Remember me?

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Remember me?

(Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hackers Memory)

Digimon weren’t meant to be real, just programs, games, just zeros and ones to help Hackers with their tasks and to use for fun battles among said Hackers

But then the rift between the human and Digital world re-opened and everything came flooding back, the Royal Knights, Omnimon, Alphamon, the Eaters and Mother Eater and Arcadiamon


When the rift had opened everyone who witnessed it thought it was the end of the world, time and space itself ripping apart but as countless Digimon began to fall through the memories came flooding back, memories wiped from their minds as the way between the worlds had been forcibly closed with the destruction of the Mother Eater and Arcadiamon

To say the members of Hudie were confused by all the sudden flashbacks would be an understatement, alongside the sudden appearance of three Digimon and a blue haired girl appearing in their building

“I…I have a sister?” Ryuji gasped as he sat hunched shouldered in one of the computer chairs with his head in his hands “I have a sister…oh god I have a sister…you…our parents died…you were dying…you…you left” he spoke, his words shaking as everything came back to him “you left me…you left me all alone…”

“It’s not like she had a choice Ryuji” Keisuke pointed out “it was the only way to make sure the opening between our world and the Digital one closed and we were safe, I wish I could have told you before but you would have never believed me”

Snapping his head up at Keisuke’s words Ryuji stared at the younger man “you knew?” he gasped before suddenly standing bolt upright to tower over Keisuke “you knew?! You knew and you didn’t tell me?! Tell any of us?!” he snapped as he grabbed Keisuke by the shirt, his temper flaring looking like he was about to slug the younger man when Justimon’s metallic hand took hold of his arm

“Ryuji, he did what was best for everyone, a choice forced upon him” the Digimon stated gently easing the silver haired man away from Keisuke “none of us can possible comprehend the burden he has been carrying, to know that his friends no longer exist in his world and that everyone else has had such knowledge wiped from their memory”

Glaring at the Digimon Ryuji’s eyes then softened as he exhaled heavily “I…I need to be alone for a while” he then sighed as he turned to walk away, casting a sad glance towards Erika who returned the look, neither of them ready to remotely know where to start in reconnecting with each other

As Ryuji left with Justimon following shortly behind to make sure he was ok Chitose just stood there silently dumbfounded, the blond having not said anything from the moment his memories first came back “Erika…I…I don’t know what to say…” he started, his eyes constantly glancing to the large Shakkoumon standing outside of the internet café as he was too big to fit inside “this is a lot to take in…”

“You don’t need to say anything” Erika responded “go, go catch up with your Digimon, he’s missed you” she added before her gaze fell upon Keisuke “I need some alone time with Keisuke anyway”

Looking between the two Chitose looked confused for a moment before it clicked, the memories of his ‘other life’ still painful to his brain but in them he could remember there being a spark between Keisuke and Erika, with him being the only one outside of her brother that could truly make her smile

Flashing Keisuke the same ‘charming’ grin he normally got when he went after a girl Chitose left to give the pair their privacy, Keisuke’s PileVolcanomon following the blonds lead giving his partner a small nod before lumbering out leaving them be, both Keisuke and Erika just staring at each other both unable to even find the words to start, to explain just how much they missed each other and how parting had hurt them



As quickly as they tried words failed them and before he could stop himself Keisuke moved on Erika, making the pale girl gasp as he took hold of her and forcibly pressed his mouth to hers, the kiss unskilled, rough and desperate but Erika wouldn’t have it any other way, her slender arms wrapping around his neck to kiss him back with the same needy eagerness, their lips quickly parting as Keisuke pushed his tongue into Erika’s mouth causing her to shiver in his gasp and let out a soft heated moan

The sound of her soft hot little moan awakened something in Keisuke, a deep burning longing that took over him and before he knew it he had picked Erika up, his lips all over her face as she gripped him tighter as he carried her to ‘her’ room, kicking the door open and roughly knocking the boxes from the desk to place her on it

As she was sat down on the desk Erika pulled on Keisuke’s jacket to bring him down to her level, her finger fumbling with the buttons and the zipper as she hungrily kissed him again and again, biting at his lips and sucking on his tongue before they broke the kiss to stare into each other’s eyes, both able to taste the others breath as they panted heavily for it

Neither of them had any clue of what they were doing, they hadn’t even vocally voiced their feelings for one another, they didn’t need to, their bodies doing everything for them as Keisuke tentatively brought a hand to Erika’s chest, gently cupping one of her breasts through her thin dress as he searched her eyes for permission, the soft shuddering gasp she let out being all that he needed to keep going

Moving his free hand up to her shoulder he gently slid off the shoulder straps of her dress making her inhale sharply as the clothing slid down her body exposing her small but perky breasts to him, a bright flush illuminating her cheeks as she bit her lip, her bright eyes searching his for approval which he gave with another deep hungry kiss

As their tongues melded again Erika reached down to pull up her dress bunching it around her hips revealing her pristine young core, since she was a shut in and rarely interacted with those outside of Hudie underwear was never a necessity to her

Breaking the kiss Erika then blushed brighter as Keisuke’s eyes went wide at her petite little core, her small hand moving to his groin cupping him boldly “take me” she breathed, her words the sweetest thing he had ever heard as he found himself unable to deny her, the sound of rustling clothes and the clinking of his belt ringing out followed shortly by a sharp high pitched gasp from Erika as he aligned himself and slowly pushed in


The sheer warmth of each other’s bodies pressed against each other, the soft tightness around his hard girth, the taste of their breath on each other’s tongues as they removed to move their faces further than an inch away “Keisuke…” she breathed, tears rolling down her cheeks from the sheer emotional overload going through her body alongside the sharp sting of losing her virginity, all of it more than worth it after being away for so long

Kissing her deeply again Keisuke then began to slowly thrust into her, making her perky chest bounce slightly with every thrust whilst she desperately held onto his jacket for purchase, her tiny body bucking and jerking on the table as she tried to look her legs around his waist, her slippers falling off as she buried her face in the crook of his neck, her entire body shaking from the sheer new sensations wracking her, her breathing coming out in sharp ragged pants before her body suddenly seized and she cried out against Keisuke’s neck

As Erika came around him Keisuke pressed further against her, pinning her completely against her old desk as he followed her over the edge, the petite girl letting out little soft gasps with every shot of cum he unloaded into her, her toes curling with every shot as she held him closer not wanting him to pull out or leave her for a second, hugging him as tight as she could as he fell forward resting his weight on top of her as they both panted heavily

It was a good half an hour before Keisuke and Erika allowed themselves to peel away from each other, Keisuke removing his jacket and folding it to give Erika something to sit on as they both relaxed on the floor “so…that was our first time…not exactly how I imagined it would go” he admitted rubbing the back of his head with his free hand as he held Erika with his other arm around her shoulders

“Yeah…wait, you imagined sleeping with me?” she questioned back making Keisuke sweat drop, the Hacker tensing up expecting one of Erika’s surprisingly strong punches only for her to sigh and rest her head against him “I used to think about it to” she admitted making him breathe a sigh of relief

“Wow, I never would have expected that” Keisuke chuckled leaning down to kiss Erika’s forehead “so…how have you been? What’s the other world like? How did you get back?” he asked unable to decide which question was most important ending up firing out all three

“Well, I can say it started several years ago with a Greymon and a Parrotmon”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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