Naruto’s Sexual Journey to Rule the World!

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Highschool DxD or Naruto. Includes some weird fetish and kinky stuff. I don’t make any money off of it.

In this world, sexual appeal meant everything. The more beautiful, sexy, or handsome you were, the more prestige you would have.

No one knew why, but around 20 years ago a hud appeared in front of everybody's faces. It said the individual's stats, for females: Face, Boobs, Butt, Hands, Feet, and Charisma. For males: Dick, Physique, and Charisma.

These stats would go on to decide everything about a persons life, from their job to their sex life and everything in between.

The higher level your stat, the easier for you to make someone orgasm, and the easier it is to gain slaves. Someone with a level 100 Face could make weaker individuals cum just by looking at them, someone with a level 100 Hand could make someone cum by just touching them, and so on.

Each stat was given a level and category. The levels could range from 1-100, and there were 5 categories: Queen, King, Goddess, God, Princess, Princes, Commoner, Slave, and Pet.

Each individuals stats were averaged into one level, which represented them in society.

Pets are individuals who stat levels averaged out between 1-20, in society they are considered hideous and usually are kept as pets.

Slaves are people with a level between 21-40, in society they are considered ugly, and are usually slaves to higher ranked people.

Commoners are people with a level between 41-60, they are considered average-looking and make up most of the population. They usually live normal lives, but some are forced into being slaves or pets by people of higher ranking.

Princesses and Princes are people who have a level between 61-80. They are near the top of society, and usually have multiple slaves and pets, but can simultaneously be made pets or slaves to higher ranking people.

Gods and Goddess's are individuals with a level between 81-100, and are the second highest rank in society. They usually have hundreds or thousands of slaves and pets, and can only be forced to serve Kings or Queens.

Kings and Queens are the exception in society. 99.9% of the population can only ever hope to achieve level 100 in any of their stats, but Kings and Queens can go beyond. This only ever applies to one stat, but a King or Queen is someone with a stat that is over level 100. They get whatever they want whenever they want it. There can only ever be on Queen or King for each stat.

Every person is born free, and nobody can be born into servitude or as a pet. Slaves and Pets are earned, as if someone else can force you to submit and orgasm for them, they can choose to make you a slave or pet.

With this in mind, everyone wants as many slaves and pets as they can get, so they don't have to work and can live happily. Because everyone thinks this way, it's rare to ever see anyone in public with clothes on, and if you do it's usually something they think enhances their sexual appeal.

In a world where sex rules everything, Naruto was lucky. He was born with above average stats:

Naruto Uzumaki [Commoner]

Level: 56.3

Dick: Level 55

Physique: Level 58

Charisma: Level 56

Experienced at Sex

Naruto was a devil from an extra clan, and lost his parents early on when they were enslaved by a clan from the 72 pillars. He had lived most of his life in an small and relatively unknown town, out of public eye. This town was made complete of devils from extra clans, and with his stats being the highest, he was treated like a God, and had multiple slaves and pets.

The hud worked similar to a games hud, and by tapping the "Servants" tab, he could see the name of all his slaves and pets. Life was going good for Naruto, but he wanted more. He grew tired of the ugly slaves he owned, he wanted beautiful women to serve him, and he was determined to get them some how. He knew nothing of the real world, and with an huge ego gained from his slaves constant praise, he set out to take over the world.

Sitri Territory, The Underworld

Naruto knew he had to have influence if he wanted to start his plan for world domination. The Sitri Territory was a good place to start, the Maou Serafall was still too much for him to handle, but she would be away with her duties and likely wouldn't be back for months. He could take her little sister as his slave, and use her to train up his stats. The higher level the person you make orgasm is, the more exp you gain.

He walked up through the gates, but first he had to deal with the guards.

Sitri Maid - Emily Sitri [Slave]

Level: 22.1

Face: Level 20

Boobs: Level 42

Butt: Level 19

Hands: Level 18

Feet: Level 16

Charisma: Level 18


Emily Sitri is an 25 year old female [Slave]. She is a slave to the youngest Sitri sister, Sona Sitri.

She had pretty blonde hair, and alright boobs, but not much else. He had expected the slaves of Sona Sitri to be higher level, and he felt his confidence boost. He would easily turn every woman in this place into his slave.

Her stats were low, and her almost average boobs would be the only issue.

Naruto walked in and she turn to look at him. He reached down and grabbed his large dick.

"Suck!" He demanded

His charisma was much higher than hers, and she quickly walked over, as if possessed, and kneeled down, sliding his dick into her mouth.

It slid up and down her throat as she gagged and moaned on it.

Naruto moaned, "Oh yeah baby, that feels real good. You like sucking my dick right? How about you become my slave?"

Emily moaned in response, but wouldn't go down without a fight. She let his dick fall out of her mouth, and slipped his dick in her higher-level Boobs. She spit on it, and started sliding it up and down between her tits.

Naruto moaned but held his ground. Emily was still moaning and he could she would give in and cum at any moment, her soaking vagina in plain view for him.

He grabbed her boobs and started aggressively fucking them.

"You like that bitch? You gonna cum for your master? You know you wanna be my slave bitch." Naruto groaned at her.

Emily moaned as she orgasmed, "Oh yes, please make me your slave Naruto-sama!" She writhed on the ground, and passed out.

Naruto grinned when he saw the pop up in his hud, 'Make Emily Sitri your Slave?'

He quickly hit yes, and saw the icon pop up in the top right of his hud, 'Slaves: Emily Uzumaki.'

Level up! Dick 1

Your dick is now level 56!

He didn't have anytime to celebrate, as he heard a voice behind him, "Who do you think you are, stealing the Sitri families slaves you ugly scum?"

Naruto angrily spun around, ready to pounce on the guard that insulted him. It wasn't a guard that he was looking at though, and he felt panic rise up as he saw her stats.

Sona Sitri [Princess]

Level: 68.6

Face: Level 72

Boobs: Level 50

Butt: Level 80

Hands: Level 70

Feet: Level 78

Charisma: Level 62


She was gorgeous. She wore a school girls uniform, had a bobbed cut, and wore glasses. The angry look in her eyes made her face look even more beautiful

Naruto felt his heart drop as he looked at her stats. Seriously? She was only 17 and yet she was a Princess.

His only hope would be her boobs, which were a lower level than his dick. If he could manage to get her into a position for him to fuck her tits with his dick, he could still make her his slave.

He didn't even get the chance to try.

He felt a hand grasp onto his dick, and felt pleasure soar through him. He was already close to cumming.

"Kneel pig!" Sona demanded

It took all his willpower to stand against her charisma, which was 6 levels higher than his.

"Kneel." He felt all his willpower drain away as she said that, and he fell to his knees.

Sona squeezed his dick, and he almost came then and there, "You think you can just come in and take my slaves and get away with it? Now I'll make you my little slave, so be grateful you get to serve a Princess as beautiful as me!" Sona mocked him, and stomped on his dick.

He was extremely close to cumming, and had to close his eyes to hold it back. Her face was Level 72, and staring too long was sure to make him explode.

"You think you can hold on against me, a Princess, you lowly pig? Open your eyes, and witness my beauty!" Sona demanded.

Naruto opened his eyes. Sona smiled.

She twisted around, lifting her skirt, giving him a clear view of her level 80 ass. At the same time, her level 70 hands squeezed on his dick. He could feel his dick was about to explode, and right when he was about to cum, she dropped her skirt, removed her hand, and turned around.

Sona smirked at him, "You don't seem very happy about being able to serve a Princess like me, maybe if you beg I'll let you cum and become my slave."

Naruto knew what she was doing. She wanted to make him beg her to let him cum, and make him feel indebted to her when she made him her slave. And it was working.

His dick was burning, and as he looked at Sona's beautiful smirking face he wanted to cum so badly. 'Would it really be so bad it be her slave?'

He shouldn't have thought that, as it was the last straw.

He needed release, no matter what. He lowered his head into the dirt. "Please Princess Sona, let this pathetic pig cum!" He begged. He knew he shouldn't have, but he couldn't stop.

Sona smirked and placed her foot on his head, "Good boy, I want you to go get 'your' new slave, Emily. You don't deserve to touch me, so you can dry hump her ass until you cum."

This was the ultimate humiliation, and yet Naruto couldn't stop himself. He grabbed the unconscious Emily and started thrusting in between her ass cheeks.

Sona laughed, "Look at you, humping that ugly slave's ass. You'll never have my gorgeous, Princess ass you loser, so I'll show you what your missing."

Sona turned around and lifted up her skirt. Naruto felt his mind go blank. He would do anything for that ass. And yet he was stuck humping this ugly bitches flat ass.

Sona grinned as she saw him increase his thrusting speed, watching him get more and more horny for her ass.

Sona slapped her ass. "Want to cum little slave? Huh loser? Alright, cum for your Princess."

Naruto moaned, "PRINCESS SONA!" as he exploded everywhere. His sperm covered Emily's ass, but he didn't care. He could only stare at Sona as he came.

Sona laughed, "Your such a loser, cumming for me like that!"

When Naruto came back to his senses, he watched in horror as a little box appeared in the top left of his hud.

Mistress: [Princess] Sona Sitri

Slaves: None

All your current slaves have been transferred to [Princess] Sona Sitri, on request of [Princess] Sona Sitri.

You dick has lost a level! Dick -1!

Your dick is level 55.

Sona Sitri's ass has gained a level! Ass 1

Sona Sitri's ass is level 81.

This was not how Naruto had wanted to start his quest for world domination.

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