Asukas Adventures in Debauchery!

BY : DJoko
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It had been Misatos idea in the first place, to get all the pilots together and the friends they had and take them all to the beach... except the drunkard of a guardian had thought that bringing a group of teens to the shore line of Tokyo-3 at night was a good idea. Even worse still was the fact that the purple haired woman had supplied the children with beer, saying that they had "earned it." While Asuka did disapprove of the idea but that never stopped her from taking the drinks eagerly and drinking them, getting a heady buzz along with the others. At first every thing had seemed fine Asuka and Hikari keeping to themselves while the three stooges and Rei hung out near the water unfortunately the peace did not last long. Towards the end of the night when the group packed up and started to leave, two volatile personalities began to clash the last two members staying behind to argue. Touji and Asuka both stood toe to toe yelling and screaming at one another, their alcohol fueled minds only adding to their hate for one another. 

The redhead, clad in her classic white and red striped bikini poked the swim short clad boy in the chest, sneering as she grit her teeth. "What the hell is your problem you monkey?!" She screamed, making the boy cringe and cover his ears due to the sharpness of her voice. He took a step back, looking down at the girl who was a head shorter than him, normally he would be quick to reply, but due to his own drinking there was something else on his mind looking at her. 

'Why does someone so hot have to be such a bitch?' He thought to himself, before grimacing and finally answering. "What do you mean you harpy? I haven't done anything to you stop whining." He simply muttered, trying to walk past the firebrand before being pulled back by the arm in front of her once more. It was obvious that whatever he had done, which was probably nothing, had pissed the girl off more than he had originally thought. 

"What's wrong? Not man enough to stand up to a girl?" She taunted, sparking the boy's own fury. Much like Asuka he was not one to back down always wanting to get out of any fight with his pride unscathed pushing against the girl and grabbing her by the arms getting into her face with his own sneer. 

"What did you say bitch? I'm more man than you could ever handle, trust me." He said smirking at her, while he was sure it wasn't the biggest, he knew his package could grow big enough to scare a girl that had never seen anything like it, and he was pretty sure for all her talk of being an adult Asuka was still a virgin. He watched as she seemed to register what he meant, but rather than back down she simply decided to one up him, challenging his claim. 

"Yeah right, i've seen what you have downstairs and i'm not impressed. And if it's even close to as big as you say it is i'll even give it a kiss!" She said jokingly, expecting the boy to back down because he was actually small, but rather than him backing down, Touji just grinned at that, seemingly eager to show her which only made the girl a little nervous. The boy grabbed his shorts wrenching them down and letting them pool around his ankles. Asuka felt something warm and thick thump into her stomach, slowly dragging down, heavy enough to pull her bikini bottoms down slightly, the girl looking down slowly. Her eyes widened at what she saw, a 7 inch long cock held up by the fabric of her bottoms, following it to the base she saw a large bush, wiry hairs tangled up in a dark jungle. A tingle ran through her, starting from the lips of her pussy, up her spine, and into her brain. It had pulled the bottoms down just enough that it was actually rubbing the barely sprouting hairs on her own pubic mound, the girl only able to stare down at the cock in awe. Her hands began to tremble, it was bigger than she thought, way bigger in fact and as her eyes trailed up to his she could tell he knew that she knew she was wrong. lowly her hand reached down, wanting to pull the cock away, but as her hand wrapped around it feeling it pulse and twitch in her grip she couldn't seem to let go. 

Touji grinned as he saw the girl stare down at his cock, he had her right where he wanted her, he could play off her pride and probably actually get her to kiss it, and then maybe even more. He could feel her soft hairs tickling his tip, wanting to push and bury his flesh pipe into her panties and feel her little lips on its head, that was until he felt her soft hand wrap around it. He let out a small hiss, moaning her name as it jumped from the touching, seeing the girl stare at it as if it were the only thing she cared about. And then, ever so slowly her hand began to move, his legs stiffened, shaking a bit as the pleasure of a girl jerking him registered. "F-fuckkk~" He let out, his hand reaching out and grabbing her shoulder to balance himself, the action only making the girl start to move faster. He grit his teeth, this was way better than his hand, hers was smooth and soft almost unable to wrap around it. He had to force himself to grab her hand and stop her before he lost himself, the redhead looking up at him as his other hand on her shoulder began to push her down. She must have got what he wanted as she lowered herself into a kneeling position, face to head with his cock. He looked down at her and couldn't stop the lewd smile from spreading on his face, moving his hips and poking her in the nose and cheek with the cock, the girl doing little to stop it even as he slid it along the length of her head and let it rest there, covering one of her eyes. 

Asuka felt it's warmth pulse along her face, making her squirm below him. No doubt he had the perfect view down her top and into her cleavage as he sawed away with his cock, making her feel like a whore which actually didn't feel so bad. She was looking up at him with the single blue iris left uncovered, feeling the hairs on his balls press into her chin. She could see he was waiting, and she knew what for, and Asuka kept her word.... no matter what. She slowly leaned her head back, the veined surface dragging along her as the tip fell right to her lips, the boy sighing in pleasure and staring down at her. Slowly she gave it a small peck, then another, and another, until she was kissing his tip repeatedly, unable to stop. 

The second he had felt her soft lips on his dick he knew this was going to be amazing, but watching the girl fervently kissing his dick head over and over was enough to drive him mad. Little by little he began to press against her as she smooched the head, until finally it popped inside. "Oh s-shit!" He cried as he was suddenly buried inside of the girls small, warm, and wet mouth. It had apparently startled her as she stared up at him with wide eyes, not moving as his dick rested on her tongue, but Touji wanted more. Slowly he began to pump his hips again, sliding out until only the tip remained inside, and then pushing half of the cock back in to the entrance of her throat. He felt her tongue start to move, testing the waters before it slowly began to slide along him, making the blowjobs intensity increase. Soon though Asuka added even more to it, a small suckling noise could be heard at first, and then slowly turned into her cheeks hollowing. Touji was almost convinced this was a dream, the red devil sucking his dick so good and so eagerly was not something he ever expected, but he was going to enjoy iy. His hands moved to her silky red hair, hair that she flaunted and he was now going to use to make her little more than a sex toy. He gripped it, pulling harshly as she suddenly found her nose buried in a large bush of hair, feeling it tickle her as she was forced to deepthroat him and gag on his dick. This was what he wanted, and he began to furiously fuck the girls face with little abandon, her spit bubbling out of her lips and coating his cock in a frothy bath, making him want to cum then and there. "Fuck yes! Take it! This is for all the times you acted like a bitch to me!" He yelled, pumping faster and faster. After a few minutes however he knew he needed to stop, slowly pulling himself from her sucking mouth, leaving her face a complete mess of pubes and spit, some wiry hairs stuck to her lips as she stared at him with glassy eyes. 

He pushed her down with his foot, the girl landing on her back as he got to his knees, grabbing her bikini bottoms and pulling them down, revealing a small, thin lipped cunt, topped with a tiny burning bush, really it was just as pretty as the girl herself was. Slapping his cock down a few times just above the slit before letting it grind up and down causing Asuka to moan out the boy placed his tip at her entrance. "Damn red, for all that grown up talk you sure look like a late bloomer." He said, knowing that he had already grown a bush and she was only just starting. The girls cheeks went bright red, but she said nothing, spreading her legs a little more. "Eager huh? Want my dick that bad? Never thought you'd willingly let me dick you down." Touji laughed before pressing forward. Asuka clenched her teeth as the dick brushed past the entrance and inside of her, the boy not stopping until his hips hit her own. "God damn you're tight! So fucking good!" He said, his hands grabbing her hips as he pulled back, letting only the tip rest inside as he stared down at his cock, glistening in a womans juices for the first time making him smile widely. 

"Deep! Deep! Way to fucking deep!" Asuka cried as the cock invaded her, spreading her wide and making her body heat up to it's boiling point, thinking she was about to die and go to heaven with how good it felt. Years of her training had already rid her of her Hymen so Touji was free to go to town, something he did eagerly as he used the girl to get himself off. His hips began to pump, the sound of her wet pussy filling the air as the two moaned together, the boy leaning down and placing his head on her chest, panting with lust. He raised his head, sealing his lips to the redheads who returned the kiss, the lip lock continuing as Touji fucked her into the sand, his cock twitching eagerly. "So fucking good!" Asuka said breaking the kiss. 

"Glad you like it, we should do this more often." The boy responded dipping back in for more kissing, his response some light nodding from the girl. She wanted to do this again alright, and a lot, more than Touji could probably provide for her. Her smooth legs raised to wrap around him, his hands sliding under the cups of her bra as he fondled her small chest, making her moan into his mouth. Their tongues dueled as Asuka stiffened as she suddenly stopped, crying out. Touji felt something warm sliding down his cock, looking at it he saw a white cream, and knowing he hadn't cum, knew it must be the girls. "Damn Asuka did you just cum on me?" HE asked still pumping away, the girl unable to answer. "Fuck that's hot! Fuck!" He cried as he hilted inside of her, his cock twitching wildly. He quickly kissed her once more, his cock unloading his hot and heavy load deep inside, filling her womb and painting her insides white, the girls legs tightening considerably as she felt it. He kept filling her, minutes had passed before he finally stopped, the two untangling as he stared down at the panting girl, smirking. 

Slowly standing he pulled her up as well, pulling her against him, his hands finding her firm ass and squeezing. "Hehe, how about we go back to my place and continue?" He asked. 

Asuka was about to berate him for pushing his luck, but after feeling how intense and great sex was she wanted more. Leaning up she gave him a peck, smiling widely. "Sure, don't have anything better to do." She said, turning and walking next to him, pulling his arm down to fondle her ass more as the two made their way to his house to fuck the night away. 

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