Captive to Her Needs

BY : NightLover145
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Rosemary was just walking around Seika City. She had received word that her old rival, Eimi, had gotten married and has a daughter who is now 14. Rosemary couldn't wait to get her revenge on Eimi, but she could be patient. After all, she has been waiting for years to meet Eimi again. Rosemary was sitting in a restaurant, secretly massaging her clitoris with her thighs. She was still a woman and so, she has her needs. However, she didn't find a random man. No, her hook-ups went further than that. She wanted someone young, pure and really naive. 

Rosemary paid her waitress and she left the restaurent in a hurry to search out potential victims. As Rosemary looked around, a young cute girl caught her eye and Rosemary grinned, wanting to talk to the girl. She walked up to the girl. "Hello, there." She greeted the girl. She's adorable! She thought, wondering how good of a quick run she would make.

"Hello, there." The girl responded back, although she was a bit quiet. This was Seira Mimori, a young 14 year old girl. Rosemary eyed her outfit and she cursed mentally to herself. She's a nun-in-training. She thought, disappointed. However, her needs were slowly taking her over and her eyes were starting to darkened. 

She roughly grabbed Seira by her arm, causing her to release a scream, however Rosemary covered her mouth. She dragged her to a nearby alley. When they got to Rosemary's perfect destination choice, she released Seira's mouth, but not her arm. "What do you want?" She asked, fear in her voice. Rosemary pulled out a gag, but she decided not to use it right away. Seira didn't know if she was going to die or not. She whimpered when the older woman came close to her. Rosemary placed her lips on Seira's and that was when Seira was even more confused.

Rosemary placed her arms on Seira's shoulders and she pushed her onto the ground, leaving her trapped between her body. Rosemary could feel herself becoming soak with anticipation of what she was about to do to the innocent girl. Seira released another soft whimper when Rosemary pulled away from her lips. Rosemary knew that she would have to make the smaller and younger girl wet so her plan could work and so, she immediately got to work by stroking Seira's panties. She wasn't surprised to not feel wetness on the young girl. "No! What are you doing?" Seira cried out, feeling the woman's hand stroke her womanhood through her panties. Fear clouded her mind and she started to struggle lightly. Rosemary frowned at the girl's struggling and she placed her full weight onto the girl, causing her to scream. Rosemary placed her lips on Seira's lips once again to drown out the sound of her screaming. When she pulled her mouth up, a frown was marking her face. 

"I'm trying to make this pleasurable for you too." Rosemary says with a hint of anger in her voice. Seira squeaked as Rosemary's fingers skillfully scrape against her clitoris. This action alone made Seira whimper. However, Rosemary knew what could make the inexperience girl beg for what's going to happen and she starts her plan. She started to remove the girl's clothes, even though her captive fought her with this process. "Stop fighting me." Rosemary growled, slapping Seira hard. Seira stopped fighting her after the slap had sounded. When Rosemary pulled off the girl's nun outfit, she saw a pink bra that covered Seira's small breasts and her womanhood was covered by white panties. Pink and white, huh. Rosemary giggled slightly at the pretty image she had lying before her.

As she stayed staring, her hands worked on tying Seira's hands together with her clothing. She didn't want her prey to escape from her before the fun could begin. Rosemary's fingers trailed from Seira's arms and to her neck. Rosemary could feel the fear pulsing in her neck and she smirked at her. Rosemary pressed her lips to Seira's neck, holding her head over to give her better access to the soft skin that cried out for attention. As Rosemary sucked and bit on her neck, Seira whimpered in both fear and slight pain. She had never felt teeth on her neck before. Rosemary pressed her lips almost gently, giving Seira's neck gentle kisses. Rosemary released Seira's head from her grasp as she placed her hands on the girl's waist to hold her in place.

Rosemary sneak a quick glance at Seira's panties and she placed one of her hands on the girl's hidden private. Seira sucked in air because she wasn't expecting the touch again. Rosemary knew that this was a good sign and she pressed her fingers inside. Seira tried not to, but a small moan of pleasure released from her lips and Rosemary smirked. Her body had finally broke away from her mental protection. She thought. She removed her hand from the panties and she unclipped Seira's bra as she groped her breasts roughly. The nubs were erect and Rosemary placed her lips on one of the nubs and Seira flinched back, feeling something indescrible in the pit of her stomach. No. This is wrong. Why is my body not agreeing with me? She thought, tears stinging her eyes. Rosemary knew that the girl had finally caught up with what was happening, but it was too late. Her body was wanting the touches. Rosemary pulled the girl into her lap with the Seira's back pressed against her breasts. Rosemary spreaded Seira's legs with her legs and she kept her legs on top of Seira's legs.

Seira had her arms still tied together and so, Rosemary could work without any problem. I've got her now. Let's see how long she can take it before she starts losing her mind. Rosemary thought, placing her hand inside of Seira's panties, making Seira's breath hitched. Rosemary starts to play with the soft muscle in her hand and Seira could do nothing, but rest against Rosemary. Her heavy breathing moved her chest up and down with a systematic rhythm as Rosemary continued her torture on Seira.

Rosemary pushed one finger inside of Seira's clit and Seira released a small whimper. Her thighs had pressed together, making her clit squeeze the finger. "It hurts." Seira whimpered, while Rosemary was in complete bliss. A total virgin was in her grasp, how could she not enjoy herself with the sounds the poor child was making?

Rosemary spread apart Seira's thighs to see her finger covered in nothing. Rosemary smirked at the challenge. Right now, it's just pain for her. She thought, moving her finger inside. Seira's whimpers quickly became quiet moans and Seira moved her head to hide her eyes on Rosemary's shoulder, finally realizing that her body wasn't going to listen to her and that she should just relax. The pain was going to go way at some point in time. Rosemary knew she had won when Seira finally relaxed her body and she started to push another finger in, making Seira grunt in Rosemary's shoulder. With two fingers inside Seira's clit, she scissored the girl's inside, causing Seira to moan in complete pleasure. Rosemary had removed Seira's head from her shoulder and used her now free hand to grope one of Seira's breasts. This doubled the pleasure even more. Seira spasmed in Rosemary's hold and Rosemary removed her fingers. She knew what Seira was going to do and she was denying Seira the chance to climax. "Don't stop." Seira pleaded to Rosemary. Rosemary couldn't believe the girl had changed so much in the course of 20 minutes. At first, the girl was shy and refusing, but now, her eyes were darkened and glistening with lust and she was soaked. Rosemary gazed down to the girl's panties to see a large dark spot, which showed her wetness. Rosemary felt slightly terrible for having to torture the girl, but she didn't her to cum just yet.

Rosemary went back to scissoring Seira and Seira moaned. After a few seconds, she spasmed again. Rosemary pulled out, leaving Seira with teary eyes and the want to cum. "Please! Let me go! I beg of you!" Seira cried out to Rosemary, yet Rosemary wasn't ready for her to cum. Rosemary repeated the process a couple of more times and by this time, Seira had lost her mind. "Let me come! Please! It's unbearable!" Seira begged with a sob. Rosemary smirked and she scissored Seira again. Seira thought that she was going to die, until Rosemary spoke to her.

"You've responded so well to me. Cum." With that one order, Seira came hard. Her womaly juices covered Rosemary's hand and when she had finally recovered from her climax, a look of horror appeared on her face.

"No, no." She whimpered. Rosemary smirked at the girl's reactions. Tears streaked her face as sobs wrecked her body. 

"Aw, poor baby." Rosemary mocked her, but still, she pulled her into a hug. "Y'know, this still makes you a virgin. I'm not a guy and so, I didn't want your virginity, I just wanted you to be my plaything." She tells Seira, who covered her face, shame overriding her. Broken sobs came out of her mouth and Rosemary pressed her lips to Seira's cheeks. "Now, run back to your little home and so, little girl?" Rosemary called Seira to get her attention.

Seira stared back at her tearfully. "Yes?" She whimpered. Rosemary helped her get back into her clothes, despite Seira's flinches.

"Keep it between us two, unless you trust someone enough to know." Rosemary tells Seira. Seira nodded and she ran off, sobbing. "That was nice, I wonder if we would meet up again one day?" Rosemary wondered to herself.


Well, that's the end of this one-shot. Yes, this very extreme for Saint Tail, but I wanted to see how evil Rosemary can actually get when she is simply wanting to satify her own womanly needs.

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