A Sinner's Sin

BY : NightLover145
Category: -Misc Anime > Yuri - Female/Female
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A young adult female was journeying to the church to confess her wrong-doing, but she didn't know how much longer she was going to hold out. She was known for the things she did to other females, but she wasn't a flat out rapist! At least, she thought she wasn't a rapist. This young adult woman was 19 years old and she enjoyed torturing other females that enjoyed the opposite gender. However, she knew she was sick in the head and when she was told of a church being located in Seika City, she traveled there to tell the folks there of her sins. She knew her sins were heavy, but all she wanted was forgiveness. If she could get that, she would be able to turn her life around. 

At least, that was what she thought. 

When she arrived at the church, her intial plans for asking to be prayed over went out the window when she saw the most beautiful young girl ever. Drool started to come, but she resisted the urge to drool over the nun. When she noticed that the nun was gazing her way, she straightened up herself and she gave the nun a comforting smile, even though her smile was fake. The young woman approached the girl and she noticed that she was alone in the church. The girl smirked inwardly. I have my newest prey. She thought, gazing down at the nun. The nun politely spoke to her. "Good evening, do you need anything?" The nun asked, smiling at her. 

Seira wasn't expecting to see anyone at this late hour, but she was willing to talk to the young adult if she needed her help. She didn't miss the panting the older female was doing and she was slightly worried and concerned. "Are you alright?" She asked, approaching the young woman, closing the distance between them. 

The woman couldn't hold out her sins anymore and she grabbed Seira by her shoulders roughly. Seira cry out and she threw her hands out, trying to hit the woman holding her in her arms, but one hand grabbed her swinging wrists and the woman pinned Seira to the closest pew she could find. Seira wanted to scream, but fear creeped up in her being and she found herself unable to produce any sound from her throat, to her horror. The woman that held her smirked at this and she pushed one of her knees in between Seira's legs, feeling her clit and Seira panicked. However, both of her wrists were being firmly held and she couldn't fight back in the position they were in. Seira could feel tears welling up in her eyes as she felt the woman moved her knee on Seira's clit. Seira wheezed when she was suddenly punched in her stomach. She coughed up spit and she doubled over, trying not to scream in pain.

Seira's thoughts raged at her, telling her to run away, to fight off the woman holding her. But, she couldn't as the woman gave her a toothy smirk and Seira felt her eyes roll to the back of her head. The woman got angry at this and she released Seira's wrists to punch her in her head, causing Seira to cry out in pain. Seira fell back against the pew's edge, hitting her head on the hard cover. Seira felt dizzy and the woman cursed her short-temper. "I don't wanna kill her." She muttered, checking Seira's head and she sighed in relief as she saw no bleeding on the outside of the girl's head. She then realized that the young girl in her grasp was dazed and she used that to her advantage. Taking her time to undress Seira, the weakened girl offered no resistance until she felt no cloth protecting her body. She started to squeal and that was when the woman covered Seira's mouth with a gag. She then tied the girl's wrists together and she stretched her out to let her not have any squirming attempt. Seira squirmed when the woman touched her legs, but when she scraped her nails against the girl's legs, Seira paused, not wanting to get hurt. The woman smiled at Seira's willingness to not get hurt. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." She said, bounding the girl's legs.

After she was done doing that, the woman peered at Seira's covered clit and she smirked. The girl is tied up. She can't stop me. The woman thought, feeling pleasure at her captive not being able to move to stop. The woman grabbed onto Seira's legs to stop her from violently shaking. Seira felt fear well up in her as she felt the woman approached her virgin region and she squirmed as the woman felt around her thighs. She had just realized that she couldn't squirm as much as she wanted to and all she could do was take the vile woman's cupping her vagina. No! Seira thought, feeling the woman palm her vagina, testing the feeling of it. "You've never been touched before, have you?" The woman asked Seira, pulling her up by her hair. With the pained grunt, Seira couldn't meet the woman's gaze, but the woman knew her answer anyway. "I will teach you the ways of being fucked by a woman." The woman tells Seira and when Seira gave the woman a scared look, the woman knew she was deranged and that there was no turning back once she begin. 

She wanted to be prayed over, but instead, she found prey and she was going to enjoy it, whether the little girl like it or not.

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