First Date in Johto

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First Date in Johto

After leaving her friend and now ex-boyfriend Ash Ketchum, May started to journey with her rival Drew through the Johto region. Not much had happened between them while they made their way to the first town in the Johto region called New Bark. May and Drew had made-out a few times but she and he had done that a few times when she was banging Ash during their adventures in Hoenn and Kanto.

As they reached the border of New Bark Town May remembered something that Ash told her the last time she saw him before they each went their own way.

One week ago

Ash was lying on the bed in the room that the group shared at the Pokémon center. His pants were down to his knees; May was also on the bed with Ash’s cock down her throat. Brock was trying to talk Nurse Joy into sleeping with him and Max was trying his best to keep Brock single for the rest of his life.

May moved her mouth along Ash’s length; she knew that she was not the first girl that sucked his cock. Misty was the first girl that Ash did everything with and his number one. May knew she could never be better than Misty, but also Ash got Jessie from Team Rocket to do him, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny (Which made Brock super jealous) and a few random girls that he met on his adventures in the world of Pokémon. May had a feeling that he fucked every female gym leader after he beat them and won their badge. Ash was a real catch.

But May didn’t care if she wasn’t the first or the second or the tenth girl that Ash was with, he was a Pokémon master at least under the sheets. The first time they got together was on the second night after they met. It got a little harder to have sex with Max and Brock around, but they found time to have a quick fuck here and there.

May and Ash had so much fun together and in a few hours they would each go their own way. It almost felt unfair.

“I’m going to miss you May” she heard Ash tell her while she sucked his dick like it was the last time that she would taste him because for all May knew this could be the last time that she tasted him and saw him. What if the next time she saw Ash he was married to that whore Misty which May was sure cheated on Ash with every single thing that moved? It would be unfair.

May wanted to say something, but her mouth was filled with his manhood.

May rolled her tongue around Ash’s cock, he moaned. May had sucked him enough times to know what he liked when he got a blowjob.

“I can’t hold on any longer” said Ash

Finally thought May she couldn’t wait to taste his seed again on her tongue.

Ash bucked his hips forward, thrusting up in May’s mouth as he flooded her with his healthy seed. May swallowed the load down her throat, not leaving a single drop behind. May rested her lips on the rim on his dick for a few moments, before pulling away and wiping her mouth with her hands.

“Thank you Ash” she told him

“No problem” said Ash as he placed his hands behind his head and rested after the workout he shared with May. She lied down next to him and passed her hands on his hard chest. “Where are you going now?” he asked her

“I’m going to go with Drew to Johto to participant in more Pokémon contest” she told him

“If you pass by New Bark Town you can go see Professor Elm, he’s a friend of mine” Ash said to her

“I’ll keep that in mind” May told him and they shared one last kiss before Max knocked on the door telling them to hurry up and wake up.

Present moment

May looked at the large building in New Bark Town that housed Professor’s Elm’s lab. Drew was still walking and moving on, he noticed that May wasn’t following him and went back to see her.

“What’s going on May?” he asked her

“This is professor Elm’s lab” she told Drew

“So who cares?” Drew asked her

“Ash knows him, I said I would stop by” May said

Drew seemed to be annoyed when he heard Ash’s name “of course Ash knows him. Ash seems to know everybody”

“Why do you sound so mad Drew?” May asked him

Drew flashed her a fake smile “No reason”

“I’m going to go inside and say hi to professor Elm, you don’t have to come if you don’t want to” she told him. She placed her hand on the door and opened it and looked back over her shoulder, she saw that Drew was following her and that made May happy. She liked Drew even if he wasn’t as good as Ash in the looks department.

May and Draw walked to the back of the lab where Professor Elm was looking at three Pokémon. May had never seen these Pokémon before, but she knew they were called Chikorita which was a grass type, Cyndaquil which was a fire type and Totodile which was a water type.

“Hello Professor Elm” she waved to him as she got near.

Professor Elm looked at her confused “Um…who are you?” he asked

“My name is May, Ash is a friend of mine and he told me a lot about you” she said

“Really?” said Elm “I never heard a thing about you”

May gave him a weak smile; this was not how she planned it to go “He met me after his time in Johto”

“I figured that out” said Elm “I talked with him during the Hoenn league. He mentioned Brock and this little boy called Max that he was hanging out with but I don’t remember a girl called May unless you’re the girl with the Beautifly”

“YES!” shouted May “That’s me!”

“Then it’s nice to finally meet you” said Elm as he shook her hand “I heard you did well in the Grand festivals”

“I did better” said Drew quickly

“I beat you in Kanto” May shot back

“You just got lucky” said Drew

“Please calm down both of you” said Professor Elm “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it is the fact that you work hard alongside your Pokémon that truly counts”

“That’s true professor” said May.

The phone started to ring, Elm jumped on the phone.

“Hello, professor Elm speaking” he said “WHAT! REALLY! I’ll be right over” he quickly hangs the phone up.

“What’s wrong professor?” May asked

“That was professor Oak, he told me that he caught a Mew and I can see it firsthand. I have to leave right away to the top secret location that Professor Oak told me to meet him at. May since you know Ash I will leave you to look after the Pokémon at my lab. I would call a Pokémon babysitter, but I have to leave right away” before May could even answer Professor Elm was out the door and running in the direction of Kanto.

“I don’t know how to look after these Pokémon?” said May

Drew laughed “I knew we shouldn’t have come to this stupid lab in the first place”

“I told Ash I would see Professor Elm” said May

“Can you shut up for once about Ash? I am tired of hearing his stupid name” Drew yelled

The three Pokémon that were on the table in front of them looked from May to Drew and then to May again as they fought about Ash of all things.

“Why do you hate Ash so much?” asked May

“Why do I hate that asshole, because you love him and he treats you like shit. The whole time you were with him in Hoenn, he was cheating on you with gym leaders and other girls that you all met” said Drew

“I knew that” said May with her arms on her perfect hips

“YOU KNEW!” Drew was shocked


“And you accepted it” Drew couldn’t believe it

“If you would have sex with Ash you would understand why I accepted him hooking up with other girls during our relationship” said May

“You deserved better than Ash May” said Drew

“Drew, there is not much better than Ash out there” she said to him

Drew smiled “I can think of at least one”

“Um…who?” asked May clueless

“Me of course” said Drew

“You…I find that hard to believe” May said

“Come on May” said Drew “We made-out a few times”

“Yeah, but that was just for fun, it meant nothing for me” said May

Drew took a few steps forever placing his hands on May’s shoulder and pressing his lips on her mouth, catching May by surprised. As Drew pushed his tongue into her mouth and May closed her eyes and started to kiss him back, she knew she should have expected Drew to kiss her, but she just never saw Drew as a guy that could like her in that way, since he always wanted to show her that he was a lot better than she was. Ash didn’t do that, but maybe it helped that he was interested in gym battles and she was interested in Pokémon contest.

May and Drew broke the kiss, a trail of saliva connected their mouths together.

“I have been in love with you since the first time I saw you May” said Drew “I always wanted to fuck you when I would see you in the towns and cities throughout Hoenn and Kanto and I can’t hold back any longer my dear”

“I didn’t know that Drew” May said to him, she was in love with Ash more than anyone else in the world could know. Drew was okay, she liked him but not as a lover, just as a friend, but maybe this one time they could be more than just friends, maybe for this one day they could be lovers and have hot and steamy sex.

“Please” Drew said to her

May started to unbutton her top “Fine, but only for today” she said

Drew jumped in the air in victory. He then helped May with her shirt and pulled her shorts down to her knees and then did the same to her panties. May unhooked her bra as Drew started to strip himself. Elm’s Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile watched the two trainers get naked with a confused look on their face since they were rather young Pokémon and hadn’t discovered sex yet.

“Maybe we should call those Pokémon back in their balls” said May as she noticed the three Pokémon looking at her nude body and Drew’s as well.

“I see no harm in Pokémon watching us” said Drew

“It’s just a little weird” said May

“Doesn’t Pikachu look at you and Ash?” Drew asked her

“Yeah, but…” May started

“It’s not different, I just want to finally feel you and see what Ash had for all that time that you were with him” said Drew, he kissed her again, it was rougher and suddenly May wanted him as well. She didn’t care about the Pokémon watching them

“Okay, they can watch” said May, why was she allowing Drew to make all these rules, one rule that he would not make was this was a one-time thing and it would not change, in the end, her future would be with Ash as a husband and they would have five children together, the first son would be called Ash Jr.

May lied down on the cold floor of the lab of Professor Elm, she was sure that Ash never made love in this lab and that made May feel really good for some odd reason, she didn’t know why it made her feel that way, it just did. For her to have sex with a man that wasn’t Ash at a location that Ash had been at and didn’t have sex sort of turned May on.

Drew came over her; he aimed his dick at her pussy and slipped inside. He moaned as he felt May’s wonderful pussy around his cock. May moaned slightly since Drew wasn’t as large as Ash was. She was used to Ash’s length going deep inside of her, so this dick was nothing compared to that, it did however still make May feel really good as Drew started to pump into her.

“That’s it Drew” said May as she started to move her hips to make it feel better for her too.

“I dreamt of this moment for so long” said Drew as he closed his eyes and pumped into May, he couldn’t believe that he was finally fucking his friend/rival, she might have said it was a one-time thing, but it felt so amazing, Drew was sure that May would change her mind afterwards.

Drew groped May’s tits and brought his tongue down on them and rolled his tongue around in circles over her nipples, May shivered at his touch. He might not be as skilled as Ash, but he was better than nothing, maybe it won’t be just one time after all.

After giving her breast some attention, Drew moved his mouth back to her lips. He kissed her again and she kissed him back. Their tongues explored each other’s mouth as they made love.

“I can’t hold on for much longer” said Drew, he pushed himself up and took hold of May’s hips and started to move faster inside of her.

“Oh Drew!” moaned May, he wasn’t as bad as she thought.

“I’m going to cum, where do you want it?” he asked her

May’s eyes flew open, she might be having fun with Drew now, but it wasn’t enough fun to be with him for the rest of her life. “Pull it out” she said quickly, Drew pulled out of her womb and let out a short cry as he came, his jizz landing on her pussy.

“That was great” he said to her

“That was close is more like it” May told him

“Sorry, I was caught in the moment honey” he said to her

“Don’t you honey me” said May “We better get dressed before Professor Elm gets back to his lab and discovers we had sex in front of those Pokémon”

May and Drew looked over at the three Pokémon who were watching them. The three of them stood there with wide eyes, most were looking at May and her large tits.

“Looks like they like you…I understand” smiled Drew

“Drew…” started May “You’re a nice guy, but the truth is, I’m just not into you in a romantic way. Sorry”

“WHAT! After what we just did, your feelings for me didn’t change, how is that possible?”

“Ash was a lot better than you. I mean I had fun and it wasn’t too bad, but it was nothing compared to Ash. I mean if you want to have sex again while were in Johto, I won’t mind, but I’m not going to date you, just so that we are clear on that” May told him

“This is the worst day of my life” cried Drew as tears fell from his eyes.

“Don’t be such a baby” said May “At least you got to fuck me once in your life”

At Oak’s lab (This is the top secret location)

Professor Elm burst through the doors at top speed, he ran all the way to Pallet town from his lab in New Bark town without taking a single break.

“I’m here Oak, now show me that Mew!” he yelled

Oak was holding a camera that was filming professor Elm “OH, sucker!” yelled professor Oak as he started to laugh “I really got you this time”

“What is going on?” asked Elm clueless of the situation.

Oak turned the camera off “It was a joke Elm, there was no Mew”

“Damn it Oak” screamed Elm “Not again, I’ll get even with you one day”

Oak laughed “I’ll like to see you try”

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