Feral State

BY : Mr. Saturn
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Hunger. That was all that went through her mind, her body telling her of its need. The big ball in the sky had vanished and returned at least once since her last feeding, but she was stronger than most of the other wild ones nearby. That alone was proven by the fact that nothing had dared enter her territory in recent memory. That meant if she have to leave her cove to feed, so be it.

Leaping out of the cave she had made her lair, she felt her wings spread out, flapping once to give her enough loft to coast easily over the small lake that had marked her dwelling. It had served, once upon a time, as bait for her prey. They’d come to the water to drink, never expecting the predator to come in and take their life. It had been a long time though, since any wild ones had fallen for that ploy.

Sharp eyes searched out throughout the sparse forest, her wings tipping from side to side, arching her way through the trees with little effort. There would be no prey this close to her domain, no one foolish enough to test her skill and fury. Another flap took her higher, the lower hanging branches of some of the trees below offering some coverage for her hunt.

Her gaze swept through the foliage and brush, discarding the scenery almost as immediately as she saw it. It wasn’t important. Her primary concern was food, with only past experiences of possible dangers being worthy enough to actually bother remembering, such as the poisonous prey that lived near her sanctuary. Even for a wild one such as she, being poisoned was something you didn’t forget.

Grasping onto a nearby tree branch, her talons sinking into the soft bark, the Hunter let her body rest for a moment. Though her vision was strong enough to pick out any possible creature at her full flying speed, be it threat or food, it was always better to reserve energy. A tired predator was a hungry predator.

A momentary flash of color out of the corner of her eye made the Hunter tense, ready to lift off once more before relaxing once she recognized the only other predator that existed near her territory. It was a serpent wild one of some kind, the particular breed never mattered much to the Hunter. All she knew was that the snake was strong enough to fight her evenly.

But the serpent was also lazy. More than once, the Hunter had killed something that was too much for her to completely eat and the serpent would gladly finish off the leftovers. So long as the other predator didn’t have to fight her over it, the Hunter was more than content in continuing to do just that.

Movement flicked on the outskirts of her vision, causing the Hunter to move once more. Flapping her wings once to lift off the branch, she kept her flight silent after that, not wanting to alert her possible prey as she glided through the air. Moments later, just after passing the very edges of her territory, did the feathered woman catch sight of her next meal. Prey!

It was another wild one, which only made sense. The Hunter had decimated the bovine creatures that lived here previously and only wild ones in search of their own food or shelter could be found in the area. This particular prey was one that she hadn’t seen the likes of in some time. Standing straight, the figure had thick legs, large furred hands, and two long brown ears that stood up from her head. The wild one was of a rabbit breed, an easy kill.

Reaching the apex of her flight, the feathered woman took one last look to ensure that her prey was alone before descending. The rush of wind against her feathers and wings was the only warning the bunny had, the furry food letting out a small squeak of shock when all of the predator’s weight hit her. With her meal stunned, the Hunter wasted little time in her actions, talons sinking deep into the rabbit’s back, ripping out a hunk of meat.

The bunny let out a piercing howl of pain, trying to kick her attacker off. This wasn’t the first time the Hunter had rabbit though, having made sure that she had landed far above her prey’s legs. Another scream escaped her food and she knew that would only attract more predators. Gripping her talons around the long ears of the wild one beneath her, the feathered woman pulled her head upwards, bringing her talons around and lodging them into the girls throat. With a simple tug, the rabbit was silenced, only tiny gurgles escaping her. Moments later, even that faded away as her prey laid still.

With the food completely dead now, the Hunter began tearing off pieces of meat with her talon-hands. Sharp teeth sank into muscle and flesh, heated crimson blood trailing down her mouth and feathers. Taste mattered little to her, simply chewing her meat enough to swallow. It was always best to eat at the sight of the kill, ensuring that most of the food was consumed, as well as to protect her kill from scavengers.

One such example came with the serpent, the long supple body coming into the Hunter’s view. A small growl issued out past bloodied lips, red stained teeth showing. It was all the snake needed to see to get the message. My kill. Anything left over after the fact would be for other predator, if only because the dead rabbit was too much even for the Hunter to complete.

The meal didn’t last too long regardless, as hunger had taken full control now, talons raking small chunks of meat off the corpse. At one point, the Hunter had even snapped off part of a limb, chewing at the end, bone and all, sharp teeth working through tendons and marrow. Soon though, she had eaten her fill. Licking some of the left over blood of her feathered face, she turned once more to the serpent, gazing at the dark eyes for a moment before stepping away from her kill.

Deciding to take the ground path back to her den instead of flying on a full stomach, the Hunter was quick to find the flowing river of water that fed the lake, marking the entrance of her territory. It was only the sound of that rushing fluid that broke the general quiet of the forest around her. Any prey, being the wild one or animal, would likely keep it’s head down for sometime. Even a fed predator like herself could still be a danger, much less her and the serpent who was consuming her leftovers.

Thirst. Came the call of her instincts, drawing her vision over to the river once more. She stalked over to the water and kneeled down, reaching her talons into the cool liquid. Red blood not fully dried on her hand was washed away, a crimson streak marring the otherwise clear water. It didn’t matter to the Hunter, though, as she cupped together her hands to form a bowl. She drank greedily from her palms, repeating the motion till her other instinct calmed. A snapping twig brought all the calmness to a quick end, the feathered womans wings flaring out behind her and her talon-hands fanning out before her. What she saw confused her.

Stepping out from one of the many trees stood a figure that she had never seen before. The creature was tall, perhaps a hair or so more than her, and wore coverings about its shoulders and waist. Only a few wild ones the Hunter had ever seen had bothered to cover themselves, which made this thing before her unique. Which made it dangerous. Uniqueness meant the unknown and in the wilds the unknown could kill.

A deep-throated growl slipped past the Hunter’s lips, a threat that usually warded off all but the most dedicated of attackers. It go no reaction out of the figure before her other then a small quirking of the mouth, twisting the lips upward. Such an action made no sense, since it clearly didn’t threaten her. All the covered creature did was stand their ground and pull out a small sphere, its colors mismatched. The ball was tossed into the air and split open, another being appearing beside this unusual figure.

This new foe before the Hunter was both familiar but not. By appearances, she looked like another one of the wild ones, but of what kind the predator couldn’t tell. Bright green skinned glowed with an unearthly quality, dark red eyes peaking out from stark white hair. If the colors themselves were odd, the complete lack of a mouth or nose sent a threat of warning through her body. This new girl, the unknown wild one, tilted her head. She then lifted up her hand, running power through her fingers. Electric power.

The Hunter had been in many fights. Not all of them were worth the effort of her recall. But the pain… the torture that was being shocked by an electric girl. She’d never forget the sensation of having lighting course through her body. It was her one real weakness. A fight against anything that could use it would only result in injury. But this was her territory. She wouldn’t give up even to a lighting powered enemy.

With a screech of challenge, the predator charged forward, her focus on the greatest threat. The Hunter leapt up high, bringing her talons down at the electric girls face, wanting to gouge out those red taunting eyes. She connected, but instead of flesh and blood, the feathered girl found herself going through her enemy like they never existed, a wave of cold washing over her. She crashed hard into the ground, rolling around so as to get her feet back under her.

A small, hollow sound escaped the electric girl, shoulders shaking. The very action confused the predator, such a motion being useless. Raising her claws again, the Hunter charged once more, lashing out with her right claw. Her attack went right through her foe, ice cold filling her limb where it had sunk into the green skinned girls transparent body. Her foe retaliated by drawing back a fist, electricity crackling between the knuckles, and slamming it right into the predator’s stomach.

Lightning coursed through her veins, from the tips of her wings down to her padded feet. Agony shook her frame as the force of the punch sent her to the ground, limbs twitching in pain. The Hunter couldn’t do anything to stop her electric power foe from coming closer. She let out a horse cry of defiance just in time to see another fist slam down into her face, bolts of power surging through her.

When it all finally ended, the predator fully expected her death. All she saw before the blackness consumed her was an orb flying through the air, striking her on the breast.


When the Hunter regained consciousness, two things immediately stood out before her. The first was that all of her injuries from the battle with the green skinned girl were gone. She could move her arms and wings freely, with none of the paralyzing pain she had from before. The next thing she noticed was her surroundings. Gone were the trees, open skies, and flowing river of her territory. In there places were four solid walls of a pale white color surrounding her. Before her the was a large slab made of a material she didn’t recognize, different items of unknown make placed around it.

She soon found the creature from before standing to the side of her, the red eyed lighting girl also standing by its side. The Hunter tensed, a growl issuing from her throat. She ceased that, though, the moment the lightning danced over her enemies fingertips. It was a warning. With the recent memory of pain rushing through her form, the predator forced herself still.

The covered figure made sounds, weird movements of its mouth that simply confused her. Just what did it want from her if it hadn’t attacked her for food? Eventually, it pointed at pair of wooden planks set up in a cross, metal at each end. She glanced at it for a moment, confused, before the green girl stepped forward. With red glowing eyes, the lightning foe pushed the Hunter towards the sticks and metal, a small hum of power in her hands threatening electrocution if she resisted.

In moments, the predator found herself bound, her arms and legs spread apart while her wings were constrained together. No amount of struggling would free her, not with how tight everything was. And with the threat of being shocked again, the Hunter was unsure if she would even escape if she could get free.

Once again the creature before her made sounds and it was only then that she realized that it was trying to communicate with her. Never before had anything like that ever occur, with most wild ones that did live with others of their kind usually staying far out of her territory. Regardless, that seemed to be exactly what this being was trying to do. Then it reached out, its fingers brushing against her feathers before trailing down to her bosom.

A burst of pleasure shoot through the Hunter’s mind as the strong hands of this being started to touch her breasts. It was a sensation she had only rarely felt, usually under the effects of a plant wild one sending out the powders that drove her carnal instincts. Now though, such feelings were being brought to her by the simple touch of this figure before her.

More sounds, more attempts to try and communicate with her came from the thing that was touching her. She didn’t understand… couldn’t understand. What was happening to her? Why was her body reacting so strongly to these touches? A small gasp escaped her when a hand found its ways between her legs, touching at her core. Since when did such a simple thing cause such reaction?

The electric girl to the side made a sound, distracting the figure and its glorious touches. The two understood each other. After a moment or more, the green skinned female sat back on that slab, two of her own fingers slipping between her legs. The woman was going to take pleasure in this, the Hunter realized. Any proper reaction that the predator would have to that was shoved out of her head when the figure returned to its ministrations on her body, capturing her left nipple in its mouth.

Despite herself, the Hunter could feel the desire and pleasure well up within her. Nipples quickly became hard and taut atop her breasts, sensitive sensations growing with each touch, lick and suckle. More than once, the figure brought their hand down between her legs, teasing at her womanhood. It only took the being doing that thrice before her legs and hips were shaking.

Need! Desire! Lust! That’s what her instincts were screaming out now. In truth, they had always said these things, for as long as the predator could remember. But never before with this intensity, this near overwhelming cloud of command it held over her. Despite herself, a small whimper escaped past her lips.

Off to the side, the voyeur of an electric girl was fully deep in pleasuring herself, three slick fingers pushing in and out of her eager entrance. Another sound came from her and the figure teasing her responded, pulling back and causing the Hunter to cry out as the touch left her again. Did her foe have to both beat her in battle and torture her?

That’s when she saw them start to remove their covering, exposing dark brown skin that matched their face. It wasn’t a wild one, as she had already figured out, but it wasn’t until the lower bits of their covering fell that the Hunter saw it. Between the legs, where a soft velvety entrance should have been like on any wild ones, stood a thick slab of meat that pointed directly at her. She could see it throb and even twitch and despite her binds, her hips responded with a slight jump of their own. Why… why did she want that part of this thing so desperately?

Panting now, the feathered woman watched the figure and his pulsing length close in on her, pressing against her. Feeling that tease of fingertips once more at her entrance, the predator could only groan out. She could feel how slick and wet she’d become down there. The being made another noise, that’s all it was to her since she couldn’t understand it, before bobbing it’s head up and down. It was then that it moved, pushing the throbbing protruding flesh it had into her core.

Pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt before flooded the Hunter’s mind, fingers and toes curling up as the union took place. Never before had she felt so full… so complete. Even the greatest of hunts didn’t give sensations like this. And this creature… they had done it with such a simple motion! Nothing could beat this, the predator knew. Then the figure started moving.

In and out, the flesh of her captor slid. Pushing up past her lower lips and into her body, filling her up for a delightful heady moment and then withdrawing back to repeat the motion. The movements, the actions, they were so simple. And yet, the very delight that crashed into her body, shaking her very core… the Hunter found she couldn’t get enough of it. Before she realized it, her hips were thrusting back, trying to meet the flesh more completely. She wanted every bit of pleasure out of this!

Small sounds of electricity brought the feathered woman’s attention back to her foe from before, the sight just as enticing as the sensations she was experiencing. Green legs were spread wide, exposing all of her delicate parts. One hand, charged with lighting that shimmered in the dark room, was teasing at her pearl at the tip of her womanhood. The other was atop her own breast, tugging and teasing the erect nipple. Those red eyes, unnerving in battle, were rolled back in her own bliss. For an insane moment, the Hunter wanted to feel that same sensation across her own soaked core.

The sensations of being filled picked up again, bringing her attention back to her captor. Their eyes were closed now, breath coming out in deep pants of exertion. She could feel every inch of that spear of flesh within her, the rush of delight as her own body began to tremble. Her head leaned back, feathers brushing against the wood she was bound to, moans escaping her mouth. It was building within her now. That eager peak of pleasure.

Her captor finally let out a loud grunt, their hips thrusting deep into her. The sensation of flesh, growing so huge and hard within her gave way to heated bliss. Something hot, sticky, and pleasant coated her insides, erupting again and again. It pushed the Hunter over the edge, her body stiffening as she arched, her womanhood growing tight around the meat within her. Erotic delight swam in her mind, pushing out all other thoughts. All the predator cared for at that moment was the union between their bodies. The sound of another voice joined theirs, the electric girl also gaining her own pleasured release.

Eventually, the sensations faded as her captor withdrew from her, breathing hard with glistening dark skin. Another odd facial change happened across their face, though what it meant the Hunter still couldn’t say, before the naked figure reached up and undid her shackles. The predator collapsed near instantly to the ground, her limbs trembling and exhausted. Whatever they had done to her, it left her as weak as a newborn.

Once her captor had undone her wings, they brought her to the slab that the lighting woman lay on. The material, which the predator had first thought was stone, turned out to be soft as her own feathery down. The figure patted the slab, their dark eyes gazing up into hers. Despite herself, the Hunter found herself joining her captor… exhaustion and sleep finally claiming her as she curled up beside him.


The sound of morning came softly to her ears, making the Hunter open her eyes softly. Stretching upwards, she let her wings flare out completely behind her, talon extending out fully. Never before had she slept so soundly, so softly. Slipping off the slab, the predator stood, looking around the room once more. Nothing had changed since the previous night, baring her captor and his electric having vanished. A part of her felt odd at that aspect… a pain unlike anything she had felt before. It didn’t hurt, not in the physical sense. It just made her heart ache with the desire to see them again.

Her wishes were soon granted as her captor walked through the door, the sight alone bringing a small thrill of delight into her body. The Hunter paused at that, though, realizing just what she had felt. Why did she care weather or not she saw this creature that had captured her? In fact, why did she think about how odd that desire was in the first place? Such thoughts never had occurred to her before.

“Ah, you’re awake.” Her captor said, their voice deep and rich. Surprise shot through her form. She could understand them! How? Why? Just last night she had treated the words as simple sounds, nothing more than the same calls she had heard wild ones give before. Now, though, the meaning… the reason behind his speech. She could grasp it so easily! Why hadn’t it been like this before?

A soft touch on her shoulder brought the Hunter’s gaze up to her captor, seeing those same dark eyes from the night before. “You must be hungry.” They said, their lips twisting upward. “Do you want something to eat?”

Despite herself, the predator nodded, her memory returning to the rabbit girl she had killed yesterday. Had it really been so long ago? She watched as the dark skinned figure moved over to a small stand that she had noticed before, giving her a small bowl filled with meat. The Hunter took it, staring down in shock. She didn’t have to kill for her meal? Didn’t have to worry about others stealing it from her before she finished? What other wonders would this new day bring?

The answer to that came with her first bite of the meat offered to her. The taste! Spice and sweetness rolled on her tongue, so unlike anything else she had ever eaten. There was also heat in the food, like some fire girl had used her attacks on it. But it added to the wonderful sensation in her mouth, made it even better than any of her previous kills! So addicting, that before she realized it, the Hunter had eaten every last morsel of her food.

“Hehe, I knew a Griffon could pack it away, but you mustn’t have been eating much.” Her captor said, his eyes never straying from her. “Don’t think you’ll have to worry too much about that now, though, now that you’re my Pokegirl.”

Pokegirl… that word. For some reason it rang a bell in her mind. Yes… that’s what she was, what all the wild ones were and even the girl that had defeated her last night. Why had she never thought of that before? Everything before seemed to be so driven by her instincts…

Her instincts! Why were they so quiet now? She could still feel them, that guiding part of her mind told her how to fight, how to hunt. But now, it was like she could ignore them if she desired. Never had that been an option. Thoughts of what she had gone through before, of merely surviving, having to fight for her meals. It felt so simple to her now, a simple petty existence.

“Now to think of a name for you...” Her captor said to themselves, rubbing their chin with one hand. They paced back and forth along the length of the room before turning to the slab. “What do you think, Nova?”

“Mmm, I’m not sure, Master, I’ve never been all that good at making up names.” The response came from the soft slab, making the Griffon turn her head to it and away from her captor. On the bed rested the electric girl, Nova, who was sitting up and watching her with those red eyes. It was only then that the Hunter realized that the other Pokegirls body was half phased through the slab itself, her lower half completely consumed.

Master… that term struck another chord within the Hunter. It was a term of servitude, one of submission. And yet, she found herself wanting it. Needing it. It filled the Griffon with a sense of belonging o just think about it, a sensation that grew when she turned back to her captor. “M-master?” she said, surprising herself both by her utterance of the word and just how right it felt.

“Yeah, that’s what I am.” Her… Master stated, lips twisting upward again. They seemed pleased. “I’m a little surprised, I’d thought you’d be in taming shock for a bit longer than this. Still need a name for you, though.”

Her master hummed, taping a finger to their lips before gazing into her eyes. “How about Saryn?”


Saryn stood before the cave she had once called her home, a somber feeling settling in her mind. It had been a few weeks since she had come back here, and even then, they were here now only at her own request. Taking a small breath, a human aspect that she found helped calm her, she stepped inside and looked around.

For what felt like years she had always known the dark walls made out of stone and dirt. Claw marks were dug in sharp groves here and there, done to help keep her talon-hands sharp and ready. A small spot off in the corner had been where she slept. It all seem so primitive now.

“Saryn, are you doing alright?” Her master called, the young man named Lucius, standing behind her. To think, back then, she didn’t even know what a man was, much less the taming she could receive from them. Some small part of her had always needed it, desired it. But it wasn’t until she had met the dark skinned male that she was truly able to get what her primal instincts wanted.

“I’m fine, Master. Just… remembering.” She replied softly, running one of her talons over the wall, feeling the cold and the damp.

“About your life here before I caught you?” He asked, his tone colored by his curiosity.

The Griffon nodded, closing her eyes, taking in the sounds and scents of the cave and the lake right outside. “Being feral… is a frightening thing...” she started, recalling her time from before with a crystal clarity. “My instincts ruled over all. I had no real thoughts, no desires. I just did what was needed to keep my body living. Pokegirls of different types fell when I hunted, made nothing more than meals for my belly. Their deaths mattered nothing to me, simply a way to get food. I remember… just how odd it felt, after that first night. To have thoughts and emotions. Having the ability to think of more than just when I was going to eat next. Knowing nothing else but that. It scares me to think that I was once so content with that life.”

A pair of soft hands wrapped about her mid section, Saryn smiling as she felt her Master press against her back, being mindful of her wings. She leaned back into his touch, a small sigh escaping her.

“You’ll never have to worry about that again, you know.” Lucius whispered, pressing his lips against her neck. The sensation alone made the Hunter shiver, memories of her last taming rushing into her mind, the heat filling her body. “As long as you’ve got me, you’ll never have to go back to that again.”

“Yes, Master.” Saryn said, a smile crossing her face. A wonderful word, smile. A simple thing for such a simple action, yet the pure emotion behind it was something that the Griffon never wanted to forget. She reached down with her talon-hands, squeezing her Master’s softly.

“Come on now, pretty lady. Nova’s probably wondering what we’re up to at this point. Let’s see if that Plasmatasma of mine found anything interesting out there.” Her master said, keeping his hand in hers. The Hunter nodded, facing the exit to her cave, the streaming light of the sun outside. With a breath, the pair left it all behind, heading out into the new day.

Author's Notes: A small oneshot inspired by a conversation that happened within the Pokegirl Community, I made this story an example of how someone whom had been feral all their life might react and think of things once she's brought out of that state. While this doesn't detract from the darker aspects of the Pokegirls and their world, I felt that in the end, if it were a choice of being feral or having your body and mind tied with a Master, most would choose the later. 

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