Magical Mafia

BY : Darkenedrose291988
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In a small hidden cafe, in an equally hidden corner, there sat a young teen of fourteen. He had big almond shaped, honey-colored eyes and gravity-defying, orange/brunette hair. He looked like nothing special and a little scrawny. The young man was sitting and eating a slice of his favorite strawberry cake and drinking some green tea. He was currently hiding out from some bullies that had taken to following him around lately.

The young man's name was Sawada Tsunayoshi, or Tsuna for short. Most just called him Dame-Tsuna though, even though he knew it was true, he hated the nickname. He was pretty much useless at everything, sports, and academic work. He was even called Dame-Tsuna by his teachers, due to him failing his tests.

So here he was, hiding out and enjoying a slice of his favorite cake. As he ate, he nearly moaned in delight at the burst of delicious flavors that seemed to explode on his tongue. It was even better than his own mother's, and that was saying something! He didn't notice that there was someone nearby, watching him with a bright smile.

The other young man also had gravity-defying hair, but it was a raven's wing black with some red streaked through. His eyes were also almond shaped but were a bright emerald green that seemed to sparkle and shine in the dim lighting of the room and seemed to draw you in and read your very soul, he was also around fourteen. "I didn't know my cakes were that good." the young man teased with a grin.

Tsuna jumped and blushed crimson. "I can't help it! Your cakes are just too good!" he blurted as he cautiously watched the other teen, waiting to see what the other would do.

The other teen, wearing a black apron, covered in flower, grinned and stuck out his hand. "Hello, my name is Kuro Sentoki. It is nice to meet you. I am glad you like my food. My guardian and I own this place. I am the one that does all the baking and cooking... my guardian can't cook to save his life, so he sticks to the paperwork."

Tsuna blinked and stared at Sentoki in surprise. "You're being nice to me and you're talking to me like I am a normal person... Why?" he asked, completely stunned and confused, not used to someone treating him this way. He wasn't sure how to act around someone who wasn't out to get him or hurt him.

Sentoki chuckled and gave Tsuna a kind smile. "Because I can tell when someone is in need of a true friend. I was the same way for a long time... It wasn't until I was 11 that I got my first and only best friend..." he explained with a wistful smile. Hedwig had been killed a year ago by his fat whale of an uncle and he still mourned for his beloved owl.

Tsuna blinked a few times as he recognized the look. He gave a shy smile and grabbed Sentoki's hand. "If... if you want..." he paused and took a calming breath and looked at him nervously."If you want we could be friends." he finally offered, sounding a bit unsure and very shy.

Sentoki looked at Tsuna in surprise and then down to their joined hands, then back up to Tsuna. "I... I... I really?" he finally blurted out due to shock, confusion and sudden shyness. At a nod from the brunette, he continued with a bright smile. "I'd love too! Do you really want to be friends?" he paused a moment and chuckled. "Wait, stupid question... Of course, you do... Thank you! I'd love to be friends! Can you come back tomorrow? Also, I never got your name..." Sentoki rambled as he looked at the brunette with eyes full of hope.

"Of course I can! I come here after school anyways... and I am sorry, my name is Sawada Tsunayoshi. You can call me Tsuna for short." Tsuna went silent after admitting he came here quite often and he looked down shyly.

Sentoki tilted his head and looked at him curiously. He stayed silent and sighed softly, not liking what he was seeing. "Well, you are welcome here any time you want Tsuna-san, day or night." the raven-haired teen smiled brightly as he watched Tsuna finish his tea. "Wait! Don't go just yet!" he exclaimed before he rushed to the back, only to come back a few moments later with a box that was wrapped with blue paper and tied closed with a nice orange ribbon. "Here, take this home, it is on me."

Tsuna stared at him in shock. "Really?! But... but I have to pay you something! I can't just take it for nothing!" he exclaimed.

Sentoki chuckled and grinned brightly. "Of course you can! Your friendship is payment enough." he said happily. Tsuna beamed as he shook Sentoki's hand again before he left with the box of cakes in his hands.

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