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Naruto Uzumaki

The name itself represented many things like Immortal,god,saviour,sage,husband,father etc.But he prefers the title he got as a kid.


He failed at everything.He failed to save his wife,children and everyone he knew of.He failed to prevent the destruction of his world.He failed to even kill himself.But the one who hit him hard was his failure to keep his disciple alive.Sarada uchiha uzumaki was more important to him than everything.

His world was ruined by everything.Wars,chakra disease,aliens etc.He managed to fight some but got severe loses.His will to live was straining if not for his disciple.Even after many deaths,she was by his side everytime.

She encouraged him,consoled him,loved him,respected him and on a fortunate night became one with him.

But gods have a cruel wish.His whole world was just an simulation for them to create perfect humans.He wanted to defile nature and wanted to bring everyone back to life but ig backfired nastily.

The backfire caused a plague destroying everything even planets and left the world bare.Not even a plant was left alive.He in a rage fought the gods.Calling it a fight was silly,it was pure carnage.His powers manifested in different ways as he tore through the gods.In his rage he even turned into a cannibal and devoured them but no before he was cursed heavily.

Seeing that there is no meaning for him to live,he threw himself to the biggesr star in the universe and waited for death as a big collision happened.



After several trillions of years he opened his eyes and found that he was not dead as his naked body floated through space.He saw a small fragrant of light coming towards him as he touched it and memories flowed into him.

The one true god of his world was not bad.The other smaller gods were the cause of everything.He managed to take all the souls in the elemental nations to the afterlife just before the purge happened.Except for one soul,sarada uchiha.Since she died during the purge,her soul was missing.Even after the god asked for reincarnation,his friends refused saying that they lived their life happily and want to keep it that way.

Naruto cried heavily as the fragment shattered into nothing as he he still has hope to find sarada.

He sensed life on a nearest planet as he went to it.



It has been many thousands of years since his arrival on planet called earth.He watched in fascination as many beings were born and evolved in a completely different manner.He was marveled by human beings and their will to adapt and survive.But he was still lonely,so he decided to intervene with them but saw a war happening so he decided not to go.

After the war,another happened and it continued endlessly.He thought that his powers must not be involved with the mankind as the wars will take a nasty turn to acquire his powers so he remained by side as he observed everything.He created nothing and destroyed nothing.He was just there seeing everything.

But that changed one day.

As he was visiting a city called tokyo in a country called japan he sensed something familiar.


He was overjoyed with nostalgia that he saw a kyuubi between a group called yokai.This gave him the confirmation that earth has something to do with elemental nations.

So he began his journey as he meet every divine being in existence.To them age=power so everyone choose not to anger him.He made some colleagues and even the gods with death domains but his search was to no avail as he found no soul of sarada in anything.Hell he cant even sense her on earth.

He was staying with yokai as it resembled his home as he got a visit from aphrodite and eros as they proposed a partnership.

To establish a sex offering service.He dont know how but aphrodite managed to seduce him into her bed.In his immortal life,he never slept with anyone.Having sex after a long time has woken something in him.As he fucked aphrodite with more vigour as they contract was established.

He wanted to begin a new life and forget the past slowly as he bevan working as a gigolo in an establishment he created called "Desire Den".The gods took care of government as the establishment was safe from any being in the universe.

He decided to take a part time job at a nearby school called kuoh academy as a school doctor.

But meeting with two students is about to change his life entirely

Issei Hyoudou and Sona Sitri.




Hi guys.This is my new story.I hope you liked it.

I want to jump straight into sex but wanted to give a small backstory.It is slightly depressing but from next chapter onwards there will be almost no emo brooding.

Issei will have a completely different character in this story.He will be perverted as usual but he has a differwnt personality.

Naruto will be his mentor like figure.Issei wont be a devil in this story.Also rias will be bashed for certain chapters but not untill the end.Issei will have a harem but no one from rias peerage.

I will be including people from different animes.Some have ok backstory but some have dark ones.

Also naruto is stupiditily OP.Nothing in DxD universe can limit him.He cant die no matter what.

Please review the chapter if you liked it.




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