Those Are The Rules

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“Those Are The Rules”

Reynard hated Viridian City and every motherfucker who lived there.

Born and raised in Pewter City, Reynard had never had occasion to visit Viridian City until this point in his life. He had started his Pokémon journey a little over a year ago, shortly after graduating from high school, having set out with nothing but two Nidoran and $500 to his name. Now he had collected over one hundred different species of Pokémon, carried over $10,000 around with him at all times, and was one of Kanto’s rising stars. He had arrived in Viridian City with a single goal in mind: to defeat the local Gym Leader so he could collect his eighth and final badge and finally make his way to the Pokémon League.

The only problem was that the Viridian City Gym Leader was nowhere to be found. The doors to the gym were locked, the place looked abandoned, and none of the locals even knew who the Gym Leader was, much less where he was.

What the hell kind of city is this?, Reynard thought angrily as he began making his way back towards Pallet Town in hopes of finding an inn. Nothing but old men trying to teach me how to catch Pokémon I already have and brain-dead townsfolk who don’t even know who their own Gym Leader is. No wonder everyone is moving to Johto.

The sun was setting and Reynard was tired and cranky by the time he reached Route 1. The first thing he did was spray himself with a Max Repel before setting foot in the tall grass. It wasn’t that he was scared; he had six trained Pokémon with him, after all, all over level 60, but he was in no mood to battle or be ambushed by a wild Rattata. Content that there were likewise no trainers in sight, Reynard began his short trek.

Just a little farther, he told himself. I’ll find an inn, get a good night’s sleep, and then come up with a plan in the morning. Nothing but smooth sailing from here on out.

“Hey, you! I challenge you to a battle!”

Son of a bitch!

It was a girl, about fourteen years of age, with bright red hair and a few freckles scattered across her face. She was wearing a (rather tight) black T-shirt and a checkered skirt that ended above her knees, leaving much of her legs bare and revealing a pair of tennis shoes as red as her hair. She worse a backpack, as most trainers did, bright pink and contrasting with her black top.

Were the circumstances any different, Reynard might have been intrigued. He liked redheads, he liked girls in skirts, and he liked them young; this girl looked like she check both of those boxes. She was objectively cute, too; her confident smirk, her bare legs, the slight curve of her hips, what looked like B-cup breasts…

Unfortunately, Reynard was tired and angry and cranky, and most certainly did not want to battle, even if it was with an attractive teenage girl.

“Look, can we just skip it?” Reynard asked once the girl came to a stop in front of him. “I’ve had a really long day and I’m really tired and I just want to go to sleep.”

“What’s the matter, afraid I’m gonna beat ya?” asked the girl, smirking all the while.

“Kid, you have no idea who you are messing with,” Reynard told her.

“You can tell me your name after I knock out your Pokémon and take half your money,” responded the girl, cocky as ever. “My name is Gwendolyn, and I know the rules, okay? You can’t refuse a direct challenge from another trainer. One on one, winner gets half the money of the other.”

Reynard sighed wearily. “I know the rules. How about this: if you want to get your ass kicked that bad, I promise I’ll fight you in the morning, okay? Deal?”

“No deal,” said Gwendolyn. She smirked again, cocking her hip out and placing a hand on it as if showing off. “I’m short on cash and I need the experience. Either battle me or I get all your money. Those are the rules.”

Reynard sighed again. “You sure about this?”

“I’m sure,” said Gwendolyn. “The rules are the rules.”

What the hell, Reynard thought. It will be worth it to at least wipe that stupid smirk off her face. Might even get a few bucks out of it.

“Alright, kid, you win,” he said, stretching slightly as he pulled out his first Pokéball. He took several steps backwards in order to leave room for them to battle. “Let’s get this over with.”

Gwendolyn’s only response was to pull out a Pokéball of her own and toss it into the space between them. There was a flash of light as the ball opened and revealed…

A Jigglypuff.


“Um, Gwendolyn, was it?” Reynard asked.


“Exactly how long have you been a Pokémon trainer?”

“Um…what time is it?”

“I dunno, almost eight?” Reynard responded.

“Then about ten hours,” Gwendolyn told him with a smile. “That’s why I challenged you! Jigglypuff is my very first Pokémon, and I’m tired of fighting nothing but Rattata and Pidgey. I want a real challenge!”

By Arceus. This is gonna be a bloodbath.

“Well, alright,” said Reynard as he released his Nidoqueen. “But you asked for this, kid.”

The battle (if it could even be called that) was over before it began. Gwendolyn’s Jigglypuff only had enough time to lightly smack its opponent before Reynard’s Nidoqueen wordlessly stomped the damn thing into the ground.

“I…I lost?” Gwendolyn asked, her eyes wide with disbelief as she returned her unconscious Jigglypuff to its Pokéball. “But how? How?”

“My ten months beats your ten hours,” Reynard said tiredly as his Nidoqueen obediently returned to its Pokéball. “I did warn you, kid. Now, come on, pay up. Half your cash. Then I can finally get some sleep.”

Gwendolyn blushed suddenly and looked away, as though out of embarrassment. “Um, about that…”

Oh, here we go…

“You don’t have any money, do you?” Reynard asked.

Gwendolyn slowly shook her head.

“Great,” Reynard commented. This day just kept getting better and better. “You threatened to take all my money if I refused to battle you, and now you can’t pay me when I beat you? You know what the rules say about that, Gwendolyn?”

“We…pretend this never happened?” she asked with a small smile, trying to act cute.

“It means I have to report you to League authorities and get your Pokémon Training License revoked,” Reynard told her, growing angrier with every word.

Gwendolyn paled. “No, please don’t!” she begged, walking over to Reynard and stopping right in front of him with tears in her eyes. “Please, please, I just got my Jigglypuff, I don’t want to give her up already! I…I…it was a mistake! Please forgive me!”

“It’s not a matter of forgiveness,” Reynard reminded her. “I don’t have a choice. It’s like you said…those are the rules.”

With that, Gwendolyn fell to her knees and began to sob right in front of Reynard, causing the young man to roll his eyes. The girl threw her head in her hands and began to cry, her legs folded under her checkered skirt, as Reynard stood there awkwardly.

Reynard knew he was being harsh; while the rules were clear about reporting trainers to the League, it was also true that few people ever took the rules completely seriously. Likewise, Gwendolyn had been a trainer for less than a day, which meant leniency would almost certainly be granted.

But he had warned her, damn it, and she hadn’t listened! He was having a bad day and she came along and tried to make it worse! She challenged him; she threatened him! Rules or no rules, she deserved to be punished.

But there are other forms of punishment, Reynard realized with a grin as he looked down at the girl crying on her knees in front of him. Suddenly he remembered her bare legs, her tight shirt, her short skirt, her nubile young form, the way she had smirked at him with her hip cocked out like she knew she was hot stuff…

“Look, there is one way you can get out of being reported,” he finally said, rolling his eyes as he did so, as if pretending he was doing the girl a favor.

The crying stopped almost immediately.

“R-Really?” Gwendolyn asked, her looking up at him from her knees with wide eyes. “You mean…you don’t have to report me? I can keep my Jigglypuff?”

“That’s right,” Reynard told her with a small smile as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “According to the rules, if the loser can’t provide their share of the winnings, they can compensate the winner by giving them something other than money, something worth half of however much the winner is carrying – whatever I would have had to give you if I had lost.”

“I forgot about that!” Gwendolyn said, now smiling gratefully and standing back up. She looked like she was about to kiss Reynard out of happiness, or at least hug him; if his plan worked, she would be doing a lot more than that by the end of the night. “So how much do you have?”

Reynard grinned and showed her his Trainer Card. “$10,000. Which means you owe me something worth…”

“$5,000,” Gwendolyn responded, her expression falling and the tears coming back. “But…but I don’t have anything worth anywhere near that much! What could I possibly give you?”

Reynard took the time to look her up and down before smiling yet again. “Actually, Gwendolyn, I think I know exactly what you can give me…”


 “Uh! Uh! Uhn! Ohhh!!” Gwendolyn moaned and groaned each time Reynard thrust into her adolescent pussy, seemingly burying his adult cock deeper and deeper into her nubile young body every time he pushed into her. “Oh, Arceus! Arceus!”

Half an hour had passed since Reynard and Gwendolyn had agreed to their ‘deal,’ and the fourteen year old girl was now lying naked on her back in the tall grass as Reynard practically pinned her to the ground and fucked the holy hell out of her. Gwendolyn’s shirt and bra had been tossed aside, revealing her beautifully round B-cup breasts as they bounced up and down with each thrust, her nipples hard and pointed against the cool night air. Her skirt and panties had likewise been removed so that Reynard could shove his thick cock into her tight little cunt, her naked legs quickly wrapping around his thrusting hips. She was as naked as the day she was born, save for her bright red tennis shoes, which Reynard had insisted she keep on.

Gwendolyn had been hesitant of the entire deal at first, of course, but she loved her Pokémon and she loved being a trainer and she was not going to lose her license within twelve hours of having earned it. As such, perhaps despite her best instincts, she had agreed to Reynard’s terms; those being, he promised not to report her to the League so long as he was allowed to fuck Gwendolyn any way he wished for as long as he wished.

(Reynard’s exact words were something along the line of “I want to be able to fuck every hole you have as many times as I want,” which worried Gwendolyn a little, as she wasn’t entirely sure which ‘holes’ he was referring to other than her mouth and pussy, but was sure she would learn by the end of the evening.)

Gwendolyn had actually started off the evening’s activities by trying to suck Reynard’s dick, but within minutes it became apparent that she was too inexperienced to do it properly. She had trouble fitting her whole mouth around his cock, to begin with, and she tended to gag no matter how much of his meat she managed to stuff in her mouth. As such, it wasn’t long before most of her clothes were removed and Reynard was pushing her onto her back and spreading her legs for the ‘main course.’

It had been difficult for Reynard to fit the entirety of his cock inside Gwendolyn at first, this evidently being her very first time. She had teared up a little as he pushed into her, inch after painful inch until he was buried balls-deep inside her, but she refused to do scream or cry or do anything but grip onto him a little bit harder each time he plunged into her virgin canal. In no time at all, he was pounding into her without any remorse, and she was bucking her hips to meet him thrust for thrust.

She was good, Reynard had to give her that; she took his dick like a champ and managed to bite off most of her screams of pain, meaning the only sounds she did let escape were mostly squeals of pleasure or moans and groans as each of his thrusts knocked the air out of her lungs. He took his time in admiring her form as he did his level best to ruin it; her rhythmically bucking hips, her beautifully bouncing breasts, even her flushed face as she closed her eyes and tried to wish it all away, or else pretend it was the man of her dreams making love to her, rather than some random stranger with a thing for younger girls.

“You feel so fucking good,” Reynard commented as he reached down to grope one of the girl’s naked tits, squeezing it painfully hard as the other continued to bounce with every thrust. “You sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Nuh…nuh…never!” Gwendolyn gasped as she felt her legs tighten around Reynard’s thrusting hips waist, his hips slamming against hers over and over and over again. “You’re my…first! I was wuh…wuh…waiting! For suh…suh…someone special!”

This probably isn’t what she had in mind, Reynard thought to himself as he shoved his cock as deep into Gwendolyn as he could, relishing in the feel of her wet cunt tightening around his throbbing length. Hey, at least I’m not in such a bad mood anymore. Maybe all I needed was a good fuck after all.

Reynard had banged his fair share of girls and women since his journey began – including a certain swimsuit-clad Gym Leader from Cerulean City – but Gwendolyn was, by far, the tightest and sweetest he had ever had.

Well, her body was, at least. Gwendolyn was still a bit of a spoiled brat.

“Ouch! That – uhn! – hurts!” Gwendolyn whined as Reynard released her breast and instead reached down to squeeze her ass. “P-P-Please, don’t…be so…rough! Uhnn!”

“I can be as rough as I want,” Reynard reminded her. He tightened his grip on her ass and lifted her off the ground as he jackhammered into her, causing her to scream into the night. “You’re gonna earn every single cent of that money you owe me.”

“Aah! Aah! Aahn!” Gwendolyn cried out. It felt like his dick was pounding directly into her womb, smashing into her cervix and going all the way into her stomach! It hurt, but it hurt so good that she couldn’t help but love it even as she hated it.

Both Reynard and Gwendolyn lost sense of time as they rutted away in the tall grass, with Gwendolyn repeatedly being pushed into the grass and dirt as Reynard relentlessly pounded her tight pussy. It certainly wasn’t what Gwendolyn had been expecting for her first time, but she tried not to think about that as the man above her groped her breasts and thrust into her cunt like it was his own personal property. She was simply doing what she had to do.

Those were the rules, after all.

“Fuck!” Reynard finally grunted following a particularly deep thrust into Gwendolyn that resulted in her cunt tightening around him like a vice grip. “I’m gonna cum, kid!”

“Nuh, nuh, not in me!” Gwendolyn begged as she tried to unwrap her legs from around his thrusting waist. “P-P-Please don’t cum in me! I don’t – uhn! – want to get pruh, pruh, pregnant!”

Probably a good call, Reynard agreed. Don’t want a pregnant teenager on my conscience.

As such, Reynard smashed his hips into Gwendolyn’s a few more times, not just to savor the feeling of her cunt wrapped around his cock but also to make sure she was sore enough afterward to remember him, before pulling out and throwing her back onto the ground. Within seconds, he was exploding all over her, smiling as he watched his cum cover her breasts and then splatter all over her flushed face.

“Ooooh,” Gwendolyn groaned as she felt the last of Reynard’s hot cum spurt all over her face and tits. Her legs and hips were sore, but not nearly as sore as her formerly virgin pussy, and the feel of warm cum on her naked skin was almost soothing compared to the pounding she had endured.

“Damn, that was good,” Reynard commented as he sat back and stretched his arms and back out. He smiled as he watched Gwen sit as well, groaning to herself as she wiped some of his cum off her face and tits. “What about you, kid? You having fun?”

Realizing the fate of her future as a Pokémon trainer was still in Reynard’s hands, Gwendolyn did her best to smile a little as she nodded her head. Despite the fact that every muscle in her body was sore and throbbing, she found her pussy rather missed the presence of Reynard’s cock, as though she suddenly felt empty without him there.

It was odd; no matter how much she told herself she didn’t want this, no matter how much she supposedly despised the fact she had sold her body to a stranger to cover a debt, a part of her already missed having Reynard balls deep inside of her. Her cum-covered tits ached for further stimulation, her mouth watered at the sight of Reynard’s surprisingly still erect penis, and her pussy was practically begging to be filled again.

What is happening to me?, she thought as she licked some of Reynard’s cum off her lips.

 “So…you promise you’re not going to report me?” Gwendolyn asked hesitantly.

“Hand to Arceus,” Reynard responded with a smile. “Alright, I’m good to go again. Get on your hands and knees, kid, I wanna see that ass of yours.”

“What…again?!” Gwen asked, her eyes widening as Reynard helped her turn around and then pushed her over so she was standing on her hands and knees, bent over with her adolescent ass on full display. “But, but…we had a deal! You said – ”

“I said I wanted to be able to fuck every hole you have as many times as I want,” Reynard reminded her as he crouched behind her, immediately taking her young asscheeks in his hands and groping them fondly. “That was just round one, kid. We can do this all night if I feel like it. Those are the rules, after all. You aren’t going back on our deal, are you?”

“No! I promise!” Gwendolyn said quickly before gasping as she felt Reynard pushing the head of his cock against her sore cunt once again. “It’s just…I’m sore. Down there. You’re hurting me. Couldn’t we take a break? Or…or do something else?”

Reynard already had the head of his cock fully inserted into Gwendolyn’s tight little pussy and was about to start pushing in the rest of his length when she made her offer. He paused with  half his dick inside of her, one hand already reaching up to grope her perky breasts before he started pounding the hell out of her.

“Something else, huh?” He smiled cruelly as an idea occurred to him. “Yeah, sure. We can do something else.”

Gwendolyn sighed in relief as she felt Reynard slowly pull his cock back out of her sore pussy. “Oh, thank you, it was just really starting to hurt, but I swear I caaaaaAAAAAHH!!”

The girl’s sudden scream was caused by the fact that, instead of stopping entirely as Gwendolyn had been expecting, Reynard had placed his manhood against her puckered anus and then pushed until the entire head of his cock had disappeared into her previously unpenetrated asshole.

“UUUUHHNN!!” Gwendolyn groaned in pain, her eyes wide and her face flushed as she felt the intruder in her bowels. “Oh, Arceus! No, no, not there! P-P-Please not there!”

“Well, you said your pussy hurt. And what did you think I meant by ‘every hole you have?’” Reynard questioned as he only continued to sink himself deeper and deeper into the girl’s tight little ass, each and every movement accompanied by another groan of pain and discomfort. “Look on the bright side, kid, this way I can cum inside you as much as I want and you won’t get pregnant. Everybody wins, right?”

Gwendolyn’s only response was to bite off yet another scream as she felt inch after inch of Reynard’s dick push itself deeper and deeper into her virgin ass. She clutched the dirt and grass beneath her with everything she had, her knees and elbows shaking from the effort it took just to remain upright with a cock in her butt.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of pain, Reynard groaned as he felt his hips flush against Gwendolyn’s adolescent ass cheeks, having successfully buried himself balls-deep in the teen’s tight ass. He savored the feel of her naked ass pressed against his hips and her virgin bowels tightening around his throbbing manhood.

“Huh…huh…huh…” Gwendolyn panted, straining to look over her shoulder so she could talk more directly to the man with his cock buried in her ass. “I-I-It hurts. So much. It feels like you ripped me apart…”

“It’ll get better,” Reynard assured her as he reached up and took both of her perky breasts in his hands, groping and massaging them as if hoping to distract the girl from the sodomizing she was about to receive. “Remember, kid, a deal’s a deal. Those are the rules.”

“Those are the rules,” Gwendolyn gasped to herself as she turned back around and bowed her head in hopes of hiding the tears in her eyes. She had agreed to this, whether she had fully realized it at the time or not, and now she had to see it through.

A few minutes later, Gwendolyn was beginning to regret her sense of propriety and fair play as Reynard sawed his dick in and out of her ass seemingly without mercy, going as fast or as hard as he pleased and without any concern as to her own wellbeing. He alternated between gripping her hips and her breasts as they bounced deliciously, each thrust into her tight teenage ass causing her entire body to shake in pain and pleasure.

“Uhn! Uhn! Uhnnn!” Gwendolyn groaned, each thrust burying Reynard’s dick deeper and deeper into her bowels until she swore she could feel him thrusting directly into her stomach. She panted for breath, clutching the ground beneath her with everything she had and doing her best to focus on literally anything other than the ass-pounding she was receiving.

Once the girl had finally learned to accommodate the thick stranger in her rectum, a rhythm was established, with Gwendolyn bucking her naked hips back and allowing her asscheeks to bounce against Reynard’s hips as he thrust forward and sent his hard cock pounding into the girl’s tight anus. Reynard groaned as he felt the girl’s bowels tighten around his length, and Gwendolyn hissed and moaned and whimpered as she felt Reynard’s girth stroking her insides.

“Told you it would get better,” Reynard whispered into Gwendolyn’s ear as he bent over her, his hips slamming into her ass, causing her to shiver in both pleasure and pain.

Gwendolyn merely shook her head in response, biting back another scream and trying not to cry as tears of discomfort streamed down her cheeks. It was true she was starting to enjoy it, but she couldn’t admit it, not in a thousand years, and the realization humiliate her. Unfortunately, this only caused Reynard to pound into her harder, causing her to cry out in surprise.


With that, Gwendolyn felt her knees and elbows give out, and she collapsed onto the ground until she was lying flat on her stomach with her face and tits pressed against the grass. Reynard didn’t lose a beat, and instead released the girl’s hips and placed his hands on the ground on either side of her as he continued to fuck her up the ass, but now lying directly on top of her as she squirmed helplessly beneath him.

“Tell me you like it,” Reynard commanded her, thrusting his hips into her naked ass again and again, harder than ever before. “Come on, kid, tell me you love it!”

“I – guh – love it!” Gwendolyn gasped, turning her head so she wasn’t talking into the dirt.

“What do you love?” Reynard asked.

“Buh, buh, being…fucked!” Gwendolyn answered, fighting back a gentle sob as she found herself pinned to the ground and thoroughly destroyed by the man lying on top of her. “Being…fucked…by yuh, yuh, you!”

“And where do you like being fucked?” Reynard asked again, smiling cruelly.

“I-I-In my…ass!” Gwendolyn hissed, gritting her teeth together as he gave a particularly deep thrust into her tightening rectum. “I like…being fucked…in my ass!”

“Shit, that’s good,” Reynard moaned as he kept on pounding away. “Say it again, kid.”

“Uhnn!” Gwendolyn moaned, still crying gently. “I love it when you fuck my ass!”


“I love it when you fuck my ass!!” Gwendolyn moaned loudly, practically screaming. Tears were flowing down her face now, but they were tears of pleasure as well as pain. Despite everything, her body was growing accustomed to what was happening to it, and Gwendolyn was ashamed to find her ass practically begging for more of Reynard’s cock. “Oh, Arceusssss…!”

Reynard knew it wouldn’t be much longer now. He could feel the pressure rising in his balls, and the sight of the naked teenage girl squirming and sweating in both pain and pleasure beneath him was almost as big of a turn-on as having his cock in her ass in the first place. She was cumming hard, whether she knew it or not, and he was into it.

“Tell me what you want, kid,” he groaned as he began jackhammering in and out of Gwendolyn’s ass faster than ever before. “Tell me exactly what you want!”

“I want you to cum in me!” Gwendolyn shouted back. She was practically seeing stars at this point, her mind utterly overwhelmed by pain and pleasure. “Cum in my ass! P-P-Please cum in my ass!”

That did it. With a dozen more thrusts and a mighty groan of pleasure, Reynard shoved his dick back into the girl’s tight little ass and began firing load after load of his cum deep inside of her, quickly filling her rectum with fiery hot semen. Beneath him, Gwendolyn moaned and shook in ecstasy as she felt Reynard’s juices flood and then overflow her adolescent bowels, as though claiming her ass – and the rest of her body – as his personal property from this point forward.

They remained there afterwards, with Reynard practically lying on top of Gwendolyn with his cock still hard up her ass as it slowly began to shrink, the last of his seed successfully deposited inside of her butt. Neither knew how much time passed before they had finally caught their breath and cooled down sufficiently.

“Ohhhh,” Gwendolyn whined as she felt Reynard finally pull his dick out of her badly-fucked ass. Her anus puckered the moment he was free, but some of his thick white cum still continued to leak out of it even after.

“Sweet Arceus,” Reynard groaned as he fell down onto the grass beneath the girl whose holes he had just thoroughly destroyed. “I swear, kid, you are the best I have ever had. No question.”

Despite everything, Gwendolyn smiled a little at the compliment.

“R-Really?” she asked, blushing lightly. “You mean that?”

“Definitely,” Reynard confirmed, reaching over and giving the girl’s naked ass a playful smack, which only caused her to yelp. “Consider us even, kid.”

With that, Reynard stood up and quickly began putting himself back together, with Gwendolyn shortly following suit. Reynard had really only taken off his shirt and pulled down his pants when they began, so it didn’t take long for him to dress himself and gather all of his things, whereas he knew Gwendolyn would take a while longer. As such, he took the opportunity of her facing away from him as she put on her bra to slip a few bucks into the kid’s backpack; what the hell, he was feeling generous all of a sudden.

Still tired, but it’s a damn good tired, he thought to himself as he stretched and prepared to go on his way. Before he did, though, he took one last look at the girl whose virginity he had stolen (in more than one way).

Though she was holding herself well despite a slight limp, Reynard knew Gwendolyn had to be suffering at least a little bit; he had  been the one pounding her, after all, so he knew the girl was certainly sore at the very least. Her face was likewise still flushed, either from the fucking or the embarrassment, and there was a distant look in her eyes as she dressed herself.

I might have overdone it a bit, he realized. Of course, now I decide to grow a conscience.

“Hey, kid,” he said gently, before correcting himself, “I mean…Gwendolyn.”

Gwendolyn looked up; she had just put on her shirt and was in the process of pulling up her skirt when he spoke. “Yeah? You…didn’t change your mind, did you?”

“No, you’re good,” Reynard said with a small smile. “Look, I feel kinda bad for taking advantage of you. So, here, let me walk you back home. It’s the least I can do.”

Gwendolyn smiled lightly and wiped a tear from her eye. “That’s very chivalrous of you.”

Well, as chivalrous as I can be after cumming in your ass as much as I just did…

“The thing is, though…” Gwendolyn went on, blushing again and actually looking a little embarrassed. “I was actually gonna ask if you could maybe…take me with you?”

Reynard blinked. “Wait…what?”

“Well, I just started my journey this morning, so I don’t really have anywhere to stay,” Gwendolyn admitted a little shyly, biting her lip as she did so. “Plus, I don’t have any money. So I was thinking maybe you could take me with you? Just for tonight, I mean.”

“You…want to come with me?” Reynard asked. Was he hearing her correctly?

“Well, not for free!” Gwendolyn clarified, smiling awkwardly. “I know you would still be paying for a room for the both of us, so you could fuck me again as payment. Or maybe I could try sucking your dick again? I mean, you know…if you want.”

Reynard smiled. If I didn’t know better, I’d think a certain someone might have a crush on me. Or at least wants to get fucked again.

“You got a deal, Gwendolyn,” he finally said, holding his hand out.

“Thank you,” she said with a smile, taking his hand and shaking in confirmation. “And…maybe we can make another deal tomorrow? Or something? I still have a long way to go as a trainer and, well….I would love to have someone to show me the ropes.”

“In exchange for something, I imagine,” Reynard commented, raising a questioning eyebrow. “Those are the rules, after all.”

“Of course,” Gwendolyn agreed, blushing lightly and biting her lip. “Those are the rules.”

Reynard smiled. “You know, Gwendolyn, I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”

Gwendolyn giggled. “I’d like that.”

“Where are you from, anyway?” Reynard asked.

“Viridian City!” Gwendolyn answered proudly as she slung her backpack over her shoulder.

Of course she is, Reynard thought with an inward groan as he began leading the girl towards Pallet Town. I ought to fuck her ass again tonight just for that.


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