The Two Kings and Four Queens of the Winged.

BY : Menydragon5
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Disclaimer: I don't own Sekirei or any other characters that have original owners. I also do not make any money for this story.

Hey everybody! Welcome to my second new story for this year. I know you guys are probably mad at me, but I have a lot of stories in my head. Please be patient with me.

Now, before we begin, there are some things that I think you should now.

1. This is a AU (Alternate Universe) story. So all of the characters we be OOC (Out Of Character) Plus the Sekirei will have a completely different backstory. This is also going to take place in an OL (Original Location) so it will be easier to keep the Sekirei plan a secret.

2. All Sekirei will be released at the same time, meaning no Sekirei will have left their MBI rooms before the start of the Sekirei plan.

3. Minato will not be the only main character. Minato, Yukari, Takami and three OCs (Original Characters) are the main characters of this story.

4. There are going to be a lot of OC Sekirei. But Minato, Yukari and one of the OCs will not get any OC Sekirei in their harems.

5. Finally, like most of my stories. This is going to be a multiple harem one. I will put the list after the challenges (Fanfiction and AO3 only.) But for those that who don't want to be spoiled, here is the type and number of each main character's harem.

Minato/Large harem. 30

Yukari/Yuri harem. 15

Takami/Large harem. (Male Sekirei) 20

Female OC/Yuri harem. 15

Male OC/Harem. 15

Female OC/Yuri harem. 15

Disclaimer: I don't own Sekirei or most of the OCs. They belong to their rightful owners.

Chapter Warnings: Adult Language, Nudity, Shorta Lemon.




"Loud Sounds"


"Electronic Talking."

Location and Time of day.

Teito tower: MBI (Mid Bio Informatics) Headquarters: Basement stairwell. New Gods City: Japan. Nine o'clock at night





The light sound of heels taping on stairs are the only thing that can be heard in the dark stairwell. A female figure can be seen walking down the stairs in the dim light. She gets to the bottom and than continues down one of the ten different hallways in front of her. She soon comes to a door with a light shining down in front of it. She looks up to her right and sees a security camera with a red light on it pointed at the door. The light on the camera turns off and she than walks into the light.

The woman stands five feet, three inches tall with pale peach skin, grey hair that frames her face that stops at the bottom of her neck, a bang in the middle of her face that stops just before her nose, dark grey eyes and full lips with red lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, small C-cup breasts, slim waistline, curvy hips, curvy butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a lavender button up shirt, a black tie, a white lab coat that stops half way down her thighs, black pants, black belt and black shoes.

She quickly walks up to the door, opens it and walks inside of the room while closing the door behind herself.

First floor: Security room.

As soon as the door closes, the camera turns back on and show the empty hallway and closed door on a screen. The same thing can also be seen on nine other screens. A man with peach skin, short brown hair and blue eyes wearing a security guard's uniform sits in a black chair in front of a curved desk top with the ten screens on top. He turns to another man with light brown skin, black hair and brown eyes, who is also wearing a security guard's uniform that's about to walk out the door. "Hey. The camera came back on. You don't have to wast your time on going down there."

The darker skinned guard turns to the left and looks at the other one. "Good. That's a job for one of the repairmen anyway. Hey, I'm going to one of the vending machines. Do you want anything?"

The lighter skinned guard nods his head and looks back at the screens. "Yeah, grab me something to snack on. Anything will do."

Inside of the room that the grey haired woman walked into.

The woman looks at the few things in the room. A metal table in the center of the room, two brown cushioned chairs with one on either side, a black tripod by the side of the table closest to the door, a single bed against the back wall in the darken part of the room and a tall male figure stands next to the bed who's also slightly hidden in the darkness.

The woman walks up to the tripod, reaches into the lab coat's right pocket, pulls out a small camcorder and sets it up on the tripod. The male figure had walked up to the table and sits down in the other chair. She than sits in her own chair and rest her arms on the table while looking at him. "Thank you again for agreeing to this. With them being able to see and hear you, it will help my children and the other three now that what I'm going to tell them is real and very serious. They need to know that this..." She than frowns. "Game, that mad fool is going to start can cost us all are lives." Her eyes than soften again. "So thank you again."

The male figure than answers in a young adult sounding voice. "I should be the one thanking you. You are the one risking their life for me and my Sekirei. I just wish we can do more to help. But you know why we can't. Are you sure you want to bring your children into this Takami?"

Takami looks at him with a sad smile. "I don't want them anywhere near this damn city. Let alone this horrible game of his. But that fool made sure that they, my friend and her two kids would be here." She than looks down at the table with a glare. "There's a chance that insane fool knowings what we're up to and bought them here to keep me in line. But more likely he just wants to be able to say his children help bring forth the new age of the Gods that he wants." She than looks up at the male figure seriously. "I will keep my promise that I made to you. By your hands, your Sekirei's or even my own." Her hands than tighten into fists. "Minaka Hiroto will die." She than reaches up with her right hand to the camcorder. "Now, let's begin." She than pushes the on button.

At the bottom of the basement stairwell. Ten o'clock at night.

Takami walks out of the long hallway and stops at the bottom of the stairs. She reaches into her left lab coat's pocket, pull out a small black metal box and rest it down on one of the steps. (I'm doing this a little bit early, but screw it. It's three days before this madness begins. And I'll be damned if I let one of those ten get winged by someone else.) She than opens the metal box and looks at the six needles with clear orange liquid inside them. (I wish that I could just wing them all to night, but if what I think is going to happen, happens. Than I'm not going to have the time or the energy to wing any of the others.) She than pulls her left arm out of the lab coat, pulls her shirt sleeve up and takes out one the needles with her right hand. (I should be a Ashikabi by the time I get to one of their rooms.) She pushes the needle into her arm and injects the liquid in herself. She puts the empty needle back in the box, closes it, puts it back into her pocket and stands back up. She feels dizzy and has to put her left hand on the wall to keep herself steady. She than shakes her head and walks back up the stairs.

Third floor: Male Sekirei rooms, first level. Ten sixteen at night.

A elevator at a end of a long hallway opens it's doors with a "ding" and Takami walks out. She continues down the hallway with her breathing getting heavier and heavier as she goes. She comes to a stop and looks at a door to her right.

Printed in black on the white door is. Ash Ketchum #115.

Takami smirks as she walks up to the door to open it.

Inside of the room with white walls is a light blue carpet, a flat twenty five inch screen TV in the wall next to the door, a wooden desk with a chair and some manga on it against the right wall, a double bed with red sheets, two blue pillows, green covers with the head against the back wall, a nightstand on it's right side with a yellow lamp on it and another door in the left wall.

Laying on the bed is a thirteen year old boy that stands five feet tall with tan peach skin, short black spikey hair, brown eyes, thin lips and z shaped marks on his cheeks. He has a fit body shape with fit arms, small hands, slim fingers, fit waistline, slim hips, slim butt, fit legs and small feet. He is wearing a black T-shirt, red boxers and short white socks.

Ash is watching a anime on the TV with a small frown. (Get some rest they said. Ha! Ever since they did what they did to me, it's been harder and harder to just go to sleep. It feels like I'm missing something, like there's someone I have to find. My... my...) He sits up and looks down on the bed as he whispers. "My Ashikabi."

The door than unlocks and opens and Ash looks up only for his eyes to widen in surprise when he sees Takami. "Hello Ash. I decided to start our plans a little bit earlier." She than walks into the room, closes the door, it atomically locks itself and she walks up to the bed with a little extra sway to her hips.

Ash as a blush on his cheeks as soon as he saw Takami. His breathing got heavier the closer she got to him. "Takami. I... I feel odd. And what do you mean that we are going to start the plan early? You haven't told me what being a Sekirei really means yet. I haven't been aloud to meet the others let alone the other nine that are in with our plan." He than looks her up and down and gulps as his blush grows. "And what does Ashikabi mean? And why does it feel like your mine?"

Takami grabs Ash by his black T-shirt with both hands and pulls him off of the bed. She looks down into his eyes seriously with a small blush on her own cheeks. "Your right. I have a lot still to tell you, but I want to help you with this new feeling first. I'm going to wing you and we're more than likely going to have sex afterwards." She sees his eyes almost pop out of his head at what she just said and than looks at him a little sadly. "I know that we shouldn't do this. But the truth is that if not me, than you can end up in the hands of a woman that would use you as a living sex toy. Or some guy that would bend you over anything and make you his cum dumpster."

Ash's eyes widen in horror and his jaw drops open. "What! No! I don't want that to happen to me! I'm not..."

Takami shakes her head, making Ash stop mid sentence. "I'm sorry but that doesn't matter now that you are a Sekirei. Man, woman, it doesn't matter who it is that wings you. You will be connected to the one that becomes your Ashikabi. I don't want you in the hands of someone that would never care about you. I care about you and the others very much, so even knowing what probably is going to happen. Will you be my first Sekirei?"

Ash looks into Takami eyes while still breathing heavily and blushing darkly. He than quickly nods his head with a shy smile. "Yes Takami. Like I said, I feel like you are my Ashikabi. I might not know what it means, but I've always thought that you are beautiful. I know what sex is and... and if after you wing me we... we want to do it, we can." He than looks away from her. "I just hopefully don't disappoint you and..."

Takami pulls him up on his toes, making him both stop and look back at her. She smirks as she looks into his brown eyes. "Don't worry, you won't." She than pulls him into a passionate kiss.

Ash's eyes widen for a second before closing and kissing Takami back with a moan. "Mmmm." Than large bird like wings made out of light seem to grow out of his back. The top half is red while the bottom is white. They pull out of the kiss with a wet "pop" and he looks into her eyes lovingly. "From this day on, let my crimson and white light shine and protect my Ashikabi." He than blinks in surprise. "What the...? Where did that come from?"

Takami smile as she let's Ash go and takes off her lab coat. "That was your Norito." She than takes off her tie and gives him a smirk. "And those are your wings." She than starts to unbutton her shirt.

Ash looks over his right shoulder and gasps at seeing the red and white wing made out of light. "ugh. Wow. I have wings. And yet, I feel like it's right to have them." He has a smile on his face as he looks back at Takami while his wings fade away. His jaw drops open however seeing her now standing in front of him in only her black bra and panties.

Takami still has a smirk on her face and her hands on her curvy hips. "like I said we have a lot to talk about. But for right now, let's get you out of those clothes.

Lemon Start

Takami grabs Ash's black T-shirt and pulls it over his head and drops it on the floor. She than bends down slightly and kisses him again. She rest her hands on his chest, feeling the muscles there and than slowly slides them down his body.

Ash moans into the kiss as he feels Takami's hands slide down his body. He blushes when her fingers slip under his boxers waistband and she tightens her grip. When she gives them a pull he nods his head and she than pulls them down.

Takami than ends the kiss, grabs Ash by his shoulders and turns her body, keeping him in front of her. She sits down on the bed and slowly looks down his body. starting with his brown eyes, the dark blush on his cheeks, him shyly biting his bottom lip, the slight muscles on his chest, the muscles in his fit arms, his six inch young manhood pointing straight up and the muscles in his fit legs. She looks back up into his eyes with a smile. "Ash, I want you to touch me first. You can go as slow as you want. Unfortunately I can't stay with you all night, but no one we come by till morning. We have hours before I have to go. So don't rush ok."

Ash nods his head and slowly puts his hands on Takami's thighs. He lightly rubs them and she opens her legs more for him. He moves his hands to the inside of them and slowly up to her panties. He grabs the waistband and she lifts her hips up off the bed so he can pull them down her shapely legs. He than drops them on the floor and looks at her lower lips.

Takami smirks looking into Ash's eyes that are glued to her center. "First time seeing a pussy?" He looks back up into her eyes and nods. She arches her back, sticking her breasts out more and making him look down at them. "You still got something to take off me though. So if you don't mind?"

Ash nods again and reaches out with both hands. He slides his fingers over Takami's bra covered breasts with a slight frown. "How?" She smiles, lightly grabs his hands and move them behind her back. He feels the hooks and tries to unhook them. (Come on Ash. Don't look like a idiot in front of your Ashikabi.) A smile forms on his face when he unhooks the top one. (Got it!) He than unhooks the bra and takes it off of her. His eyes widen when he sees her breasts lightly bounce.

Takami smirks at the look on Ash's face and takes his hands into her own. "I think you like boobs to, right?" She than places his hands on her breasts. "But like I said earlier." She than makes him lightly squeeze them. "I want you to touch me."

Ash gulps and continues to squeeze Takami's breasts while looking down at them, even after she put her hands back down on the bed. (So, this is what boobs feel like.) He than rubs them and lightly pinches her nipples.

Takami arches her back and bites her bottom lip. (He's not doing to bad. But I want more than just his hands.) She than reaches up with her left hand and grab the back of Ash's head, this makes him look into her eyes. "Ash, this feels nice and all. But I want you lips to. Suck them." She than lightly pulls him closer to her chest.

Ash moves his right hand to the side of Takami's left breast and starts to kiss it. It isn't long before he takes the nipple into his mouth and lightly sucks.

Takami's hold tightens in Ash's hair and she looks down at him with half lided eyes. "Yes. mmmm. What a good Sekirei you are. mmmm. I'm happy I picked you to be my first." She rubs the back of his head while arching her back to get more of her breast in his mouth.

Ash blushes at hearing Takami's words and pulls his lips off of her breast with a wet "pop" He than wraps his arms around her waist and sucks her right breast with a little more force.

Takami's right hand fists the sheet and her hips lightly buck. "mmmm. Getting a little rougher are you?" She gives Ash another smirk. "I like that." After a little while she pulls him off her breast with another wet "pop" and looks into his eyes. "Eat me. I want your tongue inside me." She than lightly pushes him down on his knees.

Ash looks down at Takami's wet lower lips and nervously licks his own. He than leans in and kisses her center up and down. He than looks up into her eyes and licks her center from the bottom to the top.

Takami holds the top of Ash's head with both hands and looks back into his big brown ones. "ooohhh. Yes. Just like that." She pushes his face closer to her center and rolls her hips while he continues to lick her. "ooohhh. Fuck. ooohhh. Inside. Fuck me with your tongue. ooohhh."

Ash than pushes his tongue inside of Takami as hard as he can. He than feels her grip on his head tighten and her trusting her hips into his face. He continues to move his tongue in and out of her, loving the feel and taste of his Ashikabi.

Takami looks down at Ash with a blush as she continues to trust her hips. "ooohhh. Yes. ooohhh. keep moving your tongue. ooohhh. Just a little more baby. ooohhh. More. ooohhh." After a few more seconds she closes her eyes, arches her back and pulls him even closer as she cums. "Oooohhhh."

Ash stays on his knees as he lifts his head up when Takami let's go of it. His eyes are closed and some of her clear cum that's not in his mouth is on his lips, the z marks on his cheeks and his chin. He swallows the cum in his mouth with a "gulp" and licks his lips as he opens his eyes. "Did I do good my Ashikabi?"

Takami had watched Ash swallow her cum and lick his lips. She gives him a smile as she breathes heavily. "You did wonderfully baby. But you don't have to call me Ashikabi all the time." She than grabs his arms and pulls him up, making him sit next to her on her right. "Now I believe it's your turn." She than slides off of the bed and gets on her knees between his legs. She places her hands on his thighs and looks down at the young, hard manhood with a smirk. She leans down and kisses the base and than slowly kisses and up to the head.

Ash tilts his head back feeling Takami slowly kissing up his manhood. "Fuck. ugh. My Ashi... Takami-chan. That feels so good." His eyes widen and he fists the sheets when she takes the head into her mouth and sucks. "Fuck! ooohhh! I... I... ooohhh! Fuck! ooohhh!"

Takami smirks around the head as she continues to suck. (Well Ash is sexually sensitive as a Sekirei should be. Good thing all of these rooms are sound proof.) She than slides her lips down his manhood until all six inches are in her mouth. She than pulls back up to the head and than starts to bob her head up and down.

Ash falls back on the bed, closes his eyes and moves his hips. "ooohhh! Damn! ooohhh! Did... did it feel. ooohhh! Feel this good for you. ooohhh!" He than bites his bottom lip.

Takami looks up at Ash as she continues to bob her head up and down. (Damn it. Why does he have to be cute as he is hansom. I said I didn't want him in the hands of someone that would bend him over and fuck him. But damn do I want to fuck him like that.) She inwardly smirks as she moves her left hand under him with her middle finger by his backdoor. (Let's see how hard you cum when I do this.) She than pushes her finger inside him.

Ash's eyes almost pop out of his head before closing tight, arches his back and let's out a loud moan as he cums. "Ooooohhhhh!" After a few seconds he falls back against the bed and breathes heavily with a big smile on his face.

Takami stands up and swallows the cum in her mouth. She looks down at Ash with a smile and crosses her arms under her breasts. (He went off like a rocket. I definitely need to buy a strap on in the future.) "Ash baby? Can you go one more round?"

Ash looks up into Takami's eyes and than down to her breasts. He blushes, licks his lips and nods his head. "If you want to than of course I can." He than pushes himself up the bed and leans back on his arms. "My Ashi... Takami-chan."

Takami gets on the bed and looks into Ash's eyes with her's half lided. "That's not what I asked." She than crawls up the bed to him. "But because I'm a Ashikabi now." She than puts her hands on his shoulders and lightly pushes him down. "All I want is to make you mine everyway I can." She leans down and licks her cum off of his cheeks.

Ash closes his eyes as Takami kisses him and he feels her breasts rub against his chest. He kisses her back as he grabs her shoulders. She breaks the kiss and sucks the right side of his neck as she rubs her center against his now hard again manhood. "Takami-chan. ugh. I love you."

Takami pull off of Ash's neck with a wet "pop" and looks into his eyes with a smile while lining her center up with his manhood. "I love you too Ash-kun." She than pushes herself down on his manhood.

Ash's eyes almost pop out of his head again when all six inches of his manhood sink inside of Takami. "Oh God." His grip tightens on her shoulders as she bounces up and down and the sound of slapping skin against skin fills the room. "slap" "ooohhh." "slap" "Fuck." "slap" "ooohhh." "slap" "Takami-chan" "slap"

Takami smirks as she continues to move her hips up and down. "slap" "You like that?" "slap" "Me fucking you" "slap" "Huh baby?" "slap" "Making you..." "slap" "Mine." "slap"

Ash's toes curls and his eyes close tightly. "slap" "ooohhh" "slap" "ooohhh" "slap" "Takami-chan" "slap" "ooohhh." "slap" "I'm gonna..." After a few more bounces, Ash arches his back and loudly moans as he cums inside her. "Ooooohhhhh!"

Takami lifts herself up on her hands, grits her teeth and slams her hips with her breasts bouncing with her movements. "Slap" "One more." "Slap" "One more baby." "Slap" "Cum again." "Slap" "Cum for me..." "Slap" "Ash-kun."

Ash's hands fall from Takami's shoulders and fists the sheets. He pants as he watches her breasts bounce. "uhh." "Slap" "ooohhh." "uhh." "Slap" "ooohhh." "uhh." "Slap" "ooohhh."

Takami closes her eyes as she continues to bounce. "Slap" "Fuck." "Slap" "Fuck." "Slap" "Almost." "Slap" "Almost." "Slap" She bounces a few more times and than tilts her head back as she cums. "mmmmm." Her hips slam down one last time, her insides squeezes Ash's manhood tightly and some her cum runs down it.

Ash's eyes widen and his mouth drops open as he feels most of Takami's cum sucked into his manhood. He than closes his eyes, grits his teeth and arches his back as he cums one last time. "ugh."

Takami falls down on the bed on Ash's right with him cuddling up next to her. Both of them have big smiles on their faces. (Good thing Sekirei can't get their Ashikabi pregnant.)

Lemon End!

Two hours later.

"And that's basically it."

Takami stops to take a pull of the lite cigarette that she is holding between her right index and middle fingers. Ash is sitting up next to her on the bed with her left arm wrapped around him. She let's out a puff of smoke and than looks into his eyes. "I wanted to tell all of you this after your injections. But that asshole wants to tell all of you this tomorrow and the next two days afterwards before letting all of you out into the city." She than looks at him in worry. "I know this is a lot to take in, especially with what will happen after this stupid game starts. But I and whoever will be my other Sekirei will have your back in this. And if our plans work, will stop this game and save as many Sekirei as possible." She kisses his forehead and looks at him with a small smile. "Talk to me Ash-kun. How are you feeling?"

Ash looks away from Takami and down at his lap. "Like you said, it's a lot to take in. Finally knowing what the whole plan really is." He than looks back at her seriously. "And don't worry, I'm definitely still in. More so than I already was." He than looks away from her again. "It's just that so much of being a Sekirei is so crazy. That you winging me is like you and I are more or less married now. That aliens are real. That there is a good chance some people are going to die." He than looks back at her with a blush. "That I'm ok with you having more Sekirei as long as you still love me." He than puts his right hand on his stomach and looks down at it with a darker blush. "T... that you could... when I'm a full Sekirei... you can get me..."

Takami stops Ash by holding his cheeks, turns his face to her and kisses him passionately. After a few seconds she ends the kiss with a wet "pop" and looks into his dazed eyes. "You and I will talk about that after all of this madness." She gives him another kiss and than slides off of the bed. "But unfortunately I have to go baby." She than walks up to her pants and bends over to pick them up.

Ash's eyes widen when Takami bends over with her curvy butt that is sticking right in his direction. He gulps as she straightens back up, turns around and walks up to him holding her pants in her left hand and something red in her right. (God she is beautiful.)

Takami smirks as she sees Ash's eyes are glued to her breasts that slightly bounce with each step. She than hands him the red object. "Keep this hidden until you get out into the city ok?"

Ash pulls his eyes off of her breasts and gives her a nod while taking the object with his right hand. He looks down at it with his right eyebrow raised. "A smart phone?"

Takami had already put her pants back on and is sitting on the bed. "Yes. I can't call you while you're still in this building. But pictures of the other nine are in there." They share another kiss and than she walks up to the rest of her clothes. "When you leave this building, can you stay close by and get the others when they exit?" She than puts her bra back on and looks over her right shoulder at Ash. "I call you at around one in the afternoon ok?"

Ash looks at her seriously and gives her a nod. "You can count on me Takami-chan." He than gives her a smile. "I love you my Ashikabi."

Takami looks at Ash with a smile as she fixes her tie. She than walks up to him again and they have one last kiss. "I love you too Ash-kun." She than puts something into his left hand and whispers into his left ear. "Keep these hidden to. Just think of them as a reminder that your wife can't wait to see you again." She than walks out of the room.

When the door closes and it relocks, Ash looks at what Takami gave him.

His whole face blushes red and he feels like steam is coming out of his ears. (Holy crap!) Right there in his hand is her small black panties.

Somewhere in the north outer parts of the city. One ten in the morning.

A black limo drives down a road with trees on the other sides of the sidewalks. It goes through the open pathway between two large stone walls and stops in the large front yard. A few feet away from the limo is a large three story Japanese style building with a sign above the door. The sign reads, Izumo Inn.

The driver gets out of the limo, showing that it is a tall, slim man wearing a black suit, white gloves, black shoes and hat. He opens the left side door and Takami steps out of it. "I hope the renovations are two your liking Ms. Sahashi."

Takami looks up at the building and than back at the driver with a smile. "So far it looks good Kai. Thank you for making sure that it was all finished by yesterday." She than looks back at the building seriously. (They will be here later today. I'm sorry that I'm bringing all of you into this. But if I'm going to save as many as possible, I'm going to need their help.)

To be continued.

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