children names for her MardLu stories… and me asking which weapon was Mard Geer… well if this doesn’t clue you in, then your gonna be in for a surprise.]


Why did nothing ever go right! That was the thought running through one Lucy Heartfilia's mind at the current moment. Her clothes were torn, ripped, and burned. Now barely covering her body. Not that that was important at all. No, that would be the fact that her team was on a rampage and destroying a historic place. One that had been revealed after Fiore had been reshaped by Erza's mother Eileen. And of course, they had to take the mission to 'explore and document' the ruins.


Yeah, this was great as the ground shook, causing pieces of the ancient ceiling to crumble down on her head. Eliciting a small screech as she dove forward and rolled to avoid being squashed. Which was not how she wanted to 'slim' down. Nope, not at all as she gave a slightly baleful glare to her red-headed teammate. She loved them all, but what part of 'explore and document' did they not understand? NONE! That was what.


Heaving a sigh of exasperation, Lucy pushed herself up, slowly standing as her body stung in various places, letting her know that she had, even more, scratches on her body. Hand twitching as she reached for her whip at her side, Lucy went still. Her whip was not there, causing her eyes to go wide. Quickly she looked around to see the hilt of it under the large debris that Erza had brought down, crushed. Something she thought impossible since it was magically created in the Celestial Realm.


Fighting the urge to go kick her friends, for many reasons, one being retaliation would be horrible. Lucy let her hand fall to her pouch and pulled out her keys. Stroking over the one she needed, she called out for her star-dress, turning into a rough and tumble, pure brute strength cowgirl thanks to Taurus, who praised her looks, while waiting for her instructions. Smiling coldly, Lucy quickly explained what she needed him to do, find a way to reinforce the structure of the ruins while she helped her teammates get rid of the band of idiots who thought they were dark mages.


The loud Moo Taurus gave brought the battle to halt, mixed reactions on both sides as Lucy calmly strode towards the group, cracking her knuckles as she watched fear register in the depths of her teammate's faces. Letting her know that her 'dark aura' was glaringly obvious, while the idiots opposing them smirked. That was all she needed as she ran forward and jumped up, flipping to plant her legs on the ceiling before pushing off at an angle and diving into the midst of the small group. Who just looked at her stunned before she started quickly delivering decisive kicks and punches and laying them out.


It was a great stress reliever and her teammates just wisely chose to let her vent. Not that they understood why she was angry, to begin with. And way more efficient with less damage to what they were supposed to be just looking around, not damaging. As the last few went down, finally out of their shock and attacking her, Lucy gave a loud whoop and used the enhanced Strength that Taurus gave her to pull the one grabbing her from behind and flip the poor man over her shoulder, using him to kick his own guild member in the face and knocking him out, before she karate chopped him on the neck after letting him go, dropping him.


"There! All done. Simple!" she smiled at her teammates, waving her hand in an indication that they should tie them up.


Once they were doing that, Lucy released her Taurus star-dress and returned to her barely existent clothing. Frowning, with a small shiver, as a draft blew across her skin. Next thing there was a chime and poof, Virgo was there handing her new clothing. Making Lucy smile.


"Punishment?" Virgo asked.


"No, not today. Good job and thank you, Virgo," she said as she started to disrobe herself completely.


She was beyond caring if her team and the still semi-conscious dark guild wannabe's saw her mostly nude. She was so done with this mission.


"Oh... that is an interesting ability," A voice echoed in the back of her head, making her stiffen and look around with narrowed eyes.


The voice was dark, slithery. Something that made her mind wants to shut down in fear. But she refused, having survived Zeref and his cronies. Hell, she survived her team on a daily basis, then there was her guild and all the others in Fiore. No mysterious voice would cause her to break and quell in fear. With a sniff, Lucy turned and looked at her friends, who were watching her with a critical eye. Smiling widely, Lucy reached into her pouch and pulled out her Lacrima Phone.


Quickly she called Doranbolt. When he answered he was a bit shocked at how filthy her face looked, making Lucy give a throaty laugh before turning her phone to show the bound up Dark Mages. Earning her a soft sigh, and muttering about how it would be easier if Lahar was still alive. That had her frowning a bit. There wasn't to much good blood between the guild and the now deceased Former Captain of the Enforcement Unit.


"Where are you at Lucy," Doranbolt asked.


"In the ruins near what used to be the border to Crocus and the mounts leading to... Alvarez..." she said, the name tasted bitter on her tongue.


"All right, you all stay there, I will be there soon enough. Erza flare your magic so I can find you easier," Doranbolt said.


This had Lucy smiling brightly as she turned the phone around and winked at the new Captain of the Enforcement Unit. Who flushed darkly at her mild flirting before cutting off communication. All they had to do was wait and not do a damned thing. But first things first, as she narrowed her eyes in anger again. She had something for her group to do.


"I need Natsu and Gray to destroy some rubble so I can retrieve... what is left of my whip," she said, her voice dropping a few octaves that spoke of harm if what she asked was not done and quickly.




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