Toys in the Attic and Cards on the Table

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Toys in the Attic and Cards on the Table

He stared down at the table, cold calculation running through his mind. He had this. His luck was about to change.

His eyes flicked down to his own hands—one of flesh and blood, the other cool, unfeeling metal. The cybernetic was his choice, to serve as a constant reminder of betrayed trusts and mistakes made. One long look at it was usually enough to temper his instincts with caution. He had been let down far too many times. This old dog had finally learned not to stick his neck out. And yet…

Motion from across the table drew his attention back to the here and now.  His eyes were instantly drawn to shapely legs in smooth stockings as they crossed and uncrossed. Muscles rippled beneath skin and silk and his breath caught in his throat. Whatever else she was, that woman had legs that could raise the dead.

His gaze slid upwards past tight shorts that hugged every curve of her hips and ass and a taught midriff bracketed by black suspenders. He lingered upon the expanse of breast displayed by an equally revealing vest as those two glorious globes heaved with suppressed laughter and strained against the single clasp which restrained them. Her outfit not only accentuated her figure, it proclaimed its sexuality for the entire world to appreciate.

Finally, his eyes crossed full, sensual lips curled into a mocking grin and locked upon blue-green eyes that were framed by jaw length purple hair and promised nothing but trouble. These were eyes that knew exactly where he had been looking, reveled in his attention and moreover, encouraged it.

She was confident not only that she would win, but that he would let her. She was so sure that if she flashed a little leg and shook a little cleavage his way, he would not even be able to think straight. And he was going to be damned if he let her make a fool out of him.

Truthfully, there was a little tension in his shorts, but he didn’t have to be ruled by his hormones. He crossed his arms and settled his mind. Time for the moment of truth.

With a cup in one hand and two dice in the other, she crossed her arms before her. Her expression finally became serious. “You’re fine with both of these now, right?” Her hands flicked the dice into the cup and quickly slammed the cup down upon the table. She moved with practiced ease; after all, she did used to be a casino dealer.

He nodded his assent and returned the entirety of his attention to the table. Quick calculations tumbled through his mind. Returning his gaze to her eyes, he declared, “Even” with what he hoped sounded like unshakable conviction.

“You’re going with even?” she asked, her calm expression not wavering a hair.

Clearly just more reverse psychology bullshit. Or maybe that was just what she wanted him to think.

He growled deep in his throat, but the moment she began to move the cup, he held out his hand to halt her and said, “No wait, odd.”

“Odd? You’re sure?” Goddamn it, she was still just staring at him, not giving him any indication of her true motivation. Well to hell with her. She couldn’t make him change his mind again.

“Yes. Odd.” He nodded definitively and glared at the cup, willing the dice to turn his way.

She smiled and he could hear the faint clink of jewelry as she lifted the cup. “Snake eyes. Even.”

“Oh nooooooo,” Jet Black howled in dismay. She had done it again. Worse, she had cleaned him out.

Faye Valentine leaned back into her seat; arms spread wide and expression taunting. She rubbed her thumb against her fingers and added, “I’d actually prefer payment in cash; I’m not a pawn shop, you know.” As if to refute her claim, a small pile of Jet’s worldly possessions—even his prized bonzai tree—was piled next to her. “Well Jet?” The mischief returned to her eyes, shining even brighter as she waited for him to pay up.

Mentally berating himself for even thinking about betting against this devil-woman, Jet steeled himself and stood up. Best to get it over with before Spike came in. “A man keeps his word.” Jet grasped either side of the boxer shorts that were his only remaining clothing and in one swift motion, pushed them down around his ankles.

The combination of shame and frustration had long since robbed him of his slight erection, but the cool air made him aware of every inch of exposed skin all over again. Jet’s flaccid penis was still of respectable size and the rest of his body was thick with muscle earned by a lifetime of hunting criminals and bounties. Faye regarded him with an appraising and slightly amused look, but there was no real desire in her eyes, just satisfaction with his defeat.

Jet scooped his boxers off the floor and threw them into the air in frustration. Well, at least Spike—

“And that’s why I told you not to play against her.”

Spike Spiegel strolled into the main compartment carrying two heavily burned kabobs and wearing a fire-scorched apron of all things. As nonchalant as ever, he took an almost predatory bite out of the kabob, only to find the meat too hardened to even sink his teeth into.

Jet had to fight the urge to just punch him, but mustered up his self-control. The guy may be obnoxious, but he was still a friend. And in his situation, Jet needed any friend he could find. “She took everything, Spike. Can you lend me something to get it all back? Or at least some clothes?”

Faye’s laughter rang out again and Jet forced himself to stay calm as she looked him over again. Her stare lingered long enough and he felt his cheeks redden. Still, at least she was responding with more than apathy. The only thing worse than being naked in front of a gorgeous woman is being naked in front of a woman and she did not even care. Despite it all, he could feel himself growing hard again at her attention and he really began to wish Spike would just leave.

She winked at him as Jet struggled to cover himself with his hands. “Personally, I think Jet would look pretty cute in nothing but the apron. What do you say? One more time? I’ll give you good odds.” Faye’s smile widened into a grin, one that promised the kind of trouble you know is bad for you, but is going to be fun as hell.

Jet opened his mouth to speak, but Spike interrupted, still carrying those stupid kabobs. “I keep telling you man, the dice are rigged. She’s got a trigger on her anklet.” Spike prodded her leg and Faye yelped in protest and jerked away. The motion caused one of the dice to rotate to a four.

Faye crossed her arms and pouted.  “I won fair and square. I didn’t make him do anything.” Jet mentally kicked himself for not thinking to look beyond basic loaded dice. That woman never saw cheat she would not use.

After tossing the kabobs back through the hatch, Spike sighed and pulled off his apron. He tossed the tattered garment at Jet and sat down at the recently vacated seat. “Let’s see how well I can do.”

Jet wrapped the apron around his waist as best he could, but it wasn’t much more than a loincloth. He shuffled out of Faye’s line of sight and hoped that would be enough to quell his rebellious genitals.

He need not have bothered as Faye only had interest in Spike as he slid his blue jacket off. A markedly covetous look filled her eyes and he saw her examine the clothed Spike in more detail than she had Jet’s own nudity. While not as heavily muscled as Jet, Spike had a martial artist’s whipcord strength and muscle definition.  Faye barely noticed as Spike folded his jacket and placed it upon the table.

She licked her lips and purred, “Honestly, I rather prefer you as my nubile man-servant.” She looked down, as if noticing Spike’s jacket for the first time. “No, no, no. That’s not how it’s done.  You make the bet first and then you pay up. Makes it more fun, although Jet wasn’t very good as a strip-tease.”

As nonchalant as ever, Spike simply moved the dice pad off the table. “Yeah, well new game. Something you can’t rig.”

Pursing her lips, Faye contemplated for a moment and then pulled out a deck of cards. She flicked open the deck and briskly and efficiently shuffled the cards. “Does blackjack sound okay?”

“Sure,” murmured Spike, staring only at the cards and her hands. His combat honed eyes were more than fast enough to spot any marked cards. “Just like the night we first met.”

Jet’s mind flashed back to a winning streak interrupted by Faye shooting her way out of a casino. Still, she had made that little dealer’s outfit look damn good. It wasn’t worth all the money he had lost, but it wasn’t an entirely unpleasant memory.

“Remember, last time I took everything but your last chip,” she teased.

“Remember, last time I let you.”

Faye dealt the cards with flair and precision, always making sure to lean forward and provide Spike with a look at her ample cleavage. The first several rounds passed quickly and Spike easily regained all of Jet’s possessions—except his clothing. Faye hardly seemed to try and it was easy to see that the real game hadn’t even started.

Jet glowered in frustration. Over a dozen hands later and he was still absent anything to cover himself with. That was unless he felt like wearing his bonsai. “Come on Faye, at least let him win back my boxers. I’m starting to get cold here.”

“Worried that something’s shrinking?” With a saccharine smile, Faye patted her pile of Jet’s clothes and Spike’s jacket, shoes, socks and tie. “Sorry, I just can’t bear to part with these. Let’s just agree what comes off stays off.”

“Agreed,” said Spike, overpowering Jet’s protestations. “Does that go for you as well?”

A moment of suspicion flashed in her eyes, but Faye glared at Spike with a mix of desire and defiance. “Fine. We play for clothes only from now on. But that was the last hand you’ll win.”

Spike’s eyes narrowed in concentration and Jet could see his eyes twitch as they followed the shuffle. “Just deal.”

Faye simply smiled and ran her fingers along the edge of her stockings, letting her nails play with the smooth fabric and tease the elastic.  The sound of flesh on nylon slithered across the room and promised more tantalizing treats to come. Her hands slid along bare flesh and up to the edge of her shorts, drawing Jet’s attention to the fabric stretched tight across her crotch. Every time she shifted her weight, the high cut leg threatened to expose the treasures it concealed. Each time, Jet never saw more than a flash of pale inner thigh, but it was not for lack of trying.

Despite the seduction of her little performance, it was clearly just another trick in her arsenal. Each little peek was just a tease; every sexy pose, a taunt. At this point, Jet had nothing left to lose and openly leered; telling himself he had already paid in humiliation for any show Faye was going to put on. Apparently, Spike was made of sterner stuff and simply watched her other hand carefully as it dealt out the next round.

Faye was forced to bust trying to beat Spike’s hand of twenty points and frowned as she faced her first personal loss of the night. She started to slip off one of her high heeled boots but Spike interrupted. “I seem to remember that my shoes counted as a set. I’ll bet Jet’s did too.”

Jet started to agree, but Faye cut him off. For the first time, she seemed genuinely upset, although it was more frustration than actual anger. “I can’t believe you pulled that ten. Just my luck. Fine, take them both.”

Spike’s luck held out for another round and this time, Fay was more gracious in turning over her jacket. That may have had something to do with how she arched her back and shoved her breasts forward as she shrugged out of it. The motion took her already shapely figure and emphasized the strong swell of her breasts and curve of her hips.  The intersection of the rear suspender straps where they attached to her shorts perfectly framed the muscles of the small of her back, almost forming an arrow pointing to the base of her well-toned ass. Gravity widened the neckline of her vest to the point where her breasts were almost spilling out and Jet was forced to shuffle to the side for a better view. It was clear that Faye was pulling out all the stops to distract Spike’s keen vision.

Whereas Spike had disrobed with the minimum of fuss, Faye did her best to put on a show. She stretched and slowly slid off the jacket, “accidentally” striking poses that both displayed her phenomenal physique and twisted her remaining clothing into borderline indecency.  By the time Faye handed over the jacket, her vest was low enough that the slight coloration of her areolas peeked at the edges of her neckline and her shorts had begun to resemble a thong.

Even when she reclaimed her seat, she slunk back down with a predatory grace and lounged upon the cushions as if she was a queen upon her throne. It was a clear message that momentary loss aside; she was still in the position of power, still in control. She purred and glanced over, almost as if to check that Jet was paying attention. Realizing he was caught staring, Jet could do little but smile sheepishly and keep on looking. It was not as if she was not displaying almost everything she had. Faye’s smile only widened as she scooped up the cards to deal again and she winked conspiratorially.

This time, instead of her stockings, her free hand gravitated toward those damn suspenders.  Those had to be the most scandalous part of her outfit, Jet decided. Even though they looped up under her vest, they clearly were not part of any bra or underwear. They only served to keep her shorts pulled up tight against her hips. Even then, they mostly helped to reveal rather than conceal anything.

Now, Faye began to fiddle with them, tracing her fingers up from the front clasp, to where the back strap connected to the main suspender, caressing her rib cage and finally rising to her shoulder.  A slight sigh escaped her lips and Jet saw that the motion tugged the fabric of her shorts even tighter against her pubic mound. The smooth fabric conformed to the contour of her pussy lips and Jet realized that she could not possibly be wearing anything beneath.

Jet’s breath stumbled and he looked up as Faye glanced his way—her eyes almost glowing with a wicked gleam—before turning her attention back to the game. Sudden warmth shot through him and any discomfort due to the cold air or his current undressed state evaporated in the face of nascent desire. Before he had just held an academic appreciation for her charms, the kind any man had for a body like that. Ordinarily, Jet considered her duplicitous, unreliable and a tease, without an ounce of the sophistication or class he preferred in a woman. But it had been a long time since he had been with a woman and now, he could only feel appreciation for Faye’s brazen seduction. She radiated raw sex and today, that’s all he was feeling or really cared about. Not romance, not compassion, not love. Just longing and libido and animal passion.

Hell, if she looked at him with half the lust she was throwing at Spike, he would tear her clothes off right now, the game be damned. Spike, the bastard, was trying to prove a point and take Faye down a peg. Ten minutes ago, Jet was all for meting out justice, but now, he did not even care about concealing his nudity or his returning erection.  At this point, he didn’t even mind that she was clearly interested only in Spike; he was just consumed with the lust that had filled the room.

He all but forgot about the game as she continued to stroke across her throat and down around past the swell of her breast—flashing just the barest hint of her nipple. Her fingers followed along the suspender, terminating at the clasp. Only the tips of her fingernails slipped beneath her shorts. A moment later, Jet watched incredulously as her hand began to move beneath the fabric. Faye quickly slipped down, ostensibly to loosen the pressure her shorts were putting on her hips and groin. The motion was too fast for Jet to see anything as she pushed the crotch of the shorts free of her folds. Yet her hand lingered on the way out—in one smooth caress along the length of her labia and up her mound. And yes, Jet swore he could see the hint of moisture in the trail of her fingers up her stomach.

The tension built in his groin, followed by the pressure to do something with all the sexual energy in the room. Yet as the energy had continued to mount with each hand and each article of clothing, he could not tear himself away to jerk off or otherwise relieve his personal stress. This game was turning into a siege of feminine passion and allure upon the bastion of Spike’s composure and focus. One of them was going to falter and Jet doubted it would be before the last hand was dealt. He felt trapped between those two forces and knew that true release would only come after the contest reached its climax.

He was so consumed with the passion of the moment, that he missed the bulk of the hand, only belatedly noticing Spike losing a double down.  Spike quickly unbuckled his belt and removed it with one swift pull, the tail snapping quietly on each loop. Perhaps inspired by or maybe just taunting Faye’s earlier performance, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and let the fabric slide across his pectorals and abs before slipping off his sleeves. There was no artistry in it and lacked the blatant sexuality of Faye’s striptease. It was simply a man taking his time with his clothing.

Regardless, Faye looked with unabashed hunger at Spike’s chest. His muscles were toned with constant use; the erratic sprinkling of various scars testament to the battles they had won. For a moment, she abandoned her seduction, apparently trapped in aesthetic appreciation. Her hands twitched, almost as if restraining the urge to caress them.

Jet almost sighed as her tongue began to caress her lips and he did not care if it was a sincere reaction or all part of her act. It did not hurt that the image was punctuated by the twin points of her hardening nipples. He would not have been surprised if they tore right through the stretched fabric of her vest if she jiggled again.

Faye’s voice began to grow husky with desire. “Finally. About time we saw some skin.” Jet almost protested, but he felt that his presence would only intrude upon the very personal battle going on. “Still think I’m cheating?” She smiled that same mocking smirk that had antagonized Jet into his final disastrous wager. “Or do you have some other excuse?”

A long, slow grin crept across Spike’s face. “Oh, I know you’re cheating. You always cheat. I just know it’s not going to matter.”

“Bold words from a man that’s two hands away from giving me his underwear.” Faye leaned across the table and stared down at Spike’s crotch. “I can hardly wait.”

“I’d point out you’re only three away yourself, but you don’t actually have any underwear to give me, do you?”

Faye glared at him in annoyance. “Doesn’t really matter, you’re going to lose. And really, you’re not counting—“

Spike interrupted her, tearing his eyes from the cards for the first time to match her with a stern look of his own. He loomed across the table and his voice would tolerate no dissention. “No, I don’t want you weaseling out of this. You’ve got your stockings, shorts and top left. Nothing else counts. No claiming each stocking as one item. No using the suspenders as an item. No trying to bargain back with Jet’s clothes.” At this point, Jet had long since forgotten about his nudity and voiced no complaint.

Leaning forward to the point where their faces were bare inches away and her breasts were all but exploding out of her vest, Faye pressed her hand against Spike’s chest. Jet saw Spike’s gaze falter and flicker down, directly at Faye’s assets. He could almost feel the tension break, as Faye conceded this battle of wills in order to win the war.

“Fine. Just those three, but I’m not stopping until you’re in the apron, pretty boy.” She gently pushed him back, and Jet watched as Spike forced himself to shake his head and refocus upon the cards as they were dealt. But it felt like too little, too late; the game was all but over now.

Jet forced himself to pay attention as Faye relaxed her sex kitten act and began to carefully deal out what had to be the penultimate hand; the turning point of the game. Whoever won would have the clear advantage, not only in clothing, but also in the arena of will and lust. Unfortunately, it didn’t look like it would be Faye who would be joining him in nudity.

Spike’s first card came up a solid nine, giving him plenty of options. Faye did not even bother to look at the dealer’s down card and simply flipped over the face up cards. A six brought Spike up to an uneasy fifteen: too low to be secure, too high to risk hitting.  Worse, Faye’s face up card was a ten.

The numbers were not too difficult to run. There was a more than fifty percent chance Faye’s down card would beat Spike’s current hand and there was an equally bad chance Spike would bust if he tried to draw. Jet had very little doubt in his mind: Faye must have rigged the deck during Spike’s singular instant of distraction. It was almost blatantly obvious, but if Spike could have proved she was cheating, he would have done so by now.

Yet, Spike’s face had resumed its standard dispassionate observation and Jet couldn’t bring himself to give up hope. Faye’s teasing was beginning to wear on him and not just mentally. He had been hard for a while now with no release and every time he felt his member calm down, that damnable woman had done something else. Even if she was mostly hunting Spike, the collateral damage of their battle of the sexes was nearly killing Jet.

Yes, right now he would take almost any relief and he planned to see this through, no matter who won, but there was no doubt that her really wanted to see Faye lose for a change and more importantly, lose everything.  More than just misery wanting company, she had been taunting him with glimpses and teases all day and he needed the satisfaction of finally seeing the prizes she had been hiding.

Spike rapped his knuckles on his cards and said, “Double down.”

Even Faye was taken aback and Jet could nott really blame her. Not only was a hit a risk, but by doubling down, Spike was risking all his remaining clothing on a single flip of the card. Faye recovered herself quickly and finally glimpsed down at her down card.  A smile so bright it evaporated her stunned expression blossomed on her face. At this point, Jet could no longer tell if her cheerful demeanor was sincere, a bluff, or a double bluff or part of some even more twisted mind game.

“Are you sure?” she asked and tapped the deck, “that’s a really big gamble. Lose this one and you’ve got nothing left to lose.” She deliberately moved her glance over to Jet and he belatedly tried to cover his erection. Her smile grew and her eyebrow arched, but she kept on staring, almost as if she was noticing Jet for the first time, despite all the crap she had pulled earlier.

After a second, he realized the futility of covering up what she had already seen and let his hands fall to the side. Let her look. It’s not like he was ashamed or anything. She knew what she was doing to him. And besides, he thought as he caught himself shifting his weight to better display his package, maybe she’ll see something she likes.

All too quickly Faye shifted over to the apron where it lay where Jet had discarded it earlier. Her expression took on a malevolent glee. “Of course, there’s always more you can lose, even after you’ve lost. We can always trade for services or concessions, apron boy.”

Spike’s expression was almost condescending in its apathy. “I’m certain.  Just one more card.” He tapped his cards again with his knuckles.

“Of course, the customer is always right…” she quickly dealt Spike’s single card face down, but then paused to build the tension. Once she realized Spike was not rising to her bait, Faye quietly scooped up the card and flipped it over, glee in her eyes and triumph on her lips. “…but the house always wi—”

The three of diamonds stared back at her, placing Spike securely at eighteen. Faye could still win without a single draw, but the chances were far less likely.

Jet glanced back and forth between Spike’s expression of triumph and contentment and Faye’s utter shock. She looked like she had just been punched between the eyes and Jet knew she thought she dealt a different card.

“But…I didn’t…that’s not…” She sputtered for a moment and glared down at the cards then up at Spike, and back down at the cards and then to her own hands.  There was equal parts venom, confusion and awe in her voice when she finally formed coherent speech. “How did you even do that?”

“Do what?” Spike barely even pretended the façade of innocence. “You can’t possibly accuse me of cheating, you dealt the cards yourself. And if you admit to cheating yourself, you lose by default. Speaking of which…” Spike reached across the table and before the dumbfounded Faye could react, he flipped over her down card.

The seven of clubs placed her one point behind Spike and in the unenviable position of hitting on a seventeen.  Spike chuckled gently and gestured to the deck. “Well, let’s then, let’s see if the house wins this time.”

Faye’s fingers grasped the deck with practiced ease, but trembled as she realized that she herself was now in the unenviable position Spike had just been in. She drew a long breath and flipped over her next card, the nine of diamonds. A bust at twenty-six.

Jet realized he had been holding his breath since Spike had pulled that miracle three and let it out as one long sigh. At last, Faye would have to pay up and he’d finally get to see some of that skin she’d been hiding. But she did not seem ready to strip yet; instead she only stared at the cards with an expression that slowly changed from confounded to realization and horror.

She looked up, her voice trembling again and Jet guessed it had less to do with her impending forfeit and more to do with the means by which it had been achieved. “You…you switched the cards. When did you…how did you do that without me noticing?”

Shrugging, Spike gestured, at the two final face up cards. “I’ve been watching you palm cards all game, but since you let me win a few, I didn’t complain. But once we sorted out the rules and you went for the kill, I knew it was time to play for real. So, the last time you tried to shove your tits in my face, I used the opportunity to switch the high and low cards before you palmed them.”

He gave her a frank appraisal that included all the sights he had been ignoring for the rest of the game and with enough intensity that Faye flushed with color and her consternation at being caught faded into pleasure in his approval. “Hey don’t get me wrong, your tits are pretty damn distracting, but your sleight of hand is lousy and you keep forgetting that you’re not the only one who can rig a game. After that, I just waited for an opportunity where you’d have to rig the deck and then watched you do it to yourself.”

Spike grinned, Faye sighed and cursed under her breath and even Jet realized that it meant that Spike had basically removed her ability to cheat.  If she was never entirely certain that he hadn’t already switched the cards, she could never trust that she had palmed the right card, short of taking it out and looking at it.

More importantly, Jet wondered, where the hell had Faye hid the palmed cards? She had already lost her most bulky items of clothing and her earlier antics had let Jet scrutinize her remaining articles and he had done so intently enough to spot a hidden stack of cards. Even now, he could not detect any bulges or seams that were not supposed to be there.

His search came to an abrupt end as Faye began to peel her stockings down her legs. She started with the right and slowly rolled the edge down, revealing inch by creamy inch of her lower thighs and shapely calves. Jet had to switch between watching the stocking slowly retreat down her leg and watching her inner thigh as her bent leg shifted the edge of her shorts to the side and offering him a glimpse of her bare pussy. Not enough to actually see anything, but enough to confirm that she definitely trimmed her pubic hair. Not that she really had a choice with an outfit like that.

While she clearly was not happy with the situation, Faye continued to play the showman and took her time sliding off her anklet before slipping the stocking over her heel and off her foot. Jet supposed she could just be timid about what was to come, but he suspected she was just milking this for all it was worth.

As she tossed the anklet aside, she started to speak, but Spike cut her off.  “Nope, doesn’t count. Stockings are one item as well.”

She harrumphed, and still managed to make it sound like a bit of feminine pique rather than a gambler trying to welch on her debts. She took the same, long gentle slide to take off her left stocking and Jet had to admit that even unadorned, she still had killer legs. There was a clear demarcation where the elastic had pressed into soft flesh and left lines encircling each thigh, but otherwise, each leg was smooth in its perfection. From trim ankles up past gorgeous thighs to a well-rounded ass, below the waist she was his dream woman.

Spike almost had to goad her again, but then she sighed and reached for her vest. Fingers that had played out the cards so elegantly fumbled with the single clasp which restrained her heaving breasts. When the clasp released, the twin peaks of flesh struggled to bounce free, but were still constrained by the sides of the vest held tightly in her hands. She slowly turned around and Jet almost protested as his lustful glare was denied again. He watched the muscles in her back and shoulders flex as she slid the vest down her arms.

Faye tossed the vest over her shoulder and Spike caught it almost absentmindedly. Even before he had the chance to put it in the pile of discarded clothing, she spun around, hands cupping her breasts and perfectly positioned to cover her nipples. Jet felt a sigh of disappointment escape his lips and Faye’s mouth twitched into an evil little smirk.  Her breasts were too large to fit entirely within her own hands and Jet longed for the opportunity to see how his own hands measured up.

She began to fondle those magnificent globes and as her fingers kneaded and massaged them, her lips parted in a sigh of pleasure.  Her fingernails left slight marks but her skin was otherwise unmarred; without even a hint of a tan line—the uniform pale tones of shipboard life. With each squeeze, more of the flesh slipped from between her fingers and the more Jet’s heart threatened to erupt from his chest. At last only Faye’s fingertips still teased the tips of her nipples and the creamy pink flesh of her areola stood out even more as she tugged them.

With one final gasp, she released her beasts and Jet watched them jiggle in freedom. Her nipples were stiff with excitement and flush with sensation, standing out like twin peaks upon the mountains of her breasts. While it did not look like they were as hard as Jet’s cock, he was willing to bet it was a near thing. Faye may have been losing at the moment, but she was certainly managing to still enjoy herself.

All but naked, she made the pretense of adjusting her remaining attire before sitting down. Her suspenders did little more than press her breasts slightly together and absolutely nothing to support them or keep them from swaying with her every movement. Still, Faye shifted the strap to rest more comfortably on her shoulders before tugging on the lower suspenders. The motion pulled her shorts tight against her pussy and ass. Yet Jet felt that this time it was less for theatrics and more to increase the pressure and sensation. He may have imagined the slight damp spot upon the shorts, but when she took her seat, Faye shifted her weight, slowly rubbing her fabric wrapped groin along the cushion.

Faye was lost for a moment, reveling in her own naughtiness, but quickly regained some of her composure and eyed the cards. “Alright, that was fun, you caught me and I’ve paid you with a show.” Jet could almost smell the false bravado and could certainly hear the husky edge to her voice. “It doesn’t matter. I always win. I’m just lucky that way.”

She continued to rock herself gently back and forth as she dealt out the cards, but her hands remained steady. Spike let out a barking laugh and placed his cards upon the table before Faye could even reveal her face up card. His toss set an ace and a ten skidding across the table and into a horrified Faye’s lap.

Instantly, all sense of seduction or arousal vanished from her posture and the only sound she could make was a sputtering squeak of protest. Faye stared at the cards as if denial and disbelief could erase them. Her breasts shuddered as she slowly shook her head. The flush of pleasure that had covered her upper body paled to almost nothing.

Jet’s own arousal took on an even more insistent tone. This was it. She had lost. The game was done.

“Just lucky?  Faye there’s a reason you have to cheat at cards.” Jet chortled to himself and his stiffened member slapped against his thigh, eager to relieve the tension. “Maybe Spike should play one more round and see if you have to wear the apron.”

Jet lost Faye’s murmured response in his own laughter, but a moment later, she repeated herself, “Double or nothing.”

Spike raised a quizzical eyebrow. “And what are you going to wager? You’ve only got one piece of clothing left.”

Faye found her resolve and raised her head to lock eyes with Spike. “The shorts and a forfeit. Whatever you want. Even the apron.”

“Oh, how the mighty have fall—” Jet’s mouth snapped shut as Spike threw an angry glare his way. Faye did not even deign to notice him.

Spike shrugged and tapped the deck. “It does seem a little unfair to make you lose on a single stroke of bad luck. One more hand it is. Win and you can walk off like you are now. Lose, you strip all the way down…and then you’ll show how sorry you are for cheating.”

Jet cut short any smart comments he was about to make. That was awfully decent of Spike. Of course, the chances of Faye actually apologizing for something she had done were just this shy of impossible, but at least Spike had made the effort. Jet would be more than content with finally seeing Faye in all her naked glory and then running off to finally get rid of his raging hard-on.

Faye’s glace flicked over to Jet and she let the tiniest traces of relief cross her face. “I can live with that.”

At no time in the history of space exploration did three people watch the fall of four cards with as much interest. Faye’s single face up card was a promising eight and Spike’s hand totaled out to thirteen. Jet held his breath, but Spike seemed unfazed as he hit and added an ace and a five to his jack and three.

Jet could hear Faye gulp in nervousness as she flipped her down card, a two. Ten was not enough to be beat Spike’s nineteen, but she still had plenty of ways to come out on top. With no hesitation, she flipped the next card off the deck. A six still was not enough to beat Spike, but it was close and even closer to busting. Jet watched with sympathetic nerves as she was forced to hit again, drawing an Ace.

He almost had to laugh. If she actually had managed to rig the decks and drawn the ace first, Faye would have already won with blackjack. As it was, seventeen points was perilously close to breaking twenty-one, but she had no choice but to risk busting. Only a three or four could save her.

The tension reached a peak and while there was little lust left in the situation, Jet felt like he could cum at the flipping of that last card from nothing more than concentrated stress. Faye gingerly slid the top card off the deck and pressed it firmly against the table. Jet saw her close her eyes and could almost hear her whispered mantra of “three or four, three or four.” Suddenly finding her courage, Faye tore the card from the table, flipped it and slammed it down in one motion.

The Queen of Hearts looked back up at her, crushing any hopes she had left.

She seemed to collapse in on herself, falling back into the chair, her breasts trembling in momentary panic and despair. As she stared at the final card, there was no more disbelief or arguments, only reluctant acceptance. And then her eyes slowly shifted up across the table to where Spike lounged back in his own chair, secure in victory. They seemed to take in every inch of him and slowly, her expression shifted back to the naked hunger she wore earlier. Apparently, she realized that losing didn’t mean she could not still get everything she wanted to win.

A sexy smile crawled across her lips as she brushed her hair from her face. “Well, I guess that’s it. You of course realize I let you win. The whole apron thing was clearly a joke. I mean look at it. It’s not sexy. Or even clean. What were you cooking with, a blowtorch?” Faye recovered all too easily into her seductress role.

“Maybe it’s not even really an act,” Jet whispered to himself. She certainly looked prepared to bang Spike’s brains out.

Faye slid to her feet and cocked her hips, which did interesting things to her shorts. “Time to pay up. I think I’m wearing something that belongs to you.” She leaned forward conspiratorially across the table and already forgotten cards. Her breasts gently rocked as she stroked Spike’s chest and whispered, “Although I really don’t think it’s your size.”

She began to sway to a beat only she could hear and closed her eyes as she ran her hands up and down her body. All the previous peeks and teases had been mere preludes to this main event. Faye cupped her breasts and stirred them around to the invisible music. She ran her hands down her ribs and tickled the edge of her suspenders.

Jet thought she was going to unclasp the suspenders, but instead her fingers danced around and down to her legs. She stroked up and down her thighs and played with the edge of her shorts, even flicking a finger inside to tease her pussy. At this point the fabric covering her crotch was so damp and tight that the outline of her lips was glaringly obvious.

As her hands drifted up again, she slowly turned in place. She flexed her ass even while tugging at the sides of her shorts to remove the bunched-up fabric from the cleft of her cheeks. She squeezed them once and continued upwards even as she turned around.

The gyrations of her hips had set her breasts swinging in pendulous motion, but her hands barely paused to tweak hardening nipples. When finally, she reached her neck, she paused for a moment.  Her back arched and her breasts lurched forward, standing at attention in all their majesty. Then, she began to brush the suspenders over her shoulders and off her arms.

Never intended to be removed this way, the elastic pulled hard on her shorts, eliciting a quiet gasp from Faye as they rode up between her pussy lips. The fabric bunched up around the hardened nub of her clitoris and her outer lips slipped out of the enlarged leg holes. The slightest suggestion of purple pubes peeked out from the edge of her inseam. Faye let out a long, almost unheard moan as all the tension of the suspenders was placed upon her most sensitive parts. The moan tapered off wistfully as the suspenders fell from her arms and dangled from the clasps of her shorts.

The added weight combined with Faye’s dance caused the shorts to ride lower and lower. Even after she released the clasps, Faye continued to stretch and pull at the waistband of the shorts, almost masturbating with the material. Each time she inched it lower and lower and the gentle lines of her hips only directed Jet’s gaze down to the final treasure.

And yet, still there was no hair in sight and Jet began to wonder if maybe he was wrong—she could be completely bare. When the top of her shorts had sunk to only a few inches above her pussy, a flash of purple appeared, but Faye slipped her hands inside her shorts and covered whatever he had seen. Jet looked up in consternation, but Faye only grinned at him before blowing him a kiss and spinning around.

The shorts rode equally low on her ass, barely even hanging on to the curves and proudly displaying two half-moons of pale flesh. She brought her hands around and rather than grabbing the top of the shorts, she kept both hands inside to massage her cheeks. Her thumbs emerged to hook the edge and slowly shove the shorts down around the curve of her ass.

Faye bent at the waist as she pushed the shorts down the rest of her legs and it was all Jet could do not to reach out and grab that stupendous ass. Her clean-shaven pussy lips were proudly on display with the rest of her assets. They were aroused from all the recent teasing they had endured and were moist enough to dampen the thighs around them. Clearly aware of the show she was giving, Faye twisted her head around to wink at Spike and Jet.

She slipped the much-abused shorts off her feet and Jet saw a peek of the puckered star of her anus between her cheeks. The thought that it almost seemed to be winking at him nearly sent him into laughter.

Slowly unbending—which did amazing things to the muscles of her ass and back—she slowly spun around, shorts held before her crotch in one final tease. Just before Jet could say anything, Faye whipped the shorts into the air and with perfect precision, landed them on top of his head.

The smell of feminine arousal nearly overcame him and Jet had to fight the urge to come immediately. The crotch of the shorts was soaked through and he could feel a damp patch on his bald pate. Tearing the cloth from his head, he looked upon the treasure that had been taunting him all day.

Even though he had seen most of it before, Jet still let his eyes roam across the naked beauty before him. Her breasts shook more from excitement than from exertion and her nipples had regained their erection and looked even larger than before. Her waist still curved gracefully to well-formed hips and even without stockings, her legs almost gave Jet a heart attack. Finally, he brought his eyes to what he had been waiting for.

Nestled between the curves of Faye’s thighs, was a tuft of fine purple hair, perhaps a single shade lighter than the hair on her head. It was sculpted to perfectly follow the natural triangle of her mound, but her lips and bikini line were shaved completely. It was even trimmed low, perhaps only two inches tall, probably because of how her shorts rode. Below, her outer labia had swelled and her clitoris and inner lips protruded, just waiting to be fucked.  She was slowly, almost absentmindedly, tracing a finger along the side of her pussy and pubes and Jet found his hand gravitating towards his own cock.

Her sultry smile had returned in full force as she sauntered over to Spike. Without further warning, she dropped down and began to remove his pants. After her little performance, even Spike could not remain unaffected and his pants were tented even before she slowly unzipped his fly. His expression was still a little distant, but he was watching Faye’s sinuous curves with the same intensity he had previously reserved for the cards.  

She tugged insistently upon his pants and when he raised his hips for her to remove them, Faye pulled pants and underwear to his ankles in one motion. His cock sprang free, bobbing erect inches from Faye’s face. Her eyes widened almost as much as the grin on her face and she reached out in desire.

“I still owe you a forfeit. What—“

Spike cut her off and caught her hand just before it could touch his member. “Hold on. The forfeit was for you to show Jet you’re sorry for cheating. It’s only fair.”

Mingled confusion and disappointment erupted in Faye’s expression. “What? You were serious about that?” She threw a critical look in Jet’s direction and he reflexively tore his hand from where he had been lightly stroking himself. “Look, I don’t mind if he watches or anything, but really? Here I am, throwing myself at you,” she gestured at her buxom and bare breasts. “And all you want is for me to say ‘I’m sorry’ to another guy? One who’s been treated to a show that—no offense, Jet—he didn’t earn.”

“Hey, I was cheated and you got a pretty okay show yourself lady.” Jet crossed his arms, his cock bobbing in indignation. “Besides, don’t tell me you weren’t getting off on your little striptease. You may have been making eyes at Spike the whole time, but you had no problem getting a rise out of me!”

Before Faye could launch a scathing retort, Spike suddenly, stood up, grabbed Faye and pulled her into a kiss. He must have used some sort of kung fu move to literally sweep her off her feet, because one moment she was gesturing angrily, the next, she was in Spike’s arms, returning the unexpected but passionate kiss. After a moment, Spike pulled away, but still held Faye gently in his embrace. “Oh, I’m pretty sure we all knew this was going to end with me fucking you unconscious, but the fact of the matter is, you cheated Jet. You stripped him and humiliated him and while he should know better, you were the one who actually did it. And I can’t work with someone, let alone fuck them, if they’d betray their friends.”

Faye managed to not look the least bit guilty as she looked over at Jet. “Fine. I’m…sorry I tricked you into getting naked and tried to make you wear an apron.” Jet did not feel overwhelmed with sincerity, but at the moment, he was too horny to care.

“No, no. I said show him you’re sorry. The whole time you’ve been teasing him while you were trying to seduce me. You at least ought to deal with the problem you caused.” Spike gently shoved Faye in Jet’s direction.

Faye sighed and looked down at Jet’s cock. It was not as long as Spike’s but it was slightly thicker and it seemed to pass whatever internal standards she was using. “Well then, let’s give this big boy a hand before he hurts himself.” She guided Jet back to the seat she had been sitting in and sat him down. Jet’s whole body shuddered as she grasped his cock and began to run her fingers along the shaft.

She barely used any pressure, just enough to let him feel the motion, just enough to tease him almost painfully erect. He found himself unconsciously pushing his hips forward, trying to increase the contact. And then her other hand grasped the base of his cock, as if to hold him in place and began to slowly squeeze in rhythm to the strokes. Her first hand continued to dance along the length of his cock, finally tracing along the head with just the very tips of her fingernails.

Jet let out a heartfelt moan and looked down. Faye grinned and began to accelerate her rhythm. “I’ll take that as an ‘apology accepted.’” And then all he saw was her smile. “But just because you’ve been a good sport…” Her head bobbed down, faster than he could react and engulfed his erection into warm, moist heaven.

Keeping up her efforts on the base of his cock and balls with her hands, Faye’s tongue and lips were all but massaging the actual length of it. After her first initial plunge, she had focused on the head, popping it in and out of her mouth and licking it as if it were a lollypop. After the first time she pulled off, Jet almost reached out to pull her back on, but some tiny shred of remaining reason told him that such a forceful action would end his participation. As it was, he had been fighting the urge to cum even before the blowjob began, but he would be damned if he was not going to ride this moment for all it was worth. He pulled his hands back and lacking anything else they curled into fists so tight he could hear his knuckles pop.

She then alternated between kissing her way up and down the sides and sucking it further and further into her mouth. With each thrust of her head, Faye let his cock linger longer between her lips, pulling back slower and slower, as if she was trying to suck his cock into greater length and hardness. The irregular pace kept him from building up to a final climax, but the interim kisses maintained the sensation on his cock.

 Every time tonight that Jet had thought he had reached the peak of sexual tension, Faye had proved him wrong and wrenched him even further down the path of lust. At this point, he could barely see or hear anything as all; his attention and sensation were focused entirely upon Faye’s efforts and his cock. He could barely even appreciate the way her ass and breasts swayed in seductive time to her blowjob.

Just when he realized he was either going to come or his cock would explode, there was a sudden interruption, a hitch in the rhythm. Jet moaned in disappointment and his vision cleared to reveal that Spike had tired of just watching. He had moved behind Faye and slipped his hand between her legs. Impressively, while she broke her pattern, she managed to continue the blowjob. If she abandoned variety and focused solely upon devouring as much of Jet’s cock as possible, she seemed to suck all the harder in sympathetic pleasure.

The sudden constant intensity was more than Jet could bear. He had been fighting a losing battle against his own erection even before Faye had gotten to work on it. As he his self-control crumbled, Faye suddenly trembled and her hands clamped down tight onto his cock. Jet had just enough time to realize she just orgasmed from Spike’s own ministrations before the moan in the back of her throat vibrated through his cock. Any thought of restraint or anything at all shattered and he thrust his hips into her face as he came in her mouth. His whole body convulsed with each spurt from his cock and it was not until he had collapsed backwards onto the seat that he felt Faye’s silken lips slip free of his spent member.

It was as if he was a puppet held aloft by strings of tension and desire that had just been cut. He felt as if all his energy had drained out with him at ejaculation and his whole body was aching but content. His still wet penis lay flaccid against his leg and spoke of overexertion.  Part of him just wanted to quit and pass out, but the very vocal moans and the slapping of flesh on flesh forced him to regain his focus.

From where he slouched on the couch, Jet looked up to see Spike bending Faye over the table and fucking her from behind with the dedication and intensity he normally reserved for beating up bounties. He held onto her hip and shoulder with an iron grip as he lunged into her with a steady, slowly escalating rhythm.

Faye pushed back towards him with her hips and ass in time with his motions and her legs were splayed to keep her balance. Each thrust crushed her breasts against the table, scattering the playing cards. Her head was half turned back to look at Spike over her shoulder, but her mouth hung open, alternately panting for air and gasping out almost unintelligible encouragement. Whatever Spike’s opinions of her cheating skills, Jet was willing to bet that he had no such complaints about her sexual talents.

As Jet sat back up, Spike snuck his hand around her side and between her legs. He must have done something particularly right as that sent Faye over the edge and her grip on the table tightened to white knuckled intensity. The table itself slid several inches forward as her legs flexed and she threw her head back to let loose a long, low moan. Spike refused to let up and almost before the tremors running through her body subsided, a new earthquake of passion exploded through her.

Faye sprawled onto the table, temporarily satisfied, but the moment Spike slid back off of her, still obviously hard, she muttered something about not being done yet. Her voice crept over her still heaving shoulders, “Not as long as you can still walk out of here, Spike.”

Spike looked up at Jet, his own erection still at the ready and gave him a cocky, almost silly grin. “Glad you enjoyed that too, Jet old pal. I think she got the message all right.”

Jet could only stare at Spike incredulously. Seriously, he was still thinking about the cheating thing? The man was a machine or something. There he was, just balls deep in the hottest piece of sex ever to pass through the Bebop and he was thinking about a game? “Uh, well, I guess I owe you some thanks.”

“Better just tell Faye. I sure wasn’t going to suck you off. Heck, play your cards right and maybe you could get a little more than just an apology out of her.” Spike leaned back over Faye’s supine form and began to massage her breast and pussy. While still tender, Faye voiced no complaints, only little sighs of anticipation.

Spike looked Jet right in the eye and winked. “I still have one more little lesson to make sure everything hits home…” The fingers Spike was using on Faye’s pussy slowly migrated up her ass, and he began to circle and tickle her rosy star until he very deliberately slipped a digit inside.

“Huh, wait that’s—ughhnnnn….” Faye’s half lidded eyes slammed wide open and her protestation collapsed into a choking gasp. Her initial lunge away from the probing finger catapulted her halfway off the table and almost into Jet’s lap.

Belatedly, he realized her spectacular breasts had fallen perfectly into his hands. His initial, almost reflexive caress of their plush firmness quickly evolved into stroking and rolling her nipples. Meanwhile, while his right hand continued to explore Faye’s ass, Spike let his other slide back to increase the pressure on her pussy and clitoris. Their combined efforts soon had Faye in a constant singsong of moans and gasps and coaxed her toward another orgasm.

“Dammit Spike. You could have….ahhhhhh…this really isn’t f-fair…uhhhhh fuuuuck…its two on-n…oh goddd…on one.” Her hips wiggled and pressed themselves back, clearly reveling in the sensation.

Feeling his cock returning to arousal, Jet pulled Faye further onto him and sandwiched his cock into the valley between the warm mountains of her breasts.  While far less complex than her blowjob, the tender pillows of her breasts engulfed him and Jet was soon back to full rigidity. No longer maintained and enhanced by pure libido and only recently having come, his cock was slightly sore and lacked the insistent energy that had driven him earlier. Still, the desire was still there and he was not going to pass up this chance.

“Now you care about fair?  I mean, we could always just leave if you want. Just leave you alone…all by yourself.” Spike’s head dropped down and started licking her pussy while maintaining the exploitation of her ass. A second finger joined the first and Faye’s hips began to buck.

“Fuck…you. I never said I-I didn’t like the attention. Just…oh my god...just stop teasing and fuck me!” Faye struggled for a minute and managed to disentangle Jet’s cock from between her breasts. While not as deft as the first time, she began to stroke it back to full erection. “I bet Jet…ahhhh…I bet Jet’s ready and willing. Maybe he should get a-a-ahhhhhh…a turn.”

Spike rose to his feet without letting up his efforts and Faye squealed as his fingers twisted inside her. “All right then, no more screwing around.” Without further ado, he aligned his cock and slammed it back into her pussy. With a moan of approval, Faye grabbed onto Jet’s hips to steady herself and all but swallowed his cock.

Faye’s mouth was as inviting as ever and no small part of Jet’s arousal was due to simply watching Faye enjoy herself. As sexy as she was when teasing and flirting, the effect was multiplied during actual sex. Whether giving or receiving, she simply tried to maximize the passion for all involved. Heck, he could probably come just by watching her orgasm under normal circumstances. Due to his recent ejaculation, he just focused on giving Faye the fucking she deserved.

Maybe it was because his cock still stung from the first blowjob or maybe Faye was just too distracted, but this time, Jet no longer felt possessed by his own desire.  He could still feel the sheer sexual energy in the room, but now he had some measure of control over it. Last time, he pretty much just stood there and let Faye work her magic on him. Now, she was too preoccupied for anything fancy and had to work his hips to keep the rhythm going. More importantly, this blowjob was not nearly as one sided; Jet continued to coax and squeeze her breasts—to say nothing of what Spike was doing at her other end. This time, Jet was the one in control and Faye was the one being driven over the edge with pleasure.

After a moment of adjustment, he and Spike managed to synchronize their hips and Faye’s ride really began. The swaying motion alternated the pressure between the two cocks on either end and her hips rolled to extend each thrust to her pussy and tug on her breasts. Jet could see Spike’s hand squeeze Faye’s ass cheek as he flexed periodically and changed the pressure on her holes. Each time sent ripples of pleasure up her body which terminated in groans muffled on Jet’s cock.

Faye’s head snapped back and Jet’s cock bobbed free. She gasped for breath, all the while urging Spike to increase his efforts.  Her grip tightened and Jet felt her fingernails bite into his ass. He responded by working harder on her breasts, pulling and twisting her nipples to maximum hardness.

Looking over her shoulder, she panted, “Holt shit. I can’t…I can’t…can’t take—ahhh—much more…of this. I’m…gonna…gonna c—“

As she began to speak, Spike popped his fingers free of her ass and her eyes closed in anticipated pleasure. He pulled out of her pussy and before she could catch her breath to finish, realigned his cock—lubricated with Faye’s own juices—and slammed home into her recently vacated asshole.

Faye was caught mid-word as the head of Spike’s cock slid past her sphincter. Any attempt she had made to control her own orgasm shattered instantly. Reduced to incoherent howls of ecstasy, Faye’s convulsions nearly tore her breasts from Jet’s hands. Her hands clenched tight enough to draw blood, but all Jet could only watch in admiration as Faye’s whole body reveled in the pleasure it received.

Even as she came down from her orgasm, several after tremors shook through her and Spike continued to pound away. He was taking it slow, shoving his cock deeper and deeper each time and with each inch, her screams rose in pitch. One of her hands crept down to resume the assault on her pussy, while the other braced itself against the table to let her thrust her hips in time with Spike.

By now, Faye was oblivious to anything beyond her own body and her next impending orgasm and Spike looked like he was finally building up to one of his own. Jet felt all but forgotten, but sat back to watch and began to stroke his cock. Spike’s hands, now free, scooped Faye up and puller her back, so that he could sit while she rocked and bounced on top of his cock. By now she had managed to work the full length of his erection up her ass and her eyes were closed tight in pleasure. Faye squeezed and stretched her own breasts as Spike reached around her waist and fingered her pussy and clitoris.

Spike looked up at Jet and grinned. “Lessoned learned, I think.” His fingers spread her pussy lips apart, almost like spreading flower petals. Their moist pinkness called to Jet, inviting in their openness. “At this point, I don’t think she’ll mind if you lend a hand. Or more.”

“It’s not like I’ll get another chance,” he shrugged. Grinning madly, Jet crossed around the table and hooked his arms under Faye’s legs as Spike adjusted his grip to her waist. He braced himself, found the timing and slid into her waiting pussy. Faye’s pussy was so wet that Jet entered her like sliding in between silk sheets.

He had thought her mouth was divine, but her pussy was hotter than hell itself. Every contraction of her hips flexed her vagina walls and massaged Jet’s cock. Within seconds, he could feel the burning desire in his loins begin to mount and he knew he was not going to last long like this. Not that he really wanted to drag this out. He had already come once and was pretty damn near exhausted.

Jet and Spike quickly settled into a rhythm and began to piston into Faye like alternating jackhammers. Her whole body rocked with each blow and it was all she could do to hold on to the ride. She leaned her head back and sloppily kissed Spike then leaned forward and locked lips with Jet. Her hot tongue darted inside his mouth and her tits pressed into his chest, her nipples like little spikes. To Jet, it almost felt like she was trying to suck the life and the sex right out of him. And then another climax ripped through her and tore her away.

Jet was beginning to pant with the exertion, but throughout all this, Spike’s breath had only become more controlled. You could practically time his thrusts by his breathing.  Probably some sort of super martial arts technique. Regardless, it would have all been drowned out by the rolling crescendo of sound that punctuated each of Faye’s orgasms.

She was swaying now and her eyes had begun to roll up into her head. In the wake or her last orgasm, her voice had tapered off to halfhearted pants and sighs. Spike’s voice tightened as he thrust one final time and came in her ass. This seemed to trigger something in Faye and she climaxed again, her breath stopped and her whole body shuddered and then relaxed. She collapsed backwards onto Spike, pulling Jet out of her pussy.

The realization that they had just fucked Faye senseless was more than enough for Jet to come. His cock spurted, leaving lines of semen across her stomach and hips. In the wake of his second and final ejaculation, Jet felt all the energy that had sustained him vanish. He was barely able to stagger back around to the other seat before his aching legs gave out.

Jet scrabbled around and found the apron and used it to wipe his cock clean. It was almost too tender to touch, but he considered it a good pain and well worth it. He had had more romantic sex, but never with such…intensity. It was obvious that he had mostly been a spectator in whatever was going on between Spike and Faye, but it was a damn fine view. And interactive to boot.

Across the table, Faye and Spike slept on top of one another, his arms gently draped around her waist and her head nuzzled against his. It even looked like his limp penis was still buried in her ass. Her breasts heaved with each breath and her lips still glistened from sex. Her nipples and pussy were rosy and inflamed from all the abuse they had suffered and Jet had a feeling they were every bit as sore as his cock, if not more so.

As unconsciousness claimed him, he realized, almost absentmindedly, that a card had become stuck to Faye’s thigh during the activities. As he watched, whatever sweat or cum or whatever had held it in place finally gave out and it slid down to fall onto the couch.

It was the winning card. The Queen of Hearts.

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