It's Better When It Feels Wrong

BY : PsychoHanyo
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot, the NAME ONLY for Bum's uncle, NAME ONLY of "choker boy", Sangwoo's auntie and uncle, and various OCs. Sangwoo, Bum, and everything canon to Killing Stalking belongs to Yun Kouga. I make no money.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and random OCs that you'll see once or twice and then never again (except for Sangwoo's auntie and uncle. They'll be around a lot). First names for Bum's uncle is also mine, but he's not that important here since he's just Uncle or Bum's Uncle most of the time. Sangwoo, Bum, and everyone/everything else canon to Killing Stalking is property of Koogi. I'm just borrowing. I make NO money off writing this.

Dedication: Today, I am posting in both nervous anticipation but also with a heavy heart. Unfortunately, we had to put my eldest dog, Missy, to sleep. She was starting to have seizures (vet said since she has no history, its likely she had a brain tumor that hadn't been detected because seizures are normally the first sign) and just wasn't doing good starting the day before Halloween and ending tomorrow. Her glucose was super low, and she wasn't responding to any of the treatment. Though it hurt, I didn't want her to suffer by making her live out the rest of her days that way. My son and other dog keep looking for her, Luke keeps asking for her. We bury her tomorrow. RIP Missy. There will never be another doggy like you. You were the kindest, sweetest, gentlest puppy ever. Except when your sister tried to hump you. Then you weren't having any of it. I miss you already, Missy. I'm glad they let me be there with you in your last moments. I'd hate myself if I let you die alone, at least you're with my parents and Rosie (a dog we had to put to sleep a couple years ago) now. I love you, Missy. Until we meet again. /3


A raven haired five-year-old boy sat in the back seat of a case worker's car as it pulled up to a stop in front of a two-story home he'd only been to a handful of times before. The yard was slightly overgrown, and the only sign that people lived there was that the front door was open, courtesy of a man in his mid to late thirties, standing in the doorway with his arms folded over his chest. An elderly woman sat on a rocking chair on the left side of the porch, appearing to be reading something. The fact that neither of them moved once the vehicle parked threw up a few red flags for its driver, but she pushed those thoughts aside and turned the car off. This was the boy's new home, now that his late parents' wills had been taken care of. The case worker turned to smile gently at the young boy in the back.

"Bum, sweetie?" She wondered. "Are you ready to go inside?"

Bum clutched a stuffed white rabbit close to his chest, staring at her with big doe eyes while he shook his head no.

"Why not?"

"I don't want to be here...I want to go see mommy…" He sniffled.

"Honey…" Her heart dropped. "We've been over this many times. Your mommy and daddy are no longer here. You can't go see them."

"Where did they go?" Bum sniffled, wiping his eyes on a too large grey sleeve. "Why couldn't they take me with them?"

"Bum…" She sighed. "If you went with mommy and daddy, you wouldn't be here right now. I'm glad you're here, Bum."

"I'm not!" He cried. "I want mommy! I don't like uncle! He's scary! He looks at me funny!"

"Now, Bum, I'm sure it's all in your head…"

"No!" Bum shouted. "He always gets mad when I come with mommy and daddy to see him! He doesn't like me either! I don't want to stay with him!"

"Please, don't make this difficult, Bum." She opened her door and stepped out, opening the young boy's door. "I know changing things like this so quickly can be very scary. But sometimes things seem scary at first but are actually really fun!"

"Like what…?" He sniffled.

" going to the doctor and getting a freeze pop! Or going to the zoo to look at the lions and tigers."

"And bears?"

"Oh my."


"Never mind, hon." She stated. "I'll check up on you from time to time, so you won't get lonely, okay? If anything happens that makes you feel uncomfortable, or that you don't like, you can tell me, okay?"



"Pinky promise…?" He held out a frail pinky to her.

"Pinky promise." She latched their pinkies. "Be a strong little boy for me, okay?"

"O-Okay…" Bum nodded and unbuckled himself, still clutching tight to his rabbit.

The worker helped him out before she opened the trunk and gathered what remained of the boy's belongings; two black trash bags of clothes and a little backpack of toys and necessities he'd both taken from home and got from the foster care center he was placed in. She would be lying if she said she didn't feel bad for the little orphan. She didn't really have a good feeling about the home he was going into, especially when his uncle had protested so loudly against having the boy anyway; claiming he'd just be a financial burden. His parents' death benefits quickly cured that talk, but she could tell he still wasn't happy to have poor little Bum along. Bum put the backpack on his shoulder, clinging tightly to the edge of her sleeve as she carried the bags to the house, putting on a fake friendly smile.

"Good morning, Mr. Yoon, Mrs. Yoon." She greeted.

He nodded at her.

"Good morning." The elderly woman greeted, patting her knee. "Come sit with Granny, would you, Bum?"

He nodded slowly, joining her and letting her help him onto her lap. She hugged him as she rocked, humming a soft tune to him. The worker helped his Uncle bring the bags up to Bum's room on the second floor. It had the bare minimum in it to keep him comfortable-bed, dresser and closet half-full of clothes, a table, and a small chair with it-but it was all the city required for it to be deemed a suitable atmosphere for the child. Suitable being an almost laughable term. The blankets didn't look heavy enough to cover a dog, let alone a young child. Thankfully, Bum had a small blanket the foster home was able to let him take with him when he left.

"This is his room." The uncle stated. "Just like they asked, furnished enough for him."

"I see that you've done an excellent job." She nodded. "I know the transition isn't easy…"

"When does the first check come?"

"Excuse me?"

"My brother's benefits were to be paid out on a monthly basis to take care of the kid. I can't take care of him if I don't know when my check is coming."

"By all due technicality, sir, the checks are Bum's. You're just in care of them."

"Is he going to drive to the store and buy the groceries? Is he going to write the checks for the electric company and the heating company? I think not."

She sighed, knowing there wasn't much of a chance to reason with this man. "I suppose you're right." She admitted defeat instead. "I know this entire situation isn't easy. Losing your brother and his wife the way you did, having Bum thrust into your arms." She pat him on the arm. "It gets easier in time. He's an easily frightened boy. Try not to judge him too harshly."

"Hm." He grunted.

She gave one last sad look at the room that was to be Bum's from now on before leaving. Outside, Bum was watching a young brunette boy next door playing with a couple cars in the grass. His grandmother was knitting something instead of reading, watching the boy.

"He's quiet." She informed.

"Good." Uncle snorted.

"He's still traumatized, I believe." The worker admitted, hugging herself. "The incident…"

"I don't wish to talk about it." Grandmother stated. "My poor, fragile heart. Don't want me to be next, now, do we, dearie?"

"Of course not, my apologies." The worker flushed, handing Uncle a card. "I'll be back weekly to check up on him, see how his transition is progressing. Should you need anything in the meantime…"

"Just make sure I get my check."

"Yes, sir." The woman shuddered inwardly as she knelt with Bum, a large hand on his rather small shoulder. "Bum? I have to get going."

"Already?" He sniffled at her. "But…"

"I'm sorry, honey. There are a lot of other little kids that need my help today. I'd stay with you all day if I could." She ruffled his hair. "You be a good boy for your uncle and grandmother, okay? I'll be back in seven days."


"Remember what we talked about." She whispered, before standing. "Good luck to you both. I shall see you shortly." She bowed to the adults. "Farewell."

"Goodnight, dear." Grandmother stated.

"Hm." Uncle grunted.

The worker left to her car. She couldn't get out of there fast enough. At the next red light, she hung her head against the steering wheel and cried in shame until the impatient car behind her honked. When she turned the corner, she had a feeling she wouldn't be seeing Bum weekly for too long.

"I'm going out." Uncle informed, snatching his keys off the hook inside by the door. "Don't call me unless it's a dire emergency, like the kid lost a finger or something."

Grandmother scowled, her friendly demeanor gone. "It's his first night here. The least you could do is respect your brother enough to not drink tonight."

"Same way my brother respected me by having the brat with that tramp?"

"Heo!" Grandmother scolded, standing. "Don't speak ill of the deceased that way…"

"Whatever." He scoffed, walking down the pathway leading to the driveway.

Bum watched his Uncle leave, grandmother following and shouting at him the entire way. She sighed when his car finally backed out of the driveway and drove off.

"I'm going to go make dinner." She announced as she went inside. "Whether or not he eats with us is no concern of mine. You may stay out here or come inside. Don't bother the neighbor boy. He's only there for the summer."

Bum nodded as she went in.

"He's annoying." A voice informed.

"Huh?" Bum stood on the railing of the porch to look over and see who had spoken.

The brunette boy was no longer moving his cars around and was instead sitting with his hands outstretched behind him, legs crossed in front.

"Your Uncle." He informed, blinking slowly. "He's annoying."

Bum looked down and away. "I don't...I don't like Uncle…"

"I don't think anyone does. Not if he acts like that." The boy informed.

Bum just stared at him.

"What's your name?" The boy asked.

"M-My name…?" Bum wondered. " Yoon Bum…"

"You live here now?"

"That's what the lady said…" Bum spoke softly. "My mom and dad died…"

The boy raised an eyebrow but didn't ask anything or offer a sorry like all the other people in his life had so far.

"Oh Sangwoo."


"That's my name." The boy informed. "Sangwoo."

"N-Nice to meet you...Sangwoo…"

"How old are you?"

"I'm five…"

"Younger than me." Sangwoo sighed, pushing himself to sit up. "It's boring here. No one to play with. But it's better than being home."


"Why is it better? Or why am I not home?"


"Why it's better isn't your business. Mom and dad go away every summer, so they send me here."

"You can't go with them?"


"The lady says I can't go with my mom and dad either…"

"You'd have to die."


"I think dying might hurt."

"Th-That's what the other kids told me…"


"The place I lived before this…"

"Where's that?"

"I don't remember…"

"Hm." Sangwoo just stared with his dark eyes. "Do you...wanna play…?"


"Play." Sangwoo said it slowly as if he thought Bum couldn't understand him. "Do you want to?"

"Granny says I'm not allowed to bother you…"

"But I'm bored."


Sangwoo stood up and walked over to him, climbing up on the back side of the porch railing.

"I'll come bother you, then."

Bum giggled. The other boy was amusing.

"You laugh like a girl." Sangwoo accused.

"S-Sorry." Bum giggled again. "I can't h-help it…"

"You say sorry a lot." Sangwoo blinked. "It's annoying…"

"Does everything annoy you?" Bum stuck his tongue out.

Sangwoo gripped the top banister and leaned backwards. "I guess." He informed. "Except auntie. She doesn't annoy me."

"Is that who lives there?"

"Yeah, auntie and uncle." Sangwoo stated. "But he's…"


"Now you get it." Sangwoo smirked. "There's never anything to do around here." He pulled himself up and grinned at Bum. "But now you're here. So, I guess it's not so boring."

Bum blushed as he looked away. "I'm...happy that I'm not boring you…"

Sangwoo chuckled. "I am, too." He stated. "So…I ask you wanna play…?"

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