Mommy's Favourite Loli-Concubine

BY : Tastatura
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This is a fictional story. I do not own Ms. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. I make no money from writing this. Any resemblance to person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental. Love your pal Jesus.




For the third time in as many days, the onset of the mid-afternoon found Kobayashi’s apartment in ownership of a tranquil silence. Nowhere to be seen were the human-guised-dragons that she shared space with, nor any of the eccentrics that she sometimes hosted otherwise.


Save the interior of the master bedroom, the apartment contained nothing but silence…


Until it didn’t.


Following a flash of light and sound not unlike a stone’s impact into a pool of sun-kissed water, a child-sized figure fell from thin air into a perfect plant of her feet to the apartment’s floor. Skin pale as snow and frame clad in a mixture of violet and white summer wear (a t-shirt and shorts), those that frequented the apartment were certain to recognize her as Kanna Kamui. For those that did not, the extent to which her thighs swelled the leg holes of her shorts and the inordinately healthy protrusion of her buttocks through its backside were likely to mark her as such anyway.


After her landing, Kanna began to run. Propelling herself with her feet whilst clutching an object between both of her hands, she speedily jogged her way through to the apartment’s back end. Cutting straight to the very last door that it contained, she quietly slinked through the ajar barrier into a more gentle patter up to the beside of its sleeping resident.


Some seconds after recognizing that she had not been noticed, she spoke.


“Kobayashi. I’m back.” she began. “Are you feeling ok? I’m sorry I had to leave you alone for a while…”


As she always did, Kobayashi stirred at the sound of Kanna’s voice. Rolling onto her back in bed, the flushed and feverish woman forced her aching frame upright so as to greet the girl properly.


“Ah…it’s okay Kanna-chan…” she exhaled. “You’ve been a big help all weekend. I was just resting, so you haven’t really missed much.”


Eyes fixed on the smaller girl’s frame, Kobayashi’s eyes picked out a subtle difference in her posture. Clutched by both of her hands at her midsection appeared to be a decorative vase. Of course, knowing Kanna, the odds that it was what it appeared to be were quite low.


Suddenly an epiphany hit the fever-struck woman.


“Oh! Is that the potion thing you were talking about? The one that’s supposed to having healing properties or something?” Kobayashi suggested.


Nodding mildly at her suggestion, Kanna outstretched her hands to present the strange potion container towards Kobayashi’s front. Facial features unchanged from their usual, Kobayashi’s familiarity with her quirks nevertheless allowed her to detect excitement about her features.


“Mhm. My parents were stubborn about it, but they gave it to me after I explained what I needed it for.” she explained. “It’s supposed to be powerful enough to completely refresh a dragon on the brink of death, so you should at least feel a bit better if you drink it all.”


By force of habit, an awkward chuckle escaped Kobayashi’s throat. Living with her magical companions had taught her to take their suggestions regarding otherworldly items with a grain of salt. Where Tohru was concerned, she assumed more often than not that the objects she presented would have an effect completely different from what was described to her. A description from Kanna was different. Given her honesty and youth, Kobayashi felt safe in assuming that the potion would improve her sickly state.


In spite of this, doubt assailed her; a logical consequence of her many mishaps with magic.


Eventually prioritizing her trust in Kanna over common sense, Kobayashi outstretched her left hand to take the potion offered to her by its mouth.


“I see! That’d be a big help—I’d love to be able laze around on my day off without feeling so terrible.” she chuckled.  “Here’s hoping it works!”


Steeling herself one final time as she brought the potion’s mouth to her lips, Kobayashi wiped her mind clear of thought throughout a twerk of her wrist. Parting her lips to greet the fluid that flowed down against them, she pushed the potion’s full volume down her throat in seconds flat.



As if ignited by the final drop of potion to dribble into her stomach, the modest warmth that the fluid exuded within her stomach soon became a stomach-scalding inferno. Made wise to the transition precisely as it occurred, Kobayashi’s hands reflexively tore the potion’s rim from her lips and released it into a haphazard tumble into her lap.


Not a second after its impact against Kobayashi’s thighs was the mythical object flung into contact with the floor adjacent her bed. Brought about by a sudden lunge of Kobayashi’s frame out of bed and into a position doubled-over on the floor, its impact against the ground coincided with a howl of pain from Kobayashi herself.


“Agggghh!! I-It burns inside! I-It’s not supposed t-to burn inside, is it?!” she groaned, features directed towards the floor. “O-Oh god...i-it’s getting worse!! I-It feels like my o-organs are on fire!”


Struck soundly by fear and confusion, Kanna’s voice failed her. Dutiful as any daughter, she had done everything in her power to ascertain the effects of the potion she had fetched before offering it up for Kobayashi’s sake. The pain and discomfort she had been feeling was supposed to subside after ingesting it…


Yet they weren’t. Somehow, her latest attempt at being helpful had only served to thrust her loving guardian into even more dire straits.


Perhaps out of pity for her adorable innocence, the world around Kanna did not allow her to suffer for long.  Without warning, what dismay had choked her throat was replaced by a bright astonishment induced by Kobayashi’s behavior.


All at once, Kobayashi shot from her grimaced huddle back onto her feet. Sweating profusely, she haggardly unbuttoned the seals of her pajama top and peeled the fabric of its bottom from her thighs.  With this, she centered both of her hands at her abdominals, and dug her finger nails into the region as catharsis.


And then, it happened. Without warning, a cherry-red tube of flesh erupted out from underneath the plain-white panties that gloved her crotch. Seemingly comprised of a brand of flesh different from the pink and supple sort that surrounded it, the rugged extension elongated outwards from Kobayashi’s crotch without incurring any of the stretching or ‘thinning’ oft seen in the extension of human flesh.


If anything, it was growing—much like an organ of pre-determined size and function. Progressively, the extension bloomed outwards from the center of Kobayashi’s crotch as an obese serpent wriggling towards freedom. As it did, the ‘growth point’ from which it stemmed—a root of deep, dirt-green flesh that presently occupied the space where Kobayashi’s womanhood had once  sat—grew wider, thicker, and more moist to match it. Steadily competing with one another for their share of vulgar visual appeal, nearly 10 inches of pool-noodle-thick expansion for the phallus coincided with a total encroachment of Kobayashi’s crotch with dark-green flesh.


Still consumed by a great deal of pain and feverish discomfort, Kobayashi stood without the means of properly acknowledging the phallus that had exploded into being from her frame. Her line of sight remained fixated on the organ throughout its growth, yet her consciousness continued to reject it as a foreign hallucination brought on by the potion that Kanna had offered her. Even as its nerve endings—her never endings—pulsed and whined under the stresses of growth, her sense of self maintained the same opinion of her frame that it had prior to the event:


“Kobayashi is a woman”.


As an objective spectator to the event and a magical being well-versed in all manner of transformation, Kanna Kamui did not have access to such ignorance. Though initially shocked by the bestial protrusion’s lubricated ascent from Kobayashi’s crotch, her mind pieced together an explanation for the situation and embraced it with open arms.


At least in part, Kobayashi had become a male—specifically a male dragon. Based solely on the forest of bulbous, thumb-sized flesh-stalks hived around one another at the otherwise blunt tip of her member and the ghastly, tree-root-sized veins coiled across its exposed faces (top, bottom, and both sides), she inferred that the recovery potion given to her by her parents had gifted Kobayashi with the reproductive instrument owned by a particularly prolific species of dragon.


Of course, this meant that what she had received from them hadn’t been a recovery potion to begin with. Only the blood of the family’s current patriarch magically embedded with magic from the family’s living members could bestow another organism with such a disgustingly virile erection.


Whilst her eyes continued their frantic observation of Kobayashi’s still growing endowment, she found her consciousness set onto the question of ‘why’. Ordinarily, the potion—hence force Kaiser’s Brew—was only concocted after the selection of a new patriarch and his marriage to a suitable wife. By ingesting the blood of his predecessor, his already-superior virility would enjoy a significant boost, thereby ensuring the birth of further heirs through his wife.


Such a thing served no purpose in Kobayashi’s life. Kanna therefore deduced that there was no reason for her parents to give it to her.




“Kobayashi!” springing back into consciousness, Kanna pattered inward towards Kobayashi’s front. Huddling her forearms at her chest and clenching her fists, she screwed her mild features into her very best* (completely unrecognizable) expression of anger.


“I got tricked! My parents gave me Kaiser Brew ‘cause they thought I had found a boy dragon I wanted to have babies with! What you drank wasn’t good for you at all!” she exclaimed. Well aware of her fault in the situation, the ‘anger’ on her dead-pan features dissolved quickly into a much more recognizable sadness.   “I’m sorry... I’ll go get Tohru-sama; she’ll know how to fix th—“


Just as soon as her mind conjured up a suitable solution for the situation was its entirety scrubbed from her mind by the delivery of a significant punch against her cheek. Immediately shocked back into a straight on stare at Kobayashi’s front, Kanna found both her line of sight and her consciousness utterly consumed by the drooling dragon cock rooted at Kobayashi’s crotch.


Now, murky-white sludge could be seen leaking out from underneath the dense forest of flesh-spikes armoring her shaft’s head. Its thickness had bloated to match the width of her mouth from cheek to cheek, and its length had stretched an imposing 14 inches from her crotch into a sound impact with her face. Underneath the unwashed sheathe surrounding its base now hung a pair of melon-sized testicles over-wrapped by an excess of matted, sagging cockflesh.


For all of its changes, none were more evident than its stench. Billowing from its every pore alongside heat and moisture was the musk of a male dragon that outranked her in both strength and age. Brewed from the reproductive fluid undoubtedly swirling within Kobayashi’s testicles and the thin veil of sweat-tinged slime that coated her endowment from tip to root, its potency was well beyond what the budding dragon’s nervous system could deny.


Though she often looked the part, she wasn’t human. At her core—behind her sentience, wisdom, and magical prowess—she was a female beast well into her best breeding years.  As such, attraction to Kobayashi’s cock, a superlative endowment belonging to the woman she believed to be her mother, was not merely a ‘likelihood’.


It was her fate—as it would have been for any other female dragon present.


When Kanna’s stupor at the new condition of Kobayashi’s body faded, her talk of seeking out Tohru did not resume. In its place came a flushing of her cheeks, and a continuation of the approach she had started prior to her realization.


This, and not the bestial erection pulsing and bobbing at her crotch, proved an ample enough hook for Kobayashi’s dulled attentions.


“Kaiser....Brew….?” repeating Kanna’s utterance one word at a time, Kobayashi fixated her gaze on the little girl seemingly chock full of the answers that she sought. “W-Well, whatever it is, I guess it’s magic, right? I mean, it’d have to be to cause something like…”


For a moment, Kobayashi’s eyes dropped downward to take in the full extent of the cock at her crotch. Made wordless and dumbfounded by its obscenity (but more so by the exposure of its nerve-endings to the open air), she unconsciously defaulted to a familiar state of forced acclimation.


In this time, Kanna refused to halt her stride.


“I-It’s fine, Kobayashi. It’s nothing new—j-just another crazy fantasy problem.” Kobayashi thought to herself. “Y-You can deal with this. K-Kanna seems to know what’s going on, so she’ll have you back to normal in no time. J-Just stay calm…”


“Yeah, If you’re calm, Kanna will be calm. She’s be trying so hard to help you feel better; getting upset with her about this just wouldn't be fair, you know?”



Once again consumed by thoughts about her pale caretaker, Kobayashi naturally slanted her gaze to the left in search of Kanna’s presence. In doing so, she found that her own position standing off to the side of her bed had shifted, and even now continued to shift against her volition.


The cause for her sluggish movement was none other than Kanna herself. Presently dragging her adult frame along by its wrist, Kobayashi’s sluggish recognition of this fact resulted in her being forcefully pushed back into a seated position at the edge of her bed. Flinging her caretaker’s frame where she wished with only a mild wrench of her wrist, Kanna followed her success with another subtle slide back to Kobayashi’s front.


With this, the rosy blush on her cheeks darkened—much to Kobayashi’s dismay.


“Kobayashi.” Kanna began.


“Y-Yes, Kanna-chan? I-Is everything okay? You do understand that I’m not mad at you, right?” stuttered Kobayashi.


“Mhm. I understand.”


“T-Then…ah…is there a particular reason you’re staring at me like that?”


“Oh…” suddenly made privy to the oddness of her behavior, Kanna briefly took to silence to formulate an appropriate response.


“That’s because I want to mate with you. I think.” Kanna explained. “Dragons don’t usually mate with their mommies, but since you didn’t give birth to me, my body seems to think that having your babies would be ok.”


No amount of uncertainty or ignorance could defend Kobayashi from the meaning contained within Kanna’s response. The pale little girl’s posture and presence had not changed, but her words seemed buoyed by the utmost the seriousness— a sort so often brandished by Tohru when she decided to state her desires. Coming from Kanna, such stalwart perversion of was almost unthinkable.


Unthinkable, but apparently not impossible.


Doing her utmost to project the qualities of a parent in spite of the strange reality that had confronted her, Kobayashi eventually willed her neck into a frantic shake of her head.


“Nope! NopeNopeNope! T-That’s no good, Kanna! God, you haven’t been listening to Tohru again, have you?” she began, hands defensively outstretched towards the girl as if wanting to shake her to her senses. “Y-You’ve heard about this in school, right? Parents and their children can’t do that sort of thing together. I-I know we’re not really related—you being a dragon and all—but something like…god…something like breeding is totally out of the question!”


To this, Kanna frowned. Shuffling forward by a few footsteps, she closed the distance that separated her from Kobayashi’s front, and pushed both of her hands out towards her frame. Driving her left palm against the left fringe of Kobayashi’s hips, she engaged her magical strength to effortlessly floor Kobayashi’s torso onto its back. Whilst holding this limb in place, she cupped the smooth width of her other hand’s palm around the monstrous girth of Kobayashi’s erection. Though clearly unable to completely encapsulate it, this did not stop her from squeezing the undersides of her fingers into its greasy meat, or smothering some amount of the urethra bloating its underside with her palm.


“No it’s not.” Kanna replied, miniature frame now looming over that of Kobayashi’s.


“Older dragons breeding with younger dragons isn’t strange at all. We prioritize things like power and efficiency—having babies with a sister or brother doesn’t matter as long as they’re strong.” she explained. “And even if that weren’t the case…”


Wary of Kobayashi’s propensity to wriggle out of situations that she deemed to be distasteful, Kanna reaffirmed her compression of the older woman against her mattress with another firm press from her hips. Afterwards dipping her own torso inward, she pressed her face right up against the balmy underside of Kobayashi’s new erection. Affectionately nuzzling the region with her smooth, childish features and smearing its sweat and precum against her face in the process, she purposed the instance of intimacy to draw several deep breaths of cock-scented air into her lungs.


Some seconds into grinding her features up and down her endowment, she pulled herself backwards. In sequence with her retreat, she began dragging the grasp she had formed with her right hand down into a seemingly-inefficient squeeze against the root of Kobayashi’s erection. Once settled, rigid flicks her wrist twerked her girlish palm-sleeve up and down across a three inch span of pulsing, overtly-vascular dragon cock.


Per her norm, the root of Kanna’s actions was consideration. In her mind, phalluses existed to be stimulated—especially those as swollen as Kobayashi’s.


“Even if that weren’t the case, your dick reeks of breeding lust, Kobayashi.” she continued. “If you don’t impregnate me, it is possible that you’ll become even sicker than you were to begin with. I don’t want that…”


Driven by her own lusts to test the waters of the situation she had contrived, Kanna carefully dragged her left hand out of contact with Kobayashi’s hips. Applying it opposite where her right hand sat, she peeked up the length of her torso to gauge Kobayashi’s response to the added stimulation.


Where dismay and rejection had once sat across her visage was now a muddled mixture of apprehension and pleasure.


For Kanna, this was more than enough reason to presume her desired course of action as the ‘correct’ one.


“You’ll feel better after releasing a bunch of your seed and breeding me, so that’s what I’m gonna make you do.” Speaking with her line of sight held up at her ‘mother’, the indignation that flared behind the blues of her eyes was presented to Kobayashi in vivid detail. “You’re always telling me to be a good girl when it comes to stuff that I don’t wanna do. Now it’s your turn, Kobayashi: Be a good Mommy and let me take care of everything, ok?”


Whether Kobayashi agreed with her argument or understood her situation did not matter much to Kanna. After stating her intention, she moved directly into what she hoped would be a ‘pleasurable’ exploration of the first engorged breeding instrument she had ever laid eyes on.


Not surprisingly, her efforts were met with resistance from Kobayashi the moment that they began. No sooner did Kanna suggest that she be a “good Mommy” did the matronly instincts threaded throughout her heart necessitate the production of some kind of response.


“N-No…c-come on, Kanna-chan—T-Those two things aren’t the same!” she protested. “Even if I need this. E-Even if I get sicker…that’s b-better than taking advantage of you! I get it…I didn’t give birth to you or anything but…




Before she knew it Kobayashi had begun wiggling her hips to the left and right in protest of the soft hands grinding along the enflamed meat of her erection. Internally, she believed that she had to. Some part of her—the part dedicated to Kanna’s well-being—had come to regard the dragon as a child.


Not just any child: her child.


As a result, willingly accepting sexual satiation from her became out of the question. No matter Kanna’s innocence or intent, a mother relying on their child for such things seemed to her as fundamentally wrong.


Tragically, her parental epiphany accomplished nothing. Firming her resolve on the matter did little to rectify the problem of Kanna’s inhuman strength and the unbelievable pleasure induced by the pumping of her palms.  Faced with these, the consistency of her squirming and the exertion that she put into them amounted to little more than a girlish resistance of Kanna’s ministrations.


Such was the ineffectiveness of her efforts that Kanna failed to recognize that her mother was resisting at all. Instead perceiving the wiggling of her hips and the throbbing of her cock as signs of stimulation on her part, their appearance drove her to double-down on her exploratory efforts.


Following yet another slimy depression of her limbs down to the bulky root of Kobayashi’s erection, Kanna squeezed another droplet of her overall strength into each of her hands. The added force exerted by the limbs resulted in a partial compression of the steeled cock meat between her hands, and the inching of her finger-tips closer towards one another against it.


With this, Kanna took to motionlessness. Effortlessly maintaining her constrictive cock-vice, she dutifully observed the wriggling of Kobayashi’s cock veins, and silently absorbed the throbbing of her member against her hands.


Momentarily, a breeze of wonder cooled the lust flaring within her loins. To her, Kobayashi’s cock seemed alive—a vibrant, massive organ that her mother could never hope to control on her own. From the heat that bled into her palms from its surface to the cock-slime bleeding through the creases of her fingers, she came to regard all of its qualities as those that she wished to experience more of.


Once rooted within her heart, Kanna’s frame immediately slipped into ministrations that might satisfy her ‘curiosity’.


All at once, she resumed her pumping with a renewed vigor. Grinding her palms up along Kobayashi’s erection from their shared choke point at her crotch, she steam-rolled the same meat-smothering force applied to the organ’s root all the way up to beginnings of her glans. Throughout the process, the force that she applied saw numerous ropes of discolored precum erupt into haggard drizzles down the length of Kobayashi’s erection. By the time her hands arrived at their ‘destination’ before the grotesque cock-flesh that comprised her glans, both limbs appeared blanketed underneath a layers-thick plaster of congealed human semen.


Elated by the sensation of her hands’ coverage, Kanna ensured that the descent of her sleeve was just as brisk as its ascent. Without incurring a loss in pressure or speed, she followed the wrenching of her drenched palms beneath Kobayashi’s glans with a slimy plunge of the limbs straight back into contact with her member’s root. In doing so, the excess precum collected underneath her fingers and palms was spread across the meat of Kobayashi’s member as liquid ash-fault underneath a steamroller. 


Within a half dozen cycles of these motions, Kanna acquired an intense familiarity with the texture and workings of Kobayashi’s member. According to these, her hypothesis about Kobayashi’s condition was correct. At present, Kobayashi needed her—a reproductively able female willing to drain her member of the seed that it had stored. Bolstered by the fact, she put her all into repeating the increasingly sloppy cock-choking she had committed herself to without any further thought as to the contrary.


Dedicated as she appeared, Kanna’s convictions were not built from a full picture of reality. From the beginning of her pumping ministrations, Kobayashi had invested herself into as desperate a struggle as her underpowered frame could manage. Even now, her hips could be seen wriggling and convulsing throughout the milking of her member whilst pleas for release from her pleasurable prison streamed out of her mouth.


Recent minutes (alongside the mind-melting stimulation pressed through repeated wriggles up the length of her spine) had seen many of these utterances lose their coherence.


“Hauuughhh ♥ K-Kanna-chan…y-you’ve…you’ve gotta…” short of breath and strained by stimulation,  Kobayashi eventually began to lean on attempted eye-contact to convince Kanna of her ‘point’. “Y-You’ve gotta—NGGUUU ♥—STOP! You don’t have t-to do this for m-me! I-I’m su’phos…”


“Su’phsota look…”


“A-After yuuuuuu♥♥!”


Kobayashi did not produce her protests as a means of validating the pleasure that she felt. The problem, as it had been since Kanna first set her hands onto the erection at her crotch, was that Kanna herself refused to listen.


With no aid in sight and a grossly over-fed orgasm swelling fatter within her by the second, Kobayashi eventually returned to her attempts at non-verbal struggling. Seeing Kanna’s hands busied with her cock and her eyes hazily focused on its grotesque vascularity, she readied herself to surge upwards and make another attempt at escape.


Helpless, she waited. All the while, the slovenly pump of Kanna’s palms across her gooey erection and the wet, sexual noises that it produced echoed ceaselessly throughout her eardrums as if to punish her for even thinking about escape.




Like a razor’s edge applied to a bleeding wound, the debased noise only served to make the throbbing of her cock more uncomfortable, and her desire for an orgasm more significant.


Not a minute into her torturous wait, Kobayashi broke. Lurching upward without the required conviction or purpose to elude her ‘daughter’, she found her back freed from its sweaty pin against her mattress and re-pinned against it in the space of a second. In a display of comically-ideal athleticism, Kanna burst up from her half squat opposite her erection into a perfect cannonball dive against her midsection.


And with that, her latest escape attempt ended where it had started.


As annoyed as her docile disposition allowed her to be, Kanna’s immediate response to Kobayashi’s fussiness was a frown. Apparently quite content to flash her discontent and move on from it, she furthered her youthful reproach with an ascent to her feet and a stare down at Kobayashi.


“Kobayashi. That’s bad.” she huffed. “Mommies who are sick have to rest. You’re not gonna get better if you keep wasting energy getting in my way…”


Well aware of the fact that she was unlikely to receive an answer to this statement, Kanna instead went about ensuring that the next act Kobayashi produced was one of compliance. One hand a time, she slid the moistened index and middle fingers of her hands underneath the waistline of her shorts. Expertly wiggling out of the garments, she dropped them into a heap atop Kobayashi’s stomach prior to stepping out of them entirely. With this, she turned her back to face Kobayashi, and dropped right back down into a squat above her torso.


This time, though, she stretched herself. Pushing her gleaming buttocks and the drooling mound beneath it out towards Kobayashi’s face, she levelled herself horizontally such that both sets of lips on her frame faced a desirable pleasure point.


Quite pleased with her efforts, she craned her head backwards for a moment to direct her first lustful stare back at her mother.


“There. This is what you want, isn’t it? You’ve got dragon blood in you now, so I must spell really, really delicious to you right now…♥.”


Kanna’s suggestive goading paid dividends. Having been delivered in time with the resumption of her avid stroking efforts and the disappearance of several inches of her cock into the slimy cock-prison behind Kanna’s lips, the presentation of the little girl’s gleaming mound opposite her lips became far more tempting than it would have been otherwise. Coated with honeyed cunt-juice such that web-like strands of the substance continually extended down into contact with her lips and cheeks, the virginal bulb appeared to Kobayashi as precisely what it was—a ripened fruit begging to be consumed by a parched mouth.


Subjected to its appearance and fertile stench for seconds on end, Kobayashi’s instincts overpowered her. Without warning, she wrapped her forearms across Kanna’s lower back to drag her fattened mound into contact with her lips. With this, she parted her lips, and consumed as much of the pudgy fruit’s circumference as her lips would allow. Taking to a starved suckle to their exterior not long afterwards, sounds akin to a beast’s devouring its first meal began emanating from Kanna’s body at a volume that rivaled the throating of Kobayashi’s member.


This time, it was Kanna who was taken aback. Mid-plunge of her face down the length of Kobayashi’s member, the curl of an adult-sized tongue into her taut vaginal canal froze her ministrations via a spike of pleasure. Rendered a stationary cocksleeve for Kobayashi’s member, the previously foreign sensation induced a wave of trembling through her upper body and wiggles through her hips.


Not to be outdone in her quest to aid Kobayashi, the miniature dragon eventually found it within herself to ‘power through’. Barely acclimated to the feeling of pressurized kisses being popped into and out from contact with her squirting outer lips, she resumed the skewering of her gullet with Kobayashi’s member per the request of her competitive instincts. Numbing herself to the terse grind of writhing cock veins against her esophagus and the mucus wretched from between her lips by the inordinate shape of her glans, she purposed her neck and skull in the production of a curved ‘flick’ that depressed her lips ever closer to the root of Kobayashi’s shaft.


In her desperation to keep to the pace that she had established, Kanna failed to keep track of…most everything else. Applying a strength and suction with her lips far too potent for a human nervous system to endue, her improvised facefucking session dragged Kobayashi up to, and finally beyond her internal limit.


At this, Kobayashi again teased evidence of her growing appetite for her daughter’s body. Instead of notifying Kanna of her impending release, she muzzled her lips tighter to her cunt and moaned into its exterior whist the euphoria of her orgasm washed over her…








Briefly, the application of a vigorous buzzing sensation against Kanna’s lower lips shifted her attention from Kobayashi’s member to Kobayashi herself. Undoubtedly produced by the older woman in catharsis, pleasant thoughts pertaining to her mother’s comfort bloomed within her mind to smile-inducing effect.


Well before she could properly immerse herself in her ‘success’, the feverish consistency that she had invested into her mother’s satiation was repaid in full.  With lips spread around the midsection of Kobayashi’s cock and throat rendered fat and rigid in accommodation of its girth, a gooey ‘reward’ for her efforts began erupting straight down into her stomach rope by sickeningly-thick rope.


The splatter of a single one of these chunk-riddled strands into her stomach was stimulating enough to see Kanna’s starved throating brought to an abrupt halt. Having had no time to prepare for the event, the tiny dragon met the plastering of her esophagus with its congealed, tapioca-like payload with a momentary crossing of her eyes, and a twitching ‘entertainment’ of the warmth oozing throughout her frame from her uterus.


For a time, she remained precisely like this. So lengthy were the strands of semen spewed into her gullet—approx. the length between the center of an adult’s palm and their elbow joint—that she did not need to adjust herself to better facilitate her stomach’s basting with the substance. While her esophagus did sometimes play an unwilling ‘catcher’ for the borderline-chewable sludge, the majority of each spurt was nevertheless delivered into a congestive splatter agaisnt the base of her stomach.


For as ‘clean’ and ‘simplistic’ as Kanna perceived the seeding of her stomach to be—these adjectives selected by her mind as a consequence of its euphoria—the actual nature of Kobayashi’s release was far less pristine. Each rope of discolored dragon-nut that erupted out from the forest of flesh stalks at her cock tip was much more similar to a steaming cement or coagulant than a fluid. Partway through her release, these qualities resulted in a multi-layered clogging of the back-half of Kanna’s esophagus, and a biological ‘rejection’ of the remainder of Kobayashi’s orgasm for the sake of self-preservation.


Of course, ‘rejection’ as defined by Kanna Kamui really could not be considered as rejection at all. Shocked from her near-orgasmic stupor by her body’s desire to regurgitate the reproductive plaster still blurting out into her stomach, Kanna quietly and calmly compromised with her frame. Forcibly quelling the smooth muscle reflexes within her esophagus, she at the same time drew her skull backwards to see the offensive inches of cockmeat responsible for the tube’s plight out of her mouth. Stopping herself just short of a clean ‘unplugging’ of her face from the pole, she allowed Kobayashi’s glans to persist in an unsightly spread of her lips, and as a result, a continuous dousing of her oral cavity with cock-sludge.


The immediate consequence of her doing so was the same one presently ‘unfolding’ within her stomach: expansion. Bit by bit, Kanna’s cheeks swelled outwards as pungent, overtly-fermented semen was piled atop itself all about her mouth. Privy as to what would occur were her mouth to be filled to the brim, Kanna quickly took to swallowing down fractions of her mouth’s contents to ensure that ample space remained for the remainder of Kobayashi’s release.


Tragically, the pace at which she gulped semen down her throat failed to match its expulsion into her mouth. Not long after her throat began to produce a familiar series of chilling *GLRP!* noises did Kobayashi’s reeking seed burst out from the corners of her bloated cheeks. Next came eruptions of the substance from both of her nostrils, and after this, a much larger explosion birthed by a gooey repulsion of her lips off of Kobayashi’s member entirely.


Left with semen caked to her face and soaked into the fabric of her t-shirt, Kanna was relegated to a position of sitting, swallowing, and starring whilst the fountain of semen shooting up from Kobayashi’s member drew to a close.


Initially, anyway.


As though nothing had occurred at all, Kanna soon used the end of Kobayashi’s release to whirl around from out of her position stretched out across the older woman’s torso. Plopping her buttocks down onto her upper crotch and parting the plump meat of her thighs to either side of her midsection, she assumed an upright seated position directly ahead of her still-erect shaft.


Much to her dismay, Kobayashi was unable to sweep this transition underneath the situational ‘rug’ drawn by the euphoria of her release. Kanna’s transition pulled the cunt lips that she fed from out of reach by her mouth, and starved her facial features of the warmth that had beat down on them.  The significant contributions made by these sensations to the orgasm still coursing through her frame saw her respond to their removal with the knee-jerk reaction of an addict. Shooting upright—or as much so as Kanna’s weight on her middle would allow—Kobayashi directed her starved and lustful features straight up toward the little girl who had teased her so.


Recompense did not await her at Kanna’s visage. There, plastered to the girl’s face alongside her discolored semen, was naught but further starvation.


Triggered by her affirmation of eye-contact came action from Kanna. At once, she parted her semen-smeared lips to present the yet-to-be-swallowed semen still contained within her mouth. Plentiful and dense, the muddy jizz-ocean boasted a volume significant enough to set its rim directly below the very tip of Kanna’s bottom lip. What was more, its ‘state’ drowning Kanna’s lower jaw was utterly stagnant. Save the odd bubble or chunk about its surface, the substance was unlikely to evoke thoughts of fluids.


Following the pool’s presentation, Kanna began to make use of it. Seemingly intent on proving a point about the substance’s richness, she invoked her vocal cords in a gentle gargle of her over-sized mouthful.  In doing so, she presented within her mouth a sight akin to boiling tapioca, and simultaneously simulated a mild overflow of the greasy substance down across the corners of her lips.


With this, she began to swallow. Ceasing her gargling after seconds of execution, the same hearty *GLURP* noises that had once echoed from her throat re-appeared in full force. Each of these coinciding with a descent of the ‘water level’ of semen within her mouth, more and more of her submerged oral cavity became apparent as time passed.


Ignorant to the perversion of her displays, Kanna seemed to be of the opinion that further ‘work’ remained to be done. Whilst stalwart in her swallowing effort, she raised her hands up to her face, and purposed their fingers in a hurried ‘scoop and drag’ of the excess semen matted to her face. Caking wads of the substance to her primary digits prior to peeling their contents off between her lips, the indifferent innocence mapped to her features as she ate soon became indistinguishable from a famished depravity.


When no further semen remained to be passed down her throat, a single utterance of congested gloating was pushed from between her lips.


“I told you so. Your baby-making-stuff is so thick and nasty right now that it’s sure to make you sick if you don’t use it properly.” she complained. “I could still feel you fussing through some of that.  No more, okay? I want to make my mommy feel better—and you have to let me.”


Dumbfounded by Kanna’s display, Kobayashi’s response to Kanna’s display lagged several seconds behind the current ‘state’ of things.


What time she spent in her stupor was utilized by Kanna in another adorable strong-arming of her frame. Scooting backwards whilst still seated atop her stomach, she aligned her back with the top half of Kobayashi’s erection. Immediately shooting back to her feet, she then stepped backwards to draw her soaked crotch up and over the phallus’ weaponized tip.


Here, she fell. Plunging down to bent knees, she squeezed the comparatively tiny exterior of her feminine mound down into a moist kiss with the underside of Kobayashi’s semen-greased shaft. Flooring the slogged erection along Kobayashi’s abdominals in the process, she through this reasserted her seated position atop the woman using her cock as a pillow. No more flustered by the act than she had been at the volcanic splatter of semen into her stomach, she afterwards resumed her address of Kobayashi with a renewed confidence.


“All that’s left now is to make sure you give me your babies. Most male dragons feel better after they do that, so I’m sure it will be the same for you.” she suggested. “But first…”


Knowing her mother as the type to protest, Kanna began to glamorize her intention well before seeing it through. In the midst of speaking, she began to grind her rear forwards and backwards along the towering ‘cushion’ beneath it. With her chubby mound smothered against the deep-red extension, these motions saw her mound’s exterior—and the viscous sexual lubricant leaking from it—lathered up and down a fraction of its underside.


Pace set, her focus then turned back to Kobayashi.


“How’s that, Kobayashi? It feels good, right? Feeling the flesh you’re going to impregnate squish and slide all over your phallus feels good, right?” she inquired, her tone of voice no different in spite of the words that she spoke.


Insightful as usual, Kanna had hit the nail on the head. White hot pleasure born of the heat of Kanna’s cunt and the oversensitivity of her raw erection assaulted Kobayashi the moment her sliding began. Such was its potency that all thoughts of denial were rooted out of her mind and incinerated in their presence.


What remained was the sulky resistance of a cornered child.


“K-Kanna-chan…it feels good…it feels good, but…” eyes trailing between the drooling cunt teasing her member and the eyes of its owner, the ‘but’ that Kobayashi wished to spew refused to budge from the tip of her tongue. “Y-You’ve gotta stop! I-I’ll be really u-upset with you if you don’t!”


Undaunted, Kanna shook her head.


“No.” she replied. “Not until my mommy let’s out all of her yucky baby-juice right inside my womb.”


Manipulated by lust and conviction, Kanna rose from her seat above Kobayashi’s member into a squat just above its tip. The removal of her weight from overtop the massive endowment saw its flesh ascend upwards towards the near-90 degree angle at which it stood beforehand. First allowing it to stand as it had previously, Kanna afterwards clasped her right hand around its tip. Guiding it up towards her mound whilst squatting deeper to bridge the space gap between them, her efforts fished a quiet “hyu~” from between her lips when finally her cunt kissed the exterior of Kobayashi’s member.


No further noise escaped the lips at her skull. After squeezing Kobayashi’s bestial glans into an invasive spread of her womanhood, the set between her legs produced her exclamations for her.




 So went her womanhood when her fiddling with Kobayashi’s member forced its girth within her.




So went her vaginal canal throughout her descent along the cunt-spreading phallus, and later when her outer lips arrived into contact with the greasy rigidity of Kobayashi’s sheathe. Here, with her untouched cervix aggressively smothered by the throbbing protrusions lining Kobayashi’s shaft and her virginal cunt-lining wholly ‘uncorked’ by cockmeat, an orgasmic expulsion of cuntsyrup fueled by her overstimulation splattered out against Kobayashi’s crotch to commemorate the loss of her virginity.


Though rendered a twitching and wide-eyed iteration of her former self, Kanna continued to do the impossible. Acting against the mixed pain and pleasure throbbing through her cunt and the immense strain placed on her frame by the dragon-cock distending her middle, she centered the surface of her palms against Kobayashi’s stomach for support. Subsequently, she sharpened her squat above the older woman’s crotch via a centering of her body’s weight at the tips of her toes, and at last began to draw her gaped slit upward along Kobayashi’s member.


With this, the shocked elation on the girl’s face disappeared. Inhibitions popped alongside her cherry, predatory hunger contorted her facial features into those of a petulant monster dying to be fed…






Prior to the beginning of Kanna’s fearless bounce atop her crotch, the concept of an animal’s ‘breeding instinct’ was one completely textbook to Kobayashi.


As far as she knew, the desires within all living beings—these being to persist and reproduce—were not strong enough to dominate one’s entire existence. Perhaps this could said about wild animals, but the case of human beings seemed to her as a different matter entirely.


Now, with a twitching sleeve of elastic cuntmeat enveloping her endowment and massaging its surface in search of genetic material, she understood. Human or dragon, the rules of reproduction applied to all creatures. If presented with a suitable mate during the height of their reproductive lusts, no natural creature could hope to resist satiating the basal instincts housed within them.


It was as a result of this conclusion that Kobayashi joined Kanna in the plugging of her womanhood with cock. Whereas the ‘individual’ known as Kobayashi remained apprehensive toward the idea of outright sex with her surrogate child, what few reservations her body maintained towards the act evaporated.


Less than a dozen cycles of ascent and descent of Kanna’s leaking womanhood along her bestial girth convinced her body to inject itself into proceedings as best it could. To this end, the pace of Kanna’s bounces were measured, and later matched by weak upward pumps from her hips. Each one suppressed by the inhuman force with which Kanna impaled her mound onto her crotch, their execution still provided a pleasurable contribution to the waves of pleasure that surged through her spine each time Kanna’s buttocks were smothered against her groin.


Despite producing these motions in response to Kanna’s, it was the smaller girl’s efforts that granted her hip-bucking its effectiveness.


Right from her first ascent out of the gut-rending ‘seat’ she had taken atop Kobayashi’s member, Kanna devoted herself to as ruthless and consistent a cunt-fucking as her miniature frame could manage. Driven by the same biological instincts that had drawn compliance from her partner, she wielded her frame as a tireless sex-toy designed for impregnation by monstrous erections.


Were an onlooker present within the bedroom, the how of the little girl’s efforts was likely to evoke a questionable attraction toward similarly tiny and ‘proactive’ females. Whilst leaning forward on the palms she had pressed into Kobayashi’s stomach, Kanna purposed her hips, buttocks, and abdominals in a repeated punch of Kobayashi’s protrusion-bulked glans straight against her swollen cervix.  From her initial position hilted across the throbbing spire, she regularly drew her rear up along her erection’s girth with a distinct left-side curl to her hips. Biasing her upward grind until her cock-spread mound formed a tantalizing choke-point at the midsection of Kobayashi’s shaft, she subsequently skewered her buttocks back downward through to contact with her groin. Throughout these descents, she flicked her hips to the right so as to balance the strain put on the left side of her womanhood with equivalent brutalization for the right.


Succinctly, the ‘shape’ that she applied to her ministrations could be easily compared to a form of twerking technique. Blissfully without knowledge of the whorish techniques with which one could bounce themselves across a member, Kanna understood the pattern as one that best utilized the oozing surface area of her cunt whilst accommodating Kobayashi’s own thrusts. With this in mind, she speedily reproduced the cheek-quaking pattern without concern for her appearance. Still, such was the femininity of her bounce that anyone uninvolved with her coupling with Kobayashi would undoubtedly define her ministrations as what they appeared to be: the hip swirling and buttocks clapping of a youthful temptress starved for semen.


Appearances aside, Kanna Kamui was not one such young woman. Though thoroughly enamoured with the bunting of dragon-cock through her folds and the tenderizing of her cervix by Kobayashi’s spiked flesh-pestle, the experience itself was no less shocking to her. If not for her dedication to the task of satiating Kobayashi* (and impregnating herself), the stimulation that exploded through her folds per bounce of her hips was likely to have addled her brain into non-function.


For each one of these aforementioned bounces, the nubile meat of her womanhood was assaulted by the throbbing and writhing of the mountainous veins fused to Kobayashi’s cock. Whilst these aggravated her vaginal canal regardless of the position of Kobayashi’s member, the hilting and extraction of the organ within her depths each came with their own maddening experiences. As she peeled her hips upwards, a sensation akin to her innards being peeled inside out goaded fresh fits of trembling from her lower body. As she skewered herself downward, the heated strain induced by Kobayashi’s member throughout its curved distension of her stomach rendered her nauseas. Worst—or perhaps best—of all was the dilation of her cervix. Kobayashi’s atypical cock shape and the force with which Kanna drove herself down onto it had thus far resulted in a fattening of the organ out of its virginal shape. Pounded more squishy and pliant by the second, Kanna was forced to become increasingly ‘acceptant’ of the idea that the reproductive oven behind it would soon be pierced.


Ultimately, what time she spent cajoled by these sensations proved indispensable. Some minutes into her efforts, the expulsion of cunt-syrup from her folds and the loosening of her cervix resulted in a square penetration of her uterus with several inches of Kobayashi’s member. From its medieval glans, a stunning 5 inches of her erection were speared into an organ-tenting press against the entirety of her fertile core to the tune of a wet *GLRCHH!*.


Not surprisingly, Kanna herself viewed the event positively. Eyes shooting wide and sweat-drenched features flashing amazement, she imposed eye-contact with Kobayashi as though she had done something deserving of a reward.


“You’re all….y-you’re all inside now, K-Kobayashi ♥.” she exhaled, a lustful breathiness finally evident in her tone. “In here, you can squirt o-out as much mommy-juice as you want. A-All of the space inside my tummy is just for you, okay?”


Not one to make claims without backing them by action, Kanna quickly shifted herself to once again incentivize Kobayashi toward release. Peeling her palms out of contact with her stomach, she drew her torso completely upright whilst maintaining her seat atop her cock. Furthering her impalement on the brutish erection in the process, she next replaced her hands atop the pipe-sickle shaped bulge garishly stretching the flesh of her middle. This done, she squeezed her hands down against what inches of the organ had engorged her uterus, and resumed the swirling of her hips to ensure that the pressure exerted by her palms was distributed all around her stomach bulge’s exterior.


Upon completion, the conjunction of these acts took more from Kobayashi than she had to give.


“Ughhuuuu~!!  K-Kanna-chan, that’s too much!! I can feel your f-fingers squishing your womb around it!” she squealed. “I-It’s gonna burst out if you k-keep going! T-There’s so m-much and it’s gonna expl—“


Suddenly, Kobayashi went cross-eyed. Precisely as she had warned, the kneading of Kanna’s skewered uterus around her member assailed her glans with too much pleasure far too quickly. Presuming the influx to mean that her partner was ready to be bred, Kobayashi’s innards released the knotted seal holding back her reproductive payload and began to flush its content through her member.


Desperate to dump every drop of her genetic material into Kanna’s baby-maker, Kobayashi launched her hips upwards, and finally added a gritting of her teeth to the orgasmic qualities about her visage…





Much like the rest of her, the inside of Kanna’s uterus proved sturdy in the face of opposition. In spite of its reeling from the dual-force battering produced between Kanna and Kobayashi, the expulsion of fresh semen into its sex-swelled confines was handled by its flesh with the same uncanny ‘grace’ displayed in all of Kanna’s sex acts thus far.


Contact between the roof of Kanna’s uterus and the first strand of Kobayashi’s virile dick-jelly resulted in an immediate expansion of the organ out and away from its multi-pronged oppression by her glans. Spreading in accommodation of Kobayashi’s bestial orgasm well before its entirety was spewed inside of it, the inches of Kobayashi’s member plugged into its interior were freed from their claustrophobic compression in favor of ‘catching’ the spurts of cock juice that surged through it.


Like this, the beginnings of her release were perfectly contained. One after another, nasty rivulets of semen pumped fuller and denser than those that had fattened Kanna’s stomach were pasted across the uterine lining ahead of Kobayashi’s glans. First dousing the region with a veritable macramé of writhing jizz strands, the stretched region began to resemble a curved basin of reproductive batter mere seconds later. Chunks of seed layered atop one another in inconsistent patterns eventually coalesced in a consistent caking of the region underneath an increasingly-thick curtain of semen.  Runny yet clotted, the jets of semen that burst from Kobayashi’s cock following this point soon saw the sheet’s width stretched around the remaining interior of her uterus, and thickening to the extent of a slightly gelatinous form of cake batter.


This amount of ‘stuffing’ was no accident. In the same way that Kanna’s uterus reflexively adjusted itself to accept Kobayashi’s seed, her remaining sex-organs (vaginal canal and uterus) applied themselves to the task of milking Kobayashi’s member dry. As squeezing and kneading Kobayashi’s testicles buttocks was not an option, the differently-made sleeves took to choking and stroking the lower-most inches of her shaft. Cervix affixed just beneath the mid-point of her member and vaginal canal impaled by its throbbing root, the complexion of these ministrations mirrored a fluttering of cuntmeat against the latter region and a vice-like ‘bite’ of strechy cervix flesh to the former.


Just as had been the case for all of her ministrations thus far, Kanna’s efforts paid dividends. Through them, the size of the jizz wads siphoned through Kobayashi’s cock remained as fat and pressure-backed as the first to leave her member. Furthermore, when the strain of her release ought to have slowed their haphazard launches into the mess of pools and smears within Kanna’s womb, the internal handjob offered by her organs kept their contents flowing through her member at a pain-staking pace.


Comically, Kanna herself was completely ignorant to the performance of her frame. Light-headed and spent from her time riding Kobayashi’s member, she spent the duration of Kobayashi’s orgasm—from the spine-tingling basting of her uterus to its steady inflation with seed—panting and cooing at Kobayashi’s lap.


Innocent as ever, the contents of these coos were more so directed towards Kobayashi than herself.


“A-Are you f-feelin’h b-better, K-Kobayashi ♥? G-Getting to let out all of your b-baby juice inside m-my tummy must feel nice…♥.” she suggested. “Y-You stored up so much it’s m-making my tummy feel all s-squis’hy. I-It’s—gyuugh♥—okay, though. Y-You can let out e-everything inside me and impregnate me i-if you wanna…”


“You’ll f-feel’h better after, s-so please don’t worry about it. Jus’ m-mate with my womb ‘till you f-feel satisfied…”


Contained both in these, and in all of the girl’s other utterances was the same conviction that she had used to carry her through the process of ‘breeding’ with her mother. Even now, her aim remained the same as it had always been: the provision of comfort for the woman she considered to be her parent.


Such devotion as displayed by someone so small was deserving of applause.


Kobayashi failed to take in these words as she was meant to. Both before Kanna had started speaking and even well after the fact, her senses remained devoted to the sights, sounds, and stimulation concerned with her orgasm.

Though she heard Kanna’s words, they prioritized the noise produced by her cunt’s chugging of cock juice as more important.


Though her eyes did catch sight of her facial features whilst she spoke, they oft remained focused on the melon-sized swell of Kanna’s stomach. Once spread by cock-juice, the uniformly round pudge-pocket persisted as proof of the obscene volume of seed she had pumped into her.


Finally, in spite of all of her attempts at submitting herself to guilt and disgust, the pleasure that accompanied her orgasm remained irresistible to her. Instead of resisting it, the passage of time saw her embrace the urethra-bloating strain of her release, and even prompted her to cherish the submersion of her cock within a fattened flesh-vat of its own semen.


It sufficed to say that Kobayashi had fallen into her own world—a world wherein impregnating her daughter was not merely permissible, but desirable. Per the rules of this world, explicitly adhering to Kanna’s request was unnecessary.


One way or another, Kobayashi’s frame would not rest until all of its seed was messily crammed inside her womb…







“I’m baaaaaack! I hope my fussy patient is resting in bed like she should be!”


Cheerily announcing her return from the latest of her day-long grocery shopping affairs, Tohru slipped through the primary entrance of her shared home with bags of herbs and vegetables hanging from each of her arms. Visibly peppy—especially so given her exhaustive search for ingredients—she strode from the mouth of the apartment straight into the kitchen to set down her load, and prune herself for another ‘check-up’ with her in-patient/lover/savior.


Noting that she was nowhere to be seen in the living room, a sly smirk spread across the blonde’s lips.


“Awh, I guess someone’s still sick!” she shouted. “That’s ok! Your beloved maid is right here to help you!”


Preparations complete, Tohru skipped her way from the kitchen’s interior straight up to Kobayashi’s bedroom door. Well beyond the boundary of knocking before entering her beloved’s room, she pushed her way through it with her usual abandon to once again take up a triumphant position within Kobayashi’s bedroom.


“Alrighty! You’ve been sleeping for hours now, so how about we start with getting the sweat of your ba—”


And then it hit her.


A single breath of the air within Kobayashi’s bedroom sent a twinge rippling through her gut into her crotch, and thoughts of sexual intercourse to the forefront of her mind. Confused as the source of the sweaty, sexual air, she sent her eyes through a scan of the bedroom’s interior under the assumption that someone (or something) had snuck into Kobayashi’s room.


Partway through her search, she found that this wasn’t the case. Laid out flat over Kobayashi’s front atop her bed was a sweaty and sleeping Kanna Kamui. Rooted to what appeared to be a dragon cock at the red-head’s crotch and visibly bloated with semen, simple inference regarding the situation forced Tohru into an uncomfortable conclusion.


Someone had taken her beloved Kobayashi’s virginity away before her.


“Kobayashi! I can’t believe you!” Tohru shouted. “That’s just not fair! I beg you day after day for years to impregnate me, yet you go ahead and do it to Kanna without even asking me!” she suggested. “You’re the worst!”


Exhausted physically and mentally, Tohru’s outburst found Kobayashi without words. Even if she were to attempt explaining herself, the likelihood that Tohru would believe her seemed to her as too low to warrant an effort.


As such, she said nothing at all. Smiling awkwardly and laughing quietly, she waited for the blonde dragon to storm out of the room in a huff before succumbing to unconsciousness herself…


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